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[Quest] No Stone Unturned

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[Quest] No Stone Unturned Empty Tue Mar 29, 2022 6:26 pm


Ragnar was sitting in his hotel room, the room still under the control of Quillareine, as he was supposed to apparently she was off on her own mission and at this point she didn't need him to look after her. She was becoming more armed and armored then he was at this point, and she had magic. That is when Ragnar heard a knock at his door, and standing up and opening it he found a man, about half a foot shorter then him standing there. The man looked up at Ragnar and said that he needed him to follow him, apparently he had a job for him. Ragnar shrugged and said " Yep no problem. " before walking back and starting to put on his armor and everything else he would need.

After that he was lead to an abandoned warehouse in the outskirts of Baska. Once he entered the man he had gotten the job of blowing up the mine from was standing there, apparently he had another job. Once he entered the man told Ragnar what the mission was.

Apparently three contractors were going to enter the city to have a meeting in the next couple of days, but this man didn't know what they looked like, the names or anything else. Ragnar needed to find these men apparently. Ragnar simply nodded to this before turning and walking off.

Ragnar didn't have time to go and walk around the city himself, so he did the next best thing he could. Pay someone else to do most of the work for him. Ragnar had a reputation, and a bounty to back it up, so most people even outside of his normal sphere of influence knew who he was and what he was capable of. He went around and told people that if they found the contractors he was looking for, and told him where to find them he would pay.

It didn't take long for Ragnar to find some hits on that, and following their instructions he did manage to locate the men and got a good look at them. After three times of doing this he managed to gather their names as well and their descriptions. After gathering this information Ragnar went ahead and went into the outskirts of the city and located the same abandoned warehouse. When Ragnar walked inside of the warehouse he saw the man and began to describe what he had seen.

He was lucky that he didn't ask the people that found them to do all the work, because some of the descriptions would have been off and the magic the man had used clearly needed a very specific description. For every person he named, the man wrote it down along with the description and it would generate a visual image of their face in the air, and Ragnar would comment on it to have some things changed to make it look correct or not.

After this was taken care of, the man seemed very happy with this and handed Ragnar his money. Apparently he was now one step closer to getting what he wanted, though what that was Ragnar wasn't fully sure nor did he really care. He was getting paid, and even though it was a shit job, hopefully the better ones would come soon.

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