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Pale Reminder[Haru]

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Pale Reminder[Haru] Empty Mon Mar 14, 2022 4:25 pm

Lucretia’s patrols were hardly ever really eventful, but that didn’t mean that she had any less of a reason to do them. The fact that there was mostly silence and that they were boring also meant that around her people were safe which was something that she would continue pushing for. It was rough at first because of the distrust people had of her kind and the fact that she brazenly patrolled while in her transformed state. Most people would avert their eyes or avoid looking into hers. But as time passed they got a little more used to the white furred wolf among them.

That trust seemed to increase as she grew in strength too and eventually came to be to the point of respecting her because of the weapon she carried. Which in it’s own was frustrating when the weapon you carried was more famous than you were. But the fact that put people at ease helped a bit. She wanted folks to feel safe; to know that someone was fighting for them.

Deciding that she should take a break she’d lean the golden assegai up against a wall while taking a seat on a crate. The sun was hanging low in the sky and it was close to evening. So she had been on patrol for about four hours now; pulling out some meat from her bag she’d take a bite out of it. Ears still perked and flicking around attentively; even if she was on break if something happened she would get there in two shakes of a wolf’s tail.

Or two shakes of her own tail. honestly something could just happen and she’d be fine with it. Boring patrols often made it difficult to want to do them; begrudging even. But the day that something did? She’d be fully prepared.

Maybe a stop by the tavern is warranted later hmm…

She’d adjust a little bit on the crate; her armor black as night stood out against her fur and her sheer size of nearing ten feet would make her even easier to spot. Which also meant that folks that were on the lookout for her would have plenty of damn time to run. She was a huge threat; even more so than a lot of her kind given her training.

#2Haru Akagi 

Pale Reminder[Haru] Empty Mon Mar 14, 2022 5:25 pm

Haru Akagi
"HEY! GET BACK HERE YOU ASSHOLE!" Haru hissed pointlessly as she took chase after a pickpocket. The bloody thief had dared to steal what few jewels she possessed while she had been bartering over an apple. It wasn't the loss of funds or that she wouldn't be able to afford the fruit that pissed her off. It was the fact this menace had the gall to steal from her in broad daylight. When she caught him, he was going to pay dearly for selecting her as his mark.

Racing through the street and down an alleyway to another, she'd eventually manage to close the distance enough as she pounced on her prey. The two tumbled to the ground, dust and dirt flying as she reached up to grip the collar of the young man, using her body to pin him down before lifting and slamming his head back into the cobblestone. Now her golden orbs had a chance to examine him, he was perhaps a year or two younger than herself, an idiotic child. Unfortunately for him, age didn't factor into her choice of punishment. She was going to make sure both he and any of his little snotnosed friends he might have would never dare mess with her again.

Meanwhile, an innocent passerby had noticed the commotion, quickly racing off to find someone to help break up the fight.


Pale Reminder[Haru] Empty Mon Mar 14, 2022 5:40 pm

Lucretia was enjoying her well deserved ‘lunch’ of sorts while there was a commotion going on; though it didn’t take long before someone found her and explained roughly what was going on. Sighing a bit she’d stow away the meat in her pack. Slowly standing up and grabbing her spear. It wasn’t far away but that didn’t mean she shouldn’t hustle.

That being said her stride would make short work of getting to where this fight was taking place. The woman’s eyes locked onto what was going on; a somewhat smaller woman than herself was ontop of a younger man. They were fighting; or at least she was fighting him; since he didn’t really seem to be fighting back all too much. With a huff she’d approach. Spear in one hand but she’d approach; if the other didn’t notice her approach she’d reach down to try to pluck them up by their collar.

If that didn’t work well. She could always do this the hard way; but she didn’t really see a reason given that she could tell from the get go that neither were really armed in any real dangerous capacity. At least in comparison to lucretia that is.

Look I’m not usually one to judge but what’s the deal here? Can’t just be fightin in the middle of the street. There’s tourneys for that.

She’d growl out; looking between the two. If Haru had been lifted off of the other; she’d stare at the older female. Well subjectively older. Lucretia was old enough to be an older sister to the both of them; but that hardly mattered here.

#4Haru Akagi 

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Haru Akagi
Haru had continued to beat the boy up to a bloody pulp. While he had managed to get a couple of good blows in himself, it wasn't anywhere near as many as he took. The demi-human's years of fighting in the underground scene of Hosenka paid off as he was left barely able to squirm beneath her. The feline's ears pricked up as she felt someone grab her by the scruff of her neck, yanking her off her feet with relative ease.

"This piece of trash stoooooooo-" Haru froze up the moment she finally peeled her eyes away from the boy to face the one that had picked her up. Her ears flicked back, golden orbs growing wide while her face grew pale. A feeling of absolute horror welling up inside her causing her mind to grow blank.

"He... uh... the... stuh..." The young woman squeaked, struggling to find the words, as she coughed and spluttered up complete gibberish. Seeing his chance to take the initiative the boy quickly pipped up.

"Miss, I didn' do nuffin' wrong! She came at me she did! Ou' of bloody nowhere!" the boy claimed. His lies stirred Haru up from her braindead state.

"What absolute bullshit!" She glared sideways at him, "This utterly deplorable moron stole jewels from me!" She argued, gritting her teeth, her loathing for the boy winning over her fear of being held by the canine.

"Lies all lies!" The boy cried out waving his arms about.


Pale Reminder[Haru] Empty Mon Mar 14, 2022 6:17 pm

Lucretia noted the condition of the boy after she had pulled the younger woman off of him. Her eyes stared coldly down at the boy; slowly sliding over him before she’d shift a bit; putting a boot on their chest to keep him pinned there. There was no way shape or form that he’d be able to get up. Her attention drew to Haru and as they argued Lucretia could tell that something was amiss here.

One at a time.

The wolfen woman would stare at Haru; waiting to hear what she had to say, fully ignoring the boy that she had pinned underneath her foot. She didn’t have to apply like any pressure to keep him down; if she did she’d probably easily crush his entire chest given the size of her foot. Her ear flicked a bit as the woman claimed he stole jewels.


Her voice cut clear through the ‘bullshit’ that the boy was spouting and she wasn’t about to just let go of someone that beat the shit out of another person in the middle of the street. She’d have to take the boy to Gerard if it turned out he was telling the truth. But she kind of doubted it.

Regardless of what he did, I’m going to have to take him to a Doctor. Jewels or no; was it really worth hurting someone so badly?

There was a bit of concern evident in the wolf’s voice; albeit there was a sterness to it that also firmly planted the blame of this event on both parties. Her attention shifted from haru down to the boy.

And you. Better come clean if you want anything other than an asswhooping from her today.

#6Haru Akagi 

Pale Reminder[Haru] Empty Mon Mar 14, 2022 6:39 pm

Haru Akagi
Haru struggled to keep her gaze on the wolf and speak simultaneously, eventually forcing herself to stare down towards the one she current despised with malice instead.

"I'd say the punishment was just." The feline woman claimed her tail twitching due to the uncomfortable nature of her current predicament. "If anything he deserves more of a beating. He could probably take one or two more hits without going unconscious." She snickered, narrowing her eyes at the boy pinned beneath the foot. If he dared to plea innocent again she was more than happy to strangle him.

"I-I-It, I..." It was the boy's turn to be flustered as he attempted to squirm free to no avail, "F-Fine, I took their damn jewels, but it was just a measly 'andful!" He was beginning to crack under the pressure, choosing the truth and the chance to go see a medic over being caught in another lie and suffer a more severe punishment.

"Hmph." Haru huffed, "See, he's a no-good low life." she smirked down at him, feeling victorious before remembering she was still being held like a newborn kitten, "Now, if you would be so kind as to place me back on my feet?" She had closed her eyes while she spoke before snapping them open to glare at the wolf. She felt the fur on her tail stand on end. Flashes of the past flickered through her mind, causing her to wince a little. Her heart was racing so fast right now she was ready to skedaddle the moment the opportunity arose.


Pale Reminder[Haru] Empty Mon Mar 14, 2022 6:46 pm

Lucretia found herself sighing a bit as the feline demi human claimed that the punishment was just. Maybe a little overkill for the crime of stealing some jewels. She’d growl softly as the one in her grasp said that he deserved more of a beating.

That’s not your decision to make. If you overpowered him that badly; why didn’t you just take back the jewels and let him go?

The werewolf was going to berate the choice of using violence for something some small and petty as jewels. There had to be a reason for the youth to steal them and she’d go so far as to find out what the reason was. She’d look down at the boy as he eventually claim clean.

What would you have used the jewels for?

Hearing the feline speak again about the boy being nothing but a no-good low life lucretia couldn’t help but glance at Haru. Yeah she had a right to act like that if she had been stolen from; with that sorted out she’d set haru down. Removing her boot from the boy but… he’d find himself being pulled to his feet by the werewolf. A firm hand on his shoulder.

Yeah. Sorry about that. But part of doing patrols is breaking up fights like these and other work that guards need help with. How much did he take from you and do you still have her jewels young man?

She’d note that the feline seemed… a little more defensive than normal. Maybe it was because she was a cat and lucretia was a werewolf? Cats and dogs didn’t get along so that’d make sense if the same was said of wolves. It was fairly hard to tell; but lucretia could also tell that something was up.

#8Haru Akagi 

Pale Reminder[Haru] Empty Mon Mar 14, 2022 9:43 pm

Haru Akagi
"My money, my decision and I find beating the message into them a very effective method of ensuring they won't ever touch my things again." Haru hissed, folding her arms as she was finally placed back on the ground, her body quivering a little. She considered trying to leave already, but from appearance alone, the feline wasn't confident that she could outrun the wolf. Her best bet would be to finish this conversation as quickly as possible, even if it meant leaving her jewels behind.

The young boy was completely flustered at this point, struggling to form a coherent sentence to defend himself. He nervously glanced over towards the silver maned demi-human who simply glared back, causing him to flinch.

"I need it for... um..." He looked as if he was racking his brain for an excuse.

"Heh, the half-wit doesn't even have a half-decent excuse." The feline scoffed, her tail twitching, as she recalled the complaints she'd heard from fellow patrons while drinking at the local Boar Hat Pub, "Wait. You're not one of those stupid kids trying to mimic that pretentious thief, Neal are you?"

"Uh..." The teen seemed to be in a mad panic, but unable to even attempt to run due to a combination of his injuries and the hand gripping his shoulder. It seemed she'd hit the nail on the head. Haru found herself sighing as she pinched the bridge of her nose, all this fuss over kids and their stupid bloody games.

"It was barely enough to cover a few apples and maybe an ale later..." she sighed again, finally answering the question as to the amount of jewels. Chump change to most people. "He definitely still has it, I didn't give him a chance to stash it anywhere. If I wasn't starving right now, I wouldn't even care anymore." She admitted with yet another sigh. The boy glanced around nervously, knowing she wasn't wrong, he definitely still had the jewels in his coat pocket.


Pale Reminder[Haru] Empty Tue Mar 15, 2022 2:27 pm

Taking the law into your own hands is a good way of getting yourself hurt when the guards come around. You’re lucky that I’m understanding, otherwise I’d just turn you in and they’d throw the both of you into jail, likely letting time sort it out instead of being able to talk it out like this.

Lucretia would motion between the two of them and frown; she was a little irritated that the feline seemed to think that violence was the solution here. The young boy was flustered and was searching for an excuse. She’d turn her head and flick her ears a few times. She’d give the young man a squeeze on his shoulder.

Telling the truth here will get you further than trying to lie to me.

Another flick of the ear and she’d turn her head to Haru; the amount he had stolen had been paltry at best. Lucretia had a solution here but it would require the boy to act responsibly. She’d look down at him and then back to haru.

Then here’s what we’re going to do. You boy will give her the jewels you stole back to her. We will take you to Gerard and then you will work for gerard for the next couple days to pay back his treatment of you.

Lucretia wasn’t so much asking the boy what he wanted to do as more telling him; she looked irritated and a swish of her tail was pretty much saying that she was taking it easy on the thief. There had to be more of a reason she felt but…

And. If you do a good enough job you won’t need to resort to thievery.

She’d look to haru for a moment; icy blue eyes staring down at the other young woman. She had a few thoughts as to what she could suggest other than that but she wanted to make sure the victim here was okay with that.

That sound like punishment enough to you? You already taught him a good lesson with those fists of yours. What’s your name?

#10Haru Akagi 

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Haru Akagi
"I'd like to see them try and arrest me." Haru shrugged as confidently as she could with her body quivering a little more now. Now that her anger had started to subside, the fear that had been welling up inside her since the wolf had appeared was growing. The longer she remained in front of this wolf, the more she could feel her body start to sweat. "But sure, that sounds r-reasonable." Her voice was starting to squeak.  

The trauma of her past flickering through her mind definitely wasn't helping the situation. Why did they need her name? Were they part of the gang from back home? Had they recognised her? Should she lie? But the locals already knew her, she could easily get caught in a lie and that could make it worse.

"H-Haru." she finally muttered, her eyes now glued to her own feet as she prayed this one had nothing to do with those in Hosenka. While the feline woman was growing more nervous, it seemed the boy had finally built up enough confidence to speak properly.

"It's as she said, me friends dared me ter. I beg o' yer, please don't tell me ma." The boy confessed, begging the wolven woman to keep this from getting to his mother's ears. No doubt she too would reprimand him in some manner.


Pale Reminder[Haru] Empty Tue Mar 15, 2022 8:34 pm

Lucretia’s eyes turned to Haru and stared at her for a long few moments. The hand that was on her spear twisted for a moment and she’d huff in irritation.

You’d also have had to contend with me. And I doubt you’d like it when I’m actually serious.

Lucretia wasn’t toying around or the like; but she was being brutally honest. Hearing the stumbling in the other’s voice the woman’s ear flicked and she couldn’t help but wonder why the nervousness. This went past something didn’t it? She’d sigh a little bit and with them giving her name…

Lucretia Wolfenstein. I’m part of the guild Infinity wolves; Might know me by Wolfguard. If not, I just saved you the trouble.

She’d turn her head to look at the boy as he confessed that he had been dared to do this and after a few moments she’d squeeze his shoulder.

Give back her jewels and lets get going. I’m not going to tell your mother.

There was a brief pause and lucretia would stare haughtingly at the boy as he seemed to be extremely nervous.

You’re going to. And I’ll be there to make sure you tell the truth. It’ll save you more pain in the long run if you’re just honest with her, yourself and your friends.

Lucretia turned to Haru; frowning after a moment before giving a bow of her head.

It’s up to you if you want to see this through or not, if you’re partial to apples or meat there’s a few places in the market that sells them. For ale I’d recommend the tavern down the street. Good prices for good quality ale.

She’d gesture with the hand that was on the spear; the weapon easily standing on it’s own for the most part…

#12Haru Akagi 

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Haru Akagi
Haru's eyes darted from one foot to the other as she listened carefully. So the wolven woman was part of said 'guards' and a guild. It made sense now why she was armoured up and held a weapon while prowling around a town like Baska. She also wasn't incorrect, the feline would definitely not enjoy attempting to contend with the likes of her. If anything she would prefer to avoid that. Haru was starting to consider keeping her anger in check while she remained in this town.

"Yes, ma'am..." The boy squeaked before hurriedly pulling out the jewels from his pockets, rushing to place them in the neko's hands. Given she had barely a moment to react in time, a few of the coins dropped on the ground. With a small 'tsk' the feline bent down to start picking them up.

"I'm good." The feline sulked, standing back up as she shoved the coins in her own pockets. "I'm sure you'll do a wonderful job of keeping him in check." She murmured, forcing herself to smile up at the woman while shuffling back a bit. She was still unable to bring herself to look the wolf directly in the eyes despite knowing she had nothing to do with the gang back home, or any gang for that matter. Unless one counted a guild as a gang.

"S-so seeing as you don't need me..." She shuffled back a little further, slowly increasing the distance between herself and Lucretia, "I'll head off to that tavern you mentioned." The feline assumed she referred to the Boar Hat Pub. Technically Haru didn't even need her own money for the ale at that place, an unexpectant benefactor had appeared a few days ago that had ensured she'd be able to drink at there for months without needing to pay a cent. The food had been what was important, but right now the need for a drink consumed her, perhaps she'd just splurge a bit and order a meal from there too.


Pale Reminder[Haru] Empty Fri Mar 18, 2022 10:12 pm

The first step of a long road. Later in your life you’ll look back at this and be glad that I caught you here and not later when peace wasn’t an option.

Lucretia would gently berate the boy and turn her head to the feline. Seeing the other stuff the jewels back into their pockets the woman couldn’t help but feel that she needed to say something. They were sulking; they seemed off somehow and there was a momentary look of worry. She could tell that smile was forced… Then it hit her. Werewolves weren’t exactly known for being… well. Peacekeepers or good people; a lot of them were known as folks that tore others apart. She’d bite the inside of her cheek and nod her head.

Won’t be hard. Hopefully next time you run into him it’ll be workin for a living rather than takin bets from his friends and stealing.

The last word was layered with such intense disdain that lucretia nearly growled; she hated stealing. She hated the very definition of the word; there was no good reason to steal from anyone and the one time she did it was only to save a large group of people. Even then she had gone back to pay for the item after explaining what she had did. Even bought the ‘switched’ item too.

All right. Sorry about all this. Take care Haru.

The wolven women dipped her head with respect; her hand forcing the boy to do the same before shuffling him off to go do exactly what she said she was going to. Check him into the hospital; set up a job for him with gerard… and then have him explain what he had done to his mother. Anytime he’d try to lie the woman would simply tap her foot on the ground with disapproval…


#14Haru Akagi 

Pale Reminder[Haru] Empty Sat Mar 19, 2022 4:18 am

Haru Akagi
"Haha, thank you, you too." She chuckled nervously, still shaking a bit. It wasn't until the wolven woman finally stepped away with the boy that Haru visibly relaxed, releasing the breath she'd been unconsciously holding. Her pounding heart would no doubt still race until they were completely out of sight, but at least it seemed like the worst was over.

The feline's body felt sticky, now soaked in sweat as she came to the realisation she'd been perspiring even more than she'd thought. It seemed despite knowing the woman posed no threat it didn't matter. The fact she'd been a wolf was all it took for her body to race into that fight or flight response. Hopefully no one important had overseen her failure to compose herself.

Finally able to move away, she'd make her way back to the tavern from the night before, the bartender grunting as she entered, but filling a mug of ale for her nonetheless. The remainder of the night was spent drinking and gambling what few jewels she had in drunken card games.


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