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A whim lost in worries. (Judith)

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#26Judith Karlinius 

A whim lost in worries. (Judith) - Page 2 Empty Thu Dec 08, 2022 2:03 pm

Judith Karlinius
She could almost question why she was being scolded by some one younger then her even in some manner. But alas Judith just seemed to not even be phased by it at all, which either was not going to be a worry about it or almost worrying about how one could dare question the ways their guild master worked."I was plenty careful, We solved the problem with out a single drop of blood ever being shed."She merely mentioned that because she was just going to show that might have been her point.

It was always different between people and how they wanted to go about things in their life, It was going to be interesting to try and piece together. Here they were in a chain of connections of the thoughts of Judith. She knew she missed, intentionally missed, They saved the children and got rid of the beast, only to the cost of mana of Judith and Kaito using a few spells that did not actually seem to hurt the beast either.

"Unless there was something else you really think I did wrong, I think the results are perfect."This would either annoy him or be expected. It was the most simple Judith answer possible to get from her. It was all some what a plan of chance. Judith also did not think anything else could really be a problem at this point either. But they seemed to be moving on in which was the good part.

For what she wanted to drink, it seemed Judith had already been doing some looking into things to try."As for what to drink, I am interested in trying something called Soumada, So I guess we can see if we can find that."She left no information of what it was.


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Kaito reaches toward Judith like he was going to shake her but he stopped himself as he didn't want to hurt her. "But what if it hadn't? What if I had gotten gored? or if the minotaur hadn't turned toward you and had just went for the children cause you provoked it?" Kaito figures that this might be falling on deaf ears as he was just being paranoid so it probably seemed like he was being a bit much.

He saying that he can't argue the results seemed true if he is honest as they did get it done safely and he hadn't really had to do much but he still knows how much could have gone wrong there and he is unsure if Judith is just confident or if she might be a bit more reckless than he would expect of her but he gives up as it was done and there was nothing more to argue about it.

He hears the drink that she had named and he tried to think if he know of it and he got her into the place and what she said was indeed on the list of things that could be served so he looks at her. "Looks like you are in luck Guild mother I mean Judith, they are serving the thing you want and it isn't at a very bad price either so you are double in luck." He looks for something to drink and relax while he speaks to her if she so wants to speak to him or if this is going to be an awkward time of them just sitting in silence and not speaking top the other cause of how hard he had been on her.

#28Judith Karlinius 

A whim lost in worries. (Judith) - Page 2 Empty Sat Dec 10, 2022 11:29 am

Judith Karlinius
To see how this situation was working out, maybe Judith had to actually show a bit more authority now."And I was fully prepared with various actions in mind if something had gone amiss."She would start off with after all it might seems almost like there was a large amount of unknowns that Kaito did not know, Judith left them also unexplained for most likely good reason."It might not seem like it, I did have at least 5 other plans in my mind before taking my simple action you saw." After all Kaito seemed like he wanted to do something, Judith was rarely the person to flex or show authority as some one else did settle down she just remained the same.

If Kaito might ever want to answer, some pieces to think together might show Judith was both in some way, reckless to doing things quickly with out thinking of what else could be needed because she made a theory that seemed to be making sense to her, Confident enough to do the first one while thinking up many back up plans. But they moved on pretty quickly. Because it was not something she drank by it's self."I had a feeling they had soumada, It is used to make many drinks. So it will be good to bring back to the guild."Judith seemed to have had a plan for that too. Was she being sneaky with it that as well? not that she entirely hiding what her plan for the bottle of soumada."unless you wanna drink almond syrup by it's self. I don't think I would recommend it personally"Then she kind of wait and even thought about what else she could do at this time while they where, Most likely would not be too long to come up with an idea.


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He looks at her and he blinks, he wonders if she is blowing smoke or if she was serious. Now that he thinks about it he hasn't seen her do anything outside of bartend and cook or be a motherly figure to the guild mates besides of course that time at the grave yard where she seemed to scare the piss out of her own son and to a smaller amount himself because she appeared like a ghost from the mist. He has no idea if she can even fight if it came down to it. He knows she isn't as strong as himself or Yuurei but as he has no experience with how she fights or even if she can fight he wasn't going to question her fighting and planning skills.

"Yeah I don't drink so I am just gonna stick to fruit juice. I guess it would be good to have them try if you really think about opening it to them as a limited thing." He sits back on his chair a bit and he wonders where Revy is as she was usually closer to him but he had her wait in the walls while he was outside handling minotaur, he looked back at the guild mother. "So what are your plans going forward? You have an aim for the guild?" HE wondered if she had a plan for how she wanted to make the guild move or if she was just hands off just letting it go and hoping nothing derails too hard.

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A whim lost in worries. (Judith) - Page 2 Empty Mon Dec 12, 2022 9:56 am

Judith Karlinius
Maybe it was just how Judith was over all but she did not question a lot or ask a lot of her guild members, After all the way Judith worked herself was sometimes better left as question unanswered. Unless some one would risk opening the curtain to that reality of how Judith did not actually fight much she just knew how to make due with the tools she had, Even with fearless and reckless when she need too, But Kaito did not entirely need to know that right away, only when they need too. It was just sometimes needed to know information.

"But since we are on the subject of drinks."Yes they where not going on to just walk past this subject she had to bring this up now."Would you want me to consider adjusting the costs i have on, to make more fresh juices into the guild? Rather then just me focusing on booze and wine?"Yes it seemed she was opening the options to things that made people think normally rather then impaired, but that was just showing she always tried to open her options which was not shocking to know.

But her actual plans was entirely a different question. But her answer might be a good thing to realize and have some insight to show Judith runs Fairy Tail."My plans and aim are fairly straightforward. Try to keep the guild alive."Which was fairly simple to know."Figure out how to keep active and returning members....keep the books all up to date."Judith was an employee before a guild member and it was silly to think about it."Maybe...plan a celebration or moral boosting event."basic things for the most part."Maybe...I need to plan a series of events for the member and other legal guilds to do."

Judith was leading into the idea now."Maybe even call it.....The Great Fairy Mother of Fairy Tail's Mystical Magic Magnificent Mega Mile Marathons"The way she spoke the title of the idea almost like she was trying to say it a bit quicker to add some energy to it or joking.


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"Not sure I would be the best to help you with a business model for that type of thing, my master said adjusting prices on things should work with rarity, materials and time it takes to make. So depends on the fruit you use the time it takes and how hard it is to get your hands on one." He rubs the back of his head as he was just saying something out there to try and help the guild mother even if it wasn't all that helpful he hoped that it gave her answer that was gonna work for her and not just cause him to have to worry about the price being through the roof in the guild if he stops in to get a drink of fruit punch once in awhile.

He looks at her as she just said that huge mouthful of word vomit and he has no idea even how to respond to what she just said and if what ever that thing was, was even a thing they could do even or not. "I am gonna be honest I have no idea what you are talking about..." He was unsure what to say about it as he was completely caught off guard by her saying what ever it was she said and that name sounded pretty bad for what ever it was and was way too long for it to really catch on or be popular for people.

#32Judith Karlinius 

A whim lost in worries. (Judith) - Page 2 Empty Tue Dec 13, 2022 3:18 pm

Judith Karlinius
Well poor Kaito now had to be subjected to the internal works of Judith and she did for the guild and it was all entirely planning by Judith herself. Few people had a chance to look into the mind of how many things she could come up with."Oh? It would be a magical thing Kaito."Would Kaito be ready for this would be a good question because Judith would not be holding back."It is a series of ideas that people could use as a means to face each in trials....but the trial is not by combat."It was the fairy mother none of this had to do with combat.

In which he would hear."On would be a trial by cooking...one either faces me...a guild member, a friend...a rival but all in the end is to prove how well one could cook and how well you cook. But it is not a trial of shame."Judith mentioned the first part of it, To think some one could challenge Judith herself showed she might have been thinking about it for a while. But then again Judith herself was not an easy task since she was known for her cooking in Fairy Tail for many years.

Then the next idea was the following."Next a brave soul could run a different kind of gauntlet. either eating or drinking as much as you can in a battle against a person until one fails."Judith was just most likely going on at this point because she had these ideas for a long period of time and did not do anything with them."A drinking trial was even an idea I wanted to do for a while a now."would some one stop her at this point?


A whim lost in worries. (Judith) - Page 2 Empty Wed Dec 14, 2022 8:15 am


He listens to the guild mother keep going on about this event and he was not sure that even sounds like a very fun time and having to face her in a cooking contest was suicide and he was not sure if most of this was going to be something that would be interesting to enough people to make this a good showing for her to not have it flop and her feel like she might have failed. "Not sure that, that will be a very strong pull for people, it just more sounds like the things you do." He is unsure what this will really be and what can be if this goes as she is trying to plan it, will it be a hit or will it be a flop. He hopes that she will be able to make it work but he has to admit he doesn't really feel any excitement to attempt any of that stuff.

Kaito looked around and he hoped that something would happen but he figured that his luck will show through and nothiing will happen and he feels that he has made it awkward by showing doubt in her idea but he knows it was just better to be honest to her so there was no way to say that he just told her to go for it and once it failed her bounced. "I hope they like the new drink types that you are trying to add so that they have a bit less to complain about."

#34Judith Karlinius 

A whim lost in worries. (Judith) - Page 2 Empty Thu Dec 15, 2022 2:48 pm

Judith Karlinius
It was health to hear some one not overly enjoying her ideas, After all Judith was just use to most people going long with her ideas and calling it good out of the sake of her being guild master, Or the free drinks as well that worked too."Hmm...I see." In some manner Judith was not disappointed either she seemed if anything ready to hear this but seemed to lack further ways of going about things."I guess I should have expected this in some manner eventually." Judith spoke up about Kaito's view of it. it was all things she enjoyed doing, it was all she knew how to do thus she had no mind right away to set up other things if left her to devices on what do.

But because she did not seemed to have faded spirits she still seemed like Judith."I am sure, they are not going be too picky. After all even if I ask for what they think. They just tell me it is good to keep pouring, poor feed back I must say."It seemed to be giving her a different idea she might do. But for now she would keep that to herself for now.


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"Yeah some people will just suck up to you, but that is your current lot. Your true allies are the ones that will tell you how they truly feel, though I probably could have sugar coated the truth a little." He rubbed the back of his head as he was sure that he might have been a little too critical of her and her idea as it wouldn't have hurt him to have held back a bit. Revy finally finds him and she looks at the two.

"I didn't know the guild mother would be gracing us with her presence." She walked up and she bowed to be courteous to the guild master of the guild her partner serves. She wondered what had brought the guild master to this country of all places had she heard that Kaito had been moonlighting a bit in a different country and she was making sure that he was living up to the fairy tail standard if it even had one.

#36Judith Karlinius 

A whim lost in worries. (Judith) - Page 2 Empty Fri Dec 16, 2022 2:26 pm

Judith Karlinius
At least in the end it would never damper Judith's mood. in some manner it was use to kind of maybe keep her mind open to what else she might need to consider in the end even goes as far."That is the fun part of being how I am, I don't leave clues to when I arrive."In which showed in some manner ,maybe in the past with her son Regis' paranoid behaviour almost seemingly being silly had a person. Judith was far to casual and carefree about being sneak over all. It must have been helpful and equally a pain in some manner to every one.

But now was just better to ask."But since it is not your fancy. What should I consider doing aside from massive gatherings of people to eat, drink and do rather silly things mixed in to burn off the energy and the alcohol?"Judith mentioned because it was a pretty good question. Looking for options was not entirely the bad thing. Because she had no basis to really consider much else, her guiding had been pretty much this and suggesting things as motherly as possible. So maybe mixing things up was not so bad.


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Revy blinks as she is confused to why the woman spoke like that as she was simply just saying that she was surprised to see here but she is not sure why the woman would speak of clues or something, if they were in the east of Fiore she would understand the normal chances of walking into the woman but they were in a whole different country so it was a bit of an abnormality that they would run into the other here of all places without a reason for her being here but now the guild master has acted odd and said something that was either not well thought out or was stupid.

Kaito looked at her and he rubbed the back of his head as he was not expecting her to turn this on him and he looks around for ideas or something that might spark an idea to form that he could attempt to get out and hope that it doesn't sound like a stupid idea to try. "Hmmm if we are trying to tie it into those kind of themes I would say that your ideas are probably the only things. If we shift the line a bit you could also have Ice cream and desert making. If we are going to do it in this season maybe ginger bread house making." He thought about that is all he could really thing to give her on that as he was not a drinker and most of her idea was drink related.

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A whim lost in worries. (Judith) - Page 2 Empty Tue Dec 20, 2022 9:38 am

Judith Karlinius
Here we are it is now back into feedback into more ideas. Judith maybe did not take into account the season at all, IT was a refreshing idea to have that pointed out. Maybe just staying in Eastern Magnolia that entirely time maybe Judith's ideas where all entirely stuck in one way."Huh...maybe i have been thinking of it too simply."It would be that Judith was sparking her own ideas, maybe she was thinking up a few things herself.

Kaito's idea wasn't bad. She also was easy to talk too with these ideas."This could lead to maybe something a bit more enjoyable with the times, Over all not a bad suggestion."Judith then seemed to have given a fair amount of thought to it in which was not entirely a horrible thing. To keep ones mind closed off from other things was just going to make things stagnate.


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Kaito sips his juice and listens to what the guild mother was saying and he nods as it was him just pretty much buying himself time to have said what he said but he was glad it at least made sense to her as he was not really sure what else he could have said. "How have you been anyways Judith? There been any troubles or anything that the ex guild leader should be helping you to handle or has he gone ghost like he is best known for?" He was teasing of course as the last guild master seemed to come and go as he placed with the winds as he probably felt no ties to the ground beside of course his wife, who Kaito thinks he had met but he is not really sure if that was true or not as their have been a lot of dimensional issues as of late.

Kaito hears a uproar happening out side and he walked to the door and he looked out to the wall and he guessed them not killing the small minotaur had come back to bite him in the ass as it sounds like there were some adult ones at the wall as they probably followed the trail they had taken there to follow them back to the city. "Revy stay with the guild mother." Revy stands tall to the command from Kaito. "Yes sir."

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Judith Karlinius
It was a fair question in some manner Judith was unsure how to explain after all she had not been trying to do much with her life, After all Fairy Tail was meant to be her retirement in some manner. So far this was not much of a retirement but life had changed a fair amount."My life has been pretty quiet." She started with because it was just the case of how it was everything was tame and in line, It gave her the time to move around and do these things.

as for the former master."Well, I have yet needed to keep track of him. I assume he is safe. Okay and happy with whatever he intends to do. But until I need to do something...I am merely left to leave him as a ghost."It was as respectful Judith she thought she could phrase but did not know how entirely to think it up over all."Thus. I am here as I am not that it isn't with out it's own interest and ways of teaching me things." over all it was just a casual conversation in some manner. Kazimir even if gone knew many things helpful to her. but also knew things of Judith she might not want known either a double edged sword.

But however it seemed no matter what some things always came back, This was most likely to be expected. But Judith did not seem to be fine waiting here.


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Kaito wished the Ex guild master would stay close by to help this poor woman, though Kaito can't really talk as he is constantly on the move himself but he kind of has a need to keep moving and taking on quests to make sure that he makes jewels to ready himself for what ever dark future awaits him and others in case he needs to make it count and help revitalize or arm people to help keep them in the fight but he figures this is going to be something he doesn't have to keep a watch for. "Well I hope it stays that way cause somethings look a bit bleak in our country with the raiders running around. So far none of those raiders have been beaten." Kaito rubs the back of his head and he tries to think how they can do something about this as a raider ignored Yuurei's challenge.

Revy looked at the guild master as Kaito went to go deal with the minotaur at the wall. Kaito is dumb founded at it being the small minotaur and two adults that must be it's parents and it more looked like they were thanking him. Maybe the guild mother knew something he did not but hadn't shared it with him but the creatures leave and Kaito just stands there not sure what to do does he tell the guild mother or does he just forget he saw this Kaito was unsure.

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Judith Karlinius
Over all, it was a pretty quiet situation listening to the thing around them. taking time to think about something to say."In some manner, as bleak as the world shows it's self to be."She started off with. What she spoke next was not entirely shocking."The light that shines afterwards will be most rewarding."There was always light at the end of the tunnel. Then again Judith had yet to face these raiders, But who knows what she would actually do if these raiders where to face her or if she where to face them. It was a fairly good question to ponder only to keep it in the what if area of the mind.

But it was just a Judith answer so to say. But she seemed comfortable to sit here and wait to see what would happen. Since well she had no idea if she should be doing anything else either she assumed with Revvy told to stay with her, she should stay here aswell.


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"The light isn't always so bright Guild Mother." He said as he popped back into the bar area and he knows she was more speaking to the air he thinks but he knows that there is a lot he still has to see but he also knows that the light at the end of the tunnels isn't always so bright and shiny as there were many things that can cause it to shine but there are many more things to dim out that light at the end of the tunnel that just makes who ever walks in it subjected to the deepest and darkest fates that there can be and he knows that talking and thinking like that will solve nothing but it is just the cold hard facts of life.

Revy looks at the Guild mother and she wonders if the guild mother is a good fighter or not and if she would be able to defend herself if the guild was to be raided or attacked. "How strong are you at fighting? If I may ask that of you Judith."

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Judith Karlinius
There was no remark made by Judith about the light not being so bright but most likely because there was things that could be argued about it and she honestly figured it was not something to dig into at this time, Not that it would not be an interesting conversation. Judith just knew her her overly positive way of thinking might just show too strong of a bias shine, Even if she still had reality in her mind of how things could be over all.

But alas there was a question posed to her. What was the answer? maybe some thing a bit more interesting."In terms of mere power, I am weak in comparison to Kaito."She mentioned the most simple of statements that was kind of a easy thing to guess."I am fairly competent in terms of fighting even if I am not that powerful."At least that is what Judith would like to think but given in the nature she understood things she knew very well she could not last long depending on foe."I might not be one to last long, I surely would try even at the cost of my life."It sounded extreme but at least it was honest.


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"I think a lot of people will come up short if they are measuring themselves against Kaito or Yuurei as they both have a huge amount of power." Revy rubbed they back of her head as she was still feeling like she was not strong enough to be his partner and that she was more than likely holding him back in the big scheme of it all but Kaito hasn't said anything to her about being a burden so she holds out hope that he was not feeling that she was a burden but she also guessed that Kaito was usually more of a lone wolf person anyways so he doesn't try to relay on anyone but his own strength when he takes things on she he might not even look at her as one as he doesn't look at her for her power and what she can do.

Kaito just sighs a bit as he was not sure if he could really do anything to save the guild master if it came down to it but he would have to do his best and take it all on and fight like there was no tomorrow if he had any chance at making sure that she didn't get killed.

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Judith Karlinius
This part surely was kind of simple to her. After all her mind in some manner was never always about how powerful a person was strength wise either."But yet ask yourself this one simple thing. What measure a persons power?"Yes it was true everyone did in some manner measure power through more of the shown through the typical fighting and magic power means."Is it...pure strength and magical power?"She lead with the most common one and assumed and most likely the easily the quickest answer to get. "Or."

Judith mentioned the or as a means to open the mind to consideration for other paths."It is a persons standing socially? through their own reputation or connections to other people. It could also be very well wealth a person has as well."It could be known by Revvy and whoever else was watching but Judith seemed to be stuck in deep with the conversation upon how she could expand upon it."In the end, Power is a simple word that could be shown in many ways...one just needs to think of what they hold."Then well it was a bit better to stop here before putting a person to sleep speaking.


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Kaito looked at her and he was unsure how to really answer that. "I guess their are a lot of forms of power, I think I am decently strong magically and physically. I think I lack the powers of a diplomat or high ranking official. Maybe if I get picked to be a Saint I may have a little pull or power there though." He was unsure if he could even really be a saint or not or if that comes with power or not he had just heard about that being a title that some strong mages got and he figures maybe he was strong enough to get the title or challenge for the title of Saint.

Revy looks at Kaito and then back to Judith. "I doubt he will be picked to be such a think if I am honest. Though I think he has a point about being magically strong and physically strong." She shrugged as she is not sure how the Saint thing works or not but she doesn't think Kaito really needs that title anyways. "What power do you think you hold if I might ask guild mother?" She wondered if there was a special power the guild mother has that would make her stronger in a spot. Revy wonders if herself might hold more power than she thinks she does and she rubs her chin.

#48Judith Karlinius 

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Judith Karlinius
Hopefully still in the end her idea was still made and left in thoughts. Power comes in many ways it all mattered how one used it. Judith picked up upon how unsure of he could make that situation work Judith in some manner had something a bit of a middle ground standing or good reason to keep it simple."Getting your foot in the door so to say, Is the best way to start a achieving that part."But she would be sure to also mention."Do keep in mind, No one is perfect at everything. We all just do with the best of what we have with in our hands."Judith wanted to be that was mentioned.

But would also mention."Do have some sense of pride and enjoyment for what you can do now. I for one will always be delighted to see how you have grown."Judith was mentioning that she was happy to see how Kaito had managed to go far with his life. After all he remember seeing Kaito from so long ago."Life is....on going lesson of balance between learning between what all one person can do and finding way to fill in what one can not."Judith might know this well for one reason. She was not a woman of power or strength but one of knowing and reputation.

But now the part of that Revvy asked."I hold a different power...weak in many ways, if anything through reputation, people I know and social standing. I in some manner carry a fair amount of power that way. I am not known for magical power, Some could remark my caringness and wisdom as well."Judith also mentioned because it might be fair to also mention."But keep in mind, I very well know my flaws. I have back ups if my failings best me."It was the first insight that all things might not be so easily guessed with Judith. She had back up plans that never mentioned.


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"Think I am more likely to get my foot shut in the door than I am to getting it and myself into it." He was being realistic about it cause he knows he isn't really all that smart he is just a bit quicker of a learner and is usually able to roll with the punches as he goes but he doesn't know if that was really a good thing as it means he is always at least one step behind others and constantly having to play catch up with others that knew better from the start. "I feel my growth has slightly stunted as of late if I am gonna be honest with you." He rubbed the back of his head as he knows that he he is feeling like he might just be on a down slope and there was no real way to recover from that if they hadn't thought up an actual plan or what he was gonna do as he felt he was simply just spinning his wheels in the mud and getting no where but sinking.

"That and your art of bribing with your goods." He smirked as he knows that she is probably going to give him a good talking to for saying she was into shady back ally dealing to get things done and fixed or he might have just stepped into something that he will not be able to step back out of and that will probably come back and bit him in his ass if he is not careful to where he steps. He orders himself and Revy another drink as the guild mother seemed to be good with her drink for now.

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Judith Karlinius
That might be the case for him but Judith had a pretty good thing to say about it in return. Because maybe that focus should never be on standing with in places one had yet too, when that could easily be left to other people to deal with it."Or maybe your focus might not be to focus on that."Judith mentioned just to counter with it. It was not to tell him not to do that. But more to consider other way to maybe do things."Then find some one who might be connected to the saints and go working from there." Rather then joining them, having some one they are connected to them through means they had the option in some manner.

yes the bribing some one had to be taken into account too."Surely then you might have picked up on how good bribing some one works."Judith said with a bit of a smile. There was nothing horrible said yet since it was simple to pick up on these things if you look in deep for it."All minor things that do their part to achieve of means of solving a problem."Kaito was no in trouble at least. So some good became of the matter.

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