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[QUEST] Rat Catcher

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Ragnar got word that some blacksmith had something stolen from his shop. Leaving his hotel room, he left and headed towards the the man's shop. Entering the shop Ragnar found what he expected to see, the normal tools of the trade along with a man that was around his height and build, the man explained what was going on. His shop had a very valuable weapon stolen from him, and while he would normally go handle this kind of stuff himself he wasn't able to leave the shop unattended and he needs Ragnar's help to bring him back. While listening the to man, Ragnar noticed that this man clearly wasn't a gentle or kind man as he was told that Ragnar could 'break his legs if you have to' which was enough for Ragnar to know what kind of person he was dealing with. A man that was clearly capable of hurting some people.


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After leaving the shop, Ragnar began his normal look around the city but sadly he didn't exactly blend into a crowd so he would have to use another method. Going down to the seedy part of town and entering the bar that everyone at this point knows him, even occasionally waving at him as he enters as a sign of greeting before going back to their drinks. Ragnar asked around for some weapons or armor that was hot off the presses as it were.

It didn't take him long to eventually find a man who was trying to sell a piece of equipment for real cheap before leaving down. That does sure sound like Ragnar's guy. With a couple of asks, Ragnar managed to get a meeting with the guy in an abandoned warehouse in the outskirts of town just for the meeting. Ragnar was going to have to lay a trap for this man.


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Ragnar having set up didn't have to wait for long for the thief to show up, expected to quickly sell his product. The man clearly knew who Ragnar was, and knew that he was reputable enough to not start instantly running but he clearly didn't bring the weapon with him. Most likely a smart idea all things considered. Too bad it wouldn't matter for him. Ragnar then asked the question of where he got this weapon, and apparently that did something to the thief as he froze in place before looking at Ragnar and then bolting out of the warehouse. Sighing loudly Ragnar ran after him but it didn't take long for him to catch up and tackle the man to the ground. Putting his weight into the man's lower back, Ragnar made it clear that he would leave the man without his legs if he continued to struggle and that he couldn't always control how much pressure he put on things.

This apparently got the man to stop struggling, at-least enough for Ragnar to pull out a set of manacles that he kept for missions like this and handcuff the man


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Ragnar then dragged the man back to the blacksmiths shop, it was late at night at this point so no one saw this and once he arrived, Ragnar handed the thief off to Godfrey. Godfrey then took him into the back and started to beat the man with a hammer, torturing him as he did this. Ragnar had seen this before and was about to sit against the wall and watch until he heard his stomach growl loudly. Man he was hungry, Ragnar wondered when the last time he ate was. It was like two hours ago, well that meant it was time for him to go find something else to eat.

Ragnar left the blacksmith shop for a moment and went down the street, as he walked down the street he was looking for a late night stall, one that sold greasy food to drunk people in the middle of the night. It didn't take Ragnar too long to find one.


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The one Ragnar found was selling what appeared to be a sandwich with a pile of meat, lettuce, pickles and other such things with a side of chips. Ragnar couldn't complain as he paid for the food and once he got it found a spot to sit down and start eating it. It was surprisingly good for street food, though in Ragnar's experience street food had to be at least OK otherwise it was never in business long. He had heard stories about it giving people stomach issues but that had yet to happen to Ragnar, though Ragnar was also use to eating wild game and other things like that so maybe he was immune to such normal issues.

Either way Ragnar finished his meal, dusting himself off from the crumbs of the chips, he went back to the blacksmith to see if he was done torturing the man. Ragnar was mildly surprised to see the man wasn't done when he came back, but as Ragnar leaned against the wall to watch the rest it appeared the man had finally gotten his point across on the thief and stopped. Ragnar was pretty sure the thief was dead at this point or at least in shock and unable to think.

Godfrey turned around and nodded his head before apologizing for having to see him do that, and that he apparently had lost his temper. Along with this he also said that he was grateful for the thief and then hands Ragnar the money he was owed. Ragnar took the money and nodded back to the man as he left the place.

It was a short walk back to his hotel, and with the money in his hand he folded it up and put it into his belt, and going back into the room he was staying in. This was a very weird thing, apparently the man didn't notice Ragnar had left and thought he was there for the entire thing. O well, Ragnar wasn't going to tell him otherwise, it didn't really matter.

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