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Monster hunter 8 [S-Rank]

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Monster hunter 8 [S-Rank] Empty Sat Nov 12, 2022 9:18 pm

The closer they got to this alchemist the more wild they behaved; it was like every instance of their power was brought to bear on the Rune knights that went after them. From chimeras to titanic beast nothing seemed to be out of bounds for them. It was earnestly frustrating that lucretia was no closer to finding the person responsible to them than she was for making them pay for the loss of many lives. She sat in her office staring out of the window, full dressed in her armor.

Permafrost sat against the desk alongside it’s new brother from her lost Lieutenant. Something she likely would never let go. It wasn’t just a stain on her honor, it was something that affected her to her core; never had a bright future looked so promising to be cut away so bitterly. She’d grit her teeth as she could hear it starting again; the rumble, the wreckage. She even saw a building tossed aside like one would toss a doll house. Again the alchemist struck with their terror.

Again they would have to pick up the pieces. This time she didn’t wait; she burst out of the window with both swords in hand. Sprinting down the side of the building and slamming into the pavement with enough force to leave a pair of foot prints deep into the brick walkway. Her motion seemed to make some of the guards fumble with their weapons only realizing that it was her just as she shot off like a rocket towards where the beast laid into the residential district.

The first thing that stuck out to her was the long arms, the distended gorilla like body and the crow head. It’s legs weren’t fit for it’s huge frame and seemed to wobble as it walked. A long sinous tail wrapped around a tower and launched it away from the city. She’d tsk as she got closer, avoiding the pelting rain of brick from the sky as she noted some buildings crashing down around her.

This thing was positively massive and lucretia couldn’t help but wonder how this alchemist even managed to create a bastard like this. She felt the tugging of something along her body; the innate sensation of magic. The whims of which she thought she had lost. It’s push, it’s pull, the sensation…

It beckoned to her, looming above her like an immense well and she drank deep of it’s draught. Her fingers tickled, her arm stiffened and the woman skidded to a halt as it worked it’s way through her frame. She felt cold and hot at the same time, the powers that be collapsed in on themselves. Her jaw distended and she for a brief moment was granted infinity.

It was a power she never even considered and never even knew that she had it. It was something that came unbidden and this massive orb stared down at her. Dwarfing her as she realized just what it was for this brief instance. What happened next was nothing short of dumbfounding. From her hands a pair of magical seals never before seen by her or anyone still living around here warped out to underneath the mammoth of a beast.

It looked puzzled until… The ground shook, the intense blast that followed was from what only could be described as a black hole overlapped with the intense nature of the sun itself. Such an incredible force that blew her back a few dozen yards, her hand coming up to her and she could see the grooves of the intense magic in her arms. It was not something she had trained for…

But it was something she was gifted sight of seeing to know that she was capable of it. But capable from what? From who? She didn’t even know. She did know what it had done to the beast and her arm. She could see where it was missing the lower most part of it’s massive leg. It didn’t register for the both of them; her jaw dropped and it roared in pain.

She did that? With who? With what? She was a frost mage! Not… Her gaze slowly dropped down to those grooves. They weren’t there earlier either. Something had made it’s presence on her body and she’d have to figure it out later. Gritting her teeth in pain as the unfamiliar magics wracked her body the werewolf continued to vault and leap over the edges of the buildings. THe huge beast was now on one knee clutching at the stump that Lucretia had created….



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Lucretia perhaps had overstepped herself and that wasn’t a surprise; she often did but the magic that had come also seemed to be pulling at her frame every which way as she closed in on the alchemist. She felt it worm its way through her frame further as she got to just under the massive beast. What did this magic want to show her? She felt the tingle in her other hand, the one that clasped the lieutenants sword and she’d look down at it. She saw that magical spark and couldn’t help but wonder what was going on.

But she followed what it told her to do, swinging her hand like it said. She could feel the pulse and the pain as it wracked up her body and broke apart her armor at it’s core. She could feel it tearing through her unused frame like tissue paper and she’d let out a roar of pain as another ability she hadn’t the slightest about launched itself out of her body. A huge scythe made of planetary bodies spun out and eventually slammed into the chest of the beast before exploding into a similarly powerful explosion.

It was something that she didn’t expect still and noting the gaping hole in the beast's chest brought her eyes along its frame as it started to collapse. It wasn’t magical and it wasn’t the one doing this so what was? She’d rub at her face. Noting that her skin was cracking and she could tell that something was wrong. Something inside of her had been wanting to get out and she’d stumble a little bit before heaving herself off the roof back to the ground.

A hand came up to her head and she’d watch the beast topple over. It lay undisturbed for a moment before deflating like a balloon a few moments later. Shrinking down to something closer to that of a bear rather than some titanic beast. In fact it looked like a bear rather than whatever the hell it was supposed to be before.

She stared at it’s corpse and eventually the other rune knights that worked under her arrived on the scene to note the disheveled look of their captain commander. She pushed away their concerns and told them to sweep the area. Bring herself over to the beast to admire her handiwork and sniff at the corpse. She could tell something was up here…

Her icy blue eyes slowly tracked to where she saw a hunched figure next to a building before sprinting off. But words had caught in her throat and she’d stand there unsure for a moment. Was that the alchemist or perhaps the person that…. She’d shake her head as one of their researchers now was on the scene.

What the hell made these wounds?

Was something that she heard uttered before she’d put away permafrost on her back and her Lt’s sword at her hip. Looking down at either of her hands she could see the pulsing grooves of that arcane magic deep underneath. Her body had changed from the frost to something… else at some point and she wasn’t even sure when that had happened.

No one had seen her do that and she wasn’t sure if she wanted them to. What was she supposed to say? That stuff was out of legends, the only people capable of controlling magic like that didn’t exist anymore and honestly even that was scaring her. She’d lock eyes with the researcher and then make a quick effort to hide her forearms and arms for a moment.

Don’t worry about what caused the wounds. Figure out where it came from.

She’d get a curt nod before they turned back to the beast, jabbering away to their aid as lucretia walked away from the scene. She felt the pain lancing up her arms. She wasn’t trained in this magic and it nearly destroyed her forearms. Maybe some would do her some good rather than just going with what it wanted to show her…

She’d have plenty of time to mull that over after getting back to her office; she’d probably get a stern talking to by the folks that did repairs on the cities but maybe they should just install a balcony for stuff like this. Gritting her teeth she couldn’t help but shake her head as she entered the rune knights headquarters again. Some sleep would do her good to recover from this…


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