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Oak -Bottoms Up [Good Quest: C rank]

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Oak -Bottoms Up [Good Quest: C rank] Empty Tue Mar 15, 2022 12:32 am

Oak was a city that Lucretia really hadn’t been to properly before so her wandering about in it was definitely something that she had considered for a good time before actually doing it. She’d mozy on about and eventually find herself in front of the request board; there were a ton of requests ranging from helping find lost cats to delivering packages to the elderly in another city entirely. But she was looking for something more recent and a little closer to the city so she could get to know it better.

There was a request by an individual known as rander who would give you the details upon arrival; quirking her brow she’d pick up the flier and head over to the smithy in which she’d find the bulky giant rander looking over some things. He’d look surprised to seeing someone actually taking his request; he was about to call off going to the drinking contest but now that lucretia was here he would ask her if she could watch his shop while he went off to the drinking contest. She’d agree and wave to him as he left; figuring that it would be easy she’d take a seat on the counter. Reading one of the local newspapers left on it. There was a lot of happenings in the local area; ranging from bandits to even the sightings of a few wyverns.

Nothing too impressive in the latter most; easily dispatched by some adventurers with some stellar equipment. She’d flip the page and the day would slowly burn away; she’d read through a few of the newspapers and entertain herself by inspecting the equipment that Rander had been making. Eventually she heard some kind of commotion and once she came outside she’d note there were some eggs smashed against the wall. It was a harmless bit but she could tell that there was going to be a little bit more of an issue. Here when she noticed that the sign was broken and there was a portion of the window that was cracked. Oh and the bench was overturned but that was an easy fix.

Seriously were these guys twelve? She’d sigh a bit and set the bench straight, take the broken sign inside and adjust the panel of the window before heading back inside. She’d have to tell rander what had happened but she figured that they’d be okay with it as long as it wans’t a problem.

The woman was hanging around and while the day started to wane she was greeted with the door being kicked in; a group of eight men entering one after another and lucretia stood up. They all had the look of people that wanted to fight and were willing to take a beating for it. Lucretia stared at them and noted that they were all pretty young; a bunch of idiots in her eyes. They all looked ready to fight her; grinning ear to ear and one of them even licking the knife that he had. Though he’d wince when he accidently licked the blade portion of it.

A bunch of idiots trying to threaten someone clearly out of their league. Lucretia would slowly stand up off of the counter. It was plainly obvious they weren’t expecting her to be as tall but it wouldn’t end there. If they wanted to try to scare her they would have to try so much harder than that. The woman let out a growl and the eight thugs would back away; eyes widening a bit as lucretia’s height grew.

She was a werewolf? They hadn’t even been told anything about who’d be looking it over; just wanting to mess with the shop! When her fur came in and the shock of her transforming wore off the thugs rushed her all at once. Knives and pipes dinging off of her armor and one of them smacking her hand. Though it was just more akin to a child slapping their parent by accident.

Lucretia looked down at the thugs that froze and she’d let out a small growl. These little pissants were pretty much not even worth the trouble. But she’d backhand the one that managed to actually hit her flush and he went soaring out of the door. All of the others froze and would look up at lucretia who just stared down at them. There was a clatter of weapons and they’d all panic trying to flee but lucretia would just…

Well she’d just slap them across their heads, knee their stomach or the like. They weren’t a threat to her so why should she even bother to kill them? It was really easy to just make them all pass out from basically slapping them silly. She felt like they didn’t expect much out of her at first which is why they came in here in the first place!

She’d set about tying them up to a pole; figuring that the group of them wouldn’t be as dumb to try anything and lucretia would just be all right waiting for the authorities to show up. Eventually a few guards entered and finding lucretia sitting on the counter again. There wasn’t even really much of a mess other than the kicked in door, or the window… or sign. They would take the thugs off in pairs of two figuring that lucretia would be fine on her own while they escorted everyone off premise.

They were working on taking the last pair of thugs away just as Rander got back; while lucretia was watching the guards take the last remaining thugs away. She’d have to look up to Rander who laughed and slapped her back as she explained what happened. They’d shoot the shit for a little while while lucretia explained everything that they had busted but it all had been so trivial that rander didn’t seem to mind too much. He’d reach around in his pockets and hand lucretia a sizeable sum of jewels.

He didn’t seem too plussed about the thugs trying to break his stuff but given that damage was kept to a minimum he didn’t have much to worry about. Lucretia would even offer to help fix the things that were broken but he’d wave her off after a moment. It wasn’t anything she needed to worry about so he’d just dismiss her. Figuring that she could always come back later and see how he was doing the woman gave him a nod before heading out…

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