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Deadliest Catch 1 [Neutral]

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#1Brone Heavyaxe 

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Brone Heavyaxe
The citizens of Luluhawan had spoken about a monster serpent that terrorized the seas and even scared the swimmers out of the beach when came close to shore. A quest had been posted up in the local tavern for the locals and visitors. Brone Heavyaxe had come across it during his stay at the island, though the reason for his stay wasn't initially for a vacation, but to meet a challenger who wanted to fight him. The battle was underwhelming and a bit of a waste of time and travel, though the dwarf had to admit that the island was like a resort... from what he could guess, since this was his first time visiting a tropical island, given that he had spent the majority of his life in the mountains.

"Water all around" the thought of it sent a shiver up his spine. If it wasn't for the fact that he felt the earth between his toes upon the beach, he would have given into his fear eventually and would have slept for the remainder of his trip until the next passenger ship was available for the mainland.

To keep his mind off the vast water of the sea, Brone took the offered quest to defeat the sea creature. "Ah, you're going to take up the job, huh?" a local with a deep tan and lack of a shirt approached Brone with a smile on his face.

"Aye, if ye want it, ye can wait yer turn in case I drown" the dwarf laughed. The local laughed as well, his smile showed he had no intention of fighting for the job.

"No way, brother, I'm actually looking for you, my crew and I were waiting for a strong looking dude like you to pick up the quest so we can handle it together" The local explained as he stepped to the side and gestured to a handful of strong looking men.

"A tad small for a crew" Brone counted half a dozen.

"We sail a longboat but I'm sure your strength and our sailing skills, we'll be able to take down Serpiente Grande" the local put out his hand, gesturing for a handshake, "My name is Luko."

Brone couldn't help but smile as he grabbed the hand of the man who invited him to his boat, "Brone Heavyaxe" they greeted one another and soon they were making their way to the longboat that was named 'Besito', though it was one of the smallest ships Brone was on, he felt confident in this crew's ability to sail it.

"You may want to remove all that armor" Luko said as he began helping his crew load up the boat with material such as rope, bait, and planks.

"But this is how I fight" Brone argued. The two men looked at one another for a moment before Luko nodded.

"Ok, but you're not going to be fighting it like you would fight on the sand" He said as he picked up a harpoon. Brone began to reconsider his armor as he walked upon the deck of the ship.



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#3Brone Heavyaxe 

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Brone Heavyaxe
Soon enough, the rope that anchored Besito to the dock was reeled in and they sailed off, the only mast had it's sail catch the wind and they picked up speed. Brone was amazed by how the small ship was able to move so fast; Luko noticed this, "Ah, so now you are starting to believe us, huh, brother?" he smiled brightly.

"Ye got my curiosity, Luko" the dwarf laughed as he helped the crew tend to certain things around the ship, such as readying a large net and fastening it to the side of the ship, then tightening several ropes that were attached the mast. He wasn't sure what any of these things were for, but he was happy to be assistance.

After some time, the ship was well away from the island to the point the beach of barely visible. The vast ocean made Brone sweat when he stopped his duties to stare out at the sea.

"Not a fan of la agua?" Luko drew his attention back to the boat.

"Not use to it" is all Brone said, trying to hide his embarrassment as he finished loading the harpoon to the starboard launcher.

"Weird that you chose to not only come to this island, but to come out to sea to help us" Luko joked. Brone simply grunted and continued his work.

Suddenly, a strong wave rocked the ship and one of the crewmates called out "Off the port-bow!", everyone turned their eye towards the front of the ship and the dorsal fin of a large long creature cut through the surface of the water. Brone's concern of the open water vanished as he finished stacking the planks of wood and drew his his golden axe, "Is that it!?" he asked excitedly.

"Yes it is" Luko laughed as he grabbed the rope that controlled the sail, he changed the direction of the boat, having it chase the serpent, "All hands to your stations!" he called and everyone answered. As for Brone, he had grabbed one of the secure-line ropes with his left hand, incase he would fall overboard, he would be able to be pulled aboard, though that meant he would have to fight with just one axe at a time, either way, he was excited to draw blood.

After catching up to the fast sea monster, the beast halted so that it's long head and neck risen from the water to face Besito the ship. One of the crewmates readied the harpoon, but right before the shot was made, a cannonball slammed into the side of the monster's body. Everyone, including the serpent turned to face another ship, twice the size of Besito.

"This is our hunt!" Luko yelled.

"I don't care, head back to shore and let the real hunters take the kill!" said the opposing captain of the larger ship.

"Friends of yers?" Brone asked as he watched the opposing ship flank the serpent, cutting off it's escape.

"Bono, he's always trying to take our game" Luko was angered, his smile no longer upon his face.

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#4Brone Heavyaxe 

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Brone Heavyaxe
The sea serpent dove into the water and broke pass the defense of the two ships, which then had turned about to give chase to the monster, all the while the crews of both ships aiming to deter the other. With the constant yelling and harassment, they continued to oppose one another as they sailed through the moving waves. Eventually, the larger began to fire cannonballs at the smaller. Luckily Besito was agile enough with a proficient crew to avoid being hit.

Brone tightened his grip upon his golden while calling to Luko, "Let's return fire!" he shouted.

"We don't have weapons for ship combat, just the harpoon for Serpiente!" Luko called back as he was tending to the sail, straining to make sure the ship rode with the wind.

"Fine! Then get me close so I can take care of those cannons!" the dwarf gestured to his axe, there was a moment of silence from the crew before Luko agreed.

"Get Besito close to Bono's ship!" Luko ordered and his crew began to adjust the rudder. The smaller ship rode against the base of a wave, and with it's size, was able to hide from Bono's sight for the moment.

"Off the starboard rear!" Bono's lookout shouted from the crow's nest, but it was too late, Besito appeared behind the larger ship, encroaching upon it, but the larger ship was still on the giant serpent's tail, couldn't afford to turn and fire upon the smaller ship and risk losing sight of the monster.

"Keep on the monster's tail, load the canons and fire when Luko's ship gets in range!" Bono commanded. His men scurried to the starboard canons.

Besito, being the faster ship, quickly made it's way to the larger ship's right side, in line with the two canons, however Bono's crew was still trying to ready the next volley, but before they finished, Brone jumped off the side of the ship, swinging upon the rope he still had a grip on, which allowed him to get close enough to the enemy ship, then with a swing of his golden axe, slice through the wooden railing and the base of the canon, causing it to break and the canon then plummeted into the sea. The second canon finally loaded, but when fired, causing a loud ringing to echo through the air, it had missed due to a rising wave lifting Bono's ship, the cannonball sailed over Besito, nearly hitting the mast. Brone, still hanging onto the rope, had swung back and as he neared the base of the enemy ship, nearly skidding atop the water's surface, he dug his axe into the wooden side of the ship, cutting a long and deep break.

Then Besito broke away from the engagement. Brone was pulled back onto the ship and he then looked over to Bono's ship who had lost speed and turned about. "They're taking on water too quickly, they're going to pull away and try and repair the damages before they sink! Go forth for the monster!" Luko called out and his crew pushed forward.

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#5Brone Heavyaxe 

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Brone Heavyaxe
Besito sailed forward, riding the wind and gaining speed, chasing after the long body of the serpent who kept diving into the water. When they were close enough, Luko ordered for the readied harpoon to take aim. All on deck held their breath as they finally caught up with the beast, though the head was further up and nearly out of sight, the harpoon fired and hit it's mark upon the scaly body, the serpent jerked from the hit and it changed it's course, swimming in a different direction.

The rope that was attached to the harpoon that was imbedded into the side of the serpent snagged and Besito jerked. Luckily the crew was quick to change the rudder and the sail to compensate for the pull of the monster, now as the monster sailed away, or tried to, while Besito held onto the rope, like a fisherman holding onto the line, keeping the prey from escaping.

"Keep hold! We'll tire it out!" Luko called, but one of his men called back, saying that the rope wouldn't hold for long and may snap.

"Get in close! I'll do to the beast what I did to Bono's ship!" Brone called to the captain while showing off his golden axe again. Once again, there was a moment of silence before Luko agreed.

"Reel in the line and get close to the monster!" Luko called out and his crew complied. Besito got closer and closer as the beast. Every now and then, the serpent's tail would whip at the smaller ship, but with Besito's size and speed, it was too difficult to land the hit, "Can you fly?" Luko asked the dwarf.

"Does it look like I have wings?" Brone joked while keeping his gaze upon the monster, waiting for his chance to strike.

"When we get in close, it will be easier for it to hit us, so make sure if you can to deal a heavy blow" Luko gave the dwarf a look and the dwarf turned to return the gaze with a smile.

"Don't worry, my first hit is usually my last" Brone turned back to beast, waiting for his chance.

Once Besito closed the gap, the crew awed at the size of the thickness of the serpent's body which was twice the size of the ship's own width.

"Make it count!" Luko called right as Brone leaped from the ship. It was at that moment that Luko realized that Brone didn't have the security rope. The dwarf hands, both of them, each had an axe, both of them raised into the air as the body of the dwarf flew towards the serpent's body, cyan energy whipped about the warrior as he brought down both axes.

As the axes dug into the body of the serpent, it broke through the scales and dug into the skin. The body jerk and the beast cried out in pain, the water thrashed about and then all became still. There was concern from the crew upon Besito who had sailed around in a circle, looking for any sign of the dwarf or the sea serpent who had vanished beneath the water. Then after a moment, the serpent's dead body surfaced and so did the living body of Brone who thrashed about in panic, his fear of the watery abyss getting to him. Luko sailed over to the dwarf and pulled him aboard, congratulating him while also comforting him.

When the crew got back to land, hauling the large serpent by harpoon, they gathered at the docks and decided to split the share of the bounty, offering the larger portion to Brone, however the dwarf declined and suggested that he be paid the same as every other crewmember, no more than that. The crew laughed at the generosity but accepted. That night, they all shared several drinks and food to celebrate their accomplishment and an established friendship as well. Brone was finally ridding of his regret of visiting the island, he had now found enjoyment, though he would soon have to take the next ship home the following day in order to head back to the mainland, to which he would then head back to the north where his home waited, but for that moment, he was merry with his new friends and promised he would return one day.

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