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Ouroboros Pt. 1 (Solo C Rank)

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Ouroboros Pt. 1 (Solo C Rank) Empty Tue Jun 14, 2022 12:40 am

Dan frowned as he looked down at the request in his hands once more. Normally he would be excited for a mission outside of magnolia but this time he was not feeling positive about this. Apparently Weirdlock Jones was having some issues with a case and had specifically requested Dan's help in solving it. Dan walked down the streets of Sakura Alley and looked around to see few people out and about while the few that were seemed almost paranoid about somethin. 'whatever is going on has the locals spooked something fierce.' Dan thought as he continued on to find Weirdlock Jones standing at the end of the alley. As Dan walked up he saw what Weirdlock was looking at. There on the ground was a dead body. 'Damn that is brutal to look at.' Dan thought with a cringe as he looked closer. The body had clearly been dead for a while by the looks of it.

As Dan looked closer he saw that the body had their mouth slit open causing a gruesome facsimile of a grin. The look on their face a horrific look of false glee. Dan shook his head before addressing Weirdlock. "Mr. Jones I am here about the mission you requested me for." Dan said finally getting the man's attention as he turned to look at Dan. "Oh yes thank you for coming so quickly I could certainly use the help." Weirdlock said as he looked back at the corpse. "I would like you to take this magical magnifying glass and search the surrounding area for clues. The magnifying glass has a spell on it that will allow you to see finger prints and differentiate different blood types." Weirdlock said as he handed Dan the magnifying glass in question. "I will stay around here and look for clues around here if you find anything out of the ordinary just make sure to alert me." Weirdlock finished before walking over to the body to look at it again.

As Dan took the magnifying glass he noded as he walked closer to the body to get a better look. As he looked through the magnifying glass he noticed that the man was covered in finger prints. 'was this a mugging gone wrong or perhaps the victim had something in their possession that the killer wanted.' Dan thought as he looked around the body. As Dan reached the back he noticed that the man had a stab wound in the back of his neck. 'Probably what killed the poor bastard, let's hope it was quick I don't think anybody wants to die drowning in their own blood.' Dan thought as he continued on his search.

As Dan neared his finish he noticed one last thing on the man's left arm was a distinct tattoo of a white star. 'hmm a possibility a gang tattoo but the question is was he a member or a fan?' fan thought as he continued around he noticed a trail of blood leading away from the body down the alleyway. 'hmm did the killer injure themselves or were they just sloppy and forgot to clean the murder weapon?' Dan thought as he followed the trail of blood to another alleyway near by. As Dan enters the alley he sees a dark shape laying on the ground. Dan steps closer to find another body lying in the alley covered in blood and finger prints.

'poor bastard got the same treatment.' Dan thought as he looked to see this man also had his mouth slit into the bloody grin as well. Dan shook his head and decided to look at the mans neck to check him out. 'yep one stab wound to the back of the neck same as the other one.' Dan thought as he now believes this to he a hot rather then a mugging gone south. 'only one way to find out.' Dan thought as he rolled the man's shirt sleeve up to find another white star tattoo that matched the other body's. 'yep this was organized nothing random about it.' Dan thought as he began to walk back only to hear a crinkle sound as he stepped by the body. 'huh what was that' Dan thought as he looked down to see a piece of paper with a message and symbol drawn on it.

Dan walked back to the first alley to see Weirdlock still examining the body. "Mr. Jones I think I found something you will want to see." Dan said as he waved Weirdlock towards the other alley. As they arrived Dan pointed to the new body with a grown "Another body with the same wounds and tattoo on him." Weirdlock frowned as well and took a closer look at the body. "Yes this is definitely the work of a local gang called the black dragons the slit mouth and stab from behind is their calling card." Weirdlock said as he stands back up. Dan remembering the piece of paper took it out of his pocket and handed it to Weirdlock "I also found this near the body." Dan said as Weirdlock took the paper and read it with widening eyes.

Dan followed Weirdlock back to the scene of the first crime and watched as he reported their findings to the city guards though he did notice that Weirdlock did not mention the paper that he found with the second body. Dan said nothing as he figured that Weirdlock had a reason for not showing them the note. As he walked over he saw the guards giving Weirdlock his pay and noded to him as Weirdlock have him his share of the earnings. "If you need anymore help do not be afraid to request me again." Dan said as he waved goodbye to Weirdlock and began to walk back to magnolia and await his next mission. 'i hope Weirdlock can catch these guys before anybody else suffers a similar fate.' Dan thinks as he continues on his way home to fairy tail.


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