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Prepare for Trouble and Make it Double - Tournament Arc Pt. 2 [Haru & Vex]

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#1Haru Akagi 

Prepare for Trouble and Make it Double - Tournament Arc Pt. 2 [Haru & Vex] Empty Sat Mar 12, 2022 10:15 pm

Haru Akagi
Haru eyed the crimson-haired woman with suspicion, before turning to leave the battle boulder so they could await their next fight. The elven lady spoke of trust. It was something that was generally important when it came to working with another, and considering it was thanks to her aid they had won without too much difficulty, the neko felt she had at least earned a little. Enough so they could see through the rest of the day's tournament and hopefully come out on top.

"As I said, your magic caught me off guard. I'm not afraid of water, I just wasn't expecting it so suddenly, now I know you're a water mage there should be no problems with you using your magic." She stated in a cool, calm tone, "I'm better at taking a hit than most people and having you amplify that with your magic was useful." she admitted. Her tail twitched as she folded her arms, trying to think if there was anything else that was important to mention before their next battle. "I can't use magic like you, so there's nothing to mention there..." She trailed off struggling to come up with more than that.



Prepare for Trouble and Make it Double - Tournament Arc Pt. 2 [Haru & Vex] Empty Sat Mar 12, 2022 10:44 pm

The wood elf looks the woman over he figures she isn’t too bad looking for a part human. She listens to the woman speaking telling Vex about her not having a fear of water just she had caught the woman off guard by the water just suddenly appearing. She wonders if that is a bluff or not but she will trust this woman, she knows non magic folk can be strong but she wonders if this woman is non magic by choice or if she just doesn’t have magic.

"Guess it is good to know you aren’t scared of my magic." She wondered if Tutrix would want this woman’s soul or not. "Do you belong to a guild?" She looks at the woman’s body to look for a marker as she followed her, she doesn’t see a guild maker on the woman but that could be anywhere even in her mouth or on her tongue.

She wondered if the woman needed anymore first aid or not. "I know you are tough and all but are you in anymore need of first aid or healing? " The wood elf knows they are gonna have to stay in tip top shape if they didn’t want to just get knocked out of the running early, she just hopes this stubborn woman doesn’t hide an injury from her.


#3Haru Akagi 

Prepare for Trouble and Make it Double - Tournament Arc Pt. 2 [Haru & Vex] Empty Sun Mar 13, 2022 12:57 am

Haru Akagi
"A guild? I just said I couldn't use magic, isn't that like a prerequisite?" Haru scoffed, pulling out worn bandages that she tighted around her knuckles. She really should have done so before the last fight, but she hadn't thought it would be as difficult as it had been. Naturally, she'd never even considered joining a guild before, it just wasn't on the cards for her. Her world knowledge may have been limited but she was fairly confident that one needed to possess magical power to even be considered for guild membership.

"And uh, as much as it hurts my pride, I guess a little healing wouldn't go astray." She sighed, rubbing the back of her neck with her now bandaged hands. While she despised seeming weak, she wasn't about to say no to the offer of a fully recovered body before their next fight. The neko would have to be completely braindead to choose her ego over her health. Sitting down on a wooden bench she'd wait for the water mage to get to work.

"What about you then? Are you in a guild with that fancy magic of yours?" She'd query, a little interested now that the topic had been brought up.

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Prepare for Trouble and Make it Double - Tournament Arc Pt. 2 [Haru & Vex] Empty Sun Mar 13, 2022 3:47 am

The water mage shook her head at the woman. "Guilds do not require you to have magic, just a strong heart and drive. " she said that with a kind of sweet and soft voice so the woman knows she means well with her words. " So who ever told you that was miss informed." she hoped that she wasn’t insulting the poor woman herself as she had spoke about that.

" Thank you for allowing me to support you and heal your sore body." her tone remains kind and caring. The woman sees where the woman appears to still hurt and she gets behind the woman and she touches the spot with her soft wood elf hands that are glowing with blue tinted magic energy and starts healing, the pain and soreness leaving the woman’s body as the wood elf worked.

"My magic isn’t really fancy it is still pretty basic and I need to work on bettering it when I can find some time. " The woman asked her of her guild she wonders if it is unwise to answer this question but she herself had told the woman they have to have trust she just hopes the woman will not panic at the name of the guild she is about to say right now. The wood elf gets close to the cat woman’s ear and she whispers so other do not eavesdrop on them as she says it.

"I will trust you to know, I am a member of Eternal Nightmare." she backs up slightly in case the woman will take a swing at her for being in a dark guild, Vex wouldn’t blame the woman to take a shot at her cause some of the people in the guild have a very bad name and are quite infamous in the country.

#5Haru Akagi 

Prepare for Trouble and Make it Double - Tournament Arc Pt. 2 [Haru & Vex] Empty Sun Mar 13, 2022 4:08 am

Haru Akagi
Hearing that one didn't require magic to join a guild was news to the amber-eyed feline. She had always assumed it to be the case, but now she thought about it the words of underground fighters probably wasn't the most accurate. Her ears flicked a little as the gentle tingle of the elven woman's water magic got to work. It was rather pretty, and a little mesmerising in the way it glowed. Even if she claimed otherwise, Haru believed it to be fancy, it was better than anything she could ever dream of.

The silver-haired neko tilted her head in thought. Eternal nightmare? They were rather infamous, even having spent most of her life fairly sheltered she had heard whispers of them through the underground network of Hosenka. Well, that would explain why this woman felt a little off, but why reveal information like that to someone like her when she could have easily claimed another guild or avoided answering altogether.

"To speak that name so easily." She smirked a little, "You must be rather confident that I don't pose a threat."  Haru tilted her head in thought, about to open her mouth to add something more as their names were called for the next fight. Their conversation would have to wait as it seemed they were up again. Their next fight was against the victors of the first battle they had previously observed. Two burly men who had easily overwhelmed their previous opponents. Now, these two seemed more up her alley, having practised against strong men and women her entire life.

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Prepare for Trouble and Make it Double - Tournament Arc Pt. 2 [Haru & Vex] Empty Sun Mar 13, 2022 4:34 am

Hearing the woman speak about how she must be confident about her not being a threat sorta made vex’s stomach turn a bit as it wasn’t that, it was that even through she leads a cult of her own it doesn’t mean she is a bad person, just her methods were more or less frowned upon in most countries and really the only place she could turn to in this country to stay safe was Eternal Nightmare and their guild, though she has a cultish army of her own to use she doesn’t seek to take over this country just to purge Illumin and his teachings out of it before it can cause more of an issue to this country as it had in other countries.

she smirked at the woman with and with a playful tone said. " It isn’t that I don’t see you as a threat you are strong and pretty, so you are really a double threat." she walks with the woman toward the fighting area to meet their new enemy that they will have to over come.


#7Haru Akagi 

Prepare for Trouble and Make it Double - Tournament Arc Pt. 2 [Haru & Vex] Empty Sun Mar 13, 2022 5:07 am

Haru Akagi
Honestly, if it wasn't for the fact Haru's pet peeve was being hit on by those she wasn't interested in, perhaps Vex's attempts to flirt would have at least flattered the neko. Instead, it simply drove her to want to put more distance between herself and the winged elf.

Ensuring her silver mane was tied up nice and tight, she'd tried not to think about how irritating she found the woman's words. Instead, she shifted her focus towards the brutes in front of them. Both looked fairly similar, a good foot or two taller than the ladies and incredibly well built. Muscle heads for sure.

As the referee counted down, she noted the way the two enemies seemed to be ogling their bodies. Absolutely disgusting. This only fueled her determination to come out of this fight victorious. As the bell chimed to start, Haru would go for a different approach to the last fight, running headfirst into these two didn't seem like the wisest choice, given how easily they could overpower her in a strength-based battle. Instead, they'd need to use the old wear them down tactic.

With a sidewards glance at her partner, Haru would dash to the side of the boulder, trying to lure the two brutes away from the mage. If she could hold them off for a moment, it would give Vex a chance to get started with her magic. As long as the elf was quick, the neko wouldn't have to remain in this dangerous position for too long.

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Prepare for Trouble and Make it Double - Tournament Arc Pt. 2 [Haru & Vex] Empty Sun Mar 13, 2022 5:37 am

The woman can tell that she stepped on a land mine with what she said to the woman. She figured that she best do better not to piss off her more then she has to going forward. She sees the way these two giant men were undressing them with their eyes, to be honest it made her stomach sick, with just being seen as a prize or a piece of art to just be won or conquered.

She guessed it doesn’t matter where you go men are still heartless horn dogs that only seek one thing, to claim a beautiful woman and try to force them to be theirs and never have a second thought to if he is the right one for them to be having in their life. She was not gonna be forced into that life by anyone, if she decided to settle down she will do it with the right man or woman that deserves her not just tries to win her.

She hears the official starting the count to get ready and to show what they were made of, she hoped the woman wouldn’t just get stomped out in her prime by running in head first against these two. Once it began and the woman went toward the side vex pointed and buffed the woman in case they did get to her and she was not quick enough to dodge their big gross hands.

She then tries to catch both the men in her water aoe that debuffs their endurance. She then moves to make sure she stays in range so the girl stays buffed and if need be she can shield them from a magic attack, but these two look like more fist fight you type of people. She knows this is gonna be a longer fight but if it came down to it she was gonna get her hands dirty.


#9Haru Akagi 

Prepare for Trouble and Make it Double - Tournament Arc Pt. 2 [Haru & Vex] Empty Sun Mar 13, 2022 6:00 am

Haru Akagi
As the two men went to rush the easy looking target standing on the edge of the boulder, Haru braced herself. The moment she saw the water burst forth like before and wash away, the feline took her chance to lunge away from the edge, towards the closest of the two, going in for a quick one, two jab attack at his thigh. He'd cry out in pain, clearly, the magic on them had weakened them enough that her punches felt worse than they should.

While she knew she should have darted away again, she grew cocky hearing him in pain and went for a quick spinning kick to the same leg in an attempt to knock him over and leave him prone on the ground. Unfortunately, the man reacted faster than she had predicted, as he caught her ankle, before pulling her right off the ground with relative ease. Before she could even register what was happening she felt her body flying through the air as she was slammed into the hard, rock floor.

While she knew she was injured from that brutal attack, her body felt absolutely fine, Vex's magic numbing the pain by increasing her tolerance. Her eyes widened as they spied a pair of fists sailing towards her position. Thankfully, having not received any injuries directly to her limbs Haru managed to roll to the side to avoid the pair of fists that came slamming down next to her.

Quickly pulling herself to her feet, the neko backed off a bit, returning to her original plan. Run them around and dodge their attacks until they grew too tired to fight properly. It wasn't the most honourable of methods, but it was rather effective. Even when they managed to land a blow here and there with Vex's magic the feline felt almost invincible.

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Prepare for Trouble and Make it Double - Tournament Arc Pt. 2 [Haru & Vex] Empty Sun Mar 13, 2022 6:37 am

Vex saw Haru get in some good blows on one of the grounds then saw the tide swiftly and very roughly turn on her, vex thought for a second that slam to the ground had knocked out or had killed Haru and she started running toward the woman, knowing she wasn’t gonna let the woman die here even if the tournament allowed murder she wasn’t gonna just watch it happen to someone she has slightly bonded to.

She sees the women spring to her feet and get away from them, she sees them sticking to Haru and looking to give her more time to back up and catch her breath she casts her water aoe again making sure to keep it away from Haru so she doesn’t get caught in it so the debuff stays on the two meat heads. Hoping Haru will get a woman to breath and try to more bait them off of Haru or force them to have to regroup.

Vex keeps her run towards the men she gets low and when she has closed the distance she uses them like they are trees and she swings on them using her natural balance and acrobatic skill to kick, hand spring, and dodge their return attacks by dodging between them to try to make them either hit each other or make them think twice about swinging at her. She hoped she would last long enough to pay Haru time to catch a second wind to to get a good attack in while they were focused on her slippery movements.

She knows she is a support but that doesn’t make her a less talented fighter in her own right if push comes to shove, these guys being bigger also made it easier to slip through their muscles blind spots, because having those big muscles left places their arms couldn’t reach as well as her slender body being able to dance around them with grace and beauty. Never doubt a beautiful woman cause she might be more than she looks on the surface is the lesson these two will learn.


#11Haru Akagi 

Prepare for Trouble and Make it Double - Tournament Arc Pt. 2 [Haru & Vex] Empty Sun Mar 13, 2022 11:59 pm

Haru Akagi
The feline was thankful to have a moment to catch her breath as the goons turned their attention to the winged woman. Her amber orbs flickered between the Vex and the enemy, she was certainly a capable fighter in her own right. Although, the crimson lady utilised much more elegant movements than her own, poised and graceful, like a dancer. A thought that sparked the memory of her mother's teachings, although Haru had been too hotheaded to listen properly to her instructions.

While the demi-human couldn't even attempt to reach the level of grace that the elven woman displayed, she could at least follow suit to the best of her abilities. Rejoining the fight, now she wasn't completely winded anymore, she went for quick jabs here and there between the brutish men's attacks, avoiding their attacks where possible and occasionally taking a few in order to land her own more punishing ones.

Soon enough the female duo would be left standing victorious, managing to break the pride of their opponents by leaving them so sore they could no longer move, forcing them to surrender the fight. While there were a couple of boos from the crowd, most likely from those that had bet against them, the majority cheered for the two women.

"Well, those were some pretty nice moves you displayed there." Haru nodded as she praised Vex's abilities. She wasn't going to admit it, but she would take away some ideas from seeing her fight to improve her own skills. Paid for their victory in the battles, they'd be begged to return the next week should they be in the area. Apparently, they had become a crowd favourite.

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Prepare for Trouble and Make it Double - Tournament Arc Pt. 2 [Haru & Vex] Empty Mon Mar 14, 2022 1:20 am

Vex is over joyed to see Haru rejoin her, the down time had clearly given her and extra pep to her step so Vex's gamble paid off to give the girl time to regain her footing, She keep working as a distraction for one of them while Haru handled the other throwing her strong punches and Vex could swear she had seen Haru have a smile crack her face for if only a brief moment as she fought.

Vex ends up finishing off her target as Haru had finished off hers, Vex tries to stay calm and collected looking so not to show Haru she had become a bit winded herself from sustaining the buff on the woman as well as fighting the brutes that she and this woman had crossed paths with on this very eventful and enlightening day for Vex.

She was glad that she had walked up to the demi-human woman, she at least didn't seem to judge her for being a wood elf and she had actually seemed thankful to her for her hard work as well Vex was thankful this cat woman was here and could take a hit and didn't just take big risks with no pay out or way to back out if it all seemed to go bad for her.

"Years of training to be a doll married off to a rich man will do that to you. You weren't too bad yourself Haru." She takes her earnings and happy that they could over come that maybe Tutrix had been watching over them and wondering if they were only crowd favorite because of them being two strong women.

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