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[QUEST] Brawling Blacksmith

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[QUEST] Brawling Blacksmith Empty Mon Apr 11, 2022 5:44 pm


Ragnar was pretty happy today, he had just left one of his favorite places to eat in all of Baska. They had gotten to know Ragnar as a person with a big appetite but also a big wallet and great tipper so he was welcome there like family! Ragnar was pretty sure that he alone counted for quite a bit of that shops profits but he didn't really care, they had the best lamb rack he had! As he walked home with a full belly, he was greeted with a messenger who handed him a letter before running off.

Opening the letter, Ragnar sighed as he was told to meet Godfrey at his shop in the next couple of minutes. Ragnar looked at the sun and saw it was going down before sighing even louder and running off towards Godfrey's location. Once he arrived and knocked on the front door, Godfrey let him in and relayed him the details of what was going on.

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Godfrey had a meeting with a gemstone seller, someone that is supposed to sell him a magical gemstone and he needed Ragnar to be there to make sure everything went well. Look intimidating and scary and all that, he also admitted to Ragnar that gemstones weren't the thing he knew the most about and was hoping someone experienced would know better. Ragnar knew enough about gems to make sure he wasn't getting completely screwed in a buy or sell for a gem he might have acquired over the years in an adventure or anything like that.

Never the less Ragnar had to agree at this point because they had fifteen minutes before the guy showed up and there was zero chance that Godfrey was going to find someone else in that time to replace him. Ragnar then made the room as simple as possible as he moved stuff out of the way and pushed it to the sides of the room, before putting a table in the middle of the room along with two chairs.

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On the dot, the Gemstone Seller arrived and walked into the front door which was left unlocked for him. The man was very short and had a stupid mustache but he seemed fairly well built all things considered as he sat down and the negotiation began. The first thing that happened was that the gem was shown on the table to show that it was in fact here and wasn't just a lie.

At that point the negotiation between Godfrey and this man started, and Ragnar didn't really listen but looked at the gem and his brain started to think more and more. He had seen something like that before during one of his mine jobs in the past, the math wasn't adding up on what this thing was capable of doing and what the man was charging. It didn't take long for Ragnar to realize that the man was overcharging Godfrey and walking over and whispering into the man's ear this information the talks quickly devolved.

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Godfrey swung a punch across the table at the Gemstone seller, who pushed himself backwards from the table and the punch flew by his face by inches and he then got ready for his own fight. If it wasn't for the simple fact that Ragnar out of nowhere punched him right in his big stupid dumb nose. The man's head snapped backwards and he fell to the floor with a hearty thud before Godfrey and Ragnar. Ragnar was stronger the Godfrey and also slightly taller, but clearly a much better fighter. The gemstone seller was also very strong considering that Ragnar gave him a full blown punch and the man didn't explode all over the walls and was even conscious if not a little dazed.

After having a very brief but nice talk at this point, Ragnar and Godfrey 'convinced' the man that his best choice was to lower the price, which he did to a far more reasonable price.

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At which point Godfrey paid the man, his nose broken and most likely would need to go to a healing mage after this to fix the rattling of his brain in his skull left the shop with his money. Godfrey then pulled out a bigger wad of cash and threw it to Ragnar and told him thanks for making sure that things went well. Then gently escorting Ragnar out of his store so he could close up, Ragnar left back into the night to go back to his hotel room.

Once he arrived in his hotel room, he took the wad of cash and threw it onto the table next to his bed as he wondered what he was going to do with all the money he was collecting. The last time he had this much money was right before he bought his hammer, he wondered what other cool thing he could buy soon.

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