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Equal Greetings [Venus]

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Eyes of wolves gazed through the blizzarding waves as ash cried from the sky. Her white dyed was flowing wildly as she treads carefully over the Icey roads. Her heeled boots of black with metal chains connected on each side dangled as it made it easier to get to the bar. Quilla heard it was quite the place to enjoy the simple pleasure of alcohol and music. She wasn't Icebergian, but Joyan were warriors within their own respective beliefs. As such, the women were beautiful, strong and believed in equality, but that was where Joya was different sadly, Equality. Perhaps these people will know something about her mother or even a group who could help her with these goals of hers.

She wore leather pants and a crop white shirt that was covered with a fur coat of black. She kept her face stone cold, the type where someone will constantly think something is wrong. As she reached the location, she could already hear the music of drums, people singing in Icebergian and drinking. Sure, she could not understand it, but some of these people must speak one of her languages.

Her gazed at her curvy figure yet she ignored them all so she could get to the counter in peace. She slicked onto the seat and waved her hand, "A drink?", she questioned as if she wasn't sure they understood Fiorian. It seemed to be one of the most common things people spoke. She just put money down and hoped that will say something. She put her elbow on the wood counter and rested her chin on her palm.

#2Venus Rosé 

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Venus Rosé

It was strangely weird that business was booming in this pub that was located somewhere between the snowy mountains. Perhaps it was due to the fact that the citizens of Iceberg didn’t receive anything other than winter and snow, they sought the warmth from any liquor they could obtain. Nonetheless, the busier it was, the better it was for a particular redhead who was seated by the corner of the tavern, her face hidden under the thick black hood of her cloak, hiding her presence to be nothing more than a slip of darkness.

Her ruby eyes observed the vicinity, each and every single customer inside the pub—she’d been doing so for the past hour watching them drink the alcohol away, singing and chanting and hollering to their peers until they’d lost sense of awareness to their surroundings. That was when Venus slammed her finished large pint of ale on the table and stood up, beginning her very first move. She already had her targets amongst all, those who seemed to have a bit of money on them despite how most Icebergians tend to appear rugged and shaggy with their thick coats, fur and layers of armour.

Her first target was one who was on the verge of being black-out drunk, even the words he spoke didn’t make any sense. So, she’d crept behind him, cut a hole in the pocket of his pants with her crafty dagger and her hand placed at the bottom of it, she scooped up whatever golden coins she could get from him. She repeated the same method a few times with a bit of a variety, even getting some precious adornments from the armours that she’s cut through.

What caught her eye in the end was the beautiful, young lady seated by the counter—perhaps waiting for someone or alone? The accessories she wore; she definitely gave off the wealthy, single woman vibes. She’d be her last target of the day, she thought. The vampire slid into the seat beside her and right before she was about to start a conversation, a heavy palm rested on her shoulder.

”Aren’t you the one who stole my coins, thief?”


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While her head still positioned forward, her eyes slowly gazed towards the person who decided to sit next to her. Slowly, she studied the person and could barely get a glimpse of their face. They were hiding under a cloak that many who tend to want to hide from something or someone wear. Her calm feats stayed as she studied the person, but was interrupted by shady voice who asked the woman about stealing their money. Her eyes cornered as her head turned to see some deadbeat guy who was drunk. Sure, she looked like she wasn't that tall to begin with, but as soon as she stood up 6'7" and towered over all of them.

Her eyes of wolven gold stared at him coldly. "I advise you to run off before you lose more than your coins," she was ready to yeet of this chair and use what she had to fight if he wanted one. She was just some unknown S rank, but she was a tall beauty as well. Sure, Quilla wasn't super smart and could be a little slow, but at the same time she did what she thought was right. "Or would you like to dance?~", she purred coldly with a deadpan stare.

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Venus Rosé

Oh, Gods above—was her reaction when the white haired woman stood up from her seat, bloody six foot seven, towering well above her and the man who was accusing Venus of being a thief. She’d missed all that height when the vixen chose to take a seat beside her and was now suddenly regretting the decision of marking her as her last target. Well, she did steal the man’s coins earlier (not that she was ever going to admit it), but the tall beauty had defended her for whatever reason, which was…oddly very nice of her despite being a stranger and Venus, being someone who worked on her own majority of her life, it was rare to receive such kindness from those who didn’t know her.

The man looked so deadpanned and flabbergasted that words did not even come out correctly off his tongue. ”…C-Consider yourself lucky today, woman. I won’t let you off so easy when I see you n-next time.” Almost as if embarrassed, he awkwardly brushed his ugly beard and walked away. The rogue merely scoffed. ”What a joke.” She turned back forward, facing the bar and with a quick motion of her finger, she’d request a pint of ale. Usually, she was a whisky or scotch girl, but today, she was feeling cheap and she was also broke, so for now, a mug of ale will do.

”Thanks for that, by the way—earlier.” She cocked her head, lightly chuckling. ”I almost made a fool out of myself, trying to steal from you. I wasn’t expecting you to look…so intimidating and beautiful at the same time.” The redhead chugged her pint of beer, foam forming onto the upper part of her cupid bow’s. ”Venus,” she clicked her tongue, followed by a quick wink. Oh, wasn’t she just the perfect flirt?


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The man studdered his words like a feared coward he probably was. He was no man in terms of how she describes them. "Disgusting," she mumbled as she saw him cower with his tail between his legs. Her attention went back to the woman who was talking about how she was going to steal from her. Ironically, despised her attire, she was poor. "It's alright, I stole what I am wearing," she spoke with a side smirk on her calm structured face. Her face was restless like this as she always looked like she was bored, which honestly was the truth.

She let her eyes scan the red head as the colors matched her complexion and whole canvas in general. Too bad her flirtatious actions were futile as she believes in physical romanticism after marriage. The most she accepted her hand holds and now hugs due to Kaito's introduction to them. "You must be complimenting yourself as you are such things," she soothingly spoke in her breathy and wisdom sounding tone. "Quilla," she introduced back and watched her chug her beer, "You must like drinking as much as I," she huffed a chuckle before chugging her own mixed drink.

Mind them, she hated beer as the taste didn't feel satisfying to her taste buds. "I loaned some money off some rich person, so if you want something else in better taste... Let me know in exchange for your company, ~" she teased with a side smirk. She did not mean it if she was buyable, but more so an excuse to speak to her as being alone was empty feeling. Quilla flipped her hair out of her own way as strands were going against her chest and shoulder, tickling her perfect skin as she gazed at the beauty next to her.


They grew to be friends as the time passed. They talked through things and was introduced to Eternal Nightmare as it was a place that accepted all. She agreed to join as Quilla received her tattoo from the red head beauty before they went off on their own.


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