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[Quest] Ore Smuggling

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Ragnar woke up once again from his slumber to a knock on his hotel door. Apparently someone was let in as he looked over to see a letter being slide under his door. As he got up and walked over to the door, he picked up the letter before reading it. Apparently his old client Godfrey needed his help with something and to meet him in the shop.

As Ragnar got his normal clothes on, this didn't seem like the kind of mission he needed his full armor and gear for he walked to the store and managed to meet Godfrey who smiled at him and told him that his order was in the back and to follow him. Ragnar nodded before following him into the back, at which point Ragnar got his orders.

As he listened to the man, Ragnar noticed one thing, he seemed to have some level of regret about asking Ragnar to do this. What the hell could this man be asking him to do, and then he heard the request. There was a delivery of a unique kind of iron known as Cadmium, a highly toxic ore if used incorrectly, that he needed to make sure got into the city safely and without issue. Godfrey told him that he didn't want their to be any attention drawn to this so killing the guards was off limits for this job.

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Well that shouldn't be too hard, and also, why did he seem to be regretful for this! He had Ragnar murder someone! In his home! Smuggling in some illegal ore was so low on the things this man was guilty of, and wasn't even on the 15th page of things that Ragnar was guilty of.

He gave him the location of the smuggler that was waiting outside of the city to get let in and told him the secret words to let him know that he was sent by Godfrey. Nodding, Ragnar left the back with Godfrey following back behind saying loudly " I am sorry about that! I will get that taken care of for you later tonight! "

Ragnar knew what he meant when he said that but left and went outside the town to meet with the smuggler. Ragnar meet with the smuggler and gave him the information he needed to know that Ragnar was there to help and Ragnar gave him the lowdown of the plan. Once that was accepted, Ragnar began his crazy plan.

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Ragnar walked over to the border, where a cart was being searched by the Rune Knights there. Ragnar then dropped his wallet under the cart, before leaning over and pushing the entire cart off the road and into a near by ditch before leaning down and picking up his wallet and putting it back into his pocket.

This clearly made the rune knights that were searching this cart very upset as they started to yell at Ragnar asking what the hell he was doing and so on and so on. Ragnar simply played like he was dumb and simply dropped his wallet and didn't understand what he had done wrong.

It didn't take long for the smuggler to simply walk through the front gate of the city, with all of the runes knights paying only attention to Ragnar and what he was doing and the argument that was coming to a boil here. Once Ragnar saw the smuggler had clearly gone through, with a sigh he said that he was sorry and that he would help get the cart back out of the ditch.

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This took much much longer then pushing it into the ditch in the first place, because Ragnar had to push it in such a way that it didn't snap something. God it was so much easier to break stuff then it was to make sure it didn't break. It took a good fifteen minutes of the carts owner and the rune knights telling Ragnar to push this way or that before Ragnar got it back on the road where it should be. Once that was taken care of Ragnar left, before the rune knights could figure out that he was in fact a wanted man with a million jewel bounty on his head.

After leaving, Ragnar went back to Godfrey. Godfrey smiled as he came in and said that he the updated project in the back and if he could follow him he would hand it over. Once Ragnar came into the back, Godfrey handed him a wrapped up bundle filled with cash and gave Ragnar his thanks. He honestly didn't think that it would go that smoothly but Ragnar never disappointed so far.

With a nod, Ragnar left the forge and went back to his hotel room. Another successful question completed and crossed off the books.

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