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Tournament Arc #8 [Quest][B-rank]

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Tournament Arc #8 [Quest][B-rank] Empty Sat Mar 12, 2022 9:38 pm

The last tournament had been the highlight of those that she had been a part of thus far; she had to admit that even though the fighter she ended up with as the champion was a werewolf he gave her something else that she didn’t realize she had been lacking. A certain amount of perspective especially after they had conversed once they had recovered from the unconsciousness lucretia had put them in. She was proving to a lot of people that she could be trusted to do what was right even if they didn’t fully understand her reasoning.

That being said he suggested that she take a bit to just watch the tournament rather than participate in it. And so she did for a time until someone contacted her about the new champion from a prior tournament. A vicious scoundrel with an incredible temper and an incredible thirst for blood. He was becoming a problem out of the tournament grounds just as much as he was inside of them. He was to be given some humbling and would not be killed. Nothing was to be said of the other participants.

Lucretia hoped that the prior champion was right and that people were putting some kind of hope on her shoulders rather than just tossing her at a problem when it came up. That'd defeat the whole purpose of her accepting these jobs and ultimately would make her a touch sad by it. If anything was to be learned from that however it was that she was reliable at the very least.


Tournament Arc #8 [Quest][B-rank] Empty Sat Mar 12, 2022 10:10 pm

Most of the contenders this time around were veterans of different armies; mercs that were looking to make a good killing off of winning today. A few friendly faces dotted the crowd of grim reminders that not everyone would make it out of here. That being said there wasn’t anyone here that Lucretia recognized so she turned her focus inward. She had to realize that it was likely that again she’d end up killing someone that wasn’t the champion.

It had happened before and it could happen again. Her eyes found the champion who was standing near the front of the pack. Laughing at something that someone had said to him. His eyes swept the crowd but all joy that was on his face quickly evaporated when he met Lucretia’s gaze. After several tournaments there had been a rumour that she wasn’t even really interested in the fights and just wanted to dethrone a champion or two here or there.

But in reality every time she had stepped in the champion had for the most part been undesirable in some fashion or another. Save for the old man and the werewolf that is. Today however Lucretia wasn’t feeling like she owed them any sort of explanation or any sort of warning. They all were entering the tournament for one reason or another. The woman turned away from the champion and she could hear some of the people near her edge away from her.

She was a danger to most there and would likely be a target because of that.


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There was never a time where Lucretia felt like she had come to a place that was not ready to receive her as there was the case of the fighters here. Veterans as they may have been, they were no match for what she had in store for them. The spear on it’s lonesome was enough to skewer some of even the hardiest of people in the groups. Some of the most grizzled veterans were laid bare and quickly dispatched by the wolfen warrior before she even stepped into her transformative state.

The woman was given a grim reminder of the power that she wielded and why it would never be turned on the innocent and those that she had sworn to protect. Why her strength was for others and not for just herself. Before she had seemed like she was going to let some of them live by either walking out or just knocking them unconscious.

But something told her that she needed to be extreme, something told her that every single one of these veterans must die. It wasn’t the beast inside of her, but something about this entire situation called for it. Even the holder of her pay would find that she wasn’t some beast that could be coerced by money even if it was paying well.

She would make a pointed effort her to kill every single person in this ring down to the last man.

And maybe that last man would not even be the champion but herself instead. All of this effort without even so much as seeing herself turn into a beast. All this effort in her human self. Golden spear practically drenched in the blood of men that had thrown away their very lives in this place. Black armor soaked in the stuff; she was tired of being used like this. So this would be her last time taking a job at this tournament.


Tournament Arc #8 [Quest][B-rank] Empty Sat Mar 12, 2022 10:52 pm

The champion was the last man standing amidst the brothers and sisters that had come to this tournament. He looked positively shocked that someone like Lucretia didn’t even need her wolfen form to slaughter those that he was looking to fight. Truth be told Lucretia felt like she didn’t even need the spear. Didn’t even need the armor. Didn’t need anything other than her very body. She’d set the spear in the dirt, point down and start taking off her chestpiece.

I have taken money time and time again from different people employing my services. But this time is the last.

She’d rumble out; her voice carrying across the tournament grounds. Crashing onto those onlooking and making the current champion shiver a bit. Pauldrons hit the dirt and she’d start to walk forward; the gauntlets she was wearing falling to either side as she undid the straps. She was wearing a loose fitting tunic underneath all her armor and she’d cast a glance around at all those she would have deemed innocent in the past. But now? She wasn’t so sure.

What I was asked to do was to scare your champion into acting properly. But even the wanton slaughter of those you would consider his equal or companions would not be enough.

The woman stepped forward; well within the reach of the champion’s sword who took a moment to slash at lucretia. But rather than find solid purchase and slicing her open like he hoped. It was met with the hardened hide of a werewolf. The woman had practically transformed in the midst of a blink and he would have to crane his head up to find the icy blue eyes drilling into his.

I have decided that. Instead I will teach everyone here a lesson.


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Lucretia would never harm civilians. She would never do something to tarnish her own name like that but what she did in front of them was something that many would have to live with for a very long time. Some would likely live longer than others but what she had done to the champion was enough to make sure that they understood what sort of place the world was. It was one where they could indeed enjoy and bask in the idea of watching people that fought for a living or the like test their skills. But there was always something bigger and more dangerous out there.

Something that would upset them and something that could indeed kill every single one of them. To hide behind a tournament to sate their bloodlust was beneath them and lucretia would make it very clear that she was no longer going to tolerate this sort of thing. It was a proper demonstration of her vicious strength as a werewolf.

The sword that the champion wielded? It was shattered on her first strike as it had taken a bit of a beating up to this point. But it paled in comparison to what her body could do on it’s own. She had only to glance at her spear; which would have likely shattered it and likely broken the man behind the blade. She’d spit on the ground; a little bit of blood in there from a cut to her cheek. Pretty deep she had to admit but she would give props to the champion for at least getting a good lick in before she’d put him into the ground.

She wasn’t a cruel sort of person; in fact she was the sort you’d turn to to ask for help. But these tournaments had really gotten to the point of where she couldn’t stomach being asked to stop some champion every single time they walked funny. She had enough and quite clearly people kept getting into the champion spot that shouldn’t hold it.

The champion’s death was a quick one, one that would make most of the civilians watching flinch. She’d stare down at the unmoving body of the champion. Broken armor laid about him, shattered blade lay far away from where he ended up. She’d look around and snort a bit before padding back to her belongings. It was time to collect her payment and head home.

There would not be another tournament that would be entered by her. If it was it would be of her own interest and not of a job’s inquiry.

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