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Coming home to the East. (Judith/Mimi)

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Coming home to the East. (Judith/Mimi) Empty Wed Feb 22, 2023 5:23 am

Kaito steps out of his dimensional gate and he is back in the heart of Magnolia the city where he had started his guild member adventure and he sees people looking at him and he looks down at himself and then back around and he started getting crowded and he puts his arms up to try and get them to back up a bit as he was not looking to get swarmed by the crowd of people that had been there and he is trying to make his way to the guild hall so he can report back to the guild master but he is having a problem getting through the crowd of excited people that he had returned to the east after being gone so long.

He is unsure why his return was such a big deal as he had only been gone for less or around half a year. He wasn't some noble coming to throw his money around but he guessed maybe some of the crowd were just here in hopes to just see him after his return and with a movement of his arm he seemed to disappear when in fact he had just gone invisible and the crowd looked around confused and Kaito pushed up off of the ground and flew over the crowd and he sees a familiar girl who looked sad in the back that she hadn't gotten to see him. Revy made her way through the crowd as she knew where Kaito would head to so she was going to head on ahead of him.

Kaito feeling bad landed and became visible again and he talks to her and she thanks him again for the work he had done and how he is a hero and Kaito knows he doesn't agree that he is a hero he still takes the flower crown the girl had offered him and he gives her some jewels for it cause he doesn't want to just take it and she accepted the jewels even though she had been denying but she seemed to understand he felt awkward just talking it without giving her something. She waved as Kaito started back on his way to the guild hall while wearing the flower crown on his head with his hood down.


Coming home to the East. (Judith/Mimi) Empty Thu Feb 23, 2023 6:08 am

Sure Kaito might have gathered a crowd himself but other things were also going on, his entering only broke the crowd of Miriko being there and seeming talking too some one else while she was standing there with a canvas, There seemed to be a two empty chairs while Miriko seemed to be getting set.

She must have arrived recently so generally when Magnolia may get some interesting visitors at times. This also must be a recent thing as it seemed side from the small group gathering now. When Miriko had shown might entirely in magnolia was unsure by most people but it seemed some what Miriko got a gathering people all of her own with out much much effort.

Over all it seemed also Miriko was not paying attention to what was happening she thought, no one was entirely here to start with. Almost like she was lost in her own thoughts.

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Coming home to the East. (Judith/Mimi) Empty Thu Feb 23, 2023 6:43 am

Judith Karlinius
Sneaking around as always was Judith the always quiet and one to wait person she seemed to be judge and think things in many manners on what she would do in her days. But then well two people showed up that gave her two different ideas at the same time.

But first she needed to bug one of them and it was Kaito she would bug first. only because she was closer to Kaito and was sneaking around anyway."Oh how delightful isn't it? we have a visitor from Hargeon."Judith said with a hint of humour with in it.

Then she then simply posed to Kaito."Well shall we go greet them? Or should be watch from a far?"it seemed she honestly left it to Kait to choose only just because she actually felt like leaving it up to him to choose. It was not a cruel choice at least.


Coming home to the East. (Judith/Mimi) Empty Thu Feb 23, 2023 10:15 am

Kaito looked at his guild master who looked different to him for some reason and he felt like he could smell dragon slayer magic near her which was odd as she usually had a more earthy scent to her. He hears her speak of a visitor and he wonders who she could mean. "Yeah sounds good to me that we meet a visitor that came all the way from there. Do you know who it is and to why they have came? As we may also be able to assist them with the reason for their trip here." Kaito pulls down his hood and removed his mask that way he might be less scary to who ever this visitor was from the south. "Lead the way please guild mother." He would follow the guild mother where ever she may see fit to lead him as he had a great amount of trust in her and that she would not lead him astray at least not on purpose that is.


Coming home to the East. (Judith/Mimi) Empty Fri Feb 24, 2023 7:51 am

It was a normal casual day for a Miriko visit after setting up and thinking she looked around at the group she was gathering and seemed to smile about it. It seemed she would put on a front of being able and use to groups of people for once and seemed to walk into the crowd for a moment then she seemed to be talking to a few people a few things that people would be interested in possibly seeing. But also it seemed a few people had asked about Alistair and putting him thus Miriko would most likely mention that had to ask the cattian as always if it was okay.

Then well she would return to her chair. People seemed to be forming a line and taking turns in some manner. it was different but maybe because Miriko had explained to the group of people here she was willing to take requests if they where orderly. Alistair on the other hand watched over and seemed to also entertain a few children.

All and all in the end Miriko seemed to having a normal and some what peaceful time here. The first person to come to Miriko seemed to ask for a pencil and picture drawing in which she seemed to have no problem drawing up for them at the time.

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Coming home to the East. (Judith/Mimi) Empty Fri Feb 24, 2023 8:03 am

Judith Karlinius
So he wanted to come along good. it seemed her ideas could come quickly."So formal I like it."Judith said with a bit of a chuckle it seemed if anything since they last met Kaito still retained a fair amount of things even thinking about all of the things she could figure out to do to work around this group of people. Judith not wanting to take attention from Miriko while it was still on her knowing all that well that the guild master of Fairy Tail would gather a different kind of view that might stir up a few things.

Then she pointed to Miriko while they were walking over and Judith stopped for a moment than thought for a moment."Well well look at that...My niece is here."Judith letting that casual fact out before really much reaction could be said. Judith made time stand still for long enough to just walk behind where Miriko was sitting behind than have it return to normal. It was the first actual showing of Judith having the power Kaito was picking up Judith having. She left no clues of it but most likely for good reason. Miriko had not picked up Judith was there with Judith's almost trademark able motherly smile. Look at the picture Miriko was working waiting for what was to come.


Coming home to the East. (Judith/Mimi) Empty Fri Feb 24, 2023 10:38 am

Kaito laughed a bit at her saying she liked him being formal there as he was just seeing himself being respectful to the woman that took him under her wing when he started and he wondered who the person must be to have the guild master herself come out to grab him to go and meet her and he hears her as it was her niece and he wondered who that could be and then he sees Miriko and he wonders if that is who she meant and then he sees her disappear from next to where he was and then reappears over by Miriko and Kaito is confused by this happening as he had just been walking beside her.

Maybe he had zoned out and just stopped walking or something or was something else afoot here. He didn't think it was right to ask in such a big crowd but he needed to meet up with Miriko any ways as he had something for her that they had talked about the last time he had seen her and he took her to his domain, he guessed now was as good as any to give it to her but not interfere in her making her art for people so he might be waiting awhile, while she did her thing and he teleports to beside the guild master to wait for when he could do it.


Coming home to the East. (Judith/Mimi) Empty Sat Feb 25, 2023 12:34 pm

Miriko normally did ask people not stand behind her while she was working as it ruined the flowed of the art, But when you have no choice in the matter because of magic even it was sometimes a choice not given to you. Alistair helped often when it was not a case of magic by telling people nicely to stay away. But the more confusing part was when he heard Alistair go and say."Oh hello Judith, It has been a few years."It was a greeting from Alistair and he sounded oddly happy about seeing her.

Miriko on the other hand was looking up to Judith looking at her work in progress."H-h-hello Judith."Miriko was trying to be formal but well she as nervous was some one was a bit close and unexpected because she showed up out of no where. But she was for the most part still covering up how these two knew each other. Miriko knew all to well their connection and just kept it to herself."You d-don't need to linger over me."But then it seemed Judith was starting to gather the attention of the group around them now.

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Coming home to the East. (Judith/Mimi) Empty Sat Feb 25, 2023 2:03 pm

Judith Karlinius
Thus they where here and Judith was not going to back down. "And I guess you won't mind be gazing upon your work to see the fruit it bares huh?"Judith could not help but laugh about it. This was some what to be expected since well if there was some one who was far use to these things it some manner it was Judith, Miriko was most likely use to just one on one conversations. It was a shame Miriko stopped whatever she was doing at the time because well Judith wanted to see what was to come.

Then walking over to Alistair. Judith did pet Alistair for a moment. Then looked around at the people looking at Judith for a moment then looked at Kaito."Well seems like everything was okay isn't it?"All and all it seemed like a peaceful introduction over all went pretty well.


Coming home to the East. (Judith/Mimi) Empty Sat Feb 25, 2023 11:53 pm

Kaito was a bit surprised but not really that Alistair was the first one to engage the conversation with Judith. He remembered that he had been told about the big cats past and he wondered if this was going to be a good story or a bad story that was being made here today as Miriko seemed more nervous than normal but Alistair seemed far more calm that normal. "Yeah it would seem that way guild master, nice to see you again Miriko. You as well Alistair don’t think I have forgotten you in this greeting." He smiled at Miriko then he turned and saw people that were not involved in this gawking from the distance and he wonders to why they feel the need to stare was it weird to see an artist living her life through the release of her craft? Were they staring at him and wondering how he is connected to the artist or had the guild mother seemed to have drawn their attention to her.

He turned away from looking at them as he did not wish to be stared at or gawked at by them like they had been doing before and he returned to watching the artist paint and he wonders what it must be like to have a talent like painting and the arts as he really didn’t think himself to have any worth while talents her just lived one day at a time as fate the cruel mistress she was just kept slapping him in the face with things to have to over come.


Coming home to the East. (Judith/Mimi) Empty Mon Feb 27, 2023 2:52 pm

It seemed over all Alistair would continue trying to settle her mind. In some manner she seemed to have settled her mind for the most part. She seems to finish up the first thing she would do was settled the first painting was that was some basic one she could have came up with. Then simply walked over to some one in the gathered group and handed them the art piece, simply saying to them."Please do not sell this."After all it was just a simple and normal thing for her to say. Over all it seemed some people were getting free high value art pieces.

Then well she pondered for a moment. Then looked at the group of people then back at the Fairy Tail members. Said"Well how about this then, I make an art piece for the Fairy Tail guild master and her other member, here?"The group around them seemed to be if anything happy and interested, Then she would look around if anything. She knew the group watching was interested in seeing this happen. Then she looked at Kaito and Judith."What do you both think?" Waiting for an answer, She was if anything putting on a bit of a show.

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Coming home to the East. (Judith/Mimi) Empty Mon Feb 27, 2023 3:37 pm

Judith Karlinius
Then well she would think about it for a moment and look over at everyone else. Judith was normally the type to put on some kind of minor show and interest in the things out of no where seemed well kind of interested to see how it would go. It was fun a thing to see as always."Well you know what. I am far more than willing to be subjected to whatever the arts will yield before me now."Judith with a bit of a smile on her face.

To Kaito's luck, If anything no one at this time was really paying attention to him. But at least it seemed Judith was willing to wait to see what was to come."It won't be that harmful at least in theory."Judith said with a smile. If anything it seemed everything with was okay here. For the most part.


Coming home to the East. (Judith/Mimi) Empty Tue Feb 28, 2023 2:39 am

Kaito watched the woman and she went and handed off her art work telling them not to sell it and Kaito hides a small laugh as she said that as she feels she has to tell them not to sell it, they are more likely to be robbed or beaten up and it stolen than them selling it knowing that the skilled hand of Miriko is the one that painted it and he hears her say something about painting something for the guild master and unnamed guild member. He wonders if she forgot who he was, which he guessed he could understand if she did as he was everywhere and no where at once.

"I am fine with it as well, I will try not to cause you any problems." He rubbed the back of his head as he put down his hood and removed his mask so he could better watch the artist at work and he knows that he needs to remember to give her the things he had made her before they go different ways again. He wonders what is going on in Judith's mind as she seemed to really like this idea or maybe she really wanted a picture but didn't want to show it to him when she had invited him to come with her.


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Now everything seemed all in order Miriko smiled because it just showed everything worked as well as she wanted to in theory of her mind. Even clapping just one with her enjoyment Miriko got up from her chair."Come come, sit here."Judith seemed to mention to Judith as she was trying to get her to sit where Miriko would normally sit.

She then said."If you allow me free reign, I would like to make this piece special."With that Miriko even offer her right hand to usher Judith to that stool that Miriko normally sat on.Then Miriko set up a canvas to point away form everyone and made so she could stand while painting the entire time."Let it be known here that I shall make this piece extra special for Judith."Almost wanting to say aunt Judith because of their actual relations, But that was for another time.

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Coming home to the East. (Judith/Mimi) Empty Wed Mar 01, 2023 2:34 pm

Judith Karlinius
If anything it was remarkable Miriko seemed to be playing up the crowd and the show. Maybe it was just to the painter's benefit. But if anything it was also interesting to see Miriko just kind of act so hyped up so to say. In some manner maybe Miriko had wanted to do this for a while and she had something to prove.

So being ushered by Miriko into the stool, Judith simply said as if it was going to be just a simple self portrait."I do wonder what will come up with."Then will Judith seemingly but did not know what to expect as well

So she would just simply ask Kaito."If it is not too much ask. What have we been up too since we last saw you?"Judith mentioned because she was curious. It seemed harmless to ask after all and it would be good to pass the time.


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Kaito looks as the Fairy Mother is lead to a stool to start her painting. Kaito wonders what this is going to look like and if there were going to be any issues along the way, then he hears the Fairy Mother as what he had done since they had last seen each other he rubbed his chin as he wondered how much he should really tell her. He guesses honesty is just better. "Well since the last time I have seen you, I have done quite a few requests in the north, I have fought back dark raider invasions with Yuurei the guild master of Paradise Dawn. Then helped him with a nasty vampire invasion and ended up freeing someone’s parents and fought one of the bigger raiders with Yuurei and Brone of Paradise Dawn and we made short work of him."

Kaito tries to think if it was smart to tell her that he had been doing that or risking his neck like that, that he was out there and probably over doing it and that he might have only gotten by on luck and probably not skill. He wondered if the Guild Master was going to scold him for being wreckless and taking on things like that and really never sending her any word of what he was up to while he was away. He guessed maybe he needs to stop being so honest about things with people as he might just be making himself trouble that he didn’t need to be in.


Coming home to the East. (Judith/Mimi) Empty Fri Mar 03, 2023 4:17 pm

Miriko on the other hand did not actually seemed to be listening to their conversation at all, Most likely to the benefit of everyone here because she would not have much to add in over all, But that was normal of her she was just far use to being the stay by watcher of these events around the world.

But that part is most likely what made her the well known teller of events as she was now. But over all she also seemed totally stuck in a state of being at work with her art. But she did stop every once and a while to look at Judith and Kaito and then she mentioned."I would not mind doing an art piece for you as well Kaito that is if you prefer something different other hand just a normal painting."She mentioned not recalling if she had offered this before or not, No shame of doing such a thing against it seemed that there was no worry about things going on to the market she did not intend to go on the market.

While Alistair seemed delighted and well a bit more casual and relaxed about these things. Then Alistair could not help but ask."But what could Kaito possibly want?"he laughed about it because well it a fair thing to ask. But Miriko was also back to focusing on her work.

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Judith Karlinius
It was a good thing to hear from Kaito at least it seemed Judith took what all was said to her in a good way like it did not bother her entirely. If anything maybe Judith consider it a good thing in other matters not entirely related to Kaito just going as he saw fit."Well well I guess some one has been busy."Speaking bluntly but some how she seemed to have some kind of vested interest. Even asking and looking at Miriko"Do you need me to stand completely still?"After all she was just sitting as she was normally.

Most of them being in the north was not a bad thing, Judith barely went that way even if was in some manner a place she had considered learning the mapping of the north."Good work on achieving such things, I am proud of you."Always in some manner she needed to do that because in some manner she always was proud of her guild members even if she had yet to witness all they have done in person, Not that she totally didn't lack the power to do exactly that. But time in some manner was best left unchanged.

Anyone who understood what it could mean to fiddle with time might understand full well why Judith would be that way about her magic."I can not say that I have personally met Yuurei or Brone....but considering you seem back healthy and happy. Maybe I need to invite them over to the guild hall and prepare them a feast and drinks of her choosing."Judith plans where always simple that way it was easy to guess but always just how she planned and did things, Kindness and thankfulness first. Even if not had met the two she seemed happy with what they had done.

But she seemed interested in some manner."Maybe one time away from everyone we will talk about these Dark Riders....I would like to learn of them and what they are like....I have, Questions."When Mentioning question it was almost like she was slightly worried in some manner.


Coming home to the East. (Judith/Mimi) Empty Sat Mar 04, 2023 11:09 am

Kaito hearing the guild mother speak as she had he guessed that he was fine with that as he guessed that Brone and Yuurei might like to see what keeps him loyal to Fairy Tail, but that would have to wait till the future and he needed to stop worrying about tomorrow when there was still things to do today and he wondered what would he want from her besides art as she seemed nice and all and she has a lot of skills but he really doesn't want to bog down the woman's time anymore than he has too. "Good luck trying to catch those two not being too busy but I feel they may be welcoming of that idea to have you treat them."

Kaito looks to the painter woman and he wonders if one of the newer items might help her if she feels low or like she needs a pick me up but he will ask permission before giving her the things that item makes. "After that great picture of Revy you made I guess one of myself wouldn't be too bad. How are you feeling Miriko or would you prefer me to call you Mimi?" He figured it would be better to ask her permission before he started to call her by a nickname as she might not feel on those kind of terms with him and he didn't want to push his luck and end up on her bad side if he can help it.

He moves his arm and a santa hat appears on his head and he makes a cookie version of Judith and a cookie version of Miriko appear in his hand and he hands the cookie version of the two, to the respective person. "these will give you a pick me up if you are feeling low."



Coming home to the East. (Judith/Mimi) Empty Mon Mar 06, 2023 5:36 am

At least currently at this time Miriko seemed if anything high spirits and in a good mood over all. Then again doing the work she does at times she does in some manner forget to answer things right away, It was not too horrible of a thing to have happen. It just means Miriko seemed to be if anything about the mood she should be considered and pictured by the eyes of the public, smiling and happy with the things that where going on around her."Huh what? Oh either works. Most people just call me Mimi because Miriko is a bit hard to remember sometimes."Miriko mentioned as she realized she was being talked too.

Over all it seemed Miriko was entirely lost in her art, But she almost ignored Judith as well."I have the base of my picture and another picture in mind so you do not need to sit their anymore."Miriko said in passing after all she was in some manner in her zen of working.

Even almost forgetting the cookie that was offered her. But then she looked at the cookie and simple just stopped what she was going to munch on it in content if anything Miriko did have a smile on her face and almost seemed normal and delighted with how this situation's pace was going at this time, It was just how she wanted these things to go most of the time."But I have an idea for you as well when I am done with Judith's pictures. You will not need to sit down or anything."Miriko seemed to be on a good streak of ideas and arts. Then she quietly took another munch on the cookie. Almost like in some manner it was a still her being a child in some manner.

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Judith Karlinius
Was it good luck to try and catch people? It was an interesting thing to ponder, but if Kaito was around them both so much maybe he could do something."If really need be, i could catch them...I have my own tricks after all."Just not revealing them, after all what would be the fun of that wonder is always a part of life that people had to deal with. Or at least had to deal with Judith around. There are things but rather than beat around the bush so to say she would just ask."Or when you have the chance and if you remember when your around them next. Tell them both they have invitations to visit here with drinks, food and a place to sleep provided."Judith said with a bit of a smile because she knew that was implied and not forced upon just with the faith that he may do it.

Then she quietly ate this magically made cookie she had offer to her. With the general conversation to still have."But that is for another time. We should enjoy the moment we have together that was are quiet and peaceful."Almost like stress and conflict took a lot out of the soul of a being, She knew that well so thus a reminder to casually relax was there.


Coming home to the East. (Judith/Mimi) Empty Mon Mar 06, 2023 9:58 am

He wondered what Miriko was talking about and he guessed if she was fine with him calling her either then would just call her what he felt in the moment between the two as he had been a bit worried about if he was on close enough terms to call her by the shorted form even if he had done so before had. He looked to Judith and he laughed softly at her saying she would catch them. "It is just a Saying I am not sure you are able to catch them." He smiles at the guild mother and he hopes they are okay.

He looked back to Mimi and he smiles at her. "I am excited to see what you have in store for me." He makes sure to keep an eye on them and he was glad if the cookies had even helped a bit as it was the first time he had ever used that hats power as it had another that let him teleport to Santa’s palace but he has no need to go there yet. He wondered where Revy is at and had she been alone long as she is probably going to kick his shins for not following her and getting distracted from heading to the guild.

Kaito wonders what is in store for Judith’s painting as he was not sure what it will look like of if the painter is going to put her own spin on it or if it will be true to life. He is getting excited though he is trying to keep it contained as he doesn’t want to make Mimi nervous or worried.


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Miriko after finishing her cookie and seeming even more happy than she was to start with. With her new found energy she seemed to paint even quicker at this time. Almost like Miriko had a horrible habit of never eating much. Maybe a lot of the time her work being slow was because she was not eating that much or in healthy amounts either, It was just for the most part the normal horrible balance of life for Miriko. Just you know working with more working than forgetting you needed to drink and eat. Alistair tried but only did so much.

But at least in the end she quickly put down the first painting she said she wanted to complete she just had two more. But she left the painting pointed away from the the group entirely. Miriko wanted them to be enjoyed quietly and on a person's spare time.

But she would move on to the next one in which was Kaito's and pretty quickly she seemed to painting quickly. she seemed really in a her a work mind set in which was a good thing, everyone seemed delighted to be watching this, not that she thought it was horrible almost like Miriko set it up for that.

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Judith Karlinius
With the mention of it Judith stopped time for a moment to get up from her chair walk over and stand next to Kaito when she left the flow of time come back to normal she simply said."I have tricks a plenty for the minds yet to ponder."Judith continuing to hint at things she could manage to do on her own."I can catch them in some manner, If I know where they are."Judith seemed to have wanted to let that be a general ponder.

Then well she simply said."But if I had it my way. I would prefer some one would be able to find them with out problem and invite them personally before i did it myself."It was another hint but she would let it go after this after all he could do things of his own feel will and was his own person after all.

But she did pose to Kaito."It is a good thing to ponder what is made to each of us." Even seemingly with her interest she did not do any of the tricks she did around Kaito. Almost like she was playing along with how she wanted to do things. It was a means of respect."But I am sure glad I have had a chance to see Miriko. It has been a while."Judith seemed in some manner actually pretty happy with the situation. Even mentioning almost like her mother way of being makes her think of these things."It makes me able to enjoy moment rather then sit at that graveyard and ponder....but it has been a while since I was there." Judith also said as if to make conversation. just so far only able to related through things in her own life she'd remember he had been in some point.


Coming home to the East. (Judith/Mimi) Empty Wed Mar 08, 2023 8:09 am

Kaito tapped his chin as the woman appeared not to him and he smelled magic in how she was doing it and he poked her side. "You should be careful playing around like that. I will see what Brone and Yuurei thinks and if they would like to meet you." Kaito was sure enough that they would want to meet her but finding the time is a whole other monster in of itself.

He sees how the painter woman seemed more full of life and he smiled as he hoped that his gift had helped her and that she was not going to over do it but he figured that the woman come handle herself and he didn't need to intervene in this case and he looked around for where Alistair was to make sure he was okay as Kaito hadn't given him a cookie for one he is unsure if the cookie would make him sick or not and he didn't want to end up poison the companion of the painter. He walked to Alistair and he make a cookie of him and Kaito could smell that it was safe and it was more like a giant cat treat than it was something dangerous.

He held out the cookie snack to Alistair. "No worries I didn't forget you I just wanted to make sure that it would be safe for you first and that I wouldn't make you sick as it is." He smiled If Alistair took the cookie then Kaito would turn his attention back to the painter and the guild master. He wondered what the woman had in mind for him and since she didn't need him to sit did that mean she had him memorized, Kaito felt a strange warmness in his chest from the thought of that but he was not sure why but he knew he was happy as well.

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