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The Last Wolfenstein: Sebastian Von Wolfenstein [S Rank| Long]

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The Last Wolfenstein: Sebastian Von Wolfenstein [S Rank| Long] Empty Sun Sep 04, 2022 2:05 am

Nothing could prepare her for what she saw in the last room. It was simple, stunningly simple. Just a single stone casket in the center of a large room. A single beam of light from the ceiling that would be centered on the casket. Something out of legends, the sort of thing you’d expect to read about but never quite would experience. She’d slowly approach the casket in reverence.

This place had set trial after trial to her, from a puzzle of their past to a puzzle of the future. The werewolf had overcome them all. There was not a single being that had stepped foot in this place; the dust and the ‘cleanliness’ of the place was a testament of that. She’d get to the casket without any issue; no traps were needed here. No challenges reared their head.

She’d reach to the side of the casket and slowly pull open the lid. The name on the top of the casket read exactly what she had hoped. Exactly what she had believed would be here thanks to the tome, thanks to the librarian. She’d stare down at the occupant of the casket. A single draugr, a single corpse she figured. But as she reached in the eyes of the person within opened slowly as though from rest and her hand paused.

...After centuries… the first being to make it to me is… a werewolf? Fate has a cruel irony. State your name.

Lucretia Von Wolfenstein.

At her introduction she’d step back and the ‘draugr’ slowly sat up. His skin was pristine like he had just been laid to rest. His body was in his peak condition. No doubt the work of the demon that had been his ‘undoing’. He’d sit there for a moment before slowly stepping out of the casket. Letting his feet touch the ground for the first time in centuries. He’d look around and nod his head like he had never seen it.

He wore simple garb like Lucretia but unlike her he held a weapon that she couldn’t quite understand. It seemed to fluctuate for the both of them and he’d look down with a small smile.

The wielder of Permafrost will be the leader of the Clan Wolfenstein. I last of my blood Sebastian Von Wolfenstein accept your challenge Lucretia Von Wolfenstein. That is what you are here for yes?

Yes. But not only that. I wish to take the right of the leader of the Wolfenstein clan. I wish to be of pure Wolfenstein blood.

Sebastian paused; if he accepted he… would no longer be the only one if he lost and would be allowed to pass on. Staring at Lucretia he’d raise permafrost and point it at her. There were no more words to be shared between them after he nodded. He would name her a true Wolfenstein if she succeeded… But if he won it was likely he’d just go back to sleep and she forever would be the first utter failure after getting so far!



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The battle that ensued was something that rocked the tomb; permafrost was impossibly sharp and lucretia barely could even dodge the weapon. His speed was on par with hers, his strength, his endurance. Everything about him was her exact match but where he was armed she was not. In a proper place maybe someone would complain bout fairness but she’d avoid each and every blow. Learning to weave and dance amidst his blows.

They were locked in a battle that seemed to stretch on and on and on; not one to waste words. Not one to give their enemies any quarter. When it seemed she might stumble he lunged forward but maybe that was her plan as she rolled to the side. Her leg swept out his and caused him to crash to the floor. He spun on a dime and permafrost came down in a fast yet brutal arc. She tumbled out of the way; her foot lashing out and drawing the first blood as she kicked him in the chest just as he started to rise.

The breath was knocked out of him briefly and he’d sweep with the large blade as though it was nothing. She barely had enough time to move out of the way or else it would have sank deep into her flesh. Rolling back up to her feet he’d do the same, wiping away some blood. The both of them circled; Lucretia had her hands raised in a defensive yet offensive posture. He’d move permafrost in a way to try to counteract that. One fist far, one fist close, her legs just wide enough to where they could move yet they could attack.

He’d snarl and dash forward again. Leading with a hand as he came around with the sword. Using her height against her was a smart move but Lucretia was just as fast as he was. If not a little faster. She’d lean back as he swung and it went wide. They were close enough to where their eyes met and she’d slam her fist into the side of his head sending him tumbling away from her.

She’d straighten herself and find that he had landed a few blows during their exchanges. She was bleeding but not excessively and he’d get up from the ground, wiping blood away from his face. It seemed as though she kept on getting him majorly for each time he seemed to hit her three times.

Your hide is thick, your step is Spry. You’re a worthy opponent for many I take it?

Honestly? I wouldn’t know. I’d like to think so but…


...As much as I love fighting, it was never the most important thing to me.

What would that be then?

The people we swore to protect, the friends I made. I’d give up everything for them, Sebastian.

The two of them stood there; he’d stare at her and then look down at the sword. Slowly setting it into the ground. It’d stop its flickering motions and he’d walk up to her. Staring up at her and slowly tilting his head. He didn’t seem to understand what she had said and then looked down at his hands. Blood was on them and for once he felt… strangely content.



The Last Wolfenstein: Sebastian Von Wolfenstein [S Rank| Long] Empty Sun Sep 04, 2022 2:27 am

The fight was now even; more so than before. Sebastian had decided not to use his sword. Instead the both of them were fighting on equal terms. Slamming their fists into one another; snarling and spitting blood. The both of them were on the ropes; they were practically evenly matched. It was a good feeling for the both of them.

Permafrost watched from the place Sebastian had set it down, no longer flickering in place. No longer seeming indifferent. It seemed… concerned for the two potential wielders. As time passed; as the day turned to night, night turned to day… The fight continued and the both of them were standing there. Exhaling and breathing in fairly hard. Lucretia’s body was badly bruised and one of Sebastian’s arms was hanging loosely. Broken.

And if you were the clan leader, a pureblood Wolfenstein? What then? What would you do?

I’d protect them all.

Sebastian blinked a bit as lucretia leapt forward at this, bringing her hand around in a vicious right hook. Faster than before, stronger than before. His eyes barely tracking it as he managed to avoid the brunt of it but the force spun him about and he’d have to flip over back to his feet before returning her swing with a kick.

She’d catch it with a hand and bring him up, over and then slam him down into the ground with such force it’d crack the floor and then practically shatter a good chunk of it. He’d cough up some blood and she’d do it once, then twice… then a third time. Panting heavily as he lay in the ruins of the floor.

Sebastian would cough up some more blood and sit up, grumbling a little bit. He seemed annoyed more than hurt but he slowly got up to his feet. Heaving a little bit as his body wasn’t quite responding to his commands. Lucretia stared at him and then followed where he was looking.

Use it. Just the once.

Lucretia blinked a bit and walked over to permafrost. Drawing it out of the ground without much issue. Staring down at it as it felt strange in her hand. She’d turn to him and he’d be staring right at her for the first real time. Accepting her… which felt weird even now. Slowly she’d walk over, still holding the blade.

Lucretia Von Wolfenstein, First of her name. I. Sebastian Von Wolfenstein last of my name, last of my blood… Name you the true Heir to the Wolfenstein clan.

The two of them shared a long silence together and she’d look down at him. He seemed disheveled. Smiling as his age caught up to him. His body withered away in front of her and he’d cough again, quite profusely. Drawing in a shuddering breath.

You gave me what I wanted Lucretia. Someone to pass everything to… someone that truly wanted to save everyone, to do everything they could… don’t let… what happened to me… happen to you…

Lucretia stood there as Sebastian wasted away and eventually? She’d find herself standing in crocus again. As though she had never left it. Never entered that strange library. But she would look at her hand and saw an imprint of permafrost’s haft on her hand…

...I’ll make you myself. Don’t worry.


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