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Ice and Fire [Lucretia]

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#1Yohannes Ilfrien 

Ice and Fire [Lucretia] Empty Sun Apr 17, 2022 7:28 am

Yohannes Ilfrien
Yohannes had never been to iceberg before; it was one of the few countries that her family had avoided due to all of the dangers that were known to it. She wasn’t even sure how she got here in the first place or where she would be going in there but after having to deal with some undead the youth was sitting in a tree, arm bandaged and the other working on slicing an apple.

There were a few draugr pacing around below her but she wasn’t really paying any of them any mind. They weren’t climbing and seemed content on letting her be since she was out of reach. Though her friendly demeanor didn’t seem to help at least now she could rest without the likelihood of being attacked by others.

You sure you don’t want to leave me alone Mr. Draugr? I’m not going to hurt you.

The draugr that she addressed simply groaned at her and the young woman sighed, dragging down her scarf to take a bite out of one of the apple slices. She’d eye the draugr wondering if it was hungry but deciding that she should finish it up since she’d be her a while. Undead didn’t need to eat right?

Maybe I should try to sleep… hmm…


Ice and Fire [Lucretia] Empty Sun Apr 17, 2022 7:32 am

Lucretia’s patrols in the north were often fruitful but today was something very different. She had gotten wind of a young woman stuck in a tree surrounded by draugr by a passerby that had seen the situation. They explained what was going on and that the young woman didn’t seem worried. Thinking that the young woman was a stranded witch or something Lucretia hurried along. Eventually arriving on scene to see that it was very much so not a witch and in fact very much so just a Demi-human, unarmed in fact sitting in a tree way above the milling undead.

Gritting her teeth the werewolf managed to catch the undead unawares, cutting them all down without much issue. Crushing the varied skulls and other required bits the woman eventually glanced up at the demi human who was still eating their apple.

Should be clear enough for you now. Do you need an escort to a village?

She wasn’t expecting an answer in immediacy but regardless of what was said Lucretia would be keen on helping the young woman. So the two of them would have to likely work together for a short time or something. If she did say no Lucretia would at least keep just out of range of the woman to notice them; but if they said yes she could easily carry the wounded youth to the nearest village for treatment.


#3Yohannes Ilfrien 

Ice and Fire [Lucretia] Empty Sun Apr 17, 2022 7:35 am

Yohannes Ilfrien
Yohannes was still trying to figure out what on earth she was going to do when a white blur of fur arrived and practically tore the dragur apart. She’d lean over in shock to see a tall woman with a golden spear address her asking if she needed to be escorted to a village. Considering the danger she was in and the sudden savior yohannes hopped down from the tree, it was a good fifteen feet up so she’d have to slide along the trunk. Landing on her feet and tossing the remains of the apple to the side the Demi-human grinned.

Sure! I haven’t the faintest idea where I’m going so getting an escort would be nice

That being said the young demi-human was scooped up with one arm before the werewolf tore off from the location. She wasn’t the sort that was going to turn down help especially when she was lost. A good way of making friends in earnest. It wouldn’t be long before they arrived at a village which seemed shocked to have a werewolf and demi-human show up. One that they knew of all things too! It wasn’t hard for the werewolf to get her treatment either so yohannes was going to be sitting pretty until she recovered…


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