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The Last Wolfenstein: The Failures [S Rank| Long]

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The Last Wolfenstein: The Failures [S Rank| Long] Empty Sun Sep 04, 2022 1:31 am

After a brief respite from all of this Lucretia found herself amidst what seemed to be a pile of death and decay. Many bodies ranging from full blown skeletons to nearly lifelike individuals. Draugr of all sorts lined the walls and she could see some of them had been lain to rest. Looking about this went on for quite some time and she’d bite the inside of her cheek. Hell she wasn’t sure what she was supposed to do here. It seemed to her that she maybe had to search around? Spotting a door at the end of the room she’d slowly walk forward.

The rattling of equipment made itself apparent the closer that she got to the exit of the room and as she crossed the center of it she was gifted with what was no doubt her challenge. In front of her there were six draugr rising out of the piles of body; different equipment all of them. Her ears flicked and she’d turn her head behind her. The same could be said of behind her.

Not one was magic intensive. They had been drained of it by something. It was a worrying affair and she wasn’t sure if she should deal with this in any way that would prompt her to suffer the same fate. No magic. No casting. Not that she could at the moment anyways. She had come ill prepared… Without a weapon. Without armor. To many hunters that would mean death.

She’d stalk to one side so that she could keep an eye on both parties. They were evenly spread. Some had axes, some had swords, one had a bow, another had an ancient looking flintlock pistol. Heck one even had a scythe. That one earned her attention as it was the one that was closing in on her first. Tightening her fist she’d stare at this challenge; right outside of her gaze lay a word that gained her attention.


This is where they dumped the failures and where they would try to drag any successor down with them. Had she failed? No. She hadn’t. No one came here alive; she didn’t sense any residual magic and nothing living had been here in centuries; perhaps even further beyond the construction of this place.

Knowing this she’d set her stance and wait for the swing of the scythe. She’d catch it by the haft so that the swing was stopped midway. The draugr looked up at her and she saw the pits of it’s eyes. Without hesitating she’d give it a vicious headbut and throw it full force at the draugr with the bow. The two of them crashed into one another and were sent tumbling. They’d slam into the wall their weapons flying out of their hands and she would look about with a grim satisfaction seeing that no other draugr were getting up to replace them.

So that’s how it is huh?

Her stance widened and Lucretia prepared to meet the remaining draugr in combat. In large numbers they would be problematic but in a small amount like this she felt that she could handle them just fine…



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The fight continued even after she had slain two of their comrades, the two draugr that she had flung across the room did not get back up. She had snuffed them out with relative ease but the others took that to heart and didn’t give her a single opening. The flintlock wielding draugr made sure to shoot just as she was to try to counter someone. Grimacing she’d sidestep a real bullet.

These things were so old that they didn’t have magical weapons, they had actual like. Regular physical firearms. That painted a picture of how long it had been since they tried to gain the favor of the Last Wolfenstein. She’d Grimace as the two sword bearing Draugr drew in close again. They swung and like clockwork the Flintlock draugr fired with them. But this time instead of waiting for her to counter it had fired first. She’d kick the closest draugr in the head and it’s body blocked the bullet. With an explosion of force her kick took of the draugr’s head and slammed into the one right next to it.

Both of their bodies tumbled to the ground and she’d spin to kick the sword that was still falling through the air. The sword wasn’t her target but the flintlock wielding draugr was. Her foot connected and the force given had it shoot like a rocket to the draugr. Spearing it’s weapon and causing a small explosion in it’s hand. It’d stagger back and draw it’s knife now that the weapon had been destroyed.

Lucretia was a deadly opponent even without weapons. The draugr realized that now and they’d close in. She’d slowly breathe out and when the Axe wielding draugr’s swung she’d leap forward under their blows and use her fists to uppercut one of them. It’d send it up into the ceiling where a satisfying crack of bone, sinew and metal met the stone of the tomb. As it fell Lucretia disarmed the other and hopped back just as it slammed into the ground.

She felt the bite of one of their blades and she’d huff; she wasn’t invincible but she did take out five of their number before they could wound her even slightly. This explained to her what the failures were and why they failed. Maybe this was where they put all the bodies of the ‘useful’ failures to a degree.

She’d spin on her primary foot, her leg coming around in a vicious roundhouse that took the axe wielding draugr in the side. But the force of her kick was so powerful that it cleaved through him like an axe of their own and it’d slam into the stone. There was a moment and the tomb shuddered. They’d all stop and lucretia blinked a bit.

That definitely was not her.

With half of their number gone they would all rush her at once, a flurry of blows rained on her and she did all she could to block or redirect them. Snarling in agitation as the knife sank into her hide. The draugr almost seemed to smile up until she grasped it’s head and simply closed the distance between her hands. Crushing its skull and letting it drop to the floor. She’d yank the knife out of her side and then chuck it into one of the oncoming draugr. It’d stagger backwards creating a new opening for her…



The Last Wolfenstein: The Failures [S Rank| Long] Empty Sun Sep 04, 2022 1:50 am

Four draugr remained, all of them wary of her. None of them had large weapons and none of them were stupid enough to approach her on their own. They’d try to find openings of their own but honestly that wasn’t happening, they’d approach and she’d adjust. The floor was slick was the blood from the werewolf and the grime from the draugr. It was very messy for everyone involved.

But something had to give, something had to break and for once it was not the living. Her fist met the skull of the rushing draugrs. Sending one flying backwards with its head concave in. The second one she’d slam her own head into it and send it sprawling. It wasn’t dead but it was out for the moment as its weapon skittered away and it was looking for another one to fight the Werewolf with.

The remaining two charged her, one high and one low. Lucretia would kick down at the one going low. Kicking their weapon into the ground and causing it to slide over it’s now stuck weapon. Her hands came up and she’d grab the arms of the draugr. Grasping the arms of the draugr as it had them in an overhead swing she’d part the arms and with a fierce heave she’d tear the arms off of the draugr much to it’s surprise before using it’s own weapon to remove it’s head from it’s shoulders.

The Draugr that she had kicked to the ground now found itself launched through the air. Slamming into the wall and then slammed into by the werewolf herself in a tackle. The draugr was crushed by her frame and she’d let it drop to the ground as she turned to the last ‘failure’ of the batch.

It looked pitiful compared to everything else she had fought. Standing on it’s own; standing against something it couldn’t hope to win against and she’d stare at it as it stood up. A sword not of it’s own in it’s hand. She’d shake her head.

The least I can do is give you an honorable last fight.

She’d scoop up a sword and would do exactly that, meeting the draugr’s blows with her own. Blocking without much issue and after what seemed like ages she would disarm the draugr. Once. Twice. And then sweep with her sword to remove it’s head. Watching the last bodypart land on the ground before she’d toss the ancient rusted sword to the side.

This was the last ‘challenge’ before she would be at the Tomb proper…


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