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Esperia's Nursery

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Esperia's Nursery Empty Thu Sep 01, 2022 5:53 am



Name: Myne

Slot: Companion

Race: Fairy

Class: Story Companion 72+24+12

Quantity: Custom

Element: Arcane

Mana: 3400

  • Strength: 121
  • Speed: 251
  • Constitution: 251


Height: 50 Centimeter
Weight:  4kg

A fairy from the legends of Caelum, she appears as a cheerful and innocent-looking being, wearing a long flowing dress that fits her frame and a pair of wings extending from her back.

A Fairy who became ill with a mysterious ailment that robbed her of her soul, in the aftermath of a chain of events the little Fairy became a vessel for Esperia to not only bolster the spirits of the fairies of Caelum, their island becoming secretly considered her 'colony', while at the same time granting Esperia an opportunity to interact with the outside world in a more hospitable manner.

Once a kind and benevolent leader, Myne lost any semblance of her former self after the ailment struck her, leaving the poor fairy quite literally in a state similar to a comatose. After Esperia started to possess her Myne became a more cheerful and easygoing fairy who loves to explore the outside world.


Requirements: None.


  • Flight: Myne is capable of passively reaching up to 10 meters in height with her wings.
  • Speech: Myne is able to commune in several languages, with the most proficient ones being the ones spoken in Fiore and Caelum. Additionally, due to her condition, she is telepathically connected to Esperia
  • Human Disguise: Capable of transforming into a human form at no cost, in this form Myne will become capable of wielding any weapon Esperia possesses.

Companion Perks:
  • None:

Partner Perks:
  • Loyal Attendant: The user gains a 20% WC reduction to their quests.
  • A Royal Reception: The user gains a 20% increase to jewels received from quests and social interactions.
  • Blessing of Avalon: The user receives a 20% mana cost reduction on the spells attached to their items.


  • Name: Rite of Reincarnation
    Rank: S-rank
    Mana Cost: 1000
    Requirements: Myne
    Type: Healing
    Element: Arcane
    Range: Esperia
    Cooldown: Once a topic
    Duration: Instant
    Effect: Myne clasps both hands into a prayer and channels her mana actively through the symbiote within her body. After a post of channeling the symbiote will awaken and link with Esperia's psyche, allowing it to either revive Esperia by draining all constitution from the companion after exiting Myne's body, which will make Esperia able to stand up again with the amount of vitality drained from Myne, but any and all hindered limbs remain.

    This can be used to revive Esperia from death, but it will leave her severely weakened, halving her physical stats till the cooldown period is expired.(pseudo phylactery)

  • Name: Rite of The Hive
    Rank: S-rank
    Mana Cost: 1000
    Requirements: Myne
    Type: Movement - Supplementary
    Element: Arcane
    Range: Self
    Cooldown: Once a topic
    Duration: Instant
    Effect: Myne clasps both hands into a prayer and channels her mana actively through the symbiote within her body. As this is happening the symbiote will actively link with Esperia's mind, allowing the Voidling to travel instantly to Myne's location by tearing a rift through the void to traverse. This can be used in Esperia's topic to travel to Myne's location.

Points Breakdown

72 points
  • Story Companion
  • Epic reward
  • +72 Stat points (24P) (+153 stats from ranking up)
  • +150 Mana (6P)
  • 1 Tier 3, 3 Tier 4 perks 9+12+12+12
  • 2 Signature spells (sorry for the spookiness) 24p

Total points Acquired: 102
Total Points Spent: 96

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