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Tournament Arc #3 [Quest][B-rank]

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Tournament Arc #3 [Quest][B-rank] Empty Fri Oct 01, 2021 11:03 pm

It hadn’t been all too long since her last foray into the arena; in fact only a little under two weeks. But so much had changed since then and so much had happened to her. So many things made irrelevant and so many quests that she wasn’t sure if she was fit for anymore. Not after the discovery between her and a friend. Biting her lower lip as the announcer droned on a list of names that had entered. Her emotions had remained fairly level the entire time but she felt a stirring of power deep within her.

The beast hungered and wanted to get out; it wanted to hunt. But she kept an iron lid on it. But that wasn’t the point of the exercise today; no it was to work that muscle that she barely had used in all her life. That ability that she up until recently had no idea that she had access to. Gritting her teeth as she heard her name spoken and a few of the other contenders noted that she wasn’t wearing any of her normal gear.

No hunter’s coat, no mask, no Yoru gracing her back. No this time around she felt that all she should rely on was the beast inside of her. To hone it on the field of battle. Those that signed up at this level often knew that this could turn deadly and she even got a few snickers as all she was wearing was some basic clothing. One even joked, asking her if she came here to die.

Her icy eyes slid and met his; the man flinching and backing away from her. The coldness was so deep that it was hard to remember just how warm those eyes could be. The woman stepped onto the field with the rest of them; some laughing and joking about things while she simply started to adjust the wraps on her arms. It hurt to do what she was about to do but… The woman needed this. She needed the practice. People would judge her but she also knew that people would grow more and more re-assured the longer she came here. She knew that the others before had used this to feast or make new pack members.

But she was using this to further her ability to fight those that dwelled in the dark. The distant droning of the announcer annoyed her and she’d cast a look at the fat man sitting in a shaded ‘throne’ practically cackling into the mic. Her eyes grew somewhat distant and she’d glance to one of the fighters nearest her.

There was the soft re-assurance that if someone was to be killed that no one would be held accountable and the next of kin would be notified. Lucretia’s eyes eventually slid to the reigning champion and she felt that beast stirring again. It wanted out and it wanted to hunt. But she kicked it down again; striding over to the man who held the title with an air of certainty that was hard to refuse.

Today is your last day as champion. I hope you know that.

The man laughed and hefted his sword over his shoulder; just one of those standard iron swords you could get anywhere now days. Some of the others around her laughed along with him. Her face broke in a smile and she’d tilt her head one direction; her eyes closing and a ruthless chuckle working it’s way out of her lips. She said something but the roar of the audience drowned it out; the man jerking his head to one side as the announcer practically screamed ‘go’ for the fight to commence.

Forgive me for what I must do…

No one heard her save for those practically right next to her. The woman growled as she felt the beast crawling up her throat and the murderous intent practically rolled off of her body time and time again. There was already fighting but the champion in front of her eye’s widened as Lucretia’s body hiked once; many had seen the beast she had fought before...



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They stood absolutely no chance; even without her equipment lucretia was a heavy hitter. Practically able to break most men over her knee with her bare hands. But what she had done now was easily enough for her to practically rip a man in half without much effort. Even the well trained swordsman’s blade was dull in comparison to what she had faced before. It barely biting her skin as she stepped forward; the crowd was dead silent. Practically trembling in fear of the beast that was among them.

Like sheep they watched as one person after another was cut down by Lucretia’s claws and outlandish strength. One or two people stood up to her only to be crushed underfoot. Her icy blue eyes never once leaving her prey; never leaving her target. She didn’t so much control the beast at this point as she tried to reign it in. She didn’t want to kill everyone but it made it painfully clear that she wasn’t there yet.

There was another growl as she felt a bite into her left side, turning her head to find a man with a cleaver had made some headway against her tough hide. She’d let out a marvelous growl before simply backhanding him, sending the man flying through the air. When he landed he didn’t get back up, his neck turned at an unnatural angle and a look of surprise on his face mixed with the pain of a sudden death. The white werewolf turned her icy gaze back to her ‘prey’ the man stabbing forward his blade. The reason he never upgraded is because he saw it more impressive that he won with such a pittance. The money often going to other things; frivolous and life harming things. Part of the reason she was contracted to end his reign in one way or another.

Catching his sword in one hand she brought her fist down against it; cleanly snapping it in half and letting the man realize that he was in deep shit. He’d pick up a differnet weapon, not of his own. Prompting the beast to hesitate for a moment. Lucretia sprung in through that gap and pushed forward. He was skilled with a blade, not with a pike. So this meant he’d try to treat it like his sword.

Grasping his shoulders the werewolf didn’t hesitate to knee her target with what practically amounted to a freight train. Seeing him wretch up blood didn’t really fill her with pride but she was happy she had control for a moment while the beast struggled against her control. Digging her claws into his shoulders; causing that scream. Another bite of a weapon not of his own drew her attention backwards again.

A trio of warriors that had stepped up; the last remainders of this bout that had decided to team up against her. Snorting she’d toss the man aside like one would toss aside a read newspaper or the unwanted bottle of mead that had given all it’s succor to it’s prior owner. A sword and shield, a large club and what looked to be a halberd were brought to bear.

Her first blow took off the sword owner’s head; her second caved in another’s chest. The man with the halberd had some skill; using his reach against her. Stepping forward she’d grimace as she felt the slicing of that blade against her hardened flesh. Her hand shot out and crushed the halberd’s advantage; snapping it into half with a look of surprise following from the owner. She felt the beast relish the carnage and her anger flared as she beat it back long enough for her to be the one to shred the last warrior’s throat with her claws. Growling as she watched him fall and flounder on the floor. She’d do him a favor and crush his head under her foot.

She took no pleasure from what she was doing; using this place to train herself in the workings of a new body that she knew little about. She’d stand amidst her self imposed carnage and glance around. Noting that the champion was banging on the gate, begging for them to open up. The only way they would open would be when only one person was left standing...



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She had to remind herself she wasn’t doing this for pleasure, that she didn’t take any enjoyment out of this. But what was this feeling in her chest? This pounding rush in her head, she felt the beast growling deep and the beast trying to take the reins it had forfeited from her for a time. It’s hungry gaze wanted to turn to the crowd. But the iron will that Lucretia had… Well she slammed it against the inner beast again and again. Snarling and rending it away from that idea. She wouldn’t have the innocents be subject to this.

She nearly stood at ten feet tall, practically dwarfing the champion as she approached him. Still banging on the door; her expression softened and she’d pause after a moment. Was this really what she was going to do? End him in such a pitiful manner? The woman felt the beast roaring at her to just kill her prey. Lucretia’s mouth parted in a marvelous growl and pointed at the crowd with one hand.

Look at them. Like you’ve looked at them before. The fear they see is because they don’t understand. But I’ll show them. So stand up strong brother and give them a fight worthy to remember them by. Past the debauchery that led you here and the filth you crawled out from.

The man stiffened and looked back at her; she could see her words having some effect and he’d nod. Scooping up a sword and taking his stance from the beginning. They both knew that he stood no chance; none of these weapons could pierce her tough hide and none of them could make lasting damage. But where the man was looking… well. She knew that he’d go for the eyes, or the throat. Weaker spots. She wouldn’t let him.

So he’d spring forward with the intent of doing exactly that; but found his reach a little short and instead grazed her chest. Causing Lucretia to snort a bit before backhanding him away. Sending him tumbling through the dirt. Noting that she had hit him fairly hard and he wasn’t dead. Definitely a champion worth his weight. She’d stride forward; pushing back against the beast that wanted to tear him limb from limb. The man used his sword to stand up and lucretia stood a bit away; watching him with heavy eyes. She’d bring her fist back and let a thunderous punch cave in the back of his head. She didn’t stop until her knuckles were dripping blood and he lay motionless on the ground.

There was no challenge in this; she felt the beast beg her to feast. She felt it push against the cage she had wormed it into. She felt the feral nature she had been engulfed by before tug at her again and again. It’d be easy but she’d exhale slowly. Letting the beast fall away and a tired shell of a woman stood amidst the death and destruction.

...The night isn’t something I’m going to let you all fear. I will be your champion even if it kills me.

She’d slam her fist on her chest, boasting this before walking out. The first foray was a lot more successful than she expected and she could feel the beast approving of her intent. Even if it was her enemy she could make it work for her… somehow.


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