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Dark Universe Incursions - Catastrophic

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Dark Universe Incursions - Catastrophic  Empty Fri Jul 29, 2022 2:26 pm


Sho came walking onto the scene with a pep in his step and a song in his heart. He was looking forward to what was coming. What was coming you may ask? Well Armageddon, well at least from the signs of the ever-changing weather. Sho stood there wrapped up in his new gear. He was sporting a new head piece and a cloak. He had been thinking about switching to a closer range weapon than his beam saber, but he couldn’t let go of it just yet. He had not found the right weapon to replace it just yet. The sky was dark, clouds gathered angrily, and lightning danced across the sky. Something surely was coming, Sho had felt the disturbance in the air just by the sheer malice being released into the world. Anyone with a magical sense would have picked up on this no doubt. Anyone worth their salt would have been preparing for the oncoming onslaught. Well, Sho was always prepared for a good scrap if it benefited the good of Fiore, he was even more excited to do it.

His cloak danced in the gathering storm he stood there with crossed arms. Waiting for anything or anyone to appear on the scene. With his newfound power he was able to pick up on the bioelectricity of living and non-living things. He stood there quietly, feeling the area, he was still getting used to this extra layer of sensory he received from his new abilities. It was still a bit overwhelming at times feeling everything around him with just his thoughts. But it was a welcome ability that he would use to the full extent of its boundaries. The storm raged in front of him while it looked like blue and purple particles gathering in the air. Several meters away in the sky it looked as if something was trying to breach through.

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#2Hitomi Minamoto † 

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Hitomi Minamoto †
Hitomi felt sick. It started in the pit of her stomach then quickly spread to what felt like every nerve in her body. She couldn't describe the feeling but she did not like it, not one single bit. Her mind raced to a yesterday, the day before that, and the day before that. Did she eat something funny? Perhaps took a hit somewhere that was just now effecting her? She didn't know but what she did know was that she needed to get a move on. Recently in the news around Fiore there were terrible attacks coming from seemingly nowhere. Rifts were opening up all around the place and from those rifts dangerous beings poured out and laid waste with frightening brutality. The way they had been described cause Hitomi to remember the demonic incursions that happened just a while ago. Those things were absolutely devastating to wherever the demon rifts opened up, but this wasn't like those, demons weren't coming out of these. Dressed down in all her gear and in nothing but form fitting black attired, Hitomi was ready to assist with those who had taken up the job to patrol Baska. With the many rifts opening up, a lot of towns were on high alert and offered lots of money to protect the area. Hitomi never was one to turn down fattening her pockets so she happily joined in.

Slipping from out of the hotel room and out of the building, as soon as she stepped foot outside she could feel it, the drastic shift in the air, the magical charge and unsettling storm growing just outside of the city.  Running towards the obvious area where the rift was starting to form, Hitomi would find herself outside of the city along with many, many others, one which included Sho a fellow guildmate. Making her way towards him until she was standing right beside him, the dragonslayer made her presence known. Hello Sho, nice to see you here. Ready to bury the trash storm that's about to land? She spoke in a joking manner but she was very serious. This would be her first time seeing Sho fight. She knew he used to be in the Rune Knights but she had never had the pleasure of working with him like Seika did. The forming rift was starting to grow in size and Hitomi wished she hadn't given up Kusanagi so soon.


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The things that she had been told and the things that had come across her ‘desk’ as it were was certainly way outside of what she had anticipated. An incursion of sorts from an enemy they knew almost nothing about. The woman was always up for a fight; mostly for the good times but when it came down to the wire she often found herself one of the only ones stepping up.

Today was one of those times, mounted on her Dhuilin she headed towards what her sources had indicated would be the next one. They were at least able to figure out where they were coming from and at the very least she could react to it. The variant of Dhuilin she was riding was unlike many of it’s winged kin so sure it wasn’t as vast as others but damn did it make good time.

It gave it a little bit of a scare when a bolt of lightning hit near to where they were and she figured it’d be best to make her own time without risking the hide of her mount. Tutting she’d hurry along… Up until she came across two familiar scents. One that she had met in the icy plains of Iceberg and the other inside of the halls of Eternal nightmare very briefly.

Once again stepping quickly; the wind guiding her just as much as her nose did and upon seeing the duo… Well she couldn’t help but pause. The helmet she wore hid her face but the spear that she wielded would definitely be something she hoped the others remembered. Not taking any chances the lycanthrope removed her helm; waving with it in one hand while her spear took a more relaxed posture as she approached.

Fancy seeing you again Sho~! And… Ah. I don’t think I got your name last time actually.

Real smooth Lucretia. Real god damn smooth; but honestly in the heat of things and the following she hadn’t even really checked up on the participants of that battle. Something she should do… very regularly now that she thought about it.

You two here for all that nonsense up there too?

She’d wave her hand towards the sky, figuring that’s probably wherever the portal would be coming from. She had zero experience regarding this sort of thing but damn she hoped that it’d at least be for a good tale around a fire or in a mead hall…




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