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[Quest] Friend Ore Foe

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Once again, Ragnar sat down back in the suite still being paid for by his friend, Quilly, but apparently she was maybe leaving here soon and going somewhere else. Ragnar watched her grow stronger very quickly, and he felt that protecting her at this point was pointless and he would only get in her way at this point.

As he thought about this, realizing that he had long lost his touch, a letter slipped under his door. Standing up and walking over he opened it to see that Mattoro needed him again. He said to meet him back at their headquarters again. Ragnar decided that he didn't want to walk this time around and once he left the inn, he made a loud whistle, before a thunderclap came out of a nearby alley.

What came out of the alloy was a beast that was as big and wide as a water buffalo while being far heavier. The horn on his head was a single one, forming a T shape on it, though on top of the flat of that T were large spikes, where it appeared skulls had been placed. It's appeared to be closer to a massive dog in shape and size, it's mouth appeared to be big enough to bite a man's head off with room to spare, its teeth looked like shortswords. From a distance color of the fur of the beast looked a dirty brass only as it got closer would people realize that it was not the color of the fur, it was armor. Sheets of Brass covered armor covered every inch of this beast and it didn't seem to slow it down at all in any way. The chains that were used to 'control' this beast was attached to a massive spiked collar around its neck. If anyone looked at the monster as it turned the corner, small gaps in the armor showed something possibly more terrible. This beast had no skin, it appeared to be made of machinery and parts mixed together with a living beast.

WC: 343


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Ragnar waited as the beast ran past him, and with a practiced movement threw himself into the massive saddle and grabbed the chains before turning and pointing the large beast towards where he needed to go.

He eventually reached the warehouse, it appeared alot of people wanted to avoid getting in his way as he moved through the city to get here. Once outside the warehouse, Ragnar got off the Juggernaut, before whistling again and the beast ran off and once it was out of sight another crack of thunder rang out as the beast returned home.

Walking into the warehouse, he was greeted by Mattoro who smiled at him before getting down to brass tax.

Apparently he knows that atleast one of the contractors was guilty, but he had to be sure who it was before he killed them. Even though he was pretty sure it was Kalaus, he couldn't be sure. Kalaus was there that day but he still needed to be sure. With that he gave Ragnar his address and told him to go find out what the man knew. Kalaus wasn't home apparently so he would have free reign of the house, but he didn't want the man to think something had happened.

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Ragnar nodded before turning and leaving, luckily for him the person's house was very close to him and as Ragnar walked towards the house he noticed that his target apparently had a privacy wall around his property. Ragnar was glad for this because that made it easy for him to sneak in as he jumped up, grabbed the top of the wall and then grew himself over it.

Ragnar had to walk around for a bit until he located a window that was unlocked and was big enough for him to fit through. Once he was inside the house he started to look around. It took about an hour of searching through the man's stuff before he found a letter in his house from one of the other contractors, Giroud. Ragnar read the message and it said that they apparently knew about Mattoro and what he was doing, and how they should have killed him when the mine collasped orginally.

This left one person, Frankan, but Ragnar didn't know if this man had an address. After putting everything back where he found it, and jumping back over the wall he was glad in the fact that his informants basically told him where he could find Frankan.

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Ragnar went to the part of town that he knew Frankan liked to be apart of, and it didn't take long for him to spot Frankan at which point Ragnar would walk over to him, walking close enough to him before pushing him into an alley with enough force to have him hit the alley wall. The man crashed against it and lost all the air in his lungs as Ragnar walked towards him.

After much crying and explaining, Ragnar found out what he needed to know. Apparently the man wasn't apart of this scheme as the moment he found out about it, he started to rat on his fellow contractors. With this information, Ragnar found out more about them then he learned from his informants. He learned timetables of the man, what they liked to do and when they will be in Baska. Ragnar nodded to the man before leaving him in that alley crying.

After getting the information, Ragnar walked back to the warehouse. Mattoro was waiting for him, and wanted to hear what he had learned. Ragnar told him the full story, including meeting up with Frankan and getting that information. While Mattoro wasn't happy to know that not only was Kalaus involved but also Giroud! Mattoro still thanked him to clearing Frankan, before paying Ragnar and dismissing him.

Something about what Frankan said didn't seem right to Ragnar, but he kept that to himself. Maybe he was being paranoid, but Ragnar wasn't being paid to think too much. He was getting paid to deal with a man's problems.

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