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The Greatest Swimmer Under Heaven! (open)

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The Greatest Swimmer Under Heaven! (open) Empty Mon Aug 22, 2022 10:57 am

Bahaahahaha! Look out below beach goers! The Greatest Under Heaven is here!” and just like that, Kaida jumped off a diving board into the beach. She landed as a cannonball, resting a rather impressive splash, soaking some now VERY frustrated fellow beachgoers a bit more than they would have liked, not that Kaida really cared! Why would you be at the beach if you didn’t want to get wet?! Serves them right for swimming around near a diving board anyway! The half-oni burst from under the water, standing up to her full height, laughing with boisterous energy.

Her swimsuit was a simple two piece bikini, coloured black, and standing in stark contrast to the standout nature of her appearance. The two horns sprouting from her head, devoid of the censer she typically had hanging from them, added to that element of contrast but what really cemented it was the rather impressive tattoo on her back. It was a colourful thing, consisting of vibrant greens, reds and purples, all coming together to form a serpentine dragon, akin to those commonly depicted in Joyan media.

Fwah…that was fun! Bahahaha!” Yet again, another laugh escaped the lips of she would be the Strongest Under Heaven. She exhaled, water dripping off her muscled form, and began to wade back to the nearby beach. The water was rather lovely and all that but you know what? Kaida wanted to try one of those cocktails she had heard of. Fruity, sweet and most vitally alcoholic. It sounded like something that was exactly perfect up Kaida’s alley.

She waded through the waters and onto the beach, feeling the soft but warm sand beneath her toes, before eventually reaching the small beachside shack that was the bar. She leaned forward and rested her left arm on the counter, smirking smugly to the twenty something year old lad running it.

Can I get a cocktail? Got anything with fruit?” Kaida’s request was a simple one, delivered with all her boastful confidence, as she eyed the short and scruffy haired lad in his swimming trunks and shirt.

One mojito coming up big lady!” The youth’s response was sharp and quick, paired with him starting to put together a simple but classic mojito. Moments later it was presented to the half-oni, now sitting upon a bar stool, who would take one simple sip from it. She smiled to herself, appreciating the fruity and sweet taste, tinged with just a little bit of alcoholic bitterness. Damn! The world outside of Joya had some pretty good drinks!

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The Greatest Swimmer Under Heaven! (open) Empty Mon Aug 22, 2022 2:59 pm

† Aleja
The Greatest Swimmer Under Heaven! (open) 4xPvhwi

Did somebody say Mojito!? Alejandro sat at the bar just before the boardwalk of the beach with a look of thirst in their eyes. Mojitos were a very tasty drink, one which many non-natives of Stella were capable of making- except their mother, of course. Their golden cloak flapped lightly in the wind as they bent over the bar, the multi-fruit flavored ice pop dripped onto the table in front of them and all they could think about was a mojito. "And one for me!" Alejandro shouted towards the bartender. The man stopped in his tracks and squinted his eyes, analyzing the young elf in front of him. Of course the tender would speculate, Ale had a very youthful look. "You don't look old enough to drink, boy." The bartender said as he shook the silver can with the liquid inside. "I'm not a boy and I'm an elf, we tend to look young for our age. I'm twenty-two years old." Yunta lied with a devilish smirk.

"Mhm, I'm sure." the bartender said. Of course, Yunta wouldn't give up. Where there was a Celdrua, there was a way. "Fine, ya got me. Maybe we can keep this little...arrangement between us." Money. Money was the way. Alejandro pulled out a stack of jewels before sliding it to the Bartender. The man glanced down, then around before smiling. "Two Mojito's coming up!" The elf chuckled. Mission complete. One thing about money; it would always grant you access if you had enough and House Celdrua had more than enough. The young stellan began suckling their icee, then glanced over to the she-hulk beside them. "Woah...you're...beautiful." Alejandro said in awe. She truly was a magnificent stallion of a woman. Muscles flexed all throughout her body. She looked like one of those Sevenese gods. "Her drink's on me." they said to the bartender quickly.

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