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An Offer He Can't Refuse (Bad)

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#1Toge Liso 

An Offer He Can't Refuse (Bad) Empty Wed Jun 22, 2022 11:23 pm

Toge Liso
Toge was back at it again. His client was the same guy as last time. He paid him, so he figured he could trust him. To be honest, if he didn’t pay him, then he wouldn’t be alive right now. His next objective was simple, he was supposed to convince some guy to leave the farmland that he owned. Herman had given him money to work with. He honestly, wanted to walk away with the man’s money, but he figured that he would be good for it in the long run.

“This bastard better leaves when I tell him to. All this money Herman gave me better work on him.” He said to himself as he was walking to the farm.

He thought about what he was going to do when he got there. He continued making his way over there as this island was beautiful and hot today. He kept moving even though he wasn’t having it with the weather today.


#2Toge Liso 

An Offer He Can't Refuse (Bad) Empty Wed Jun 22, 2022 11:24 pm

Toge Liso
Toge would see the farmland not too off from him, and he kept moving. It wouldn’t take too long for him to get there, but it would seem like it was deserted. Well, there were a lot of animals here, but that was it. He wasn’t sure what was going on here, but he figured that Herman had something to do with it. While he was walking through, he would see someone was with a bunch of goats right now. The human shook his head because he hoped that this would go smoothly. He kept moving and the Goat Herder would spot him before he got too close.

He would look at him angrily as if he was going to tell him to go away.

“What are you doing here? If you trying to buy my land, then I suggest you leave.” He said to Toge as he wondered what he was going to say.


#3Toge Liso 

An Offer He Can't Refuse (Bad) Empty Wed Jun 22, 2022 11:27 pm

Toge Liso
Toge would shake his head when he heard those words but relaxed. He was told not to hurt the man, or he would truly refuse to sell the land. It bothered him deeply, but instead, he did his best to hold back.

“You sure you don’t want to sell your land? I can give you a lot of jewels for it. How about this much?” He said as he took out a large sum of jewels, but didn’t offer him the hold thing right away.

The Goat Herder would think about it for a second, but then he would come up with an answer.

“No, thank you, that isn’t enough to get me to leave.” He said to Toge.

The paladin would hear this, and it would bring a smile to his face. He had hesitated to say no, so he wasn’t hundred percent sure whether he wanted to sell or not. That was good because it meant he could throw more into this.


#4Toge Liso 

An Offer He Can't Refuse (Bad) Empty Wed Jun 22, 2022 11:28 pm

Toge Liso
“I will give you everything that is in this bag, and at the same time, you can have all your goats as well. How about that one?” He said wondering if this man would be fine with it.

He knew that he was a goat herder, so he was hoping it would work. The Goat Herder would think about this and after a few seconds of thinking about it, he would come to an agreement. He didn’t mind losing this place if he was getting this many jewels. There was also the point that he was keeping his goats as well.

Once he left, Toge would get Herman and the man would come to the farmland. Once he saw that Toge did the job for him, he would hand him the jewels that were going to be given to him when he was done with this. The earth mage would take the jewels and be on his way.


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