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All Hands On Deck [Samhain Objective] [Lucretia|Mimi]

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All Hands On Deck [Samhain Objective] [Lucretia|Mimi] Empty Fri Oct 29, 2021 6:51 am

Samhain Objective:

No sooner had the last dying rays of sunlight passed beneath the horizon did the rotting carcass of a ship violently breach the once calm surface of the ocean. The ship's bow had pierced through the water at a forty-five degree angle until most of the vessel was exposed, and then its forward momentum ceased, only to thunderously drop the belly of its hull back down onto the sea. Wood stained green from algae and black from rot composed the ship's uncanny bulk, and damp and ragged sails swelled eerily on their own accord to propel the large bulk forward across the windless sea. For such a damaged ship its speed was unnatural, and its pace only quickened as it cut a straight line through the waves towards shore. The ship didn't slow down as it closed the distance to its prey. Frantic spectators were sent running from the pier as the vessel eventually collided with it, cleaving the wooden structure just as easily as it did the ocean until the large boat beached itself.

Serafina had been inside a tea shop on the pier when the ship plowed into the boardwalk. The impact shook the building a little, and she had to carefully hold her cup in both hands to prevent the hot liquid from spilling onto herself. Large windows lined the front of the shop, but the wind mage had been too absorbed in her pleasant drink to concern herself with the outside world. Only when one of the other shop patrons seated next to the glass panes rose out of his seat to exclaim: 'oh my god,' did the former nun shift her gaze.Outside she couldn't see what had caused the commotion, but she could see onlookers gawking at something out of sight further down the pier.

"To interrupt such a peaceful moment, it wouldn't surprise me at all if there was a god outside," spoke the woman softly before sipping at her tea to savor one final taste. Her enjoyment was cut short by the sound of screaming outside. Sera placed her cup down on the table as she again glanced at the windows. The people on the other side of the glass were running from something in a panic now. She half considered finishing her tea before investigating, but it sounded like people were being attacked what with all the noise. Begrudgingly, Serafina stood up from her seat and exited the tea shop and stepped into the cool night air.

When she saw the ship stuck in the pier her gaze was inevitably drawn up towards the black flag waving ominously from the top of its mast. Returning her gaze back down she noticed the ship's crew were jumping down to the pier with swords in hand. They were equally as rotted and decaying as their vessel was, both undead husks of their former selves.

"No gods, but a godly mess indeed," commented the woman as she started walking towards the zombified pirates. Perhaps if she hadn't grown up in such a terrible place she might not have seen this event as some tedious chore. Her expression remained lackluster as she raised a hand towards the nearest rotting buccaneer before blasting it off its feet with a burst of air.

WC: 544/2000

All Hands On Deck [Samhain Objective] [Lucretia|Mimi] UhGG7Gj
"This isn't the gods' victory; it's mine."

All Hands On Deck [Samhain Objective] [Lucretia|Mimi] Empty Fri Oct 29, 2021 11:35 am

Why is it during this time of year everything has to always get to erie and spooky, At least that is what Miriko would say out loud if she was talking to anyone, she was more nervous on the back of Alistair currently trying to find some one who was seemingly sensible and able to have a thought to talk to them about what was really going on here because it really off and strange. Commonly right now, Miriko as on the back of Alistair. Searching. "You might need to try and be a bit quieter on your feet."Miriko was trying not to be rude about it just figure it would be good to mention.

Alistair in return to mention."I am trying but it is a bit of a challenge."Which was understandable, Miriko was also getting uncomfortable with the changing matter of what was going on around her. She could only for the most part just sit and watch as they try and figure out what was next on in terms of a plan to do, So that way if they thought of an in or out that needed to be done they could to it.

Worst comes to worst, Alistair climbs a building with Miriko on his back, would be the first time he had to do it, But he was more then able too.Whispering again to her companion she just mentioned."Do you pick up that anyone here is alive still?" In which might be words she regrets mentioning because Alistair would say."Maybe but not the kind of alive you might enjoy."Which they might not be scaring her but Zombies were still kind of horrifying in nature, At least she could figure out where to go from here slowly."Keep moving we will find some one and help him." Her plan was to seek and save in the end, a simple plan and a helpful one. Hopefully it did not make her zombie food for the living dead just walking around, Hopefully some one else she knew was around or some one she was yet to meet could help too, But for now these were merely thoughts.



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Staying up late into the night wasn’t exactly anything new for lucretia, given that before her movement down into the south and the varied jobs she did here she spent most of it figuring out how to fight the denizens of the dark as they would say. Even further still when she started to get a little more restless with her inner beast. A active and fierce companion of sorts that felt like if she wasn’t moving she wasn’t living. Making it hard to rest unless she had done something worthwhile with her day. Not much had happened here as of late so her restlessness only increased as time passed.

Her surprise was palatable however when someone came running to the guildhall; warning them about an attack down on the piers. From what the man claimed it seemed like zombies were attacking. Pirate zombies because a ship had hit the pier; most normal people would likely groan or rub their face in aggravation. Zombies normally were a pretty big problem elsewhere in the world so astera had likely not seen a spell of them in a long long time. But to lucretia dealing with draugr and the various sorts of ‘evil’ in the world? She was already used to it.

Her pitch black and gold armor came on in a flash, her helm worked it’s way onto her face, her spear was at her side in an instant. She was out of the door before even warning the man to stay here or get to safety. She felt the growling of the beast at the back of her mind; it wanted to rend. It wanted to tear. She wanted to protect, she wanted to fight to help. They met somewhere in the middle. Growling in irritation the woman’s body distended. Her form grew and she felt her physical prowess increase in leaps and bounds. She still was a bit nervous; a bit fearful of herself and the various instincts that she felt deep seated in her chest.

Once she was outside of the guild walls she let out a shrill whistle using two of her fingers. She didn’t keep her mount in the stables, preferring to let it roam the area than keep such a majestic beast in the confines of stone. A single ear twitch and the Dhuilin was already cantering over a ridge. It was still getting used to this form given that the other was the one it was more familiar with. But she had made sure it was aware of it’s master’s various abilities.

It didn’t need a saddle, the mane of the near unicorn was thick enough to where she could grasp it with a hand. Though that meant that her spear would be difficult to use until she dismounted which was fine. Tearing off down towards the city, Lucretia was there in the course of a few minutes. She took a moment to assess the situation in front of her. A good chunk had made it off of the ship and he could see that some were milling around; some were attacking others and the woman gritted her fangs.

Her mount would go no further than the outer city limits, nervously neighing. Hopping off of the Dhuilin she’d give it’s flank a pat before striding forward. Spear at the ready; her presence alone wasn’t enough to stem any sort of tide. But the few people that recognized her hurried past. Knowing that where she came would likely be safe. Her eyes flicked around and her scowl deepened as she saw that the guards were in no position to help anyone but they could immediately reach. So it’d be up to her and anyone that came to the port to do exactly what she was about to do. Drawing in a deep breath the wolfen women let out a deep roar of challenge; wordless and something that shook the very foundations of the few buildings near her.

It was certainly loud enough to gain the attention of a good chunk of zombies near her and anyone else that was in the immediate area would then see a werewolf with a spear of one of the nine heroes cutting deep into the zombies that approached her. She used every aspect of the weapon, from the haft to the long blade. The grasping hands or blades of the zombies didn’t do well to pierce her armor and would do worse against her thick hide.

[WC: 747/2000]


All Hands On Deck [Samhain Objective] [Lucretia|Mimi] Empty Tue Nov 09, 2021 5:48 pm

At least once the initial shock wore off people were beginning to flee the pier in earnest, or barricade themselves within the boardwalk buildings. Some civilians inevitably didn't make it to safety, but Serafina remained unconcerned for the fallen. With no more tears left to shed for anyone, the departed and the undead alike, the woman kept focused on her own battles. She picked up a rusting cutlass from the ground. It was a poor trophy off of the last reanimated corpse she had laid to rest, but as a defensive measure it would suffice.

She stepped further into the fray, leading with her sword hand as she kept her other hand open palmed and facing forward near her chest. There was no need for mind games when her opponents were rotting automatons. Once she was close enough she could bait an attack from a zombie and use her sword to parry. Sera would then retaliate with her magic, using blasts or slices of wind to smash or dismember her target. Despite her efforts she was only one person, however. Some town guards had made it onto the scene but without proper help only more people would get hurt before things could be contained.

"Sister! Please help the wounded while we hold them back!" called out one of the guards as he and several others rushed into the fray.

"This is all I can do for them," answered Serafina calmly as she jammed the tip of her cutlass into the groaning mouth of a zombie. "Healing them now will mean nothing if we are overrun." The pale haired woman had no doubt that they could dispatch the horde if given enough time and space, but she was already mentally writing off the injured as casualties. Zombie bites could be treated if tended to quickly, but there just weren't enough people to hold back the undead threat long enough.

It was then that she heard, as well as felt, the inhuman roar that sounded off nearby. That, was something that elicited a reaction from Serafina. This place really was starting to remind her of home. The woman's jaws clenched as she cautiously eyed the white werewolf stepping onto the scene, unsure of what to make of the sight. Then the beastial entity started to lash out at the zombies gathering around them with a golden spear. The town guards near Serafina cheered at the realization that they had been joined by a powerful ally, and Serafina allowed herself to release a sigh of relief.

"What an entrance, and just in time, too." With the ease of which the werewolf cut through their opponents Sera would have to rethink her cynical evaluation of this predicament. The display of raw power also made her suddenly self aware of her own lacking strength, and her crimson eyes dropped to the poorly maintained sword in her hand. She knew she still had a long way to go, but she also knew that she would get there. Sooner or later, one way or another. Her gaze drifted back up as she heard a groan and shambling steps.

"Rest in peace," muttered the woman dispassionately as she raised her palm towards the zombie before releasing another blast of wind.


All Hands On Deck [Samhain Objective] [Lucretia|Mimi] UhGG7Gj
"This isn't the gods' victory; it's mine."

All Hands On Deck [Samhain Objective] [Lucretia|Mimi] Empty Thu Nov 11, 2021 6:47 am

It was not exactly her idea of fun in this current time,  Zombie and the undead were not things to be considered good for the things she wanted to with her life. But if anything she needed to continue looking around to see if anyone else was honestly alive, With it being not the kind that would eat her as food alive. Nonetheless her look would continue on. She just needed to be sure. Slowly the pieces of what was going on would show what was going on, That in fact few other people would be around and well fighting these ravenous undead beings.

Miriko was knew in some manner she might not be the best here, unless she was going to do a few other things to help."Go over there."Miriko mentioned, pointing towards the where she thought other people would be. It seemed people be there and fighting them, So if anything if Miriko can be around to maybe pull them away to safety. Or just striking her mind what else to do it was also risky to other people, So it might not her first and ideal choice either. After all Miriko did not entirely think it was good idea to head towards where the zombies where gather.

But now she was since it they were gathering it meant some one was alive."Are you sure about that Miriko, Could be really risky..."Alistair mentioned, Because he was willing just wanted to be sure."I am sure, You can also start mauling as many as you can on the way over."Miriko mentioned because it would make sense to see how many they could clear on the way over. Alistair obeying, After all they had an easy way out. With Miriko making sure to shift her position to brace herself for any jumps Alistair might have to do.

It seemed at least one person left alive was a mage, But she had a feeling there would still be others who would be fighting them as well. Just who where they. It was making she curious. It would be interesting for Lucretia to actually see Alistair maul things to death with his claws. For the moment. Miriko and Alistair did not know her werewolf friend was here yet, Most likely she did not notice she was around, For Serafina the sight of a giant cat mauling zombies to death while going towards her, Might either be a welcome sight or almost scary depending upon how you view Alistair or even Miriko in the matter of seeing her.

It was going a bit more slower then Miriko might want because it was if anything, Risky in Miriko's mind she could be clawed at by any of them Alistair could miss."There are some living people."Mirko mentioned to Alistair as they eventually were in sight range of Serafina at least. It seemed it was an interesting thing to ponder what this woman would think of a massive cat mauling his way through zombies to get to her.

Looking around Miriko did see think she spotted something else roaming around, But weather or not that was right away worry was something she would wait until later to be sure. For the moment however she would just start by talking with the Nun."Sparse to say, these undead are a bit too close for comfort."It was most likely an atypical starting conversation, But then again this was not exactly normal way of meeting some one, Hopefully it was not too annoying to start."Do you need out of here? Or brought anywhere in general?"It was an interesting question to ask, But she was here to help, Maybe it would be a good idea to start figuring out a plan of how to go about these zombies.




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To her these zombies felt like like they were far too brittle, far too little to worry about. It wasn’t their individual strength that shone but their persistence and numbers. She could see a dozen different ways of things going differently. Her eyes adjusted and she’d find a few familiar faces from the town fleeing the area, the guards were doing a good job of funneling innocence away from here. Those icy eyes found another that she hadn’t seen before; a nun of sorts wielding a sword and magic to deal with the zombies. But it looked to her that the weapon had come from the zombies rather than her own.

The wolfen spellsword frowned and glanced at her spear. She didn’t know the other or their intentions but any allies that worked with her defending the people… Well. It’s not like she couldn’t take it back by force if needed. Growling she’d kick one zombie away from her, sending it into the mob of it’s allies behind it.

Sister. Catch.

The werewolf drew back and threw her spear towards the woman; figuring that even if they declined the wolfen woman could just easily scoop it up. Not like the zombies would do a good job at trying to take that weapon. Though with her throwing away her ‘only’ weapon the zombies surged forward. Snarling she’d slam her hands together, a round magical seal appearing between her hands. She’d draw those hands outward, a somewhat ornate blade coming into being. But that wasn’t all, an additional seven other swords appeared behind her; slowly floating around their owner as she stood there contemplating what she should be doing.

Spitting on the ground the wolfen woman strode forward with confidence. Glancing at the individual that had arrived on scene. Her brows raising a bit as she recognized instantly the painter and their companion. She’d pause as the blades around her set to work on the various zombies within their deadly reach. Some more efficiently than the others as their caster was a touch distracted.

Mimi? Alistair? What are you two doing here?

The woman’s voice sounding through vocal cords not meant for normal conversation must have sounded a bit odd to anyone that heard them. The simple words from earlier were hard enough to believe but the evident confusion on the werewolves’ face would be something that might catch more attention from those perceptive enough.

One zombie managed to get through the various swinging blades and even got close enough to where it’s putrid breath would catch lucretia’s attention. If not for a moment, she’d reach out to catch the blade that it swung at her with one hand before simply headbutting the zombie. The woman watched the zombie crumple as she practically destroyed the head with such a simple action.

This isn’t a situation I expected to see you two in…



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It was all coming together, some what there was things that sometimes needed to worried about during this current time. Miriko wanted to help thus she was here, She was the best example of some one who most likely had no place helping here but was anyway, But they had Alistair to help since it was not like Miriko could really do much aside from paint and knit, Maybe if she had invested time into actually learning spells for her magic this might be entirely different, But they did not alas here they where now. Where the nun might not know anything about Miriko and Alistair yet, It seemed they had some one else who might have.

They were not intentionally ignoring there wonderful friend either but it seemed if anything Miriko's wonderful focus might be just at play now. So what did Miriko consider doing? Heading down to to see how she could help a few people who might be suffering, Just leaving her entirely unsure if it was really wanting to do.

Now she had to ponder if that was a good idea, She did not want to leave Alistair behind, So she would at least get off of Alistair to continue looking around and observe things in the area allowing herself to kind of just making sure Alistair was okay and command him in some manner. Now however she would finally speak to her friend while waiting to see what else would be mentioned to her in terms of the nun and her actions.

"Oh Lucretia, Wonderful you are here too!"Miriko said happily even in this grim situation of time, Because more help the better really and it made Miriko a bit less nervous in this matter too."I was here to see the views of the sea, But things changed it seemed and not exactly in which is helpful what I was intending to start with."So Miriko was here to do her normal things that just changed quickly.

The Painter was here to do painting things."I also won't lie I might have been curious if the market had some good materials for knitting or sewing."It was not really the place for her current time of work and she knew it. So not expecting Miriko or Alistair here was logical to assume, Just she was here and some what helping the best she could.

"If I am entirely honest, This is not exactly a place I should be over all in terms of how I work..."
It almost seemed to depress Miriko for a moment, But she was still some what of a person who did value keeping people safe, She just did not ever prepare herself for it.

Which she could admit was a flaw, Just was not the time for it."But for now! we have the undead to worry about."Alistair would mention since well it was kind of important to focus, Since Miriko was getting carried away with talking.



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