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Monster hunter 2 [S-rank]

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The second instance of dealing with a monster out of Crocus was a little less sudden than the last; Lucretia was actually in the fair city when the attack started. But she was fast asleep; resting after a long day of having to deal with the political drivel from many nobles bothering her about the construction progress of the recovery from the last monster attack. Her door slammed open and Benimaru lept up before she did, it’s eyes shimmering and blade taught against the throat of the apprentice that had barged into their commander’s room without much more than a knock.

C-cap-Captain Commander Wolfenstein!

Lucretia’s eyes shot open and she’d snap her fingers; Benimaru pulled away and she’d scowl at her companion who was still staring daggers at the apprentice that had come to grab her. She’d eye them over and then sit on the side of her bed.

Whats the problem Apprentice… Roya correct?

The apprentice stiffened as the werewolf had guessed his name without much of an issue. He’d nod his head and then clack his boot heels together. Giving her a crisp salute and making his report as she quickly threw on a shirt and some trousers. She didn’t bother with the boots since they wouldn’t fit her in this form anyways.

A monster is attacking the city Captain-C-Commander!

Just call me Lucretia, less of a mouthful. Where’s it at?

The apprentice dug around and handed the Rune Knight captain commander a missive; she’d open it up and read it over. She didn’t seem worried to the other rune knight; the information was like the last time a monster attacked. It had sprung up out of no where but to the better in the know individuals out of the Rune knights… These monsters were some kind of experiments. She didn’t know what she was getting into last time but this?

The chimerae type creature was destroying some buildings in the same district as the prior monster. Which meant that there was a target there that whomever was sending these out wanted. She’d motion for Benimaru to come to her hands and the companion found itself being wielded by her once more.

Wake my Captains. Tell them to collect the others and get ready for another citizen sweep. I’m going to go and engage the monster.

Lucretia had requested for a room with a window that could be opened for a reason, pushing it open with the hand that held her shield she’d look back to where the apprentice had run off. She’d smirk a bit knowing that she didn’t have to worry. Roya might have come from a farm but he was a quick study. He’d make a good knight down the line if he lived long enough. Inhaling a bit she’d leap out of the window; the fur on her body rippling as she fell from a few stories up. She had taken a room in the garrison building; one that hadn’t been used in quite some time which suited her just fine. She hated getting used to the cushion; made her feel like she wasn’t doing enough.

As she closed in on the ground she’d stab Benimaru into the building to slow her fall. It sank in and she’d get a glare from the blade. She’d make sure to polish it later; which when stated made the weapon shiver slightly. The weapon did enjoy being treated and Lucretia took care of her equipment after learning to respect it.

She could hear the monster blasting apart the downtown area and she’d grit her teeth. She’d take off running, waving civilians away from the area. They recognized her now and anywhere she was rushing to they would need to rush away from. She’d smirk a bit as once upon a time the people here would have called her a monster and would get the rune knights… If she had ever set foot into the place without the rune knight badge.



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The closer she got to shop district the more the destruction was obvious to her; even in the moonlight. She’d frown a bit as she noted some buildings were practically untouched while others were utterly destroyed. She’d have to point that out as she could see that there were a few that should have been destroyed like the rest but sat in pristine condition.

Her eyes flicked up to the rampaging monster and she’d inspect it from a distance; she knew the type of creature. An actual chimera. A lion, a dragon, a goat and a snake given wings and let loose. The goat was shooting out some kind of darkness spells, the lion fire and the dragon spat poison. The snake seemed to be the silent contender and when it spotted Lucretia the rest of the beast turn to face her one after another.

She radiated challenge and she’d look down to benimaru who was pulling against her like it wanted to fight the beast. She’d grin a bit and spin the blade around before pointing at the lion’s head. The center one would be the easiest to hit and it’d look to rush her the moment she moved. So banking on that a royal purple beam shot out of the tip of the blade. The beast was already lunging at her and it looked surprised as Lucretia didn’t even falter; blasting a hole through the lion’s skull much to the detriment to the rest of the best.

The goat and the dragon had to take control and the beast faltered. She’d kick up and over the beast as it slammed into where she had been. Her blade lashing out and cutting the snake’s head off without so much as a word. She’d land behind it as it crashed into some of the rubble. Roaring in pain and pulling out of the rubble. The goat and the dragon spat their respective elements at her, a gout of darkness and a cloud of poison. Lucretia held up the shield and met both of them with an intense blast from Benimaru’s shield.

The beast was clearly meant to fight against multiple opponents as the breath from Benimaru weakened both the poison and darkness abilities but didn’t entirely wipe them away. Cocking a brow she’d kick back away from the rolling cloud of miasma. The goat and dragon would be dangerous and she knew that her superiors likely wanted it alive but.

The safety of the civilians is paramount.

They’d understand. If they didn’t they weren’t true Rune Knights. Lucretia’s hand came up and then down in a brutal arc as she flung Benimaru’s blade at the goat as she closed in on the dragon by leaping forward. The goat found itself impaled by the blade, it punching into it’s skull and causing the dragon to roar in pain as another one of it’s heads was taken out. Landing in that open mouth she’d brace her feet against it’s teeth. Grip at the roof of the mouth and stick the shield forward.


Benimaru’s ability blasted forward again and with grim satisfaction she’d watch it travel down the gullet of the dragon. Eating at it from the inside. The dragon couldn’t even roar in pain, all it could do was flail around for a few moments as the flames consumed it from within. She’d feel it flex and strain to try to save itself but her strength was definitely more than it could handle. She’d leap out of the mouth as the flames started to crawl back up to her and as she did so she’d toss the shield to where the blade lay. Her companion stirred back to life and quickly followed after her.

She’d land on the ground, staring up at the chimera as the flames consumed it. Her two captains arrived on the scene a few moments later and she’d look to them. Motioning for them to search the area. A few pages she’d rope into putting out any remaining purple flames and her resident ‘researcher’ would start taking samples from the chimera.

With the beast slain she’d poke around as her knights started to search for civilians in the rubble. No doubt there would be many that’d need help from them. She’d find where the beast had come from and she’d squat down next to the egg. It was tiny which meant that… the growth of this beast was magical. Which explained why it was so weak. Her ears flicked and she’d turn her head. It was her researcher.


Like you thought, rapidly aged through alchemical means. Someone is planning something big soon…

They looked worried and Lucretia would scratch something down on a piece of parchment before sending them off. Research would be important here if they were to ever find out who was doing this. Lucretia had a hunch it was someone out of the shop district but she needed more information about the beasts and their make up.

The first one was definitely stronger than this one and lucretia grimly stared at the beast as purple fire continued to consume the remaining parts that hadn’t been snatched by the researcher. They were quick and efficient… Which was a rarity to some.

...The people don’t need to go through this…


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