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Fernando's fantastic fabrics [D-rank, Good Quest]

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Fernando's fantastic fabrics [D-rank, Good Quest] Empty Thu Mar 10, 2022 1:55 am

Lucretia wasn’t sure what she was expecting when she spotted the request off of the local board; it was a pink flier that had quite an interesting design to it compared to those around it. Some of the darker stuff helped it stand out and she’d turn the paper over. Inspecting it. The request was kind of simple honestly and the signature was by someone by the name of Fernando. An individual that she had never met before but there was no reason for her not to hear him out.

It took her maybe about fifteen minutes to find the boutique that fernando had lain out in the request. The individual of which was a fairly well off man with some eccentric styles of clothing. She noted the fox pelt around his neck first and foremost before her eyes drifted up to his hair. Eccentric? Yeah that seemed about right.

He was ready and raring to show her around; his chipper attitude bringing a small smile to her face. The woman had a somewhat honest living and stuff like this stood out to her. People could concentrate on other things like this because of what she did for a living. The examples that he showed her stood out even to her untrained eye and she’d admire the various cuts; she could tell that they were expensive and she was fairly careful with them. Avoiding handling them for too long.

Asking a few questions about the fabrics he wanted she was given quite a list of things he was looking for. She’d write down the ones he stressed about the most and then took her leave of the man. Figuring the sooner he had what he wanted the quicker he’d tell her about other jobs if he had any.

It’d take her maybe another ten or so minutes to arrive at the next host of stores; picking through their various fabrics lucretia was good at picking out the rarer ones from the ones that didn’t amount to much. Having a knack for quality because of her own personal desire to acquire more gold. Though she rarely shared that to anyone; if anyone that was alive even knew that of her.

Hoisting a few bolts over her shoulder the woman would continue about; her eyes resting on a fabric that stood above all the rest. It was icy blue and faintly trailed some kind of essence behind it. It was definitely rare with the price tag. She’d lean and inquire about it; finding out that it was a kind of magic fabric that trailed ice particles. It was good for magic casting and for looking fantastic when weaved into clothing.

She knew that she needed to get this bolt for Fernando, finding that the bolt was for sale and was still within range of what she had was something that she didn’t expect. Handing over a sizeable chunk of the jewels that fernando gave her she’d make her way back to his Boutique. There weren’t many people on the streets at this point and with how big the warrior was it wasn’t like anyone was going to mess with her or her cargo.

If she really wanted to, she could probably even turn into a werewolf for a brief period to scare off anyone that made threats to the cargo she carried. But nothing really happened in that venue. Eventually she’d reach the Boutique, dropping off the bolts to Fernando who was very pleased. Even eyeing the fabric that had caught her eye. When asked about it she’d give a shrug.

Seemed like something you’d like.

Yes yes! But this stuff is extremely rare, only a few bolts of it are made a year and it’s almost impossible to get them. You said a flea market vendor had it?

Yeah. Didn’t catch his name though…

Fernando seemed a bit disappointed to hear that but he would hand over lucretia’s payment none the less. She’d give him a small bow of her head and leave the fashion designer to his work. Figuring that she’d likely see him again.

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