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The First Deadliest Catch [NQ]

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"Is this what you are now? A quiet, edgy, always brooding boy?" Luci shook his head as he and the Nimulli watched the ocean together. Z'Aleel had become considerably less blood thirsty, though it would be a lie to say he wasn't thirsty for blood at all. It was odd for the demon to see his companion so calm and content in this moment. The Vacation was his idea, but he expected it to be a little more fun and chaotic. All Aleel had done was mope around. In his defense, he was still dealing with the whole merge event thing that happened about a week ago. He would probably be like this for a while. For now, he just wanted to relax. "Gimme a break. I'm in pain, Luci." The Nephilim said as he dug his feet into the sand. The cat-like demon rolled his eyes and took a sip from his silver flask. In this moment he missed the wild child Zael had once been.


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A burly man trekked through the sands of the beach to make his way towards the Nimulli, waving him down. Luci peeped the man coming and sighed. He knew the look in a mans eye when he wanted something. He was a demon that specialized in trading deals after all. "Avast! Shiver me timbers! ye there, I'll warrant ye! ye look like a strong lubber. Set sail with us, we're huntin' a creature that's been hauntin' these shores at night. We've got a boat o'er there... Shiver me timbers, we'll keel-haul ye..." The man pointed. "And five strong men waitin', with a chest full of booty. ye'll get paid if we catch th' big fish, o' course." The fallen angel blinked at the man, almost in confusion. There was a brief and awakward moment of silence as the two tourists struggled to wrap their head around the way the sailor spoke. "What the fuck are you talking about?" Luci asked. He would be the one to say what's on everyone's mind. The Sailor blinked in confusion but mostly taken aback by Luci. He had no idea what kind of creature he was. With nothing else better to do Z'Aleel could only oblige.


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"In pain my ass." Luci remarked before vanishing. The sailor brought the tanned skin Nephillim towards the boat, but Luci was long gone. When the demon didn't want to do something, he made sure he didn't do it. Him and water weren't the best of friends in the first place, something the Nimulli had only just learned. The five men awaited in the speed boat with their swords sheathed. The boat was small and didn't look like it would survive should there have actually been a creature in the water. This was the dumbest setup and something was bound to go wrong. Zael stepped into the boat after greeting the other sailors and they were off. The speed boat rumbled as it sped out into the open oceans only slowing down when they were about thirty miles away from the shores of the beach. To be fair, this was also a dumb decision on Za's behalf as well. He impulsively decided to embark on a journey with men who clearly didn't know what the hell they were doing.


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Suddenly, something within the water let out an ominous croak. It was the sound of a beast that was pretty annoyed. Unbeknownst to all the adventurers, they were in a territory that didn't belong to them. The creature quickly swam to the surface before roaring as it arose out of the water. Covered in green, with razor sharp teeth, resembling a giant snake, it seemed like this monster was the hunter in this equation. The Sailors screamed in fear. With a disappointed sigh, Zael glared into the eyes of the creature for a brief moment. "This is just great." He said. Suddenly the boat began to speed off back towards the shores of the beach. The monster was just starting though. Tonight, it would feast on the flesh of the fools who thought they were apex predators. The sailors never once stopped screaming as they begged the captain to hurry.


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"You know you're leading the monster directly towards the beach." Za said. He didn't care about the humans who were now watching the small boat approach in awe, but maybe the sailors did. "I have t' put me first, me bucko!" The sailor said as they all made their way back. It was fine by the Nimulli, he didn't care either way but now he was set on finding out what this creature tasted like. Certainly it would have a very salty flavor, but was the meat chewy? Tender? Tart? These were the only questions Z'Aleel thought about as they approached the shores at full speed. The sailors were complete idiots. Just before the boat crashed onto the sand, the fallen Nephilim jumped off of the boat, landing and rolling onto the sand. The boat was completely destroyed. The people on the beach screamed and began to flee in fear, but not the summoner.


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The creature wanted one thing and one thing only; the hunter that was after it. Perhaps it could sense the stronger-than-average mana within the Nimulli, perhaps not. Either way the creature was coming straight for him. The snake-like monster slithered onto the beach. Zael bit the tip of his finger, causing a magic circle to appear in front of the beast as Eznalos rose. The giant summon grabbed the beasts mouth with both his hands, stopping the creature from moving forward. "Take the head, leave the body." Simple orders were given to the evil fiend. The sea creature didn't let up just yet though. It pushed the mangler, causing him to move back some but in the end it was no match. Eznalos lifted the creature by its mouth before slamming it onto the sand, taking his hand as quickly as he could and chopping its head clean off. Tonight, they would feast!


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