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Monster hunter 3 [S-rank]

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It was typical that many people would prefer to forget the destruction that had been wrought in the past. It was something that she didn’t blame the people once the construction in the shopping district had finished. The smiles hid worry from the people and lucretia sat on the defensive wall that protected the city from the outside world. A half eaten apple sitting in her hand as she stared out over the ‘realm’ that she had sworn to protect. Her expression remained fairly even and she’d shoot a glance to the few rune knights that patrolled the walls. They had been rotated out with some of her own and they looked a bit nervous.

Many of them came from the surrounding countryside; they didn’t have the best training and that’s why they were pages or apprentices. Individuals that hadn’t quite proven themselves yet. She’d turn the apple over and take another bite; thoughtfully humming and returning any salute given to her with a thoughtful pause. It was something she hadn’t gotten used to and she doubted that she ever would get used to people doing it.

Lucretia felt the eyes of guards rest on her as they passed; she had for a while now not been wearing any armor. No helm, no nothing, just a simple garb and the ever present looming of the companion that had picked her. She’d finish the apple and toss it into the trash bucket that sat pretty close to where she had desired to sit.

A flick of the ear and she’d turn her head; Roya: a hopeful apprentice came running up. His breathing was heavy and it was obvious he had come from a good distance. She recognized the urgency in both step and breath; holding out her hand for the missive she saw in his hand. Without more than a salute in greeting she’d take it from him; reading it over. It was from the researcher. Her face turned into a scowl. What they needed was another destructive battle and this time they needed her to capture the beast alive… which would let them track it back to it’s source.

She’d nod her head and then toss it up in the air, Benimaru huffed and the missive was engulfed in fire. No one but her and the researcher would know of this and she’d motion to Roya.

Assemble the pages and Apprentices. Tell them to gather outside of the city. Eh… What’s the term? Muster?

Y-yes Captain Commander.

She’d give a small nod and fold her hands over her lap as she waited; the muster would complete before the timeframe of what she felt was starting to be scheduled attacks. If Roya and the others handled themselves well… she’d get them some rewards. Standing up slowly she could feel Benimaru’s eyes on her and she’d glance down at the blade.

Another monster is going to attack. This time we’re going to make sure they live.

The blade looked puzzled but would slowly nod in understanding. Lucretia turned her attention to the city and waited…



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Hours passed and she’d note the Rune knights mustering outside of the gate, they looked confused why they were called here and the ones that served underneath her would likely have noticed the behemoth of a woman sitting upon the walls as they passed. Some already knew what was going on; some would work it out and they’d adjust their sheathed weapons. Lucreia flicked her ears as she heard the rumbling and would adjust her stance.

Benimaru floated into her grasp and she’d scan the line of houses. The first one to blast out was a bakery, the second that was destroyed as that of an alchemist shop. She’d make mental note of this and would have to compare later. Growling she’d leap off of the wall. Landing near where the proticullas controls were. Motion at the guards to start pulling it up.

Once my knights are through keep it open, I’m going to try to get the beast through here.

She had only seen wings of the beast and a long sinuous tail of some kind. Something she didn’t recognize without getting closer to it. Her knights were quickly on the scene and many were looking to her for guidance.

Find the civilians and direct them closer to the inner districts. I will push the beast out of the gate and outside of the city.

Nary a word or wasted glance, she’d get a lot of nods and many of them already took off knowing where to look. She was happy she had people that listened to her regardless of what she was. Regardless of where she came from. The werewolf took off running and was glad that she saw many of her knights directing people. She’d skid to a halt as a flurry of feathers landed in front of her. She’d look up to see the beast. This time it was a mix of a bird and some kind of scaled beast. It made her think of the various wyverns she had met. But this beast was screaming in agonizing pain. It wasn’t in anger or in fear; they must have hatched too soon or…

She’d note the collar around it’s neck was digging into it and she’d draw back her lips in a snarl. Whatever bastard was doing this was using pain to cause it to flail about. She’d leap forward letting out an earsplitting roar to grab it’s attention. If she broke the collar she could maybe throw the damn thing towards where she wanted to it to go… or maybe it would stop smashing up buildings in thanks.

Regardless as she closed the beast whirled, attempting to use it’s tail as a huge club. Lucretia would slide underneath it, letting the tail slam into a building. Another shop; something she’d take note of that the beasts were deliberate as though something may have been controlling them in a fashion.

She’d come up her hands slipping out of using her weapons and grabbing onto the collar. The beast hiked a bit in pain and roared right in her face. She’d return the roar and with a heave…



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She felt the metal twist and give way to her strength. The beast looked surprised as she ripped the collar off of it. The inside of it was lined with spikes and lucretia felt anger roll through her body. She’d growl out and stared up at the beast. It looked a little uncertain as she seemed like she had been about to attack it. She’d huff a bit and throw it to each side. Pointing at it and then motioning for it to come to her. The beast adjusted and slowly brought it’s forelegs to her.

Shackles of some form, massive and made of solid metal. The beast would never be able to tear it off what with the pain that it felt and the relief that she likely was giving it. She’d huff a bit and then grasp the shackle firmly near the seam. It had been hastily put on which lead her to believe that this beast had come on much more suddenly than the others. With a heave the shackle would shatter and be pulled away from the beast. More spikes were on the inside and she’d spit to one side.

Yeah whomever had done this was a cruel bastard. They were using their creations without any thought of the life they were giving to them. She’d do the same to the other shackle to find a working of runes and magical essence spill from it rather than the spikes from the others. She’d stare at them and then toss it to the ground. The beast looked hesitant.

These things were intelligent; each one of them were intelligent and could feel pain. She’d stand there and stare at the ground where the shackles lay. She’d motion for the beast to show her if it had any more. It’d adjust and one of it’s hind legs had a massive shackle on it. She could see the blood flowing steadily from it and she’d scoot to it.

They had wanted one alive and here they had a willing subject. She’d grasp the shackle and yank the metal breaking away again. She’d let it drop and the monster shuddered in relief as the pain that had been ever present in it’s ‘life’ had suddenly ceased. The few rune knights that had stopped outside of where the pair had been well…

She’d look up to the beast; it looked woozy which she figured was from the blood lost. She’d motion for a medic to approach and would place her hand on it’s muzzle. It’d slowly sit down and the medic would start to fuss over it. It had rampaged shortly before she had been able to stop it. Not with violence but with understanding. She’d stare at the medic as they continued and then turned to the rune knights that approached. They looked hesitant and she’d wave them off.

Find the point where they came from and tell Roya to come here.

They’d all hurry away and she’d turn back to the wyvern. Her eyes inspecting the beast as it lay there. Healing light on some of it’s wounds as the medic used magic to make things right. It’d be only a few moments longer and she’d have Roya at her side once more. He looked a little concerned about the wyvern and why Lucretia would call on him of all people. She’d stare at the wyvern for a moment longer before turning her head to Roya.

We have ‘captured’ a beast like they asked. But in a different way than either would have expected. I want you to talk to each of my Lieutenants and then to the captains. You’re to be my message bearer for the time being.

Roya nodded and Lucretia would whisper to him what she needed of her other Knights. Lucretia would take a seat next to the beast and wait out the day… They’d eventually need to move the beast to a more secluded spot to study it…


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