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The Last Wolfenstein: The Third Trial [S Rank| Long]

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The Last Wolfenstein: The Third Trial [S Rank| Long] Empty Sun Sep 04, 2022 1:19 am

This room was simple, was plain. The werewolf looked around and found herself face to face with a pleased looking woman. She was as nondescript as they came, wearing a thin white dress where lucretia could barely make out their frame. She’d give a little bow to the werewolf and Lucretia would return it with one of her own. Wary as she was of this entire situation she’d approach the other.

Lucretia Von Wolfenstein, Daughter of two Pretenders of the Wolfenstein order. A villainous mother and a father looking for nothing more than a huntress to bring him glory. But yet here you are. Away from everything they ever could have imagined.

Lucretia kept her bow and was somewhat shocked at the woman; slowly raising her head and a quizzical brow raised. The woman had covered her mouth and let out a soft giggle before brushing her hair away. The frost that came with it and the soft magical aura that was around her lead Lucretia to understand what she was dealing with now. She’d slowly stand and ask…

You’re a Fae aren’t you?

One of the very last Sworn to your family. Well. Sebastian’s family and I suppose yours if you succeed in the trials.

May I enter?

The fae perked and looked to the circle that she stood in; another giggle and she’d nod her head. It was customary to allow one to enter if they asked and since lucretia was playing nice she’d show her where to enter so that she’d be entering the ‘door’ proper.

So polite and full of hope. So unlike the ancients. It’s refreshing honestly.

This pedestal with the bowl… and the knife What is it for?

The fae paled and looked to it; she looked sad for a moment and then she’d just shake her head. Motioning to lucretia after a few long moments. It was as though she was trying to figure out how best to explain it without giving it away…

The bowl must be filled. The knife is to help and the pedestal is to… well hold the bowl and you up if need be.

Lucretia looked to the bowl and then back to the fae. She had to consider this very carefully because this could be a trick. This explanation could be a trap; most fae were never this honest and she’d consider it for a long moment. Turning to the fae and gently reaching out to set a hand on their shoulder. The fae blinked and looked up.

...Forget the bowl. Forget the knife and forget the test. When was the last time You slept? Eaten?

The fae stood there stunned for a moment and then shook her head, trying to ward off luicretia’s supportive hand. But after a moment she’d let out a soft sob. The fae was something that was supposed to roam free in the wild; not locked away in a tomb and lucretia understood that all too well.

The last time I ate? Well I can’t eat here, not like. Actually eat. I can sort of siphon magic from the folks that fail b ut that’s not living-... You don’t have something that I could-

Lucretia couldn’t provide too much but she’d draw out a waterskin. Lucretia kept a host of different things on her but in this case? She had brought with her some milk; the fae’s eyes widened and when offered she’d drink deep of the waterskin. It was rare for someone like her to be carrying something like that. But for lucretia she often broke bones or chipped her teeth. This was something long standing; she used to carry more around liquor or the like but…

Oh you have no idea… Is it okay if I keep this?

Of course. It’s a gift.

The fae paused, looked up to lucretia with wide eyes that were filled with surprise. A human gifting a fae? She looked actually taken back by the werewolf admitting this to her. She’d consider for a moment how she could return the gift. What could she do huh? Her eyes turned to the bowl and she’d huff a bit. She couldn’t be the one to put things in there, it didn’t work that way. She’d look up and then grumble.

It’s been such a long time since I got a gift; you’ve dealt with Fae before I take it?

Just once when I was a child, they were very friendly.

The fae let out a soft groan and then would sit down, drinking the rest of the waterskin. She’d hand it back; accepting the gift was one thing and returning the container was another. It was considered a favor for some; as a desire for more down the line no doubt. Lucretia tilted her head to one side as the fairy started to talk again.

Okay. So as a gift I can tell you. The knife is a trick. It will never fill with blood; what you have to fill it with is magic. Your magic.

Lucretia looked surprised at the fae’s ‘gift’. Lucretia turned her head to the bowl and leaned to inspect it. She could see the faint runes around the innards of the bowl and would slowly nod her head. Yeah that made sense to her now. She’d place her hands on the bowl and slide her thumbs over the runes. She could feel the bowl immediately react and her essence started to flow into the bowl. The fae watched with a faint look of interest. She had seen this before but would tug on lucretia’s pants leg.

If you succeed will I be free?

Yes. It’ll be my gift to you.

The fae grinned ear to ear and then nodded her head. So she and the draugr would both be allowed to leave this tomb finally if Lucretia were to succeed. The latter would probably just go sulk in iceberg which was fine and  she… well she could go find some of her sisters or something.

Lucretia poured her magic into the bowl; she could feel it fill up ever so slowly. But she could see where the liquid magic would have never passed if she had tried to fill it with blood. The runes around the midway glowed for a moment before letting the intense magical aura pass by that. She’d watch still as it closed closer to the edge of it. She almost threatened to overflow the bowl and she’d let her thumbs off of the bowl so that it wouldn’t.

She’d look down to the fae who looked sad, she could see the little wings that would have once carried her flick. But one last thing was required of her and the fae looked up. Lucretia had been a good guest and she’d smile up to the werewolf. Returning it she’d reach down to help the fae stand up.

It’s been a nice time being here. You know my name. But I don’t know yours. So I can’t leave without knowing that.

...Very well versed in my culture heehee… Well. I don’t have a name really. But I think I like the way yours sounds. Could you call me mm mm… Lui?

Sure, It’ since to meet you Lui. Thank you for having me. If I may?

I look forward to seeing you again Lucretia! Thanks for coming!

Lucretia warmly smiled and would slip her hands to the bowl, fitting her fingers into the varied slots and pouring her magical essence into the bowl. It was intense and she wasn’t sure if she was giving enough. But it was a surprise to see that Lui put her hands on the bowl and was whispering something; her ears barely heard it but she was whispering magical incantations of her own!

Lucretia felt the world start to spin rapidly and it wasn’t long before the woman found herself lifted off of the ground as her magical essence fed into the seal that was on the ground. A moment later the world would fade away and she was left in a bleak abyss for a few long instances…

Before she would land on her back in a completely different room; her breath was knocked from her body and she’d slowly push herself up groaning as she could feel her body had been pushed to a limit or two from all of that. Had Lui used her essence to cast a more precise spell to let her not spend a long time in that dark place? She’d slowly push herself off of the ground and look around; there were bones here or there and it seemed as though she was in another room. She could barely make it out on the ground but it seemed to her that she was in the next phase of things. Or maybe in a place where she could recuperate?

A last parting gift of her friend. It wouldn’t go to waste as Lucretia used this time to drink and eat quickly to regain some of her strength that she had lost…


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