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Vyra's Sheet ♫

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Vyra Emrakul

Name: Vyra Emrakul

Birthday: Twenty-Three | Born Early X772

Gender: Female

Race: Demi-Human (Goat)

Race Modification: Kagune Organ - Rinkaku (Ghoul)

Sexuality: Bisexual

Relationship: Single

Magic: Nightmare Dragon Slayer

Class: Berserker

Enhancements: Occupied (Nightmare Dragon Slayer Magic), Unoccupied Slot

Rank: X-Rank

Guild: Oración Seis

Companion: Zera'thul

Tattoo: Outer Right Thigh | Lavender

Face: Ganyu | Genshin Impact

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Lore: In the early days of Earthland, when the Dragons reigned supreme, Nacht, the Nightmare Emperor, also known as the Dragon of the End, almost annihilated the Earthland realm completely to entertain himself. He would spare enough to allow Earthland to rebuild itself each time before returning to do the same thing over and over again. During these periods in between his arrivals, Nacht returned to his own realm to slumber or traversed elsewhere to keep himself entertained.

Some of the other Dragons realized that Earthland would eventually cease to exist if Nacht kept on returning. Thus, Yarghast the Dimensional Dragon, Xenon the Galaxy Dragon, and Zarathustra the Chronos Dragon sealed away Nacht in his Nightmare realm during one of his slumbers. Despite the three not getting along well, they recognized the threat Nacht presented to the world.

Qarilian the Devourer Dragon, however, did not agree with the actions of the other three. Without Nacht, he was outnumbered and they could do the same to him. Therefore, Qarilian usurped the powers of other Dragons to prepare himself for such an ordeal. The constant paranoia drove him to strike first eventually which resulted in the Clash of the Ancient Dragons. The constant output of their powers caused their mana to pour down on Earthland and take form into a large lacrima shard. Once consumed, it would grant someone a fraction of their powers. In the end, the battle concluded without any winners, thus the Ancient Dragons agreed that they would no longer frequent Earthland anymore to avoid any more unnecessary bloodshed among them.


  • The magic requires one available Enhancement slot.
  • The user must be of an evil alignment. That is the only way the lacrima will keep responding to their soul. At least 90% of the reputation of the user must be composed of their infamy. If the user gains more than 10% fame over their infamy in their reputation, they automatically lose access to their magic.

  • Upon purchasing the magic, the user will become a Third Generation Dragon Slayer.

Nightmare Dragon Slayer Bonus:
  • The user receives a Moderate Resistance to Darkness.

Dragon Slayer Bonus

  • The user has an enhanced smell that allows them to smell anyone within a 25-meter radius. They can only associate the smell with someone if they have smelled them before in a topic. The user can't pinpoint their location to fight blindly. It simply tells them that whoever they are smelling is within a 25-meter radius.


  • The user understands phobias and anxiety disorders, making them a walking textbook on the study of fear. They can recite the name and description of every known phobia.
  • The user can discern and instantly understand the greatest fears of others. They are able to truly observe the most hidden of fears within someone and use those fears to their advantage.
  • The user can't be affected by Fear modifiers regardless of whether it comes from a race, item, or another source. They are the personification of fear itself.

Name: Dragon Force
Mana Cost: 10% of Total Base Mana
Requirements: -
Type: Transformation
Range: Self
Cooldown: Once Per Topic
Duration: Sustain
Effect: When using Dragon Force, Vyra grows blackened scales across their body and emits a terrifying aura around them. Her features become more draconic, while still retaining their humanoid appearance. The transformation increases the Strength, Speed, Constitution, and Endurance by 20%. In addition, the Offensive-type spells of the user are considered one rank higher when cast during this transformation. This is not a spell but a biological capability. Therefore it cannot be canceled by artifacts or magics that can cancel spells.

Name: Consumption
Rank: D-S
Mana Cost: ~
Requirements: Nightmare Dragon Slayer Magic
Type: Supplementary
Element: Darkness
Range: 1 Meter
Cooldown: None
Duration: Instant
Effect: The user opens their mouth towards an Offensive-type spell that is 1 meter within their range to consume it. The spell dematerializes into mana and is inhaled and consumed by the user. These spells must be of the same element as the respective element of the slayer magic. If the user consumes a spell that has another element combined with it, the damage or effect of the spell will be applied for the portion. Upon consuming a spell that is ranked equal or lower than the user, the user will receive the mana that was spent to cast the spell. Should a user try to consume a spell that is one rank higher than them they must instead pay mana equal to the amount used to cast the spell to consume it. Spells that are at least two ranks higher than the user require double the amount of mana to consume.

Name: Madness of Nightmares
Rank: S
Mana Cost: 1000
Requirements: Nightmare Dragon Slayer Magic
Type: Supplementary
Element: Darkness
Range: 50 Meters
Cooldown: 21 Days
Duration: Sustain - 5 Posts
Effect: Vyra places her fingers against each other in front of her face to manifest the Madness of Nightmares. The entire area darkens immediately instead of expanding from her. Everyone caught within a 50-meter radius of Vyra within the Madness of Nightmares becomes silenced, deafened, and blinded. Not being able to scream, not able to hear others, and unable to see what is going on around them, Vyra damns her foes into the solitary confinement of their minds. Vyra doesn't have to pay additional mana for each target affected by the Madness of Nightmares, nor does the effect stop when the targets manage to maneuver themselves out of the range of the Madness of Nightmares. The spell can, however, only be sustained for 5 posts at most. This spell cannot be used for 21 days after the last topic in which it was used has been left by Vyra.

Name: Terrors of Nightmares
Rank: S
Mana Cost: 500
Requirements: Nightmare Dragon Slayer Magic
Type: Supplementary
Element: Arcane
Range: 25 Meters
Cooldown: 5 Posts
Duration: Sustain - 5 Posts
Effect: Vyra snaps her fingers and curses a target with a glimpse of their own mortality, briefly aging the target. Imagining itself with an infirm body of advanced age, the afflicted believes it is no longer capable of youthful exertions. This causes the target to suffer from a Minor Physical Weakness as long as the spell is sustained. The weakness only applies to the body of the target and not their equipment. Furthermore, Vyra can't curse multiple targets at once. The spell doesn't stop affecting a target if they get out of range. The curse can, however, only be sustained for 5 posts on a target.

Name: Horrors of Nightmares
Rank: S
Mana Cost: 500
Requirements: Nightmare Dragon Slayer Magic
Type: Debuff (Fear)
Element: Darkness
Range: -
Cooldown: 5 Posts
Duration: Sustain
Effect: Vyra manifests the Horrors of Nightmares through themselves, turning her appearance into that of a bogeyman that haunts the nightmares of even the bravest souls. Vyra can then select a target who has seen the Horrors of Nightmares and reduce their attributes by 20%. She may use this spell on multiple targets at once, however, they must pay additional mana per affected target. Once a target has seen the Horrors of Nightmares, they will be terrified of it no matter how far they remove themselves from the user in the topic. It is said that those who witnessed the Horrors of Nightmares and survived a battle versus the Nightmare Dragon Slayer came prepared the next time by having their eyes gouged out.

Name: Composition of Nightmares
Rank: S
Mana Cost: 500
Requirements: Nightmare Dragon Slayer Magic
Type: Supplementary
Element: Darkness
Range: Self
Cooldown: 1 Post
Duration: Instant
Effect: If Vyra is bisected, darkness is able to emerge from both halves of her body and pull them back together, seemingly undoing the damage she sustained. The damage applied to the body still counts as damage to Constitution and Endurance, however, the limb will no longer be considered severed. In topics that are Orange, Composition of Nightmares can deny the lasting effects of maims by using it. Though, in Red topics, it could save the life of the user when they are severed at the neck for example. This is not a spell but a biological capability. Therefore it cannot be canceled by artifacts or magics that can cancel spells.

Name: Eyes of Nightmares
Rank: S
Mana Cost: 500
Requirements: Nightmare Dragon Slayer
Type: Supplementary
Element: Arcane
Range: 50 Meters
Cooldown: 5 Posts
Duration: Sustain
Effect: Vyra places her fingers together to form a square and manifest countless eyes. The eyes then disappear and appear high above a target while surrounding them. Through these monstrous eyes, she can view the target at all times in her mind. The eyes keep following the target, allowing the user to have constant vision and awareness of the location of their target. With the eyes, she can also see through invisibility, invisible spells, and magical disguises. The eyes can only be seen by the target. Whenever someone tries to approach or attack them, the eyes quickly distance themselves to avoid being touched.

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Elemental Resistance: The user receives a Moderate Resistance to Darkness-type Spells
  • via Nightmare Dragon Slayer

Fear Immunity: The user can't be affected by Fear modifiers regardless of whether it comes from a race, item, or another source.
  • via Nightmare Dragon Slayer

Enhanced Smell: The user has an enhanced smell that allows them to smell anyone within a 25-meter radius.
  • via Nightmare Dragon Slayer

Natural Predator: Physical damage dealt by ghouls is one rank higher against Humans, Elves or Dwarves.
  • via Kagune Organ

Man-Eater: Ghouls heal for two ranks lower of the physical damage they inflict on enemies. This only heals Constitution and doesn't affect Endurance. It increases to one rank lower when the Kagune transformation is active.
  • via Kagune Organ

Tough Skin: Ghouls boast a significant resilience in a physical fight, far outmatching that of the race they originated from. They gain a Minor physical resistance.
  • via Kagune Organ

Undying Hunger: Despite appearing physically similar to humans or elves, Ghouls' physiques are far sturdier, and they can survive hits that would instantly kill a human. Vital hit attacks don't instantly defeat the ghoul, but simply one rank higher worth of damage and ignore the ghoul's resistances.
  • via Kagune Organ

Kagune: The ghoul's predatory organ takes on different shapes and function depending on the user, and they can only choose one of the Kagune transformations listed below. When summoned, the user's eyes turn black and the organ erupts from their back. It's treated as additional appendages with durability equal to half of limb durability.
  • via Kagune Organ

Name: Kagune: Rinkaku
Mana Cost: 5% of Total Base Mana
Requirements: 50 RP posts as a Ghoul after this has been purchased
Type: Transformation
Element: Arcane
Range: Self
Cooldown: 3 Posts
Duration: Sustain
Effect: The user's Kagune takes the form of multiple tentacles erupting from their lower back, that can attack up to a certain distance away. The user's speed increases by 40% produces up to 4 tentacles from their back each that can attack up to 10 meters away. They deal A-rank damage each and ignore armor. This is a transformation and not a spell. Therefore, it cannot be canceled by artifacts or magics that can cancel spells.


Strength: 501
  • Damage: 2x S-Rank

Speed: 290 | 524 Total [+60 (Rosaria), +40 (A Broken Heart), +65 (The Red Queen's Crown), +40 (Shadowguile), + 23 (Shadowguile)]
  • Lunge Distance & Speed: 20 m/s
  • Run Speed: 40 m/s

Constitution: 251 Base | 311 Total [+60 | +60 (Jaan Earrings)]
  • Hit Points: 5x S-Rank
  • Run Duration: 8 Posts
  • Lunge Frequency: Four Per Post

Endurance: 128
  • Pain Tolerance: 2x S-Rank
  • Weapon Mastery WC Reduction: 40%

Intelligence: 122
  • Mana Reduction: 40%
  • Spell Training WC Reduction: 40%
  • Enhancement Slots: +2



Name: Rosaria

Slot: Weapon

Type: Gauntlet (Arm)

Class: Mythic

Element: Darkness

Damage: +100 | 601 [ +501 (Strength)]

Durability: 3x S-Rank

Description: Precisely what Rosaria is stands to be a bit complicated to understand. It would be accurate to perhaps describe it as a gauntlet at its most simple level, though in actuality more standing as an amalgamous - if not horrific - layering applied upon Vyra Emrakul's arm, providing it with a coating that effectively leaves the entire appendage like that of Nightmare Magic than that of an arm itself. At times having qualities that more resemble tendrils of Nightmare, other times emulating a more exaggerated claw-like grip, in no scenario does it completely deviate from its initial presence on her person as a gauntlet of sorts.

Lore: When Vyra Emrakul was first introduced to the world of Magic through Alisa Vollan, the conduit that enabled her the capabilities originated within her right hand. In that same moment, while she discovered the capabilities, so too did her darker persona. Tapping into and overwhelming the very same conduit that Vyra hoped to understand, the darker version caused it to instead erupt, the agony of unheeded Magic ripping through the Demi-Human's body, nearly taking her life within the process.

Many, many months later, and though the wounds have more than healed and her control had grown incredibly, the fear remains an ever persistent memory within her mind. Whenever it happened, that Vyra's destiny intertwined with that of the Nightmare Dragon Nacht, the scars were reopened, the memories brought back, cast instead in an ever-present entity within her own person. Rosaria, as much a weapon for the Nightmare Dragon Slayer to utilize as it is a product of her own internal terror, a constant reminder of the true fears that exist within a world she does not understand, guided upon by a creature that neither she, nor the rest of the world truly understand yet.

  • +60 Speed

  • The Unavoidable Nightmare: A cursed existence, Vyra being bound to the presence of Rosaria. But in that plight comes a great strength, the reality that for as much as the Nightmare plagues Vyra, so too does it plague anyone whom would dare stand against it.
    • Complete Physical Armor Piercing: While Vyra is wearing Rosaria, she is able to ignore armor and deal damage directly to a target's constitution. She is allowed to do this with anything physical that she attacks with.

  • The All-Consuming Nightmare: Corrupted to the point of no return by the Nightmare, Rosaria exists now only as an extension of its wielder, the Nightmare Dragon Slayer Vyra. In tune on a level that goes far beyond that of a blade and its owner, upon striking any foe, Rosaria will siphon their very vitality, using it to nourish Vyra's own in turn.
    • Life-Steal: Upon striking the target, the user receives one rank lower worth of healing to their constitution.

  • Fearful Reach: Rosaria's presence lingers throughout Vyra, the influence of the Nightmare Dragon overwhelming even beyond that of the limitations otherwise imposed upon by items of a world fortunate enough to never experience the Nightmare firsthand.
    • Item Spell Range Increase: The range of spells attached to items are increased by 5 meters.


Name: A Broken Heart

Slot: Weapon

Type: Gauntlet

Class: Legendary

Element: Arcane

Damage: +90 | 591 [ +501 (Strength)]

Durability: 3x S-Rank

Description: A horrific, almost alien-like, claw-like gauntlet, at first glance the item given the name A Broken Heart seems more like a living entity than that of a weapon. Perhaps attributed to its appearance being so foreign to that of what most within Fiore would be expected to imagine, it is only within the usage of the gauntlet are the horrific imaginings erased, replaced only by the horrific reality of the weapon itself. In terms of its size relative to other gauntlets, A Broken Heart is on the more oversized-side, much of Vyra Emrakul's own arm seemingly lost within the weapon, if only to the outside perspective. Wherein the hand seems lost, it is replaced instead by the pronged-like pincers and prongs, jointly functioning as fingers as well as extensions of the weapon itself.

Lore: There are no shortage of horrors within the world, much of which are lost, never to be seen forth again. Some are known, remembered only as fabled creations, alive only in memory. And for a few, there are those that still exist, known perhaps to a lone sole, their unearthing the only step remaining. A Broken Heart falls within that category, its existence as an instrument of horror having been known within the most secretive groups within the old days of Northern Fiore. Belittled to little more than an outdated story told within a secretive sect of nobles from generations of the past, it were not until the ascent of Lady Veronica Barothy to her Ladyship that the thought of unearthing this secret were ever considered.

From the shadows, operations were conducted to unearth this, rumors tracked, sources verified, disproven, and removed all the same. Through a campaign of blood, eventually a trail was built and an object unearthed, a thing of horrors. An instrument, not that of a Lady, but perhaps instead that of a pawn, a key piece of their new reign, having been whored out to the Nightmare living within the darkest recesses of the world. In secret, the weapon was delivered from the Northern regions to the Southern port city of Hargeon, one of the overdue gifts for Vyra's integral role in Lady Barothy's ascent.

  • +40 Speed

  • Broken Cries: Alien in nature, A Broken Heart threads the needle of what is considered living versus not, a manifestation of horror versus something which exists. It is hard to define, but horrid all the same. So too is it hard to understand is it hard to be in proximity within it, it's nature agonizing all throughout, even to the hearing of those nearby.
    • Defeaning Howl: In battle, A Broken Heart wails a horrid noise that irritates the ears of anyone within 25 [+5 (Fearful Reach)] meters except for Vyra. Those standing within the range of the A Broken Heart when it strikes become Deafened for 3 posts. This duration resets each time on someone if they are within 25 [ +5 (Fearful Reach)] meters when it is strikes again.

  • Name: The Horrors of a Broken World
    Rank: S
    Mana Cost: 1000
    Requirements: None
    Type: Supplementary
    Element: Arcane
    Range: 15 Meters [+5 (Fearful Reach)]
    Cooldown: 10 Posts
    Duration: Instant
    Effect: Vyra raises A Broken Heart towards a target, opening the maw within the palm-like region within the gauntlet thus exposing an absolute alien-like horror and emit a heavy glow within the pronged tendrils. Anyone who looks upon the glow with the exception of Vyra will become petrified. The petrification lasts for 2 posts and cannot be purged. This spell only affects a single target. Once the target has been harmed, they will be able to move again.


Name: The Red Queen's Crown

Slot: Helm

Type: Crown

Class: Legendary

Weight: Medium

Element: Darkness

Durability: 2x S-Rank

Description: A beautifully intricate golden crown, having an immediate appearance like that of a untamed plume. Upon further inspection reveals the extensive and otherwise remarkable craftsmanship applied towards such an ornamental piece. Each tendril, symmetrical in their dimensional design on either side of the crown, curve backwards with the skull, such that it conforms with the design philosophy of the crown that it rests upon the crown of the wearer's forehead and then begins to curve and conform to their head as it extends along, giving it an almost alien-like, if not slightly mystical appeal towards it. Centered within the center of the crown is an ornamental-like design, an elaborately detailed head of a serpent carved into it, which when combining the plumes that all extend out from it, give it an appearance almost like that of a dragon or horrid snake-like creature.

Lore: An artifact known throughout Marigold's more noble and elite circles, and more out of the notorious nature of its former owner, the Red Queen. This crown has become synonymous not only with the Red Queen herself, but also the horrid reputation that the oft-presumed warlock had built, whether through her open advocation and usage of slavery, human sacrifice, or her active engagement in occultist practices and ritual.

In her efforts to try to conduct the Pact of the Dead God, the Red Queen had sought out and helped orchestrate the kidnapping and selling of one Vyra Emrakul, intent on using her as a pawn of sorts to secure the Pact. However, her efforts were run awry due not only to Vyra, but by the betrayal of the Dead God's Broker, the Lady of Thorns. Through the efforts of the pair, the Red Queen were finally slain, ending a silent reign of misery that had lingered throughout Marigold. But her crown, the most precious of her possessions, were never found, having been taken by Vyra whom came to appreciate it, not only for its appearance, but with how well it conformed to her head alongside her goat horns.

  • +65 Speed


  • Walking Upon the Poor to Glory: One of the most noteworthy characteristics of the late Red Queen was her cold, if not callous disregard for the suffering of others. It was said that nothing would resonate with her, that little could impede or otherwise change her cruel outlook upon the world in pursuit of her goals.
    • Bonus Quest Experience Reward: While Vyra is wearing the Red Queen's Crown, much like how nothing would deter her from her goals, neither may they deter Vyra, granting her a 20% increase to Quest Experience.

  • Never Heed the Nobility's Spending: People had come to learn quick that the spending habits of the Red Queen were her own business and inquiries into them. Thus, whatever the Red Queen sought, the Red Queen got.
    • Bonus Quest Jewel Reward: Not unlike the Red Queen, Vyra benefits from the trade arrangements established by her Crown's predecessor. As such, she receives an additional 20% increase to Jewels rewarded upon Quest completion.


Name: Shadowguile

Slot: Body

Type: Armor

Class: Legendary

Weight: Medium

Element: Darkness

Durability: 2x S-rank

Description: This dark leather armor releases thin wisps of smog from its seams.
Lore: The bandits were shocked by the ease with which they'd crushed the small town's resistance. It was an easily-missed place, out of the way in a pass high in the mountains. They'd always kill a guardsman or two, threaten the elders if they didn't comply, and move on to grimmer tactics if those didn't work. But it was usually more difficult than this. The bandits' captain watched smog flow down from the mountains as the sun set, rolling past an abandoned watchtower. He laughed scornfully; maybe there'd been some military post around here that'd shielded these soft peasants, and that's why they were so easily cowed. The townsfolk, for their part, knew to stay out of the smog as night fell. It was part of the pact that they had all learned as children, as had their parents and their parents before them. And it was that pact that made them lock their doors even as the screams of the brigands still prowling the streets fell, muffled by the descending smog. The townsfolk were not the prey; they were the bait. In the morning all that was left in the bandits' place was a card, bearing the image of a black dagger.

  • Speed: +40

  • Shadowstep: The user receives a 10% increase to their Base Speed.
  • Smogstep: As long as Smogwalker is sustained, the user receives a 20% increase in their Base Speed. This replaces Shadowstep.


  • Name: Smogwalker
    Rank: S
    Mana Cost: 1000
    Requirements: Shadowguile
    Type: Supplementary
    Element: Darkness
    Range: 15 Meters
    Cooldown: 5 Posts
    Duration: Sustain
    Effect: The user swipes their finger across their chest causing the armor to release more smog than usual. The smog extends from the user up to 15 meters around themselves. In addition, the smog follows the user as they move around. In this smog, everyone except the user is fully blinded. Even after leaving the smog, the targets are blinded for 2 more turns due to the irritation to their eyes. This does not stack, however, it does reset whenever the target has been placed inside the smog again. The user, on the other hand, can see normally through the smog. The smog also causes B-rank direct damage per turn to the Constitution of anyone within it. Furthermore, the smog applies a B-rank debuff (Speed) to anyone within the smog as well.


Name: Sea Dragon King's Necklace

Slot: Necklace

Element: Arcane

Durability: 3x S-rank

  • Mana: +2000


Name: Jaan Earrings

Slot: Earrings

Element: Arcane

Durability: 3x S-rank

  • Constitution: +60

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Name: Zera'thul

Slot: Companion

Race: Aberration (Chimera (Avian/Draconic))

Class: Legendary (48)

Quantity: Custom

Element: Arcane

Face Claim: Yveltal [Pokemon] | Yae Miko [Genshin Impact]

Mana: 1650

  • Strength: 30
  • Speed: 90
  • Constitution: 60


Height: 1.2  m | 3.94 ft
Weight: 20.29 kg | 44.75 lb

Appearance: An intriguing, if not slightly horrific-looking creature whose physiological structure, while sharing attributes similar both to that of avian and draconic creatures alike, does not take away from what is fundamentally a chimera-like entity. Broadly, it strongly resembles that of a bird upon initial inspection, but any length of time reveals no shortage of attributes that in natural occurrence would not manifest, save for nightmarish types of mutations only further mutated through generation.

Immediately, the red 'flesh' membrane that covers over much of its inner body, having  texture and tone that almost resemble that of flayed, exposed skin. Even more disturbing are thick, lengthy vein-like patterns that spread all throughout, from its chest cavity unto both wings and tail appendages. These appendages, though having a loose similarity to that of the appendages of a bird, deviate in not only their physical form (almost appearing like that of elongated tendrils than wings), but also from the series of claw-like extrusions that enwrap along the ends of each respective appendage, bearing an uncanny resemblance to that of an open clawed paw.

Rather than a beak or a face that would otherwise appear avian, its head is far more draconic in appearance. Its head curves forward, bearing striking similarities to that of snakes and wyverns alike. Above both eyes - hollow, bright blue eyes lacking any discernable iris - are large horns that curve forward, extending the near full length of its head. Dark tendrils form at the base of its lower jaw, extending down the length of its neck, disappearing within a magnificent ruff that encircles around its lower neck and billows out over its backside.

Description: Zera'thul is a rare example of an aberration; a creature whose origin is not inherently native to Earthland but rather is the unintended product of a artificial experiment, whether alchemical, magic-related, or scientific in nature. Per Zera'thul, it came in a somewhat successful attempt at creating a chimera, a new species created through the forced fusion of two different species - a practice long since outlawed due to the numerous potential ramifications, both ethical and practical, attached.

While the project that created Zera'thul could have been deemed a success, it also came with the unintended consequence of not only providing it with sentience, but also having an inherent appeal towards the idea of chaos. Beyond just possessing such an affinity towards, Zera'thul in fact seems to possess a sort of hunger towards chaos, almost as though drawing sustenance from chaos of all varieties and actors.

Quite where an entity such as Zera'thul came into the company of someone like Vyra Emrakul remains largely a mystery. Some speculate it was drawn to the powers of the Nightmare Dragon existing within the Demi-Human. Those familiar with the girl suspecting that the conflict within her own mind; the war waged between Vyra's darker persona and her own true personality being a hugely appealing source of chaos in perpetuity. Whatever its motivation or reasonings behind the union, the two have developed an almost parasitic sort of relationship towards Vyra, as much benefiting from the chaos within her life whilst forcing a level of reliance from Demi-Human upon it.

Personality: In a way, dismissive, Zera'thul presents a strange, if not horribly cruel perspective towards the world as a whole. First and foremost, it exists as a breeding ground for chaos to manifest, grow, and eventually become consumed. Therein, there is no purpose within the world outside of carrying on to eventually be devoured, and by extension its people bear no purpose other than to further that along and be consumed as well. As far as Zera'thul views humanity as a whole, their worth is limited to how destructive and self-destructive they behave themselves. And even through that, their lives possess no intrinsic value, easily replaceable by any other individual.

Perhaps the exception that Zera'thul has come to regard towards humanity is in how it views Vyra Emrakul. In some respects, it is the hand controlling the strings to her puppet, its persistent presence around her manifesting within her in an unconscious feeling of lingering need towards it. In this, she has become a thrall of sorts towards it, being as much unwilling to depart from its companionship, while also serving as a perpetual source of chaos from which it can feed from, regardless of the impact that sort of nourishment and parasitic-dependence has upon the Demi-Human.


  • Advanced Innate Flight: Zera'thul can fly up to 10 meters.
  • Advanced Speech: Zera'thul is capable of advanced communication, able to hold conversations with Vyra or any other individual without issue [acquired through Navani Leaves].

Partner Perks:
  • Chaos in Coin: In commerce exists no shortage of Chaos, from which Zera'thul can take sustenance within. In this, it gifts these benefits onto Vyra. Vyra receives an addition 20% Jewels when completing quests.
  • Chaos in Knowledge: In seeking to know more, one unlocks chaos in the unknown and newly discovered. Zera'thul harnesses that unknown, bestowing it onto Vyra. Vyra receives a 10% word count reduction on completing quests.
  • Chaos in Life: Chaos is inevitable, no matter where in life one may tread. Zera'thul exists within the center of this, as natural to it as the air to anyone. In its company, Vyra experiences and benefits from this familiarity, growing within the chaos much like Zera'thul. Vyra receives an additional 20% experience when completing quests.


Name: Metamorphose
Rank: S
Mana Cost: 80 Mana
Requirements: Paggani Leaf
Type: Transformation
Element: Arcane
Range: Self
Cooldown: Once per topic
Duration: Sustain
Effect: The companion may shift into a human form, this may be used in both social and fight topics upon transforming they may wield equipment despite being a companion.


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Story & Relationships

The Forsaken Daughter

Fortune Tarot: Vyra Emrakul: Link

    A lonely Vyra escapes the ramifications of poor decision making when a back-alley gambling game goes in her favor. Down hard, Vyra's Dark Personality goes all in and provides her gambling foes with a nice little view at the cost of erasing all of her debt and more.

Tears: Link

    A fateful encounter with a Hargeon bread maker leads Vyra into Alisa Vollan, Guild Master of the Blue Pegasus Guild. Over the next two days, Vyra will come to not only find a motherly figure in Alisa, but also come to learn so much more about herself, from the mystique and horror of her newly-discovered Magic, to her darker personality, to the feeling of safety, of family, the taste of wealth, of having a home, all thanks to Alisa.

Tips: Of Brush and Horns: Link

    Now having settled into Hargeon as a guest of the Blue Pegasus Guild, the allure of this lifestyle has shown both its benefits and drawbacks. Despite the reversal of fortunes that she found herself benefitting from, with it has come discrimination, being labelled as 'Alisa's Pet'. Hoping to find a warmer welcome elsewhere within Hargeon, the Demi-Human sets out to explore other parts of the port city. A moment of panic leads the Demi-Human into an unexpected encounter with someone new. Mimi, a tall gothic woman, dress maker, painter, and artist. And her feline companion, Alistair.

The Gambit of Souls:  
The Crows at Bay: Link
Fading Light: Link
All Grown Cold: Link
Cross Wires: Link
Fringe: Link
The Good Doctor: Link
The Gambit of Souls: Link
    Struggling to control both her newly discovered Magic and her Darker Persona, Vyra turns to desperate measures in hope of finding help. That pursuit leads her not towards a solution, but instead within the clutches of an evil group, Witch Hunters, led by one whom bears an overwhelming vendetta towards Alisa Vollan. Intent on breaking Vyra and turning her into a weapon, it turns into a game where Vyra, her Dark Persona, and the Witch Hunter Aegir are all looking to manipulate the game board, looking for the winning play. Though Vyra manages to survive and escape, the experience leaves her broken, desperate to shed the vulnerabilities that still persist within her.

No Place Like Home: Link

    Surviving the events which took place through the Gambit of Souls, Vyra finds herself within Hargeon, exhausted, hurt, and terrified. While festivities radiate throughout the city, the Demi-Human looks to return home, nearly being turned away at the door of the Blue Pegasus Guild Hall in the process. That is until she is saved by and reunited with Alisa Vollan, whom after being recapped the details of what Vyra endured, formally invites her into joining Blue Pegasus. In the celebration and joy that comes following, Vyra as well begins to understand the changes set to come to her world she had only just started to understand.

The Nightmare Child

Reign of Nightmares:  
Coffers Pilfered: Link
From Sauna to Shackles: Link
A Daughter's Charity: Link
The Two Sisters: Link
Blood, Sweat, and Fears: Link
The Girl in the Mirror: Link
The Opening Hand: Link
Lamb's Blood: Link
See No Madness: Link
The Breach: Link
Fall of Night: Link
The Nightmare Upon Us: Link
    Hoping to enjoy a long overdue vacation in Hosenka, Vyra's trip is almost immediately derailed upon her stumbling upon the aftermath of a brutal battle. Securing the sought after prize, an ancient staff, Vyra attempts to enjoy what Hosenka has to offer, but not before being abducted and brought to the Northern parts of Fiore to await an unexpected judgment. Put to death for her theft of the staff, only to be spared in the immediate moments by the daughter of the cruel Lord Barothy, Vyra is granted temporary reprieve at a church tended to by a pair of Sisters. This is cut short though when in her dreams Vyra once again encounters her dark persona, stronger than before, and different. More cruel. As is her mind, more like that of nightmares than of dreams. Frightening herself awake, Vyra quickly then finds herself involved in the young Veronica Barothy's coup to take her father's throne from under him. In a brutal, yet efficient campaign - achieved  in part by aligning with a fearful group of cultists -, the effort is fruitful and Veronica secures the throne that she had long be awaiting. Meanwhile, Vyra realizes her fate is much darker, her existence now keenly in the sights of 'The Nightmare', a force that intends on corrupting her to the fullest capacity possible, regardless of what it will do to her.

Her Nightmare: Link

    [IN-PROGRESS] Returning to Hargeon from the North of Fiore, Vyra's hope of being able to relax within the city that she had come to regard as her home are quickly dashed as she realizes that the events of what took place there, her role in Lady Veronica Barothy's coup, her forced cooperation with the cultists, have become not just gossip within the city, but have warranted a deployment of Rune Knights for her capture. Evading this group, Vyra fortunately manages to run into Alisa Vollan, who in hopes of providing both comfort and safety to the Demi-Human provide her with safe passage back to her room within the Blue Pegasus Guild Hall.

Nobody's Daughter

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