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Monster hunter 10 [S-Rank]

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Monster hunter 10 [S-Rank] Empty Tue Jan 10, 2023 12:54 pm

Her body was failing her.

Every day she woke up with the abject pain of two powerful things tearing her body apart. She could feel the magical nature drain away from her. She had stopped being able to turn into a werewolf weeks ago and instead was now just a hulking beast of a demi-human. Still ungodly powerful and capable of feats that many thought inane. Her fierce nature pushed her along and even though she was bed-ridden for a good chunk of the day she’d push herself out of it.

Change was coming

She could feel it in her bones; she could feel it in the air. The nature of the world was laid bare to her in the sparse moments of lucidity that she felt. Growling as she stepped out of her room in a half state of dress. The lack of a shirt wasn’t really bothersome given the sheer amount of fur that she had and not to mention it wouldn’t be the first time. But her pants needed a proper buckle and she’d snort a little as she just made due by tying the belt without so much as an issue.

She could already hear the alarms. She could already hear the panic. The delicious growl that rolled from her throat was only heightened as she stepped outside. Rain had been pouring for a good chunk of the day which meant that everywhere was slick. Staring down she could make out a monster in the city; smashing up buildings and seemingly having a good time of it’s own. She could see that there wasn’t just one in fact but several. Each doing it’s own thing save for a few that seemed to be targeting a single building.

Her mana coalesced into place, slowly forming around one arm to bring into being a powerful item that was part of the reason her body was failing her and that of her hopes. Her dreams of being a wolfenstein were starting to be dashed. At least in the sense of how she was before. The spear was a beacon of hope; a powerful tool that was wielded by a powerful mage.

She would use this weapon to smite the enemies for the kingdom she served. Without thought of hesitation she’d step to the edge of the overlook. The monsters were clustered up around one place but that didn’t mean she was comfortable smiting it with the powerful beam from the heavens. Instead she’d lock her eyes onto the strongest feeling one…

And pointed her Spear to the sky.



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A beam of light so powerful and so pure erupted from beyond the clouds, tearing through them and blasting away the weather. The beam in fact was strong enough to not only was it instantaneous but it was by far the strongest spell likely cast in this city for a long time.

The beast had a moment to realize that it was under attack, but it could not dodge the attack. No it came from above so swiftly that if you blinked you missed it. The intense beam not only obliterated the monster in their entirety but left a smoking crater where it had been standing. A deep porous hole in the city that would be felt for as long as it was left there.

Silence followed.

Silence stayed.

The monsters that had been attacking the city stood there in shock as the strongest of them had been turned into dust. Their jaws were agape and they could feel the power of being on the hill. Standing there with her spear still raised. She wasn’t feeling too good from using this thing and could feel a trickle of blood run down from her mouth. The mana toll was heavy and that was maybe…

Far less than she’d care to admit. The wolfen woman stood there; spear lowering to point at her next target. Breathing out she shot like a rocket off of where she was standing before. First across the rooftops to the closest beast her spear blew a massive crater into it’s skull, then to it’s arm and chest. Practically obliterating it with a trio of swift stabs. They weren’t that powerful on their own and only seemed to present a challenge when together.

The rune knights had been scrambling to get things sorted without command but her sudden appearance seemed to have floored them just as well. Skidding to a halt to scoop up a child and toss them away from a blow from a monster Lucretia’s follow up kick not only threw the beast off balance but made it stagger back a bit.

It had a moment to suddenly realize the monster that was facing it before it too crashed back missing its head and several crucial points on its body that you really can’t operate without. There were maybe a dozen monsters left over and Lucretia wasn’t sure just how much more her body could take at the moment. But she’d push on; knowing that if she stopped it was likely she wasn’t going to get back up again.

Sprinting through the street, kicking off of one wall, then two, then the same wall again she found herself back onto the rooftops. She could see the mass of monsters babbling over the tower that they had been trying to tear into. Using her hand to twist her momentum the Demi-human found herself keeping her speed even though the rate that she was running had already been kind of ridiculous.

The closer she got the more planned this attack looked and she couldn’t help but think of all the clues they had come into over the year. Gritting her teeth she’d measure her targets. Seven monsters in total and each one with different builds… great.



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The first beast was nothing; it didn’t even notice her before it was too late. It’s head blasted away with such a fierce blow that its body needed a full ten seconds before it toppled to the ground. Not that the other monsters that were there would get those ten seconds. No, they would fall one after another.

It wasn’t until the fourth one that they even managed to put up any kind of fight; swinging it’s fist at her. Lucretia used her spear to stab into its arm, practically dislocating the arm of the attacking monster from the force. Its roar of pain was cut short as she obliterated it’s entire chest with not much more than a thought. As a werewolf she was dangerous in her form; monstrous even. But now that her ‘form’ had diluted to a degree she was instead left as an apex individual. Demi-Human surely; but her strength already on it’s own was enough to where many would wonder if she even was human partly at all.

Three monsters left, each impressive in their own right.

To a Rookie maybe.

She saw their glaring weaknesses and she saw what she needed to do. Take out the legs of the first and the body fell quickly enough. The second had a beak which meant that head blows would be more effective. Its eyes would be the best entry point of either magic or a spear head. The last had a huge torso and arms but that meant that they would swing slower.

It was as though she acted in slow motion; legs were swept, a beak shattered, arms unable to raise due to the pinpoints of strikes on them. Landing on top of the tower as they were still falling to her initial blows it was a symphony of pain and she was its conductor. Jumping off of the tower in her next motion she took them in reverse; the large beast with the toros now no longer had a heart or lungs to work with. The beaked beast’s eyes were windows to its brain which the impact of her spear was enough to blow out it’s skull.

The monster that she had taken the legs of was where she landed on top of. Her spear drove down with such force that the impact to the pavement below them created a small crater. She’d stand up slowly, wiping away blood that had been dribbling from her mouth. The monsters hadn’t so much lain a finger on her and the captain commander used her weapon to hobble her way back to where the first was. Knights were sweeping the area now with confidence.

Her mere presence was enough to make some act differently. The lack of her captain’s presence hurt a little but she’d note that a LT was still here. Motioning for him to come over she’d listen to his reports. The monsters had dealt a lot of superficial damage to many buildings but the one with the most was the tower. Like they were indeed targeting something in there. Her icy blue eyes flicked to it and she’d frown.

Investigate the owner of that building then; you have until morning for the report to be on my desk.

Her voice was that of a whisper and the knight gave her a crisp salute. In response she’d pat his shoulder before heading out. She could feel the pain of her actions acutely and would shake her head as she wobbled towards the headquarters. She really needed to find a solution to all this…


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