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Baska -Talk it out [B rank Good quest]

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Baska -Talk it out [B rank Good quest] Empty Tue Mar 15, 2022 12:47 am

Lucretia wasn’t sure what she was expecting but when she received another letter from Gerard she found her face dropping from the happy smile she had when it was a desperate letter from him explaining to her that lucretia was needed in all due haste. She’d waste no time and practically sprint to the hospital; having to leap over some people and surprising others as she practically wasted no time getting to him. If he was that worried about something there was no way that she was just going to ignore that fact.

When she arrived to the hospital she could tell that Gerard was pacing around the foyer and that he was clearly frustrated as he was muttering under his breath. Her hearing was pretty damn good and she could tell that things were definitely not looking on the up and up. He seemed impatient which was strange given that he normally was very calm and composed; even kind and take your time sort of guy.

Once inside of the office Lucretia was told about how they had gone too far this time; that they were a threat to everything in the town. He rambled on for a bit and lucretia would eventually set her hands on the desk; causing the doctor to snap out of it. He’d explain what they had done and that the Cold colliers needed to be stopped else they would end up killing everyone with this. He understood their anger but not their actions. The woman nodded her head and then would ask what he wanted to do about all of this.

The doctor sighed and gerard pulled out a piece of paper. The known location of their base of operations for this gang. He wanted her to go and talk some sense into the leader a man named Mattoro and convince him to stop what they were doing. The consequences were too great and if they continued this could have long lasting effects on both people and the environment. After a little bit lucretia would look at a map; squinting a bit as she noted that it was close to where they had met before; good way of making sure you were found before huh…

She’d nod her head and agree to go to talk some sense into them. So she’d head over to the gang hideout which on it’s own would take about an hour. She could feel eyes on her the entire time and upon arrival the guards told her to stop. She’d explain to them what she was here for and that they needed to let her in. They’d agree but only if she handed over her weapons. She’d sigh a bit and do exactly that; the spear of the golden hero actually looking a bit pissed that it was being touched by the thug but she’d re-assure the lion she’d be back later.

She was lead through a winding path that eventually led them deep underground; a vast colosseum like arena was where she was led to and she’d note that Mattoro was sitting high up. Looking bored and surrounded by members of the gang. Lucretia felt like this put them all at a disadvantage but she’d try her best to convince him why he should stop. When she asked him to stop; he’d actually respond; asking why he should care about a place like this when it treated all of them so poorly.

When the civilians did nothing to help why should they care about their suffering? When they bled and died for their jewels and they did nothing to help. The man told her that they would not stop until everyone tore apart everything they loved. But now that he said that… That she couldn’t leave. The woman’s face darkened as some men dropped down and Mattoro got up to leave. He didn’t seem to think she’d live when all his men were here…

But they didn’t seem to understand that Lucretia’s entire body was a weapon. That her entire being was a weapon that even without the brilliant spear that guided her through the days and guided her along the path that she felt was right and just…

That she was a complete monster that would be able to protect those that she had sworn to do for. That she would protect baska even though it wasn’t in her turf. That she would make certain that this entire idea would collapse and that each and every person here would pay in one way or another for hurting so many innocent people. The woman growled a bit as they approached; they had brass knuckles, pipes, hammers, knives, all sorts of things but most of them looked willing to try to kill her.

She’d let out a roar of anger and her form distended, twisting and fluxing as it grew in mass. The woman that they had brought here was a werewolf and she would make sure that when they died that they would understand just how little they were in terms of things. Her form grew and she stood nearly three feet taller than everyone here. Hell she stood nearly ten feet tall and had a reach that would outdo some of those puny weapons.

Everyone seemed to hesitate save for lucretia who shot forward like a bullet out of a gun, her clawed hand coming up in a brutal arc. Practically shredding one of the men in half, sending him along with his equipment backwards in a spatter of blood. All the other men froze from this and lucretia let out such an intense roar of anger from this situation that the very foundations of the coliseum shook. The man around her were startled and before they could even speak the woman was already on another of him.

Gripping at his spine through his stomach she’d yank it like a child would yank one of those strings from a doll. Killing him with a sickening crunch of bone and the collapse of all his organs at such a brutal moment. There was clear panic in most of the thugs but they couldn’t leave given that they had locked the damn door!

The woman shot forward and cleanly took off a pair of heads from those that had met her at the gate. Watching them sail clean across the coliseum. One of the men actually managed to stab into her armor with a knife but it was stopped short. He was brutally executed in a similar fashion to those two. Practically ripped in half from being gripped on either arm.

Lucretia had no patience, no mercy and no qualms about killing men like this that just wanted to watch the world burn. The last man was backing away, a practical jibbering mess. But she was so severely overpowering compared to them that there was frankly nothing they could do. Even using underhanded tactics they couldn’t hope to physically match the werewolf. Hell they couldn’t even get started. Lucretia would pick up the man. Crushing both of his wrists; causing him to scream in pain before throwing him so hard at the colliseums entry door that she took the whole thing off of it’s moorings and crashed down startling a group of thugs that had been waiting outside.

They looked on in horror at the scene before fleeing in terror. Lucretia standing there soaked in the blood of their comrades. There was nothing they could do with a beast like that; they weren’t told in any sort of fashion what she was nor were they ever going to really know how to deal with her. She’d let loose another roar; of such intensity that she could hear people up in the streets panicking. She’d slowly start making her way towards the exit. Her breath coming out in short bursts, her nose flaring and she’d eventually bring herself to a calm. Standing above the chest that held the nine heroes’ weapon. She’d reach down and crush the top of the chest before yanking it upwards.

They didn’t get to treat her weapon like this and she would have to remind herself that she would never turn it over like this again if she could help it. She’d put the spear on her back and start to head out. Rage was clearly in her eyes and once she was upstairs she was ‘safe’ in a fashion. Letting her form regress down to that of her normal stature. She felt the intense bloodlust rock through her system and she couldn’t stop herself from letting out a roar of absolute frustration.

Being unable to stop Mattoro from escaping the woman would be incredibly frustrated with this situation and honestly there was not a lot she could do in immediacy. Figuring that she should at least go back to Gerard and tell him what happened so that he wasn’t worrying. It’d take her some time but once she pushed open the door he was floored to see her covered and dripping in blood. Rushing to her side she’d calmly state…

It’s their blood. Not mine.

They hadn’t even managed to land a single actual blow against her; she’d take a seat on one of the patient chairs, wiping down her armor and starting to explain what had happened in which Gerard seemed to expect it. He’d sigh a little bit and rub at his face. He seemed distraught and lucretia would have given him a re-assuring pat but would clean her gauntlets first…

Some men just want to watch the world burn. Monsters all of them. But I can tell you a thing or two about monsters.

Lucretia would lean forward, her eyes flashing in a dangerous fashion. There was a look of absolute murder on her face given that it also was covered in blood and the doctor visibly flinched from what he considered a friend of his at this point showing him a side he hadn’t expected.

They will not get away with this and I will make sure myself to end this before it gets any worse. You have my word Gerard.

The intensity and furious nature of that statement was also re-assuring. Gerard would hand lucretia her reward and with a bow she’d turn to leave. This was a different side of lucretia today. One that many people would remember and would hear about… Given the roars of that night.

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