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Deadliest Designer [Good quest: Rank B]

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Deadliest Designer [Good quest: Rank B] Empty Tue Mar 15, 2022 9:09 am

Once again Lucretia found herself the recipient of a letter from Fernando from the same delivery boy as before. She’d thank him for his time and quickly open up the pink letter; brows raising a bit as it explained hastily what he needed. It was never good when someone wrote letters like this; why couldn’t it be about how well things were going? Perfect world and all that. She’d exhale a little bit and head over the Boutique which she had been to a few times before at this point.

She was happy to see that the botanist was doing well even if fernando seemed a little nervous about something. Lucretia would approach the man to find out and he’d quickly explain that there had been a skew of accidents of which had left him rather shaken but he wasn’t going to just give up and turn over to let someone else take the lead in the entire scope of the designing world.

No he also expected that one of his rivals was responsible for a chandelier almost crushing him and his model. The man’s name was a particular Juane Chameur, a violent man by the sounds of it if they were willing to rig something to fall ontop of someone to either hurt or kill them. She’d grit her teeth hearing this and was a little irritated to find that the man was willing to hurt the both of them.

So what were they to do? Staying quiet wasn’t an option and letting this go would just lead to worse issues. The woman folded her arms and hummed a little. The designer suggested spying on the man and Lucretia couldn’t help but sigh. She wasn’t exactly suited to sneak after people. But just recently… she had become a better physical fighter thanks to a lot of effort. Her body’s abilities would hopefully allow for her to sneak after him silently and swiftly… were she not to wear any armor.

She’d agree to it and leave it behind, also probably having to leave the spear with fernando. Figuring that it would also be likely to make her stand out if she was tailing someone. Not exactly something she liked being without if she was being honest but that was just how life was. She’d have to work quietly and quickly to figure out where to start.

It’d take a little effort surely but that didn’t matter to her. She’d have to figure this out for the safety of the model. The botanist that she picked was positively terrified and wanted to go home but fernando asked her to stay just in case. She seemed hesitant but lucretia would give her a thumbs up before heading out herself. If she could find Juane before too long this all would go a bit more smoothly.

She’d head out to find where Juane’s Boutique was; Fernando did know and did point her out but even so that meant that getting there would still be a must. The woman padded along the streets in her usual dress. She seemed a bit smoother to thosea round her now and there was a soft smile that graced her face.

She had never been quick on her feet; so maybe her finding her center a little better made this easier for her in the long run. Which made finding that boutique even easier given her gait seemed to increase too. She found that it was positively abuzz with people coming in and out. She’d lean up against a wall and ponder if she should approach it. Figuring that if Juane was in there there wasn’t much of a reason for her to make herself known. So sticking to the side alleys while waiting she’d eventually spot the blond haired man, wearing quite incredible clothing as Fernando would have explained.

He was in a bit of a rush by the looks of it so once he passed by lucretia would wait before padding after him. She didn’t really have an issue staying out of sight or keeping up with him; he wasn’t exactly the swiftess nor did he look like the sort that would be able to get away too easily. But with the way he kept looking over his shoulder made Lucretia wonder if he was looking for a tail or looking for someone that was supposed to be following him.

She’d continue to follow him through most of the day, noting where he was going. What he was picking up; the whole shebang. He wasn’t getting into contact with anyone or doing much of anything that’d be considered suspicious now. Sure he was using magic to send off materials to somewhere but she figured given they were bolts or crafting materials he was sending them back to his boutique. It wasn’t something she felt needed to be seen honestly but he was being quite overt about it for a good while. Did he know that she was following him? No he wasn’t looking back anymore or acting as shady. Maybe he just didn’t like to leave his boutique too often or something.

That was when she noticed something; he was tailing someone else too. The botanist was looking through the streets; looking as though she was trying to get a meal in. She was doing shopping of some kind; probably just entertaining herself now that she wasn’t working with fernando. Finished for the day the woman would at the very least want to relax which Lucretia couldn’t blame her. But…

With Juane following her lucretia had to keep in pace. Had to make sure that she wasn’t going to get into trouble with this guy. He’d follow her continually and when the model turned into an alleyway Juane glanced around to see if anyone was following him before stepping after her. Lucretia took that moment to leap forward and run after them. She couldn’t trust Juane to be respectful to a model he knew was working for Fernando. And boy was she right.

His hand had darted into a pocket and he drew out a long, thin dagger that was definitely the kind that would kill it’s targets quickly. Lucretia had maybe a half second to react but that was most certainly the fastest she had ever move. Like a breeze she flew forward her hand reaching out and smack the dagger out of Juane’s hand before skidding to a stop between him and the model.

His eyes widened and he’d take a step back; lucretia was about to consider transforming but the man didn’t really give her much of a chance to do much more. A scroll popping out of thin air and he’d yell some incantation before his body just up and vanished. Leaving Lucretia with a shaken Botanist and model.

Lucretia’s jaw set a bit and she’d sit there reassuring the botanist for a bit; knowing that she was scared thanks to how Juane was acting. After a little bit Lucretia would offer to escort her back to the boutique which would be far safer for her than anywhere else right now. Though she didn’t know how far Juane’s reach was, Lucretia would have to offer her assistance to Fernando time and time again… She’d be willing to help out protecting the young woman from Juane.

Escorting her back to the boutique before seeking out Fernando he seemed shocked when Lucretia started to explain what had happened. How the day was pretty usual up until Juane spotted the botanist. Then his entire attitude changed and Lucretia had to honestly say that she had never expected someone like Juane to have such incredible bloodlust that it made her own blood go cold. Seriously, what was someone like that doing as a designer?

Fernando looked a bit pale at the fact that Juane had almost killed his only model but at least his suspicions were correct that Juane was seriously trying to harm him or his models. Even going so far as to use a dagger meant for clean cut assassinations. Lucretia couldn’t help but wonder why it was this important when your own reputation surrounding these actions would be affected.

Fernando didn’t know and the two of them could only speculate what the reasons would be; with the botanist safely inside and under Fernando’s care there wasn’t much more that could be done other than him offering Lucretia some form of payment. But Lucretia wasn’t sure if she entirely felt comfortable leaving him alone after something like this.

No she was going to stay for a little bit longer; but Fernando seemed quite adamant that she had done enough. Practically trying to shoo her out the door so he could at the very least try to calm down the model so that she’d be a little more workable for their next rehearsal. Something that would very much so take her attention off of the present. Lucretia sighed and agreed before turning to leave…

Is fashion really something to kill over… or is there something else going on here?

Lucretia would mumble to herself and shake her head as she left the boutique.

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