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Tournament Arc #7 [Quest][B-rank]

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Tournament Arc #7 [Quest][B-rank] Empty Wed Mar 09, 2022 3:25 am

This time her entry to the tournament was less trying to unseat the champion as she was curious about their current one. Sure she had been give the job to do so but the fact that it was another one of her kin once again made her curious. She had made quite an effort to fight in these tournaments when someone who came to ‘power’ wasn’t a good fit for the role. She had done a bit of research prior to find out more about them and like herself this individual had come out of iceberg. In fact he had once been a hunter like herself.

She had to wonder what led him to leave the icy land and wanted to find out more about them in person so obviously the best way to force a meeting would be fighting in a battle here. Something someone in that position cannot turn away from. There was a more experienced group of fighters this time around but rather than the somber air that had engulfed her last journey to this tournament it was light, jovial. People were laughing and chatting up in the pre-tournament section.

She was ready to go; black armor sitting snugly against her form. Golden spear resting against her shoulder. She couldn’t help but think that a few of the fighters here today likely wouldn’t be leaving. These things tended to get a bit violent and this time would be no difference. Whether it was from her own doing or from someone else…. Well. If she had to be real it’d likely be someone that fought her or the current champion.

Her ‘target’ as it were was on the other side of the area, keeping to himself. By the looks of it he was the dexterous sort; keeping a long thin blade that was more akin to a rapier than a weapon like the swords she used to covet. She had a moment to take in the armor he wore; leather compared to the heavy equipment that she employed. Compared to her mane of white hair his was shorter, brown with a few streaks of gray here or there.

Both of them were hunters that had lived past what most considered ‘prime’. In that job many didn’t live out of their twenties but here she was approaching her mid 30’s and he seemed to be her senior. Definitely someone she should talk to after he was dethroned. The attendant gave them the signal and everyone adjusted; moving out of the pre-fight area.

The roar of the crowd was intoxicating to many first timers but the ones here were a little more jaded. Though a few cracked a smile while filling the area. Lucretia adjusted her gauntlets and gave her spear a testing twirl. It had quickly become one of her favorite weapons she had wielded and it often was seen at her side. Though it’s status still eclipsed her own as a weapon none quite could put into words.

Probably felt it was a bit rude anyways; the woman sighed a little bit as the announcer was actually present this time around. Seeming to make an entrance once more and the babble he put forth was nothing short of impressive; introducing some of the bigger names among the group and Lucretia found herself throwing up her eyebrows in surprise as he introduced her of all people. Finding a few eyes glancing her way and a brief mumble through the crowd. She had been here enough times that people generally knew that she only came here for one of a few reasons; one of which being to remove the current champion.

The current champion’s eyes found her own and she’d give a nod. That was the reason she was here today after all; she got a shrug from him and he’d draw his weapon. That being the signal for most people to adjust or get ready. Her second hand would rest on her spear and she’d consider briefly what she would even ask this man after they were done fighting. Well. She’d have to get through it first; which given her record… was fairly likely.

With the announcer calling for the battle to start; almost immediately everyone went towards who they wanted to fight. The champion gaining a few likely foes and lucretia finding herself fighting a pair of sword users, who were making good uses of their weapons to keep her on the defensive. Poking through the holes in her stance for little grazes here or there. She was a tough cookie and they’d find themselves ent flying by a sweep of her spear. Probably wasn’t expecting her to hit so hard either; the first one she found that she had crushed a good portion of their ribcage and their body had cushioned the blow for the other. But neither got up so she turned her attention to the current champion.

He was fighting four people at once; both avoiding their blows and doling them out. He had a bit of skill that was much certain; but lucretia didn’t feel like it was fair for people to be outnumbered like that champion or not. So She gave a whistle and threw her spear, it creating a little plume of dirt when it impacted between two of her now to be opponents.

Their attention turned to her and the spear launched itself back into her hand; the other making a little motion of ‘come here’. Before moving forward. She could see the eyes of the champion on her again and she’d shake her head. She wasn’t doing this because she wanted to help him so much as she believed in fair play.

The woman was faced again by a pair of fighters, both of which employed daggers. So they were a bit pesky and she found herself on the backfoot. Though she was able to figure out their openings soon enough, a wrenching gutpunch was enough for one of the fighters to be launched off his feet and the other would find his head missing when lucretia sweeped the weapon around.

In similar fashion the champion finished his fight as quickly. Looking around the both of them found that they were alone in this battle now. Many people had been knocked out and the fairest of the fighters had been dispatched. Many were on the ground panting or avoiding looking at the ‘duel’ that was about to start.

Lucretia turned her head to find that the champion was leaning on his sword, planted firmly in the ground. Not something you saw from someone who used such a delicate weapon.

Didn’t expect to see you here about me of all people.

It’s not often I get to meet one of my kind that isn’t feral or preying on the weak inside of Dahlia. You had me curious.

Are you here to kill me?

No. I’m here to ask some questions and this is a better way than trying to find where you spend your freetime.

Mm. All right. If you beat me I’ll answer what you have in mind but if I beat you you don’t come after me again all right? On or off this.

Lucretia gave a somber nod; some people just wanted to be left alone and she could respect that.

All right. But it seems you don’t want to use these weapons…

Quick on the uptake huh? Yeah. I don’t want to kill you and you don’t want to kill me. So lets settle this was fang and claw rather than by blade. Besides. Your weapon would shatter mine with a single strike at this point.

Lucretia nodded her head and planted her spear into the ground. Deep enough to where you’d need sizeable strength compared to hers to remove it. Which in this area would be her, the champion and one of the people laying in a pool of their own blood. Her form was quickly replaced by that of her werewolf state; something many in the crowd hadn’t seen before. They looked a bit shocked and the woman adjusted herself again. Some of the straps were tight and now they were a bit more for the form she had picked to be in.

The champion’s were-form was very close to hers with key differences; he had more scars than she did and his fur color was closer to brown than his grey. Though there were a few streaks of the latter color here or there. He looked like a wizened version of some of those she had killed in dahlia. That being said the way he held himself was more akin of someone that was sad they were doing this rather than confidence in their abilities. Was he hoping that she’d kill him?

....You turned recently didn’t you?

The other hunter seemed surprised and growled a little bit; he didn’t look pleased by the question but he was the honest sort. Much like his counterpart.

Yeah. Only really came into knowledge about it a months ago. Ain’t the most comfortable yet.

I felt the same way when I found out a few years ago.

The man gave a small shrug and lucetia widened her stance; ready to take on the champion of this current bout. He’d lead with a few swipes; lucretia easily seeing he was more skilled in the blade than with his fists. For maybe every one she threw he managed to throw four or five. He was all speed; many of his blows feeling like they were barely impacting her armor. Why would he restrict himself so? She had to wonder.

But this fight was over very quickly; she had the upperhand even if he was all speed. Heavy armor mixed with the endurance he seemed to lack. Not to mention her strength clearly outstripped his. One strike was enough for him to be sent stumbling back compared to her barely flinching. It was like fighting a child that didn’t know the strength of their own body yet. She’d bite the inside of her cheek when he struggled to get up. She’d draw back a fist and connect it to the back of his skulls. Knocking him down and out at the same time.

She’d have to talk to him about it later; but with the roars of the crowd going on around her she really couldn’t even talk to him. Not to mention that he was out cold. Maybe he’d be a little more chatty over a flagon of mead or ale. If he even drank. They were so alike but so different at the same time. The woman would collect her spear and then head out to wait out front while the medical group did a sweep of the arena. She’d probably get to talk to him later…

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