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Golden scissor [D-rank Good]

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Golden scissor [D-rank Good] Empty Mon Mar 14, 2022 2:45 am

Lucretia once again found herself coming back to work for Fernando, this time he was sorting through the fabrics she had brought him. Her eyes noting that the fabric she had sought out that was among the last batch of bolts sitting off prettily to the side; some writing on some paper next to it. But that didn’t seem to be the focus for fernando today, no instead it was a little leaflet that he was happily showing her; about an object called the golden scissor.

It was one of those items that made his job a little bit easier, a little bit better. A quality tool that would likely help him design and coax out the best from the fabrics he used. It was very rare but so were a lot of things. He had found out that in town there would be a merchant that would have one; one that he would like to have you get for him. Though he warned her that there was a lot of individuals interested in the scissors so she’d need to get there early to talk to the merchant.

He’d hand her quite a sizeable amount of jewels, prompting the woman to raise a brow. If he was throwing around money like this wouldn’;t it just be easier to just do a custom order on the thing? He’d give her a small shrug at the idea stating that it was practically impossible to do something along those lines which is why this job was available in the first place.

So lucretia would be off, heading to the market before it even opened. She’d find that there was already a lot of people there even though the market wasn’t opened. Noting the hub bub and the arguing that was going on she’d wade through the people; eventually finding a bickering pair of merchants who were claiming that the other was first and that they had the right to try for the scissors.

She’d stare at the merchant who just wanted to set up his shop and the woman growled in irritation as more people pressed around them. It would get a little problematic if she didn’t get to him and he was bickering with the two that were there. Some of the others were already turning away but as she got there the man folded his arms. Clearly not having it with these two.

Lucretia was definitely someone that was easily noticed in the crowd however; being one of the only ones wearing her armor and showing off the weapon she carried. So eyes quickly switched to her; both of the other potential buyers gulped and backed away. Thinking they were in trouble, Lucretia just waved her hand dismissively.

I’m just here for the scissors. In the stead of Fernando.

Both of the merchants looked relieved for a moment but immediately switched to being irritated and the seller sighed. He didn’t look too pleased and lucretia glared at the two merchants that had been trying to convince him to sell it to them instead.

I understand you already have some buyers, but none of them will actually use the item. I know these two from the market, you sell fruit and you sell meat. And you don’t use scissors like this on something like that.

Both merchants seemed a bit baffled that lucretia knew of them and she’d shrug. She had been to baska enough to know some of the merchants based on what they sold. The traveling merchant still didn’t look like he was having it before lucretia held up the bag of jewels that Fernando had given her. Greed was always a powerful motivator and the bag jangled pretty damn lucratively.

Both of the other merchants sighed and it wasn’t long before lucretia was handing the bag to the traveling merchant in exchange for the golden scissors. She’d thank him for his time and head back to fernando, making sure she wasn’t jipped on the way before eventually showing up at the fashion designers boutique. Handing it to him he looked a bit surprised she had used all the money he had given her for it but she’d remind him of the rarity of the item and that money talked on it’s own. Giving her a small nod he’d take the scissors while giving lucretia the agreed upon sum. She’d give him a small nod before taking her leave…

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