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A whim lost in worries. (Judith)

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A whim lost in worries. (Judith) Empty Wed Nov 16, 2022 3:20 am


Kaito had been called upon in passing to come and help to deal with traveling the side of the country and helping deal with a few minotaur troubling people, which are beast creatures and he agreed not really agreeing to be paid or anything for it just room and food in a local town. He was in-between hunts of the creatures as he walked around just out side of the city wondering where in the world his master was hiding and why she had been out of contact for so long.

Some of the children that were staying and playing closer to the walls talk to him snapping him out of his thoughts and he looks back to them and he goes to speak to them as maybe they have intel they wanted to share or maybe they just wanted to shoot the shit and just talk to the strange man in a mask and cloak that was just seemingly skulking around outside of the walls to the city they call home.

Kaito sits near the children and he watches them play and have fun probably feeling bolder because of him being near by they go a bit farther from the walls and Kaito hopes that nothing monster wise comes out of no where and smashes the children to a fine paste as this country seemed to be full of nasty creatures that liked to kill with out a second thought.

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Judith Karlinius
There was always things to be sure of, people would explore lands, people would see one another in some manner of life, People would learn how they get along with one another. One would join Fairy Tail and be visited by Judith eventually weather it times it might be warranted or not. Kaito had for the most part had to deal with the fairy tail part to deal with. Only because as casual and relaxed as she always was Judith was around in Fiore more often than naught but she did show up in other areas to learn things. In this case learning how interesting Seven could be interesting and what things she could learn bring back to Fairy Tail.

While Kaito kept the things he did one, Judith took it as a sign that it was him as she kept what her members look like generally in her mind. So when eventually picking with in her mind that she thought it was Kaito."Well, is it nice here?"She asked. Who needs normal hello's when you just kind of show up and be known for what was to come."After all there was some risk being around here."Judith was casually nosey even if she was just catching up with a guild member.


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Kaito looked over as he heard the familiar voice which was surprising since he did not expect the Fairy Tail guild master to be around here at all. "I see so you appearing means one of two things. I was told on by the boarder controllers or This is you appearing behind Fairy Tail members randomly because you sensed they are doing dangerous things without first informing you." He laughed softly as he takes his mask off and he puts his hood down so that he looks normal and not like some random serial killer that is just looming around the fields looking for targets.

"Yeah this country is pretty monster heavy, you seem to have gotten around fine that is good to see." He walked over and he put his gloved hand out to her to shake her hand as he does owe her some respect and she did see and speak to him so it must mean she wanted to be greeted and spoken to back in kind as she is a woman of decent standing and likes manners.

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Judith Karlinius
Judith did in fact return the handshake, Not that she would entirely blame him if he never wanted to touch anyone. One does known boundaries even if Judith did try to teach people how to move past and beyond them at times. But always in some manner progress is slow to have a person clear the many trials in life they faced at that time."Many lessons you could take from me. One of the most basic ones is you are a Fairy Tail member. You or your kin will always be in some kind of trouble even if one does their best to keep it tame."It was a simple thing for her to say but it was pretty correct to assume.

But could it be the entire reason why she was here? no there could some reason why she was here. There could be some solace that Judith was never generally here for anything horrible it was what made her a good and safe guild master to have."Unless their is some kind of dangerous action you wish to inform me about that you have done, Then as always assume I am merely here to check upon some one I had not seen in a while."Better left to wonder if Judith was the worst kind of judge to admit something too or the easiest, After all she carried no bias towards a person unless it was needed, But it was Judith she was just happy to see he was alive, well and not starving about what she could ask for some one she had not seen in a while.

as for how Judith managed she as always had tricks to get around she had not marks on her so as to maybe how she worked."I am sure as gentle wind guides a leaf, Mother nature has a way for the one who has her blessing to get around."It was some kind of answer not really a logical one but Judith was an elf and sometimes they were over all pretty quiet one their feet, that might have helped."But tell me, is there anything interesting you might have been up to since we last spoke?"She asked in the least nosy way possible, She was curious but not trying to be seem like a pain in the butt about it, typical Judith behaviour over all.


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He is unsure what she means by that but he guesses that it is okay and that she has made a point cause yeah he is a member of her guild as well as she is probably right that his kin are trouble though he doubts that he will be making any kin of his own himself. He looked to her when she asked what dangerous things he had been up to and he wonders if he should really admit to the things he had been doing while he was out of her sight and out of the east since they had last seen each other. "Well I have fought raiders, taken on vampire lords and their thrall armies, and currently am taking on Minotaurs."

He figured it was just better to be upfront with Judith and not try to down play it cause she seemed to know more than she usually let on and knows if some one is holding back on her. "You think so? You think you were protected?" He guessed for all the things she has done he guessed that the mother of the fairies being protected by nature didn’t seem all that far fetched to him.

He guessed the only non-combat thing he had really done was going on a “date” with a woman. "Well a woman took me around in my female form to show me what a date should be like. So I guess that counts as something interesting that I have done."

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Judith Karlinius
it was good to hear some tales, no doubt only because there was not a table and anything to drink. Nor was Judith behind a counter making something to the homely smell of nutmeg and vanilla to spark a person's memory of times long before they where born or to be reminded of their youth. If well they had home made baked goods in their youth."Well already it sounded one was far more busy than I have been in the past few months."She seemed happy with that answer at least, almost like it was not something that bothered her at all, It means one kept busy and was not hiding away.

as for her personal belief it was an interesting thing to ask Judith for no many asked about it."Maybe I also just might not seem like a threat to the being around here....maybe it is Mother nature deeming me not fit for an something to eat, Am I not to judge I would not have feared dying if fate choose to end me then."It was a strange answer, maybe expecting common answers was a bit more of the strange part when dealing with Judith.

As for the date part it did seem to interesting Judith and thus it was more of a recall to see how he felt over all."Oh? well if you do not mind me asking, What all do you personally feel you have learned from that situation?"Not generally learned or what Kaito would say that other people would have him learn from these lessons. But what did he learn from that situation, Mostly because for Judith ever was never an up front lesson form these things. Just that there was something to learn from most things a person could experience in life.


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He blinks at the woman saying she would have let herself be killed as that makes no sense to him to allow one self to be killed with out a fight as that just sounds like she wants to commit suicide and stop living. "That is a bit sad as that sounds like you are saying you would have preferred to die than fight to live." He sighed and he sees that some of the children had disappeared and he wonders if maybe Judith had seen where they had wandered off to.

He tapped his chin and he thinks back to it and he looks to Judith and he calmly speaks to the woman as he isn't one hundred percent sure but to his best opinion and his own thoughts on it."I believe that she thought me not to try and force it, take my time, and to just be me and let the path form itself." He was not sure if that was fully correct but it seemed to make the most sense of the ideas that he had formed from it.

"Also had to seen where the children wandered off to?" He hoped they hadn't got brave and went into the wooded area nearby and got themselves killed because he let himself not pay attention.

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Judith Karlinius
It seems as some things she should have expected Kaito might not have taken Judith mentioned humour the wrong way."It is more interesting than guild master work Kaito." She would mention before making sure her intentions were a bit more clear."But you get me wrong, I am more happy your alive, around and living. Just what you have done is more interesting then sitting in an office signing paper work."Hopefully that was a bit better. After all it left her in thought of how many things she had been had done to save lives."You are doing much more important things what I have done in a while, Feel proud of yourself."Judith then patted Kaito on the shoulder. Normally he would be given some kind of drink, food or gift but considering they where just in the middle of place they don't have anything at. It was for now put off.

It was as they continued on the conversation she did seem to also be in deep mentally thinking about it."It might be a good lessons to taken. Mind you I could admire a woman was willing to just attempt to show you such a thing through actions...I don't know many ladies who are like that."Judith mentioned because it was just an interesting thing to hear of almost sounded like something Judith had never done before to teach some one."Might have been a good lesson to impose on my daughter when she was alive."she laughed about it slightly after all she wanted to bring some light to the things at hand. After all she was joking about something she was not much to make a joke of in a while. Maybe Judith's progress was with other things.

As for where the children left seemed they both kind of last track of them."Oh? it seems to both lost track of them. Very well let's go then." Judith before even getting a yes or not seemed to head off to a direction she assumed they went in, it was harmless but she was going to see if they could find them. Judith seemed okay in Seven even if she was most likely not one too use to the place so far. Judith wanted to see even if there was risk here, If there was good here as well.


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He is unsure if what he is doing is really enough as he is not getting anything done as it is he feels. "I feel yours is a bigger deal, as you are the one at the head of it all having to deal with keeping friends and Allies happy. Plus the meeting with the magic council about people like me going to crazy during quests." he doesn’t know if that made sense or not but he hopes that she understood what he meant. He really doesn’t seem him and his work as much as it is still her place to lead and be responsible for the members of the guild.

He is unsure why the woman would help him for but he guesses that he has to try his best for what she did and what she showed him and he needs to try to not mess it up if he really can. "I nearly came to you about it, cause I have no idea how to do this stuff. I think arty and smart girls are probably out of my league but I am gonna try." He has no idea for if it will work or if the woman will give him a moment of her time to even try but he guesses that he will have to do his best.

He followed after the mother of the fairies and he wonders what she will do if something comes out of the darkness of the shades of the wooded area. He is not fully sure what might be out here in the wooded area besides Minotaurs that will probably eat the children and he wonders if the guild master can fight as he has never seen her fight if he is honest. "Make sure to stay on your toes guild mother."

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Judith Karlinius
It was an interesting way in terms of the thought process of each person. To Judith, Kaito's work as well as the rest of the guild members off working and getting stronger, Their progress and work yielded favourable results for the safety of the public, But she never took into account about how many people would want to do all of that background work Judith often was working."Maybe in the end it all who are the pieces of the gears to keep it all going. Sometimes we forgot what things we need to admire."Judith merely mentioned because it was just best to maybe see it that way.

But he nearly came to her, She did not mind this since Judith could most likely give a fair amount insight, But just how much would have been good."As typical as it is, one should not rule the smart or creative. But love works in their own interesting ways."It for the most part it did not seem much of an in depth answer but there was always more."One must follow the heart, As well as realize that rejection is normal as a person might not feel the same for you." She just added something in only because well unless Kaito was seeking to find a very specific answer Judith could only say the basics in her own way.

"Unless you have something the person of mention left unanswered in your view...I think you might have possible correct pieces to continue on."Judith seemed content with just because there was things learned but many ways to progress. No doubt if there was really any other questions, he would ask them and Judith would expect him to not be nervous about asking her at all about what could be on his mind.

Maybe it was just what was said but Judith had to reply with a joke."Well how else does one walk, but with their toes on the ground?"In some manner Judith expected to laugh or cringe about her comment but maybe because even if they lost track of the people it never meant they were in danger yet or even if danger was lurking. Knowing Judith she was prepared in some manner for what could happen.


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He was totally unsure what she was meaning as he was literally just a gear in a mix of them and he wonders how many of the gears are actually even working right now cause he feels like the only news about Fairy Tail has either been himself or of Judith. He sighed as this was probably not something that he should bring up cause it might ruin her mood.

"Oh so you think I am gonna get turned down? Damn I thought you would be supporting me." He laughed a little as he was joking of course he fully expects to get turned down cause one the woman is a well chased woman and from rumors there are some that are very over protective of her. He wonders what she means by correct pieces as he is just here with a like 1,000,000 piece puzzle that he is just trying to find out where the corner pieces are even at so he can work his way to the inside of the puzzle.

He hears her say that joking comment back and he looks at her. "Your husband is a lucky guy to have a wife like you. I think I need to find a woman like you." He thought he would tease her a little as she had made a joke to his concerns about there being danger and he keeps his eyes opened as he hears a child yell for help.

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Judith Karlinius
So even if there was a joke to be had about she would even chuckle about it slightly she would say."Keep in mind all people get rejected a few times, It is bound to happen to all of us...I am sure if I had not been a hermit and threw myself out of there when I was human..I would have been rejected a few times."It was just how she was use to seeing things, After all in some manner Judith must have seen so many things in passing between time and casual walks she normally did."It will be just what happens, not that I don't think you will have to face too many of them."Judith in some manner did just add things into it to make it balance out, she did not think Kaito would face it too much at all, just a few.

As for being lucky she was unsure if it was ever the case."Depends how you look at it, Anders is an man who found a forest hermit and turned them into a wife. Keep in mind I don't suggest looking around the woods for a wife."She laughed about it slightly because it was a silly thing to think about."I never would have assumed I would have been his ideal partner to deal with."Judith was still looking through out area she could for these children they lost sight of just had not seen them yet.


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He figures more that this rejection will hurt a lot as he is kind of hard to get use to and he really hasn't met a lot of women that can stand to be around him for very long besides women that are taken or are not interested in him, he guesses maybe he is just being selfish about this whole thing and he shouldn't really trouble the woman as she is probably better off not knowing that he has a liking for her as she will probably be able to better enjoy herself and life not knowing that a guy with portals could be lurking around any corner as his magic would probably be abused in bad hands for bad things a like stalking or kidnapping. "Why do you feel I will not face too many of them?" This comment from the guild mother had caught him off guard as he is not sure if she was being encouraging or if she was just trying to spare his feelings about it.

He taps his chin as if he recalls correctly that he first met the woman he is seeking near a forest and that is kind of a funny coincidence to what Judith had just said not to do, so he guesses that the woman might know more than he thinks she does about the woman he is seeking to attempt to try to see if they like him.

Kaito goes toward the yells of the children and they are face to face with some strange looking smaller creatures and he looks to Judith. "Any ideas for what they are?"

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Judith Karlinius
It was a good question to pose to Judith only because it would lead to something she more personally felt, It might not been seen some times. But it was just a bit of motherly scheming."Because any woman smart enough to pick up on how you are as a person will know that you are much more then the cold blank stare of a mask, I mean that in a good way." In which either was an easy guess she would have said that. But it was at times good to hear it in person."Not all things in life come with in the first try."Which might be the main point of it.

But life was confusing and she did not seem to make it seem like it was not."Plus I just over all would like to think it would not take too long if one sets their mind to it."Which was just one persons wishful thinking. After all Judith thought best of everyone in Fairy Tail, until something had proven her other wise she had no reason to change her mind either."Or if need be, I can easily arrange short cut date nights if you really need me too."Judith chuckled at that idea because she would do it.

As for what they were standing in front of Judith seemed to not have a single clue."No idea...but I have a feeling if we're quiet on our feet and don't go near it. we might pass by it unless we really need to look into it."It was a Judith suggestion, After all she was here seeking out children not things she did not know entirely yet what they where, So thus if these were people she would help if need be.


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"Yeah I guess you have a point, I think that is what my master put the mark on the side of my mask to appear less just blank stare." He rubs the back of his head and he figures that the master must know best to say such a thing and he hoped that they could be alright but he still figured that he was going to just completely fail and not be able to make it back from that failure in the end.

"setting ones mind to something is often the hardest part." He nodded as he wondered if he was really ready to commit to such a thing or not as he can't really say he isn't or if he is which means that maybe he would have to try and then find out. "What are short cut dates?" He has no idea what she means by short cut dates or what that entails to even accept or decline.

He guessed that she was right and so he followed along behind her as she was the elf so she was the one quiet on her feet and he was a bumbling human that was going to need to be super careful.

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Judith Karlinius
Judith would simply guide Kaito to walk a bit of ahead of her while she watched what they were walking past, After all if anyone needed be the target of errors in judgments it would the one would gave the command but she was just hopping it was not something she would come to regret later. Judith had a few regrets already she did not need anymore of them lingering upon her like a shadow that blinks at you, It was something that already was fairly haunting to deal with.

But maybe, Judith worries and secrets could still be left to hidden away forever since nothing else needed to be added. Kazimir knew enough."I only knew how to set a few minds in place only because I raised them...Then again sprout leaves do work differently then mature branches...Or so should I say. Children and adults work differently."Thinly spoken references to nature were sometimes things Judith did get carried away with, But not all the people around her understood them. It was why for the longest time she avoided using them right away.

She would stare upon what they walked past a few moment longer just in case then they would continue on searching she was just hoping these children had just gone home. While they searched she would explain what she meant by a short cut date."I suppose a short cut date is just me making everything easy for you. I would have a location....Events and meals set up, Time of day. All you would need is to just bring yourself and a partner for it."This was also just Judith mentioning this idea she most likely was using it a means to help Kaito if he needed it.

Even then she could admit."But...I could also just be over stepping my boundaries too, As much as I like to help I can and will respect if you wish to do it all on your own."Judith seemed to just be continue to offer help while allowing Kaito to choose his own path.


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Kaito thinks he understands where the guild mother is coming from on that, it is easier to use newer clay than clay that has been toyed with and is most dried out. "I think I understand children are easier to mold and lead in a way as they have minds less set on a path and things that cause them to have trouble swapping the path." He hopes that he is catching what she is putting out there for him as he knows that his master did say it was easier to train him as he was a empty slate once she got him over the fear of being free and able to not have to expect everyone around him to stab him in the back.

He rubs his chin and he smirks a little. "Would that be like me bringing home a interest to see how she gets along with my mother?" He was of course teasing the guild mother but he knows that he shouldn't joke as his own mother might be looking down on him wagging her finger in disappointment that he is teasing someone trying to help him.

"I don't think you are over stepping your boundaries with me, you are offering to help and I will do my best to keep that in mind for the future if some poor woman agrees to disgrace herself and date me." He laughed softly as he keeps his eyes out for the children and then he sees it. The children are backed up against a wall of a sheer mountain by a smaller minotaur.   "Looks like the children found trouble."

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Judith Karlinius
It seemed Judith's nature coded language was starting to be figured out. It was interesting to see."I guess I should go back to being more coded huh?"Judith mentioned as a bit of a humour about it."After all sometimes a leaf does mature enough to fly free doesn't it?"Judith had a feeling it was one it might not be picked up right away, But it was the intention of Judith to kind of pull a confusing trick of words that could have many meaning that could be taken anyway a person could as a means towards what they could value it for.

It was how at times Judith seemed confusing and wise, When she was just trying to slightly guide people and see how words could be taken by people."It is entirely up to you with how you feel about it. But I am glad you consider me your mother...Just be careful what that might imply in the future." Most likely one of the most ominous lines could say at this time to Kaito however that could easily change in the future, After all no one could really see the future actions of a person.

But Judith offer seemed to be taken into account and she seemed happy about it."Then it will be your way of seeing and showing that the woman won't be poor nor a disgrace as well."She had to add that in while looking around what was going on."Just merely let me know when you would like me to set it up"

But Judith seemed to be prepared if the event of this situation might happen."Here...Ill distract them."There was no sign of a plan but that was it. Then in some magical way, Judith pulled out a bow and shot an arrow past the right ear of the young minotaur, Not intending to hit it but get it to look away.


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Kaito looked at her and he wonders what she was talking about now with needing to be coded. "Hmmm I don't feel you need to be coded, just say what you mean that way you can be understood." He gently patted Judith on the head, he hopes that he had not some how caused her to feel like she needed to be more over the top or something as he was not intending to cause her to have to change.

"I am simply teasing Guild Mother. I have no mistaken thoughts that you are my mother as she is dead and I know very little about her." He rubbed the back of his head and he wonders if he can really even live up to being someone worth calling a son anyways as he was not a super smart, brave or outgoing man. He has a lot that he would need to do and prove to be worth that kind of thing as he is a cursed mage with the power of messing with dimensions but that doesn't mean anything just that his teeth are sharper, a sharper sense of smell and the fact that he can turn scaly if he so needs to.

He looked at her when she said to just let her know but he doubts it will ever get that far as there are far too many factors that would have to go right to even have to get to that stage even if the guild mother was all that and wouldn't mind him doing that he still doesn't think that having he go through all that and him failing is a worthy use of her time as he has no faith in himself being able to even get close to that level that he could even feel right to use her kindness for such a thing. He is pretty sure a woman would have to be very desperate to want anything to do with him at all as he is no hero and he is not really all that skilled or good looking.

He watched Judith fire and miss the creature. "Did you miss on purpose?" Kaito see the creature look toward them and he transforms his skin being clad in gray and golden scales and runs at the creature that is now running toward them because of Judith firing off the arrow at it and he grapples with the creature as he was not going to let it get close to the guild mother even if this thing gores through him, he will make sure it is dead to sent away so she isn't at risk.

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Judith Karlinius
It seemed they had something simple to work through."Yes I did, After all there was many things that could have been done just wanted to see what all you would do."In which was entirely illogical for her to do, But Judith might just be seeing how their own guild members work. Because Judith must not see them in action too much."But would you prefer if I had killed it?"She was asking Kaito's actual opinion for this matter. Sure it might seem like as a guild master one must lead, But one also must see how some one else works in situations of stress, That was Judith thinking anyway.

Then well Judith then pointed to the children then a vine sprouted from her sleeve that wrap around gentle but strong enough to carry the children and pulled them towards her."But just the fitting distraction nonetheless."Judith seemed to have known what to do this entire time and she was just merely putting the pieces in place, it was her own strange way."Ahh but is one could learn many thing from understanding a nature coded language...consider it a way to talk to me with no one being able to pick up our conversations."It was a silly thing to realize that Judith was making nature phrasing to confuse people and lead them off for what she was talking about. But Judith could admit she enjoyed confusing people if asked.


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He lifted the minotaur and he slams it into the ground as he guesses this one is still too young and it shouldn't just be killed as it hadn't harmed the children and as the guild master hadn't hit it she probably wouldn't judge him for not just straight up killing it. "I was raised by a very strict wood elf teacher that said if you have the balls to aim or point a weapon at something you better be ready to kill what ever it is."

He followed behind the woman as she had already grabbed the children and was making her exit. "I guess coded messages are smart but who you think listening in on us?" He doesn't think that he says anything important enough to even listen in on but the guild mother would know better about things like that so he guessed that he couldn't argue the need for it if that is what she really wanted to do.

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Judith Karlinius
For Judith the fun of this was the fact that even if other elves might have taught a person one thing, She did not have such teaching after all she was not a typical elf of that nature."You assumed I wasn't?"She had to ask to that statement. Judith consider it a question of her resolve."I could agree with her, But keep in mind my origins as a being was not starting as an elf."She mentioned casually.

But alas their main worry was solved."But everyone's alive it seems, Let us bring them back to the village." And it seemed Judith acted like nothing happened at all, like they where just going for a casual walk in the wood. strange as it might but it was just how Judith was at the time, maybe she was more playing a front for the people they helped.


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"I think that is more of general thing not a wood elf thing, so your origin as a non-wood elf doesn't matter to that. It if you think about it is common sense... As once you threaten somethings life it's fight or flight kicks in and it might try to kill you." He thinks maybe his Guild master had taken it as a race thing but he wasn't meaning it as a race thing. He was meaning it as a life lesson more then anything as attacking something like that while he wasn't here might have gotten her or the children hurt. "Do you actually know how to use a bow?" He guessed he should ask as maybe she is just a bad shot with a bow or something and it wasn't that she missed on purpose but that she is just a bad shot.

He figures that the guild mother was right and he opens portals for them to the walls of the village and he expects her to need to think about what had just happened but he didn't want to risk running into anything else that could want a piece of them at least for now.

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Judith Karlinius
It still did not seem to effect Judith all that much. After all she knew it was a bit of a different way of life when your known to have the blessing of mother nature. She took it as more of a vow to safe life in anyway she could, just with out mentioning it."I am well aware of how an animal could attack me."She said with a casual smile on her face almost could feel unnerving to realize she knew full well what could have happen and she just kind of let it happen anyway.

But a part of this almost felt like it was a challenge by Kaito and Judith was almost ready to prove what she could do in a single shot."I do yes."But rather then consider anything that would be reckless in nature to do. After all just because one questioned a person about doesn't mean one should carelessly, Even if other could think her actions where not considered careless. the only thing really harmed in the end was Judith's mana pool used for the arrow shot.

But at least the children were safe and back to the town, With had a bit of a delighted smile on her face about the results of the event.


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"You still need to be careful guild mother." He was lightly scolding her for being reckless still as Kaito knows that she knows better and is wiser than that as she has pretty much told him such. He grabbed the guild mothers hand with his gloved hand once they got the children inside the walls and he walks her to a place to get something to drink and maybe something to eat cause he felt bad that he had messed up and stopped being a good member there letting those children disappear on them and having to have her spend part of her day having to help him look for them.

He takes her to a nice little place that was slightly off of one of the main streets of the city they were currently in and he hopes that she will be okay. "Any thing special you would like to eat or drink while you are here to test out?"

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