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[Quest] A New Mine

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[Quest] A New Mine Empty Sun Mar 27, 2022 10:34 am


Ragnar had hung out inside of Baska for a bit, but apparently his reputation hadn't quite reached this far and he was still required to do these shit jobs in order to make it up to the good jobs. He found a note outside of his room that he was staying at, and it told him that he was needed at an abandoned shake outside of town.

Ragnar walked out to this abandoned shack, being acouple of miles outside of town. There he meet a man who told him the needed parts of the job. Apparently the man had been screwed over by the mining company in the past, and wanted revenge on them for what they had done. He didn't get too specific but he gave Ragnar a bag filled with explosives along with a general understanding of where he would need to put the explosives. As Ragnar left with the bag, he was told that none of the miners should be hurt. Well that was different from his normal jobs he took. O well.

Ragnar walked the last mile to the mineshaft in question, and simply walked in, fully armed and armoured as he normally was on a mission. He eventually went up to one of the men that was pointing around and giving orders, before telling him that he was apart of the company and he was here to protect the mines. Before he did that he would need everyone out of the mines and he would have to go in to take a look around.

While the man argued at first, he was quickly made silent by the over seven foot tall man in full plate armor with a massive hammer on his hip glaring down at him. Once the mine was emptied, Ragnar went into the mines and planted the required explosives on a timer. Leaving the place, Ragnar told the guy that he had just meet and began saying " Hey, so you have a big issue, there is some creatures in there that you don't really want to mess with. They are known to cause mine colla" and as Ragnar finished his sentence, the explosives went off on the timer.

As the dust covered everyone as the mine collapsed, Ragnar held his hand up from the dust and yelled out " Yep. Looks like they found your tunnels. I gotta go back and report this to the boss. You stay here and make sure no one was hurt " and with that Ragnar turned and ran off into the distance, leaving the foreman stunned as to what happened.

It didn't take Ragnar long to reach back to the shack where he meet his client, once he told him the job was done and that no one was hurt, the man smiled at him and while handing him his money told Ragnar that he would have other jobs for this man in the future. Ragnar grunted at this before turning and leaving, looking back at the mountain of dust he had left in his wake.

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