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Tournament Arc #4 [Quest][B-rank]

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Tournament Arc #4 [Quest][B-rank] Empty Thu Oct 07, 2021 1:40 am

The last couple times that Lucretia had been paid to take down the local champion of the tournament she had taken many varied approaches because of how they were. Ranging from vampires to werewolves to simple people that took pleasure in the pain of those they fought. However the last time that she had taken this job she had done so with the intent to train her body to handle her werewolf transformation and the beast within.

This time was no different and if the next time was soon to follow that too would likely follow under the same banner. The best way to do things was in battle; to learn how best to use her body and the danger it held to the world. She’d turn it into a shield to protect the innocent and enact justice on those that were needing it. She’d tighten the wrappings around her hands one more time before stepping into the waiting area of the arena. A good chunk of fighters had signed up today.

It was an all out brawl once again; which had been gaining rapid popularity. The masses enjoyed a good free for all or where the strong decimated those that were unprepared. She could tell a good chunk of them were experienced, if not overly fond fighters of this type of battle. Her expression was a mix of friendly and… well. Somewhat predatorial. She could sense the nervousness of a few of the fighters. Even saw one or two leave once they saw her part of the crowd.

Maybe they saw the last fight or maybe they just didn’t like the vibe that she was giving off. It didn’t matter much to her as they were ushered forward through the gates. The steel portcullis eventually falling behind the fighters that were resigned to whatever fate would happen here. The woman folded her arms and listened to the announcer, he was the same one as before going on and on about the fight. Though he seemed to stumble when he met Lucretia’s eyes.

There was a brief instance where Lucretia was worried that they wouldn’t be fighting… But. That was dashed as the announcer quickly went through the rules and declared the fight to start. It was like a hurricane of motion, everyone going every which way and Lucretia simply stood in the center of it all for a few long moments. She had a few misgivings about using this as training.

But her eyes slid to the champion, an axe toating man that stood a head above most here. Save for her and maybe one or two others. Exhaling a bit she’d stretch just a bit. Eyeing some of the fighters that were near her. Then she’d growl as she felt the beast claw it’s way up, demanding to be fed. To fight. To bleed these fools. It had been more and more vocal as of late…

She’d let out a howl as her body started to change and a few of the fighters near her yelped in surprise as the clothes strained to hold her body. It wasn’t long before they tore off in tatters and teh woman now stood a good three feet above even the tallest of men. She opened herself up to be a target and like a cornered rat did everyone start to fight against her…

But like many humans; there was always someone stronger than they and this time certainly was no different. It wasn’t even a challenge anymore; it didn’t feel like it was a challenge. Her strength, her endurance, her health. It felt like it was leagues apart from them. She felt their bones break, their weapons crumble. She might not have been fast but what did she care? She’d let the bulwark that was her skin take the brunt of the damage and dish it out more than enough for them all....



Tournament Arc #4 [Quest][B-rank] Empty Thu Oct 07, 2021 2:07 am

It felt too damn easy for her. It felt like she shouldn’t be here; it felt like she was doing this wrong. That this was no longer a competition. No longer something she should partake in. She felt the blood running down her forearms, not hers. But other people. She felt their flesh give way, their armor broke underneath her. It was intoxicating. It was something she hated to admit but it felt good being overwhelming like this. It felt like she was where she was supposed to be.

But then something started to kick in; something that had held her together since day one. She felt the beast start to sink into the depths again as her control and iron will started to surface after letting it have it’s fun. She didn’t even see the tint of red like before. She didn’t even consider it. She’d growl lightly as she let drop a corpse of a man she barely saw. Looking around she could see that the fighting had dwindled to a few parties.

The current reigning champion, a few ‘newbies’ and a a handful of seasoned fighters. Narrowing her eyes she’d step her way through the fighters, shoving some aside with ease. Ignoring the newbies and ignoring those seasoned fighters. She felt the prickle of a blade against her side and she’d turn her head to stare into the eyes of the one that done it. A younger man; full of vim and vigor figuring that he could take a stab at her. A backhand was enough to send him tumbling through the dirt. Not enough to kill him but certainly enough to knock him out of the fight. She had no interest in killing the youth here. Truth be told she had no interest in killing anyone but the beast was hard to reign in sometimes.

She’d stare at hte man that she was to kill, to remove from being a champion. Sure the job had specified that she only need ot stop him from being one; but with folks like these it was hard to turn away from a fight. Growling to herself she’d move forward the axe whizzing in front of her muzzle in an attempt to get her early. But she’d just stare at the man in front of her for a few moments. His second swing came and with one hand she’d catch it.

Not even hesitating she’d close her fist and hear the ‘snap’ of the wood shortly after. Watching both the face of the fighter fall and the head of the axe. It barely fell to the ground before her second fist closed and she’d sock him in the chest. Sending him tumbling backwards. Leaving him in a heap; practically hacking up a lung. If she was any lesser of a woman she’d have rolled her eyes but she didn’t. She stepped forward and gingerly leaned down to tilt the man’s head up. Meeting his gaze with her own.

There’s honor in a good death; I aim to give it to you.

The fighter looked baffled and the woman stood tall. She’d turn her back to the other and stride out to meet the rest of the fighters. Picking them off one by one while the champion eased himself to his feet. Gathering his wits and another axe from one of the other fallen. All the while lucretia was crushing the resistance underfoot. Eventually just a single newbie left over that she just socked in the face. Causing them to crumple and she’d spit on the ground. Some blood was mixed in there with the lucky swipe that youth had gotten.

Ever since I found the beast deep within I’ve been using this place to train it. But it feels wrong. Like you all are just tissue paper I can’t help but rip apart.

The woman sighed a bit and she’d turn to find the man having a wide stance, axe ready and him raring to go. She wasn’t fast by any means but her reach and her simple gait would be enough for her to close the distance. She towered over him and with a soft sigh she couldn’t help but take this next step. The champion was able to fend her off for a little bit but ultimately his axe was split in two and the woman had a disgruntled look on her face. Her claws had barely broken his skin before she’d draw her hand back…

It wasn’t even a few moments later before she had knocked him off of his feet again. But this time there would be no getting back up. A solid hole through his chest would give way into understanding from this still dead silent crowd. The woman checked the champion over; sometimes it wasn’t hard for vampires to live if they had their heart in a different portion but with how the body was stiffening…

She’d sigh and turn to walk out, noting that she had broken through those bindings with ease. She was hoping she could have at least kept them. She’d have to pick up a set of clothing from the arena again...


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