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[QUEST] Questionable Recuritment

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Ragnar left his home, his home being the hotel he is still staying at, to find a letter found out on this door. After opening it and reading it he was surprised, but not surprised to see it was a job. Apparently the man that Quill and him had gotten a body for needs some more help. An associate of his apparently needs a raid of some local adventurers to be put to a stop. Or at least the raid hasn't happened yet and they are still working on recruiting. Ragnar's job was to stop the recruiting. Easy enough.

Ragnar then went and put on his armor, and his hammer and then got ready to handle the business. He walked outside of his hotel and summoned his mount, with a crack of thunder the mount appeared before running by Ragnar, which Ragnar in a swift and practiced move threw himself into the saddle of the beast and kept riding.


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Ragnar knew where this recruitment was going to be, and as he rode towards it he was clearly making an impression. Though that is what happens when you ride in on beast that was as big and wide as a water buffalo while being far heavier. The horn on his head was a single one, forming a T shape on it, though on top of the flat of that T were large spikes, where it appeared skulls had been placed. It's appeared to be closer to a massive dog in shape and size, it's mouth appeared to be big enough to bite a man's head off with room to spare, its teeth looked like shortswords. From a distance color of the fur of the beast looked a dirty brass only as it got closer would people realize that it was not the color of the fur, it was armor. Sheets of Brass covered armor covered every inch of this beast and it didn't seem to slow it down at all in any way. The chains that were used to 'control' this beast was attached to a massive spiked collar around its neck. As the beast laid down next to it's master, small gaps in the armor showed something possibly more terrible. This beast had no skin, it appeared to be made of machinery and parts mixed together with a living beast.


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After Ragnar road up to greet the party attempting to recruit for this raid, they asked him if he would like to join them and Ragnar calmly told them that they are to abandon this raid and stop recruiting for it. If they will not then Ragnar will kill every single one of them in this square. Ragnar at this point had a reputation in the city as someone that was very violent and was also well known for being a strong fighter as a whole. He knew he was strong enough to kill every single one of the novice adventurers here, all of which couldn't be any higher then D rank or low C rank mages or adventurers.

Apparently the adventurers knew this as they all turned around and started to pack up their stuff. Apparently they did decide to abandon this foolish mission. Ragnar turned his mount to go back towards his hotel and road off. Once he got off his mount, it continued to run off before disappearing in a clap of thunder as it returned home before Ragnar walked back into the hotel. He found a letter on the floor there with his money inside and a thanks for doing the job.

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