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Sayida Saleh

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Name: Sayida Saleh

Age: April 24th | x770

Gender: Woman

Sexuality: Pansexual

Ethnicity, Father: Desiertan

Ethnicity, Mother: Desiertan

Class: Paladin

Race: Wood-Elf

Rank: D

Guild: Fairy Tail

Tattoo: Upper thigh

Face: Pharah - Overwatch


Height: 5'11

Weight: 168 lbs

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Gold

Overall: Sayida stands as a relatively tall women being five foot eleven and thick in the bones being one-hundred-sixty-eight pounds. She is curvy to a fault, shaped similarly to an hour glass according to those that gaze upon her. Almost majestic, her skin is smooth, soft to the touch, and baked to a bronze color like most people from Desierto. She keeps her hair short, often trinketed with gold and wooden charms which often covers her pointed elven ears in order to protect herself against racist people. Sayida is a woman of quality so she often sports expensive clothing, most of it fitted to express her curves unless she's working. Her hair and nails are always done and changes depending on the occasion.

Extra: Tattoo under eye | Eye color changes frequently based on emotion


Personality: Sayida is a brave, stern, aggressive, adventurous, and often time mischievous spirit who can't sit still for too long and who doesn't tolerate any crap. She's very outspoken, often being the first out of her group to speak her mind or take on challenges in order to fulfill her thirst for adventure and the unknown and aspiring to become greater than she was yesterday. To Sayida, her only competition is herself, so she tends to get along nicely with her peers. More often than not, she has no ill-intentions towards anyone. She stands firm in the idea that "You only live once" and will always strive to live her life to the fullest. In fact, those around her know her as a wild-spirit or "the life of the party", completely unable to be tamed or controlled. As such, she has a very strong personality.

It goes without saying that she has acquired a taste for all of what life has to offer. Jewelry, first-class trips, money, the best food and drink, the most attractive people, she loves the lavish lifestyle and high quality things but she loves herself above all others- only putting her kinfolk above herself in terms of importance. Sayida can be quite selfish, it takes her a lot to not put herself first in the most dire situations. However, if the price is right she's willing to do almost anything. She grew up in a harsh environment and hustlinng was the only way she was able to provide for her family. As a native of Desierto she cannot help but love her country and the people in it.

Sayida takes the Zharian Gods very seriously and she will do anything to protect and help the Nation of Desierto. However, this isn't to say that she is overly religious to the point where it completely takes over her life. Still, in her day to day life she can often be found praying to the gods, creating alters or sacrificing to the Zharian Deities. Coming from a long line of Seers, oracles, and Nomads, she has  very deep connection with the unseen forces. She's so spiritual in fact, that she internalizes many things as omens or lessons sent from the gods, believing that it is her duty to preserve them. She is but a servant to the gods but to nobody else. In a nutshell, Sayida truly is the epitome of "Fuck you, pay me."

  • Sybarite: Sayida loves expensive things. High quality fabrics, food, gems, wine, vacations, all of the finer things in life. By extension, this of course means she also loves money.
  • Hot weather: As a native of Desierto she cannot help but to enjoy the heat. She is a child of the sun after all.
  • Challenges: Nothing in life comes easy and Sayida is no stranger to struggle, however, she has grown to embrace and love the struggle believing that if it's easy than the prize isn't as valuable.
  • Tree Hugger: It's only natural for her to have a deep connection with the earth and all it has to offer. Sayida takes the planets health very seriously, often talking to flowers and giving them the attention they deserve. Nature is much better than people.

  • Humans: It's not that she hates them and despite the fact that she believes that their very existence is the reason why the entire world is in shambles, most humans that she's come across have been arrogant, selfish, or straight up rude towards her.
  • Cheap things: Cheap fabrics, clothing and things of that nature are things Sayida will never indulge in.
  • Arguing: Sayida is impatient and from her experience arguments get her nowhere. Instead she'd rather fight it out, or walk away. Either way arguing is simply a waste of time.
  • Illumin: The false god who has mind-controlled millions, Sayida dislikes Illumins growing influence. She has denounced the god on multiple occasions. She believes that one day Illumin will takeover and her beloved Zharian gods will cease to exist.

  • Zharian Gods: As someone who takes the Zharian Gods very seriously, she aspires to become as great as they are. While she doesn't care much for their approval, she does admire them.
  • Family: Family is extremely important, it's one of the reasons why Sayida works so hard. A lot of her income is transferred over to her family in Desierto. She aims to become the best her to be able to provide and protect her kinfolk.
  • Money: Aside from needing money, Sayida loves just having it. Money is one of the things- if not the only thing that matters in this world and she wants as much of it as possible.

  • Growing Old: Sayida loves herself. She embraces her beauty, her femininity and her youth. Growing old scares her because she believes that it takes all of that away from her. Imagine having old wrinkly skin.
  • Her Mother: Her mother is simply just a scary individual.


Strength: 1

Speed: 1

Constitution: 1

Endurance: 1

Intelligence: 26


Magic Name: Guardian of the Oasis

Magic Element: Water

Magic Enhancement: Body Defense

Magic Description: Guardian of Oasis is an extremely rare magic rumored to be passed onto those chosen by the Zharian God Hapi. Guardian of the Oasis is a very powerful magic that uses the water element in a very unique and destructive manner. Users are able to manipulate or conjure water to do their bidding.


History: One April 24th, X770 Sayida was born in the Oasis of Desierto far away from the Kingdom and the forests of Desierto to a family of elves. While normally a mother would need time to recover, when Sayida was born her mothers womb had immediately healed. It was Sayida's first display of natural power. It was told by the elders and priests that the unborn child would be the next guardian; people assigned to defend the Oasis' of Desierto. It was a big deal mainly because the child was wood-elf. Such a thing had never been spoken of. The elven guardian wasn't taken away immediately. When the Guardian turns 13 years old or becomes a man/woman, they were supposed to leave their life behind to learn the ways of Desiertan Seers and oracles to eventually become one themselves.  

Never before had the Saleh family been given an honor on this level. While it was one of the greatest destinies a Desiertan could be given, Sayida's mother wasn't too pleased because she understood that at this point her will and vision for her daughter no longer mattered. The gods had taken complete control over her eldest child. Hailing from a family of royal guards, Sayida was born into a life full of responsibility. Her mother was an extremely powerful woman in every aspect of the word so she expected all of her children to live up to that reputation. Sayida's father, however, was easy-going and soft-spoken. Sayida was the oldest of her siblings and had done a lot of mothering in her youth while her parents worked long hours.

Sayida was taught how to fight, pray to the gods, embrace the ancestral elven spirits, read and write- all by her mother. Because of who Sayida had been chosen to be her mother was very protective of her and disliked the idea of her being around other children. It was instilled early on that Sayida needed to remain loyal to Desierto and protect the ruler chosen by the gods but she knew that she had a duty to defend the Oasis' and the preserve the will of the only Zharian gods, even if that meant disobeying the Pharaoh. At the age of ten, after being put through extensive training via her mother and taking care of her siblings, Sayida left the Kingdom to embrace her divine powers at the temple of Hapi with Nomads and other aspiring priests, seers. There she learned the true history of Desierto, the gods, and her own magical abilities.

As the next Guardian of the Oasis she was showered in luxury. She never had to worry about money, food, clothing, or shelter. She was treated like royalty amongst the Nomads. Life had not been cruel to Sayida. Her family was not poor, her parents were loving for the most part, and she had been blessed with an honorable destiny. She spent a lot of her life meditating in the oasis, drinking from the oasis, worshipping the oasis and becoming one with it eventually gaining the ability to tap into its power. However, after spending twenty years at the temple of Hapi, Sayida was compelled to witness the world and all of its glory. She was ready to live her life for her for once.

With her training complete, she was able to return to the Kingdom and start anew. There, in Desierto, the Guardian of the Oasis became known for her healing an oracle abilities, establishing herself as a defender of the Kingdom before leaving to explore the world. However, Sayida has a limited amount of time before she required to return to Desierto and fully embrace her Guardianship. She was given 5 years of "freedom" and she plans on living it up.

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