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Something Smells Fishy [Q: DinDin]

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#1Venus Rosé 

Something Smells Fishy [Q: DinDin] Empty Wed Jun 08, 2022 7:30 am

Venus Rosé

Venus considered herself to be slightly less idle these days, travelling out and about and taking up some quests to pick up some extra cash whenever the time allowed her. The days of her being wealthy enough to splurge on whatever she wanted to buy has long gone and now she was just an average adventurer finding money along the way. Oh, how she missed always having her wardrobe full of lavish clothes and her bag heavy with coins, but now she could hardly count the jewels she carries on herself.

So, another day another quest again. Her partner-in-crime was no other than the person who once was a lich himself—Odin. She had to admit, the change from seeing him everyday as a skeleton to someone with muscles and skins was a huge difference that she still couldn’t quite get over the thought of his appearance. And, of course, it would always be accompanied by a slight blush on her cheeks as well because she would be lying if she said the human Odin was not hot. Here she was, waiting for the hotter version of her master by the Astera docks after she’d picked up a quest for the two of them.

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#2Odin † 

Something Smells Fishy [Q: DinDin] Empty Wed Jun 08, 2022 10:58 am

Odin †

Something Smells Fishy [Q: DinDin] 06guN40

God it felt good to wear normal clothes again. Odin hadn't even realised how much he missed it. Being a Lich meant wearing cloaks, and other scary outfits every single day. But not anymore, now he could actually be comfortable in his attire, and he was feeling it today. Dressed in a grey t-shirt, raspberry hoodie, and a light silver jacket hanging around his shoulders, he felt ready to take on the world.

While not the world, he did have somewhere to be. Another quest with his partner was on the agenda. Odin knew that many of Eternal Nightmare's members were doing well in their accounts, as long as Zane stayed away from them. The reputation of the guild ensured extra payment from those who hired its members, and today would be no different. Whatever Odin and Venus got up to, whether to do with the quest or some other fun, they were going to get paid. And it was Astera so, as Odin reached his partner's location and hopped on the speedboat he had reserved for the day, he assumed it was probably something to do with fish.


#3Venus Rosé 

Something Smells Fishy [Q: DinDin] Empty Wed Jun 08, 2022 12:01 pm

Venus Rosé

Venus almost didn’t recognize her partner, especially in his…human skin—it almost seemed very out of the world after she’d gotten so used to seeing Odin as a lich. ”Almost took you as the wrong person. God, I need to get used to this.” The female spoke, palm resting against her forehead as she let out a chuckle. Both of them were in their comfortable clothes today, seemingly because she assumed that there was a possibility she would have to go into the water. It seemed that Odin had guessed the same. Although her thigh-high black boots didn’t appear to be a good option for situations like these.

This was why she hated water—perhaps, hate would be too much of a strong word, but she definitely didn’t like being in the water because it always ruined her hair and her outfit. Anyhow, without further ado, it was time for them to meet up with their client who was waiting by the end of the docks. A middle-aged fisherman with increasing wrinkles, most likely from the recent stress that he’s been receiving. The man almost gleamed with hope somehow, upon seeing them, as though the two Nightmare members would wash their worries away and hopefully, that was what she was planning on doing so as well. After all, she desperately needed the money.

They were briefed on the details of their mission, in regard to how all the fish had all mysteriously disappeared. According to the townsfolk, it was a creature nearby that seemed to be eating all the town’s source of food away. Whatever the reason was, they needed to figure out the cause. Either the rumors were true, or it could be entirely something else…

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#4Odin † 

Something Smells Fishy [Q: DinDin] Empty Thu Jun 09, 2022 8:33 am

Odin †

Odin wished he was a betting man. If he were, the fact that he was heading out into the Asteran waters to locate the disruption to the fish would have made him quite a pretty penny. Of course it was about fish, that seemed to be all the people of the port city seemed to care about. They barely even noticed who was ruling them, especially since Infinity Wolves had been quiet since their attack on Eternal Nightmare. Perhaps Astera understood that they would be better suited under new leadership. Someone, perhaps, like Eternal Nightmare and Odin.

The job required them to sail out to the cove and see what was causing the fish to disappear. Whether or not they’d have to go underwater was now a much bigger concern than last time, as Odin now required air in his lungs. And they didn’t have Mildred, or whatever her name was to help them reach the depths of the ocean. They’d have to find their own way through the caves and deep into the ocean. At least, for the moment, they could enjoy the weather and the water.


#5Odin † 

Something Smells Fishy [Q: DinDin] Empty Sat Jul 09, 2022 12:37 pm

Odin †

Venus decided she wanted to stay on the boat and enjoy the weather this time, giving Odin the chance to test out his new body and newfound power on whatever awaited them beneath the sea. Last time, they had found and fought some giant sea monster, so really there was no way to know exactly what was going to be found. Maybe the sea monster had had a family, and perhaps they were pissed that Odin and Venus had killed their mother/father/child/relative of some description. It didn't really matter much what was waiting for Odin to find, and take out, since his first job was to actually dive into the waters. He stripped off, enjoying the gleam of his body in the afternoon sun. He felt the sun's rays enter his body, starting him on a tan, maybe that was something he'd consider in the future.


#6Odin † 

Something Smells Fishy [Q: DinDin] Empty Sat Jul 09, 2022 12:40 pm

Odin †

His muscles pulsing as he breathed deeply. In. Out. In. Out. He shook himself out, readying his muscles for the potentially cold water that he had decided to plunge directly into. He hadn't considered hypothermia as an issue until right that moment there. He had no idea how fragile the human body actually was, and even though he wasn't a human -instead a hybrid of angel and demon known as the Eudaemon- he didn't want to risk testing the waters, pun intended, quite so literally this early.

Luckily, the captain who had briefed them on their mission had provided Odin with a wetsuit and some scuba gear, designed with magic to keep him warm throughout his journey underwater. Obviously there was one for Venus too, but she seemed more than pleased to just sit and enjoy the weather and the views, of which Odin suspected he was one.


#7Odin † 

Something Smells Fishy [Q: DinDin] Empty Sat Jul 09, 2022 12:49 pm

Odin †

Once more, deep breaths, the only difference being that Odin actually jumped in the water. The cold was bracing, to be sure, but not completely unwelcome. Every feeling possible, especially the more extreme ones, were things that Odin welcomed in his new form. He wanted to experience them all, and the wetsuit made sure he wasn't that cold anyway. The goggles were placed over his eyes, and he placed his air supply in his mouth to make sure he didn't drown. That would also be very awkward, as the Lich began the descent into the dark.

The lacrima that brought him air was fitted to his back, with a long tube working its way to the man's mouth. Due to the magic that held it together, it would never run out, as long as the cord was never severed. And realistically, if that happened, Odin had much bigger problems to worry about than the magic.


#8Odin † 

Something Smells Fishy [Q: DinDin] Empty Fri Jul 15, 2022 4:56 am

Odin †

It would only take a few more moments before he reached the bottom of the sea bed, able to meander his way through the seaweed and avoid some of the deadlier predators above his head. Not that he didn't think he could take them, they would likely be a single punch to knock out, but trying to fight someone like this, underwater and a lot less manoeuvrable than his usually, already pretty slow, self was just not a fight he wanted to encounter at the moment. He had to find the entrance to the cave, he knew it was down here somewhere as it was the same one he and Venus had explored once before.

It took him around an hour, thank goodness for magic existing, and his breath was still almost full. It made him wonder just how long he could survive under here. Perhaps infinitely, as long as he supplied the mana.


#9Odin † 

Something Smells Fishy [Q: DinDin] Empty Fri Jul 15, 2022 5:00 am

Odin †

Odin barely reached the cave before he saw it: a giant monstrosity, and he wasn't even being judgmental. This thing had what looked like eighteen individual eyes, a gaping mouth and seemed to swallow everything in its way, lined with rows upon rows of teeth. It was also huge, making the entire ordeal that much more difficult, especially when all eighteen of those eyes instantly locked onto the Eudaemon, who severely wished he had Venus down here to cast some of her ranged spells. Greed magic was good if he could get up close, but he honestly had no idea exactly how it would work here.

One tentacle from the creature, because of course it had tentacles, swung out to catch Odin in his torso. Thank goodness he had reactively formed the Greed armour, which instantly negated the damage, but he felt the drain from his mana. That was not a comfortable hit, and he didn't want to take many more


#10Odin † 

Something Smells Fishy [Q: DinDin] Empty Fri Jul 15, 2022 5:06 am

Odin †

Turns out, just as Odin had hoped, it did only take one punch to fell the creature. The tentacle swung into the Eudaemon, who simply grabbed and pulled. The tentacle tore off almost immediately, and the creature just slowly died from the blood loss, it excretions no doubt poisoning the water for many months to come. But that wasn't Odin's concern, he had completed his task just as he had been asked and could now return to the surface, where Venus was still waiting, having clearly enjoyed her relaxing time in the sun. In fairness, she was looking radiant, meanwhile Odin was soaked and cold, and he couldn't wait to get back to shore.

It didn't take very long, and as he returned he was praised for his efforts and given his reward. Odin thought it best to leave straight away, lest they remove his reward when the discover all the blood and gore in their water supply.

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