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Baska - Miracle Cure [Good quest: B-rank]

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Baska - Miracle Cure [Good quest: B-rank] Empty Tue Mar 15, 2022 2:53 am

Lucretia had to consider just how polite the people of baska were in sending letters; fernando sent them and every time that she got one from him there was always something the matter. When she got a letter from Gerard she couldn’t help but sigh, given that the contents of the letter were not something that she was anticipating given the thrashing she gave Mattoro’s men. It was not something she particularly reflected on with pride but it was something that she would admit she would do again if the need arose.

When she arrived at the hospital and ducked into his office she found him sitting there; clearly worried, clearly impatient and very anxious. She’d take a seat in front of his desk with a soft look in her eyes; he truly cared about the people in this town and it was likely hurting him every single minute of the day and she could truly understand that. She’d lean a little bit on the desk and reach out to gently tap his hand with her own. Reminding him that he wasn’t alone in this. He’d seem to deflate at this and offer her a drink in which she’d gingerly take from him. The man would make one of his own before starting to explain what he wanted.

He wanted to have a cure for this plague since the cold colliers were not going to stop what they were doing. He wanted to make sure that it would work because it could very quickly start to infect the local population. He already had a cure here due to having distilled it from the boar. But he had no way to really replicate it from the boar’s blood into a treatment without physically forcing the infected to drink. Which would be incredibly difficult while they were enraged.

Lucretia nodded her head as he continued to explain; sipping at the whiskey he had given her. He needed her to get three specific items for the doctor so he could spread the cure since he couldn’t make a lot of it in time. The woman considered this option and nodded her head.

The first item that he wanted her to get was a special magical crystal that would allow him to turn the small volume of the cure into a much larger quantity. There was a nearby shop that had this crystal but it was so outlandishly priced that the doctor couldn’t pay for it and he wouldn’t ask lucretia to do so. So she’d need to grab the crystal. Lucretia frowned but after a lot of convincing that it was for the betterment of everyone here… that they could return it or at least pay the shopkeep when they could. She’d grumble about this clearly not liking the idea of stealing such a valuable item.

The second item was an aerosol that was capable of holding a vast amount of water which would make it easier to spread the cure. The woman nodded; it’d be easy to buy one of those since they were so commonplace.

The third item was a magical one but one that would be able to be found inside of baska itself. She’d need to travel to the water source again and take a sample of the water there. She’d have to infuse some mana into the water to make it ‘purer’ in a sense. She’d bite her lower lip at hearing that but after getting explained to about how it’d turn into a shimmering and fluorescent blue color she’d nod. It reminded her of a mana potion but of something a little more ‘pure’. Once she had those three items she could come back they could work together to create a cure. Lucretia stared at him for a moment but then just nodded. She understood why he trusted her with this even though she was just a warrior.

Lucretia would stand up and shake the doctor’s hand before heading out; he looked tired and would definitely need to rest. But the woman knew that he wouldn’t before this was all done. She didn’t blame him given in the same position… She’d do the same. The woman quickly found the first shop; the crystal shop was that of a place that she had considered going to before.

She’d greet the shopkeep who didn’t seem to be paying her much mind but as she browsed and got to the area where she saw the crystal she couldn’t help but notice that the crystals around it were in different containers even if they were similar colors. Finding one that was a lot cheaper she’d switch the two out before putting them away. She felt awful for having to do this but… when something was that expensive it really should be locked away. The woman presented the crystal to the shop keep who glanced at it and then up.

Don’t strike me as a botanist.

It’s not for me. It’s for a friend. She’s got a lot of plants yanno?

OH! The model right?

Lucretia nodded and then paid the paltry sum for the crystal before heading out. It was one of three figured out and she felt awful about it but she wasn’t about to just let the entire town suffer because of something so simple as money. She swore that she would return it and set the wrong right.

The second item had her go to the general store; once she entered she’d note that the place was positively a mess. Making her blink; she’d look around and try to find an aerosol can that would work for the good doctor. But before she could she heard some hissing and saw the shopkeep. The man had eyes that were practically red from madness and the hissing turned into him trying to bite and pry at her. Growling in irritation knowing she didn’t have time for this she’d take one of the larger cans and slam it down over the man’s head. Effectively blinding them and muffling the sound.

She’d quickly kick them over; knowing that her time here was limited before they got that can off their head. So she’d snatch a to size aerosol before running off. The screaming of the man would likely bring others here and she wasn’t about to get caught out again. It was a bit frustrating that basically both items she had to steal but with the shopkeep like that there was no arguing with him. They could use the cure on the infected when they got the damn thing figured out.

She’d practically sprint her way to where she knew the water source was; kicking over a few people that tried to accost her. If they didn’t act quickly she was pretty sure that baska as a whole would quickly devolve into people desperately trying to fight off the infected only eventually to fall. It’d take her some time to get to the source of water and she’d look around. She’d go further up stream as close as she could get to the source of the water and start by taking a good size sample for Gerard. She’d growl a little bit before placing her hands on the sample. Covering it with a stopper and started to pour her mana into it.

She felt the minutes pass and eventually she could feel like a great weight was lifted from her shoulders; she felt weaker for sure and would stare down at the water that was now the color that Gerard said it needed to be before putting it into her pack. Carefully as to not break it. If it broke she’d have to do this all over again and that would mean she’d have to wait to come back here. Which time was of the essence. Inhaling a great deal she’d run out of the cave. Skittering to a stop as she could hear yelling in the distance.

Turning about she’d practically sprint her way back to gerard’s hospital. Pushing herself to her absolute limits. Leaping up, against and then over buildings that were in her way. Time was of the essence damnit and she wasn’t about to let this be her fault again for not being prepared or not being able to get somewhere fast enough. Never again would she let people be caught waiting for her and she would be there as fast as she could.

She’d skid to a stop in front of the hospital and get inside without much issue. Gerard seemed surprised to see her so fast but she quickly explained that they needed to get this cure working as soon as possible. The shopkeep for one of the items was already infected and who knew how far it had spread. The warrior and the doctor headed deeper into the hospital to where the chemical lab was. They’d both don protective gear to keep them from getting splashed by hazardous materials.

She would work on crushing the crystal into a powder while the doctor readied the little bit of the cure serum that they had. The serum quickly took on the qualities of the crystal powder. She could tell there was some kind of reaction there. The doctor set the mana infused water in front of Lucretia who mixed it together vigorously at his direction. The two of them held their breath as they put it into the aerosol can.

Gerard believed that this would cure the patient and allow them to remain uninfected in the long term. Lucretia hoped that would be the case given what all had happened and would nod her head.

Got a test subject to test it on?

Gerard nodded his head and would show her to a patient that was very well restrained. Their arms at their sides and their mouth was muzzled; they were screaming and were struggling against their restraints to no avail. The man would use the can on them and the minutes ticked by before eventually? The man calmed down and fell asleep; exhausted from his body being in constant attack mode. The two shared a look and grinned. They’d be able to cure people now without endangering anyone. Gerard thanked her for her time and then gave her a rather sizeable sum causing lucretia’s brows to shoot up… But she wasn’t about to argue before pocketing it.

She wasn’t doing this for the money; but it honestly was being so lucrative doing the right thing she could hardly imagine herself doing anything else anymore.

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