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Life's a party. (Emil)

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Life's a party. (Emil) Empty Wed Jun 15, 2022 11:50 am


Having set everything up he figured it was time to set it all in motion as he figured that they should at least have one shared birthday celebration, Kaito had been in contact with his brothers wife for it and planned with her to surprise him and save her the struggle of trying to plan it while having to watch her twins she seemed thankful but she still wanted to help so with some slick timing and some elbow grease they had gotten it all figured out and ready to go all that was left was for Emil to show up at the party.

She had told Emil that he should show up and to be on time but she knew that he was gonna be himself and show up fashionably late to his own party. Kaito still got a laugh out of it when she had told him that his brother will probably be late, but the restaurant was already ready and taking orders for the others that had joined the party.


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Emil realizing he is late once again knows his wife is going to have his hide for being late again she had told him that he had better be there on time or he is gonna have a lot to answer for and too when she gets her hands on him. Emil of course came in fashionably late as he always happened to do and he looks around at all the people and the party that was going on and he walks over to see what is going on. He had fully forgotten that it was his birthday and that means it was also Kaito's birthday, which means he just showed up empty handed to his brothers birthday party and didn't even know it and now he feels stupid.

Holly seems him and she walks over with a smirk on her face and flicks him in the forehead with a giggle. "I told you not to be late you idiot." She hands him a wrapped box to set on the table on Kaito's side, when she told him this he looked at her oddly as she side on Kaito's side who elses side could there be here besides that and he walks up and he looks at the table and he sees the table had two sides one for his brother and one from himself and both sides had a pile of gifts on it, he had never really got to have many birthday parties that weren't his father pulling at other nobles threads or trying to earn their favors.


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Kaito is playing with his niece and he nephew that seemed happy to have finally gotten to meet him, and he laughs softly. He sees his brother has finally decided to grace the party with himself and he sees as the man looks like he has nearly been driven to tears at seeing gifts and he guesses he knows that feeling as he mostly spent his own birthdays on the road or training, though his master did get him a cake or two to treat him but she never acted like it was her doing it to be nice but because she had too do it. He walks up to his brother and he puts an arm around his brother and he smiles at him. "Lets make this a memorable party." He smiled and he showed him to the food and the drinks and the music starts playing and the people began to have fun and sing along.

Kaito hopes this will make a lasting good memory for his brother to hold onto once Kaito is gone from this realm to wander another one. He will make this night one to remember for the both of them.


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He looked at the man that had just put his arm around him like that and he sees his brother and he smiles back to the man and he figures this is who his wife had been helping to prepare something and he was excited for the party and he was glad to finally have a birthday with the brother he thought was long dead and now is standing right in front of him and he cheers with the crowd and he begins to eat and sing and play and dance and he ends up drinking some as well and he hopes this will be a fond memory that they all can share and he hopes that his twins grow to be able to do these kind of things like himself and his brother do, rather they gain the power to make a difference or if they grow to change the world he hopes that they will be nearly as thoughtful as their uncle and their mother are. "Yes lets make this one to remember!" He was was pumped up and fully ready for the long night ahead of them.

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