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Monster hunter 5 [A-Rank]

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She hoped deep down that this would be the last time that the city would be under siege from this threat. That the monsters would cease to flow after they captured whatever beast had been released. She hoped deeply that she could turn the tide. That the people would be safe. She had ordered everyone in the shop district to be moved to a safer location. She stood there, permafrost planted firmly in the ground.

Benimaru floated near her and the two of them waited. The hours dragged on and her impatience in the matter didn’t matter to her. Didn’t matter how long she’d have to wait. It wasn’t until the rumbling of the ground underneath her where Lucretia found herself being upheaved by the beast underneath. Her eyes widened a little bit and she’d hop back a few yards. Staring up as a mammoth of a beast rose out of the ground. Was all of the prior beasts an attempt at making this beast?

She stared up and then to Benimaru who shared a glance with her. They both were a little surprised at seeing this and she could tell that the sword wasn’t sure what to do. She’d point up at it.

We’re going to climb to the top. Get to the head and knock it out.

The blade dipped in understanding and the both of them took off; lucretia’s feet scrambled for purchase and she’d have to dig her claws into the side of the beast to climb up. It barely registered her. It was so large that it’s torso hadn’t quite come out of the ground yet but Lucretia didn’t want it to. They needed to make this thing smaller before that was the case. Gritting her teeth as she climbed she noted that Benimaru was having an easy time just floating along.

Oh. Right.

She’d huff a bit and then start to climb a little bit more rapidly. They were running out of time as the monstrous serpent like beast pulled it’s arms out of the ground. Slowly reaching up to grab at the offenders. Lucretia kicked up away from the hand that slapped down against where she had been. The beast groaned a bit as it felt the bite of her claws, the bite of her sword as she used it to climb a bit faster.

Getting this thing out of the city was paramount. This beast was huge and it just swinging one arm took out a row of houses with ease. She’d stop and watch the empty dwellings slam into a row of another. She’d frown and then hurry along; grasping at benimaru whenever they worked over to her. Helping her along. They had an easier time and it was clear to her that the blade wasn’t sure what to think about their situation…



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The further along they got the more difficult it was to avoid the massive hands of the beast. Lucretia had to use benimaru’s floating ability to kick off of her companion. Splitting their distance and making sure that the hand hit naught but air. She could tell that they were getting close to the head of the beast but that only raised the question of what she would do when getting there? The beast had tugged it’s legs out of the ground and it must have stood at least a hundred feet tall at this point; maybe more.

The massive chimera shifted a bit and the muscles that lucretia dug into seemed to harden on their own. Her claws weren’t enough but permafrost was sharp enough to where she could dig past the scales and into the flesh underneath. She’d glance at her companion who was keeping pace with her and when the beast took a step she’d snarl and start to run up the side of the beast with a reckless abandon.

They couldn’t let it do much more than it already had. It was too strong for her knights even though she knew she could deal with it. There was no doubt in her mind as she took a running start and leaped the sword assisting her movement and she found herself cresting just as she arrived at the cheek of the monster’s face. Drawing her fist back she’d slam it into the beast’s face. The roar that followed had enough concussive force to send her flying backwards, falling out of the sky.

As she fell she felt benimaru grasp her wrist with it's wrappings, slowing her fall and then launching her up at the beast again as it fell towards the ground. When it got outside of her ‘area’ of influence she noted that the blade went inert. It’s just how the blade worked to keep itself safe. It would be fine later but now she wasn’t going to waste the second chance benimaru gave her. She’d fly through the air and grasp permafrost tightly in her hands.

The beast’s face drew close and with a thunderous blow she sent it reeling backwards. Stumbling and falling outside of the city limits; a shockwave rolling out along with dust and some trees. She was in freefall and she’d snarl as she got closer to the ground. She felt the ground meet her and there was a moment where she felt the world kick at her…



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Lucretia slowly pushed herself up, the fall hadn’t been that bad. Her skin was naturally tough and she had a hardy constitution. What could be said of the beast that she had smacked with her sword. She’d look up to find that it hadn’t moved since she had landed a blow against it and she’d slowly walk across it’s massive frame. Reaching it’s chest without too much effort. She’d lean down and place her head against it. The beat within was strong and she’d let out a soft rumbling chuckle.

Tough bastard but… too big.

The research team that had been studying the monsters and beasts came sprinting out to where the beast lay. Many of them looked on in awe and some of her knights arrived. Sliding off of the chest lucretia would motion for a pair to approach her. One was Roya; a trusted Lieutenant of hers and the other was the top researcher for these beasts. She’d look back at the form and then sigh.

See if we can get anyone to get one of those companion orbs out here and get someone to figure out if we can shrink the damn thing. Up until then this beas tis going to be our problem. Roya I want you to set a perimeter around this thing and…

She took control of the situation now that the danger had passed; commanding those under her with a firm idea of what needed to happen. With everything divided up she’d head to where she had seen benimaru fall. The blade definitely earned some care after this one; probably would want to treat it’s edge and make sure that the shield was well polished.

Stepping through the rubble she noted that there were bits of cloth that belonged to some… Mage? Her eyes widened and she’d stoop down, removing a large stone. In their possession were some vials and eggs. She’d let her jaw drop and she’d note that he had been crushed. Many of the eggs hadn’t survived and only one vial remained. But she knew for a fact that this wasn’t the ringleader of the project… it had to be someone else and now they had enough vials to figure out exactly who. What a lucky find on her part!

Now all she needed to do was let her knights do their job and they’d be one step closer…


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