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Spies Like Us (Bad)

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#1Go D. Drakkon 

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Go D. Drakkon
Toge had brought himself to go to an island that wasn’t far from Fiore. It would seem like in this place they had jobs for people like him to do. This was good because he was going to start earning money. The young man wanted power, and one thing he knew that people loved was jewels. It meant that it had so much power that he urged to have it on him at all times. Still, he had found a job that he had gotten from a man named Herman. The job was simple, he wanted Toge to head into Halawai town, and take notes on the local guard positions, when and how they changed.

The man was up to something and Toge was fine with helping him out on that. All he had to do was act like a tourist. That was something he already was to this island, and he would be on his way.


#2Go D. Drakkon 

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Go D. Drakkon

When Toge got to the town his eyes would shift around as he would avoid crowds. He didn’t like any place with a lot of people, so he moved around as he was alone, and nobody wanted to be around him. While he was doing this, he would look around as he found the guards that Herman wanted him to observe. He would do just that as he would sit down on a bench and act like he was just relaxing. It wasn’t just that, but he decided to give anybody that walked by him an evil and stupid look. It would cause them to walk away from him, which is what he wanted. He would stay on the bench for a while, but once he noticed he stood there for too long, he would get up.

Toge would start moving around the area as he decided to go window shopping. Of course, he made sure to stay near the guards.


#3Go D. Drakkon 

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Go D. Drakkon
As time had continued to go by, Toge continued to observe their pattern, and he would also see when and how long they would change their shift. It was interesting to see, and he wondered what that old man wanted this information for. It didn’t matter to him as he figured that he would get paid for this, and it was what he wanted. As he kept observing, he noticed that someone was looking in his direction. He wasn’t sure who it was, but he would look in the direction of where this feeling was coming from.

His eyes would look onto a kid that was looking at him and it would seem like he was suspicious of him. Toge would give the kid a smile before walking away and into the alleyway. Keanu would follow behind Toge as he was chasing him. This was fun, and as much as Toge wanted to kill the kid, he had a job to do. The jewels came first and his pleasure would come after in another day.


#4Go D. Drakkon 

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Go D. Drakkon
Keanu would play a game of cat and mouse with Toge. The human kept moving through the alleyways that were found throughout the town. He wasn’t going to be caught by any kid. It wasn’t just that, if the kid had approached him, then he wasn’t going to live. The young man kept moving and soon enough he would lose the person following him. Once he saw that he was no longer being followed, he would make his way back to Herman. There he would tell the man everything he saw with the guards. He told him the time when they switched and how long it took for them to fully switch.

It was a good thing he had good memory because he didn’t want to look stupid holding a book in his hand. Still, now with everything being told to him, Herman would hand over the reward to Toge. When he saw the amount, he had gotten, he wanted to strangle the man but ignored him. He figured this was the amount he was going to get paid for right now.


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