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Advisor to Warrior, Fox to Wolf

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Advisor to Warrior, Fox to Wolf Empty Fri Nov 19, 2021 12:50 am

His bar was never really busy, not many people in this town would accept drinks from a stranger. Much less someone that they didn’t outright trust and grow up with. It made him a little grumpy over that fact given that he had been helpful and had been workable this whole time. The fox man let out a soft sigh and leaned up against his bar. Casually glancing at the timepiece that sat clicking away.

It was a long day, made longer by the lack of customers. The only individuals that came in here would do so to visit his cook who was growing increasingly annoyed by the fact they weren’t really making any money to speak of. He wouldn’t blame him if they just flat out left. Hearing the ding of the doors the demi-human glanced at where the kitchen was. Seeing his cook and a few of his friends talking the trio glanced at skald.

Heading out? For good this time?

Fraid so Skald. Thanks for getting me off of the streets n on my feet. But My kinsmen need me further north.

Well Dimitri I can’t say that I blame you. The hearth has been colder for longer than it’s been lit. Safe travels all right?

I feel like shit leavin yah like this but…

It’s fine Dimitri. Get goin before we both get teary eyed.

Skald gave a little grin and waved his cook goodbye, watching the trio leave through the door the man let out a soft sigh. Deflating against the bar and hanging his head back. Maybe just maybe he’d have to figure something out to move his prospects elsewhere. Maybe to bosco? He heard it was nice there but honestly he wasn’t sure how well accepted he’d be. The accent aside he wasn’t exactly the most normal in a town of mostly humans as is.

His ear flicked again as he heard the crunching of boots...


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Lucretia had spent a good time up in iceberg, for one reason or another. But her curiosity had been piqued when she learned of a demi-human that was more beast than man. Finding that many wouldn’t tell her where he was also painted a bit of worry for her. She’d sigh a bit when she happened across a trio that spoke well of the fox man.

Oh? Skald? Yeah he’s good people. Lil bit strange to be in these parts but his hearts in the right place. Damned if you do and damned if you don’t though. He’s gonna dry up out here. Why yah tryin to find him?

Somewhat curious about his kind. Not many beast types to speak of. I’d say that I’d also bear good tidings for him if he’s struggling like this up here.

The man gave a toothy grin and pointed down the way; a somewhat worn looking building being where skald had set up shop. The closest thing to a tavern you’d get out in these parts. With a small wave the two parted and the woman approached the bar. Inside she’d find exactly what was explained to her.

A fox man of some kind standing just equal height to her. It was rare to find someone of any kind that matched her in build. She wouldn’t say he was as well built as she was, but he certain was athletic. Eyeing him for a moment she’d step in…

You skald?

She had to figure that he was but it would be impolite to assume; after a brief moment she’d motion outside to where she had come. Even if it wasn’t skald he’d probably pass it to the man. But she hardly doubted there’d be another fox beastman of some kind here. So it was safe betting!

Ran into your friend out there, said you were havin a hard time. So I came to suggest if business here is so bad maybe down in fiore might be more your fancy? Hosenka and Asteria are some good checks. Don’t know much bout the northerner parts but… Tis what adventure is for. Sorry can’t really stay too long… got some more business to attend to elsewhere.

The wolfen woman gave a small little wave and turned right around, leaving the bartender to his own devices. It was a weird sort of meeting that was to be certain...


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Advisor to Warrior, Fox to Wolf Empty Fri Nov 19, 2021 1:02 am

The bootfalls belonged to what had to be the tallest woman he had ever seen. Raising his brows and flicking his ears forward the fox demi human quickly stood up; no longer seeming downtrodden. Her hair was as white as his fur was in some places and he had to admit that black armor was… somewhat hilarious. They were practically yin and yang. Though he doubted that either one of them really had a dark side to speak of.

That’s me yeah.

His voice was gruffer than it needed to be but after that question she followed up with her giving some quick pointers. Hosenka? Asteria? There was even a more northern area of fiore? He’d fold his arms and nod his head, thanking the spellsword as she left. It wasn’t something he really felt like he should do given that it was some random stranger giving him life advice. But with his aversion to the cold and the drying up business…

Ah piss. Whatever. Might as well take the chance and head that way…

The fox growled a bit and stepped into his kitchen. Figuring he could probably sell a good chunk of things here to get himself down into fiore. If not he could always take a loan or maybe he could take after that woman. He didn’t even bloody catch her name even if she did seem familiar!

Huffing he’d hurry a bit and gather the meager things he had, before stepping out into the world once more. A fresh start was probably something he needed… even if he wasn’t sure about it in the first place.


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