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Nightmare Fairy[Judith, Erebus]

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#1Jin Tatsumi 

Nightmare Fairy[Judith, Erebus] Empty Wed Jul 27, 2022 7:39 am

Jin Tatsumi
Jin dashed out of a second-floor window. Glass shards crashed to the ground around him. His boots smashed into the earth. Ruckus yells filled the air above him.

"We'll never tell you. We saw you with that criminal!" A group screamed from the now broken open window above. Beer bottles and glasses shattered around Jin. He covered his head with his sleeve to keep it from slicing his face.

"You're the ones causing a scene. Not me!" He yelled back and winced as another wine glass broke against his arm. The stairs on the inside thundered with footsteps. They were coming.

Jin took off down the street and wove between the pleasant vendors. He snatched a hat and pulled it firmly over his head, before slowing down. The group was stalking him. An attempt to keep him away from finding the woman he was sent for.

A parchment unfurled from his hands with a crude picture drawn on it. "Have you seen this Fairy Lady," he whispered to people walking by. They looked at the rough sketch of Judith and began pointing in general directions.

#2Judith Karlinius 

Nightmare Fairy[Judith, Erebus] Empty Wed Jul 27, 2022 2:15 pm

Judith Karlinius
One things Judith never expected from being here was general recklessness and possible drunken fighting. But if there was things to note, you never knew to expect with the lands you come to visit these would be normal to Judith because she was use to bar fights, So she had been curious if the cause of it was her own guild members or not, After all you could not ruin a Fairy's spirit, But really could have a better time or place for it, Thus she would start heading towards the sound. After all who better to solve a drunken bar fight by possible Fairy Tail members than the guild master herself.

Then again that was just a careless assumption with her, Since it could be almost anyone over all. But the voice sounded like some one she knew but seemed to have quietly left her radar a long time ago, not that it bothered her, the internal workings of a person was a worry but limited at times. Now this was a fun game, Judith figured she would be a bit more cruel in some way. Even if harmless it would be come easier over time since the trick was picked up, Judith would just start walking to the street next to where the voice she knew was coming from.

Hopefully Jin would forgive her later, But for now. She just would keep at pace with Jin as he looked waiting for the right moment to stare at him eye to eye, Smile then upon the next house that block his view she would walk the other way behind her why? just to see if it would throw him off, If he knew Judith had change since they last met and that this was her it would be an easy game to catch on too, Judith was not going that far either, just going to the same street Jin would be one to one of the vendors he just walked back to merely get something to drink, in this case it was merely mango juice, Something casual and sweet for the warm beautiful place they where at now, Waiting to see if Jin or more caught up to her harmless gag she made for the moment. No doubt this would be interesting for all who would meet here.


Nightmare Fairy[Judith, Erebus] Empty Wed Jul 27, 2022 2:47 pm


A few moments after Jin had escaped the balcony, running from thrown beer bottles. The screams of man could be heard again, an entire side of the balcony was torn apart as body after body went flying threw the air over a second story. Erebus casually heaving attackers around as Jin was on patrol and scout.

Erebus knew many would just run from him if he was the one asking for answers, so he simply hung in the back & came about a few minutes after Jin would hit certain buildings or groups of folks. Whenever the Healer asked people and they gave him a hard time, it wasn’t long before Erebus would take care of the threat on Jin’s exit. If anybody gave Eternal Nightmare a hard time, Erebus would make them regret it fast— and significantly. After hulking the men 10m through the windows Erebus jumped out of the building, somersaulting to a kneel position on the ground. His hood was thrown up, assassin’s creed style. Everyone who saw him, simply tucked their heads low and dispersed. Whereas Erebus followed Jin’s path, approaching behind a girl, no a woman; that seemed to be curious of where his ally had went. This raised an eyebrow for the rogue— he remained fifteen feet behind Judith as she searched for Jin Tatsumi.

Unsure whether to stop and question her. Erebus had one role, be Jin’s backup and body guard. He would only raise a hand against those who thought to harm his new Guildmaster.

#4Jin Tatsumi 

Nightmare Fairy[Judith, Erebus] Empty Wed Jul 27, 2022 6:49 pm

Jin Tatsumi
Jin's shoulders rose as he heard the splat of bodies hitting the ground. He knew Erebus had chucked people once more. He couldn't hold it against him. They were in a dark guild. And on a certain level, it was nice to have that help. Maybe people would stop being so heavy-handed against them. A downside of Jin having no fame. He was always seen as an accessory to be targeted.

He looked back only to make sure the people were still breathing before pressing forward. No one turned out to be much help, but a shiver went through the mage's spine as if someone was watching him. Someone other than Erebus.

Jin turned around to face his hooded companion. The street had made way for the ominous figure that was Erebus. All except one woman that had been tailing him. He made eye contact. She wasn't exactly like anyone he had known before, but something in the way their eyes met was familiar. "Excuse me do we," he began but then the lady walked away.

He gave chase and glanced at Erebus. He didn't want the woman scared or suddenly grabbed but they needed to catch up to her. Jin ran through the street to reach her, "Erebus, That lady seems familiar in a way that I can't place. Also, thanks for sending those guys flying. Your a no-nonsense kinda guy." Alongside Erebus Jin dodged through the people to find the mysterious woman, who was simply buying a drink.

Jin panted from the run and placed a hand on the vendor's cart. "Excuse me miss. Do you know this lady," Jin said, showing a rudimentary drawing of Judith. "and do we know each other?"

#5Judith Karlinius 

Nightmare Fairy[Judith, Erebus] Empty Thu Jul 28, 2022 12:36 pm

Judith Karlinius
It seemed maybe her idea worked perfectly and Judith could not help but want to laugh about it slightly, not out of trying to be rude in the end because he seemed like a might busy fellow while running about, She would just for the moment take a casual sip of her drink. She would take the picture. Comparing it to herself from then until now she just would say."You must be searching for some wise woman aren't you?"Yes, she might need to stop it now for the moment since she might want to know what exactly the reasons why she was being sought out so in the most typical Judith fashion she would let Jin know who she was was.

"Sadly however your promise of free meals ended when you left Fairy Tail Jin."Indeed she remember that part and had not forgot about it even going as far as."You could have also told me you where leaving in person as well."If the clues were not adding it maybe it was now. But just in case."But I just might be this woman your looking for. I am Judith Karlinius Guild Master of Fairy Tail."The only thing that might have connected in Jin's head is her voice, Judith was vastly different looking compared to last time meeting or talking to her, But they found her and she was not just being a bit more casual about it in the end.

But maybe this would be the break Jin needed to stop running around so much."Before you continue to speak to me about whatever you might be seeking me out for, Maybe we should consider a bit more of a quiet place,I myself might not enjoy running around as much."Judith did not really enjoy the idea of conversation between them being left in pause because some one choose to throw a rock at Jin or whoever else was in this conversation.

She would quickly finish her glass of mango juice, Pay for another one then just simply said."Come now, Jin and whoever else you might be with because i do not assume your are travelling alone and want to be nice. We can speak somewhere that has a view of the water, less people and maybe no one interested in considering throwing tomatoes at us."Judith then would just start walking to an area that was going to head to an are that had a bar inside incase they needed anything to drink but their table was outside with in a gazebo, So far no one else was around and well Judith just merely made sure there was at least four chairs, because she did not know how many people total there might be, But Judith assumed it was more then two, Sitting down she waited to for when everyone would settle.


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Jin ran up to Erebus with an update, and Ere merely gave him a look of sudden surprise. ”Oh yeah, I’m having fun Jin. I love nonsense,” Erebus started up. “Wherever there’s nonsense there’s people to beat up.” He then allowed the man to line up dots and explain the girl between them here, had something curious to her. Perhaps a clue, “Indeed. I’ve noticed her searching the corners behind you while you’ve walked, looking around and being the only person over here, there’s something strange there. This path is a lot less crowded than the one across the street... Maybe she knows who we’re here for— that or she’s here to kill us, right?” Erebus stopped walking so that he wouldn’t get too close in case things weren’t going their way. After all, Erebus lives a life of chase; he was always paranoid, alert, hyper vigilant. You name it, so while Jin went ahead and approached, Erebus merely hung back for a moment withdrawing his hood to his shoulders. This revealed his face, and that usually meant Erebus was disengaged from any combative purposes or at the very least, preparing to be respectful to a stranger.

When it seems obvious the two were looking over in his direction. He presses forward— “So this woman knows about Fairy Tail?” Erebus hadn’t been there for the dialogue the two shared, he was a fresh face to the trio’s diplomatic chit-chat. “I am Erebus— it’s a pleasure ma’am.” Erebus tips his head in a slight bow. For someone as ‘bad’ as Erebus was likened to be. The four-armed rogue certainly shared a deal of manners while here with Jin today. Perhaps he was taking this diplomacy thing better than he’d thought for himself. It was a mission, after all. Anything less than professional was out of the question.

#7Jin Tatsumi 

Nightmare Fairy[Judith, Erebus] Empty Fri Jul 29, 2022 10:38 pm

Jin Tatsumi
"As long as you're having a good time," Jin rose his palms to the sky for a stretch. "I for one prefer something a little more peaceful." The paladin eyed the woman as Erebus laid out what he saw. So she was tailing him after all. Erebus showed once more why he was the king of stealth and discretion. Hopefully, she wasn't there to kill them, but given who they were it was always a possibility. "Alright then...I'll move in first and if she tries to kill me...well...you know. Jin moved towards the woman.

"I suppose you could say that. More importantly, she was an exceptional cook," He added. Jin crossed his arms when she mentioned the free meals. Jin had only talked to a couple of people in fairy tail and this lady was speaking about things only one other knew. A smile swept Jin's face. "Well, I'll be. Don't you look different," Jin replied and looked at the sides of Judith's face, seeing all the changes.

"That's a surprise and a devious trick. You're right I could have done it in person...but I think you know who I am by now." He spoke with a jovial tone."Sounds good. It's a pretty heavy topic," he said and put two potion bottles on the juice vendor's stall and took two juices in exchange. The vendor rose his hand to protest but Jin was already away.

Erebus introduced himself with a bow, that made Jin's head tilt to the side. So Erebus actually cared to show manners to people. Jin knew Erebus as respectful in the guild but didn't know if that spilled out into other avenues. Seems he was taking to this mission after all.

Jin took his seat and waited for the others to all relax. "Sorry, I still have a tendency to get in trouble," he fixed his armor and laid his whip to the side. "Speaking of that. The two of us are here on behalf of Eternal Nightmare. To get to the core of the matter..." Jin paused and looked at Erebus, still surprised that he had ended up this deep into things.

"We are planning on dethroning the current king. By peaceful means if possible. For too long they have lived a life of birthright and privilege while others have suffered and had to fight on their behalf. Eternal Nightmare wants a government free of monarchy and red tape. One where those with merit and skill are put in charge. And where nobles are held to the same level of accountability as everyone else. So...the big question is. Are you a supporter of the king? Will you come to his aid if he calls? I know you don't like conflict. And I don't either. But we want to know if you would stand aside so that Eternal Nightmare can try and dismantle the monarchy." He was careful to say Eternal Nightmare and not 'we' as he supported the guild but this was not his personal passion.

#8Judith Karlinius 

Nightmare Fairy[Judith, Erebus] Empty Tue Aug 02, 2022 7:17 am

Judith Karlinius
Oh how magical of a situation to be in, At least of all people Judith was generally fairly harmless and generally the kind of person if you ever saw her alone and asked for something was more then likely to help in some way."I guess I should be happy you remember my cooking, Even if your chances to eat it has now lessen in some way."It was not entirely revoked in theory in some manner there could be a chance in the end if Jin figured out how to talk her into agreeing to some kind of arrangement again, However it might be a harder deal to make.

Was it a trick? some way yes, other ways no."Was it really a trick when I was hiding in plain view the entire time, surely even if enjoyed a bit playing around."It was better then Judith just saying it was Jin's fault he did not consider looking into Judith's life to know her changes. Maybe it was just a bit to think into in the end."Doing things first, considering actions after."It was her view of Jin mentioning how he does things, Because after all it was what she gathered from it.

With that names being known of both of them it seemed there was no worry in manner form the now identified Judith."Then since we all some what know each other and names, I have no worries for any conversations at hand."After all she assumed it would just be a settled and polite conversation even if a apparent heavy one. But it was easy to take most hard topics in stride.

On behave of Eternal Nightmare a name she some what knows about, so she had to ponder what this entirely would need to be about. So she would settle into her chair, quietly listen to what was being spoke to her and it seemed she was just merely. It seemed Judith had a few things to consider and opinions to form, Since well this was an interesting and risky thing to have to deal with. But maybe this was something was that would give at least one person interesting insight."Your bold to seek me out to inquire of such things."Then again she did not make it very hard to be found intentionally. But she had to think how did they knew she was here to start with?"I do have to wonder how you knew to start with was in the area."This one was more her wanting to figure out how long she might have had people trying to trail her generally maybe a safety worry in her mind.

But what really was the answer, To Judith internally no answer was right both left you with people who disliked you and with how her guild stood. That was not a good idea. But to two people one asking of her view and another there just merely to watch and guard. It seems Judith was losing at both ends here."It is interesting to leave such a conflict upon me." But while she however she then simply would ask Erebus just to be sure."Do you have anything to add to this before I speak my answer?"It would sound like she is delaying her answer, But everyone where had means to possibly alter her answer. After all more things clearly known to Judith the better the answer in the end.


Nightmare Fairy[Judith, Erebus] Empty Thu Aug 04, 2022 2:57 pm


Erebus as always, kept his mouth shut as the information was digested and pondered. He raised a hand to his chin, patting his legs as his eyes pandered over the dethroning that’s Jin spoke of. Yes, peaceful means. That was Jin’s way, and yet.

Erebus felt this constant tug at his chest, pulling him to something. Calling for a reason to brutally finish everything and let there be peace in awe. In a strikingly automatic way, but around Judith, the anger was held in, the bubbles just barely able not to boil over and cause the skin itself to crawl. He was trying new things, trying to be better. There came the moment Judith spoke of inquiry and location. “You weren’t hard to find, when a guildmaster isn’t in her guildhouse, people merely have to ask around to find where you’ve headed and if you tell them that finding you is of pressing news. Well, that’s all we did. Your very reputation for leading one of five most powerful guilds in the continent far exceeds the fame you once had as a regular woman. Believe me. I stole one book and the world never stopped chasing me, trying to murder me, fit me on stake and crucify me. That’s our reality in a world of magic and old wive’s tales. Extreme, consequential, amounts of danger hang over our heads for being heroes or the opposite to this regime, and only those with the strength to survive can.” Erebus spoke, clearing the air completely that Jin and himself had made efforts to find her that didn’t just start overnight. But with Judith here, they were closer to Alisa, which was even better.

Now came the moment where Erebus was to add his point. “Of course. I would normally let Jin speak since he is my master. But you ask for me to tell you why I’m here and I owe you that respect.” Erebus nodded his head in a bow state. Before mulling his thoughts over with peaceful intention. “I don’t support anyone but the people, and when the people are harmed by the Nobles or the King; then I believe we as protectors have failed. Undeniably. If everyone rejects our peace offering, that is a mistake. I am with Jin; I think the combined guilds who stave off world threats should appoint a senate of mages. Instead of listen to monarchies, oligarchies, or capitalism in general. A Magic Council, that includes us as well— mages hunted for sport? To me, there is nothing more foul or barbaric to play with than the lives of folk you find lesser— such as so. Enough money and a crown on your head and you feel you can put hits on anyone, yes? That’s despicable to me.” He closed up on that thought, before the War God could provoke him to spill his passions and agitations in a way that would provoke a good mage, who obviously wanted the same things he did.

#10Jin Tatsumi 

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Jin Tatsumi
"Yes definitely a trick," Jin playfully crossed his arms. It was good to see she was as light-hearted as ever, even in her new form. "Of course. We are just here to talk. Our mission is with the nobles." He added making sure she knew that despite being with a dark guild, their intentions weren't always evil. It was a bold move but Jin was never one to be too cautious about things. He'd lived on the run this far in life, what difference would it make now?

"Yeah it was risky to come all the way here. But I had to know." Was the last thing he said before Erebus and Judith began their quick conversation together. She wanted his companion to weigh in before she did. He felt bad for Erebus, that the man was chased for so long from one action. Although Jin didn't really know what book it was he stole. Jin winced a little at being called master. It was still an uncomfortable position of authority. One that was truly still Odin's.

He nodded along with Erebus. A clear-cut explanation of why they were here. Change. The end of the nobles. And formally doing what the guilds had done all this time. He then looked back toward Judith. "That's where we stand?" he said, awaiting her response now.

#11Judith Karlinius 

Nightmare Fairy[Judith, Erebus] Empty Fri Aug 12, 2022 7:52 am

Judith Karlinius
It seemed Judith was happy with the answer she got to lead towards her answer in the end."Thank you for words."She did put it bluntly but she was happy about it over all that she got answer from both people, even if unneeded Judith seemed far more interested with the people she had been able to see face to face then people she had never seen before. It still left her in a pretty rough place consider the status of Fairy Tail over all. It did left Judith with choices that were bound to some knocking at her door sooner then she might have wanted.

It was uncomfortable in some manner because in the end she had nothing really to offer them in a way of help even if she felt with how the situation was, Judith wanted to side the what was her own best interest. Since if she ever looked into anything around the crown and the king neither of them did anything for her, for her family or much to support Fairy Tail if she where to highlight anything over all with in her mind."Your plan, idea and ways to go about it are things I can support."It was her simple answer to it, it seemed Judith seemed the idea,plan and reason for agreeable.

Maybe it was just that safety her guild needed."If, the king were to call I  would not have the wish to help or support to him, Nor would I entirely want to throw my members into the fray of ones I have never seen or spoken with at all before."This was in some manner maybe was showing the intentions form Judith she would not aiding the king at all."So, No. in the best interest of my self and my guild members. I will not support the king in the event of what you say was to come."At least she was making sure her answer was clear. At least it was not too hard to get that answer, It was just something she had to hope it all worked out in how Judith hoped in the end mostly the safety of her guild members more then herself.

But for now maybe it was better to see what else would become of it now since well she had to wonder if this was the answer they were expecting.


Nightmare Fairy[Judith, Erebus] Empty Sun Aug 14, 2022 5:39 pm


Erebus had to admit he was mildly surprised that diplomacy had worked. It certainly added to his belief that it might work out on the other guildmaster, Alisa. If they managed to get Judith to help, there was potential in the Empress of Blue Pegasus as well. Of course, Judith was considered a more negotiable personality, relative kindness for Jin was a big playing force. Erebus wondered if he had come alone, then if that would’ve changed anything.

He finally spoke up and tipped his head to bow in her direction. “You are a reasonable person Judith Karlinius.” Erebus said with honesty, albeit he realized he was flattering the guildmaster too. “Few people possess the ability to see in everyone’s best interests & with the perceptions they might have, more than just your own experiences, you must understand we have ours and that says many great things about you. Thank you.” Erebus merely fell quiet, his eyes shifted to Jin and he gave a nod. When the Healer would make his last statement, Erebus would follow behind him. They still had one Guildmaster on this island, left to find.

#13Jin Tatsumi 

Nightmare Fairy[Judith, Erebus] Empty Tue Aug 16, 2022 9:19 am

Jin Tatsumi
Jin relaxed all the tension in his shoulders and breathed a small sigh of relief, "Wonderful," He clapped his hands together and shook Judith's hand. He was surprised to hear all of that, but Fairy Tail had always had a loose relationship, even tense with the crown and the rune knights. He wondered what ignoring a call to help would do for the guild's standing. But Jin was confident that the guild would see its way through whatever controversies it had.

"We are all here to make things just a little bit better than they were before," he let go of her hand. He glossed over how any of that would play out with the other guilds as well. it was just nice to know that Fairy Tail didn't stand against them. Although there may be some rogue agents in their ranks that may act independently. For now, he was happy this had gone so smoothly.

And Erebus replied with a usual set of formality. He nodded back to Erebus. "It's time for us to get moving on Judith. Thanks....and we'll see you around," he stood up and waved at the guildmaster. His former guild member. How things changed so quickly in their world and yet always seemed to stay the same in many regards. Once Erebus and Jin were away.

"Well, Erebus. That went better than I thought. Looks like we won't have as much difficulty as I assumed. Told ya things would work out," he said and placed both hands on the back of his head.


#14Judith Karlinius 

Nightmare Fairy[Judith, Erebus] Empty Thu Aug 18, 2022 3:04 pm

Judith Karlinius
There was no wonder in really of the mind of Judith of just how this would go. If she were ever to asked Judith would consider herself the most easy to talk to guild master but it might just be how she was over all as a person, Jin did help because she was able to be more honest with him and she did not have to doubt entirely what would happen with an answer she would give honestly. But it saved everyone a problem in the end. It kept Fairy Tail a bit out of the way, It did not risk most people she cared about. It was a deal she viewed ideal to what she would want.

But Judith would shake Jin's hand as it was offered before he left. But Erebus had yet to leave. Whatever reason he might have Judith just simply waited to see what else might happen. Then again Judith did also want to be the last one of the group to leave why she was this way at this time she did not know.

But she would remain also quiet as well, after all she was trying not to make it strange as she waited to maybe see. Judith assumed that Erebus just honesty leave behind Jin since he just left but since you never knew what else a person would do it seemed just allowed a single moment that was just the both of them, Something she did not think was a worry.


Nightmare Fairy[Judith, Erebus] Empty Sat Aug 20, 2022 8:29 pm


Erebus merely allowed the discussion between these two to continue. He didn’t have much else to add, so as Jin walked off Erebus turned to Judith, again, giving her the bow of his head. After nodding her way, he began to walk out of the area.

It surprised Erebus that diplomacy worked. He had always assumed things could not be promised with the word. However, action, always forced the reality Erebus had wanted. This day. Such an event had shown him that the right amount of decency could quell tensions before they even began.

On his way with Jin, Erebus would seem out Alisa Vollan. She seemed to be the chief of the Island, and these people all looked up to her. Judith was in charge of the rowdiest bunch, and Blue Pegasus could almost be called the strongest Light Mage Guild in all of Fiore. That could spell trouble for their success rate, whether or not really— that was to be seen much later.

“Have a good one, Judith Karlinius.”

-Exit / End-

#16Judith Karlinius 

Nightmare Fairy[Judith, Erebus] Empty Mon Aug 22, 2022 1:47 pm

Judith Karlinius
Since they where both gone, Judith just simple finished up her drink and continued walking about. Something so high tense in theory. But that was just how Judith handled these things. But it was because of the options she knew what all was placed before her. Fairy Tail was more important then a king. Her members of the guild viewed vastly more important then some one she only knew in name and never seen the face too. Her line was pretty simple in the end but there was other things she took away from it that she was waiting until they where gone for.

"Oh Jin, it was how wonderful it was to see you again even if everything as changed as it has."With that Judith just seemed to go back to being another person in this island. It was nice to feel entirely content with a situation,Even if an odd one.


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