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An Image In Twilight(Open)

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It would be about the hours were very little people would dear to linger or roam, It was where even despite that Miriko had a painting idea she wish to do, however her vision required her to fine an area of Hosenka that was completely open enough of an area where she could get view of the open evening sky.

So she would just quietly go about as she did, Leaving her room with in the guild house and travelling Alistair to find an area in which perfectly fit her idea. Packing up two canvas', Various paints, various brushes, Her checkered blanket, umbrella and Staff. Pondering to herself that she should eventually find something that would mix her staff and umbrella together to carry a few things less.

Not that the big cat could not handle it.Alistair would just simply ask."Are you sure you have gotten enough sleep for this Miriko?"It was a fair question, However she was perfectly fine."I will be okay, Nothing I can not recover later from."Then again Miriko is a lady on not fix pattern she just seemed to do what she wanted, No one in her guild had yet given her any trouble for it. Then again if they did Miriko would just most likely dismiss it.

Packing all that was on her list up, Miriko gentle placed herself upon the saddle of Alistair and quietly departed, Telling Alistair on the way where she was seeking out. It would take a few hours to find such a location, being picky on the details Alistair had no worries or problems helping Miriko would with such a case.

It was the basis of this understanding that made them work. She had little to expect from her companion but also knew in the end what he could do.

Comparable to in which written in novels or book, Upon finding the right spot Miriko took off her all of her supplies and set them up to start painting.

Sometimes Miriko enjoyed painting in the evenings hours, For it helped her manage not get bothered by the weather and she did not need to hold on to her umbrella for long periods of time, only keeping it around in case the sun had come up by the time she had been done painting.

After setting up her canvas on a stand, Miriko would quietly start getting the colours of paint she thinks she will need, Even if having every shade of   paint on you was helpful you never used them right away.


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Lucretia was one of those folks that normally spent her days… during the nights. After all much of the danger of the land was due to the hours where darkness claimed it. So why should she be up when the sun still tickled the sky? She also liked the night a little bit more than she did the day; maybe it just reminded her of how things were up in the north. Shorter days and there was the times where it was night for months. Just how the world worked really.

So waking up at what amounted to twilight was more morning for her; the large woman stifling a yawn as she walked through the dwindling crowds of Hosenka. She had spent a good bit in this town already; from meeting a crocodillian demi human to doing a job with them… and mostly just trying to learn about this place.

The more connections she had here would mean the more she could spread out and work to fight fear. But you couldn’t fight fear on an empty stomach; which is why she could be seen idly munching on a lunch she had purchased from a street vendor. The sandwich was crisp but all the ‘sides’ seemed to be a bit stale. Likely from sitting in the sun for an elongated period of time.

Bit stale… might be a better idea to get stuff from the hotel…

She’d mumble a bit and glance about; the lack of people during the nightlife of hosenka wasn’t exactly what she was expecting. Or at least it was in these ‘wee’ hours of the evening where it wasn’t quite star kissed but wasn’t quite sun kissed either. She’d sigh a bit and continue on what amounted to her own ‘patrol’ route of the city.

She had set up a few days worth of routes she wanted to look through and this one would lead her through several of the larger bustling areas. At least during the day; during the evening she wasn’t seeing much.

Though something that caught her eye near the end of her ‘route’ was a woman, a large cat and what she could only assume was a canvas for painting. She’d blink a few times before slowly approaching the woman. Hopefully not disturbing them too much…. She’d give a small wave and pop on a cheerful yet genuine smile.

Hello there! Name’s Lucretia. Mind if I ask what you’re workin on?


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Ponder to herself, It was an interesting question of what was she here to paint? if she was out this lady it was most likely having to do something with the moon and the stars, For it was something she could easily mention was not something she normally did. Evening hours shade and time. Miriko was normally a polite and nice person, However she did not seem to notice who was now around her.

The company of the painter however did seem to talk notice of who was arriving. standing up Alistair was six feet all standing, six feet length from tail to nose. He was a massive cat. Yet he was seemingly more walking over in wonder.

After all Miriko seemed lock into the reality of artistry."You seem to have found us at an interesting time."Alistair would mention to her since she was trying to have a conversation with Miriko.

With her blank focus and painting it seemed she was already blanked out of reality."It will be hard to break Mimi's attention from her painting."At least she could have conversation with the massive cat who was talking to her."As long as you don't break her focus, Miriko will actually be okay with you here."It was the best advise that Alistair could give her.

With that the large cat would turn around slowly and continue slowly walking to the spot he settled into to continue watching over Miriko."Miriko is normally a really polite lady, If you are not distracted by her dresses, pale skin or painting."Alistair seemed to be sitting by Miriko's painting supplies. So far it was a fairly nice and pleasant situation to be in. Just quietly being able to watch a tall painter woman just work at her craft.


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With the woman not responding to her, Lucretia blinked a few times; she wasn’t used to this sort of thing and was about to let them be… But then the large cat next to them spoke up. Lucretia looked them over and raised her brows slowly.

Seems so… and interesting company too. Don’t think I’ve seen a cat your size before. Or… one that could even talk.

Lucretia would lean to one side and step out of the way, taking a moment to let the painter do their thing. She wasn’t about to push if the other was going to be hard to break out of their ‘zone’. Lucretia knew how it was sometimes. Some of her hunter friends back north were the same way with their research.

Well I’ll try not to break her focus then. Don’t think I’ve run into a painter before; most of the stuff freezes in the north save for the warmer months.

She’d make sure to take a seat on the same side that the large cat was sitting on; staying a good length away from the supplies and the cat itself. She wasn’t about to break someone’s personal bubble especially when they were like this.

Distracted? Nah I don’t think I’d be distracted by those. Now if they wanted to show off the dresses or paintings I’d be more for it I spose. And pale skin? Hah. It’s not too uncommon where I’m from. Most folks are wearing so many layers.

The woman shifted a bit, sitting cross legged and eyeing the cat. She had to wonder about them. It could speak, it could suggest things and even was giving her good information regarding… Was she his ward or something?

So what’s your name bud?


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It seemed who they were joined by, Was fairly different then most people."Even with me, Miriko is consider an odd woman given how she looks and presents herself."Alistair mentioned taking note of how who has joined them was much taller and far more pale then her."You would also be far more different then Miriko, Given your are much taller then her."With that Miriko seemed to stop painting for a moment and walked away from the canvas.

Only because something caught her interest to hear."Alistair, Does manage to keep conversation easier than I."Miriko would mention as she walked over, She she simply then poked Alistair's nose with the brush getting a bit of paint on it.

Which would lead to Alistair taking his time to try and get it off, however it seemed all in some what good nature and fun. Then well Miriko seemed to look at her guest."My,my. It is a rare I meet a woman, I in fact have to look up too often."Since she admitted it was more common with her part of the lands."I could only guess, You are from the far north from here."

Alistair was still busy thinking he could rid that paint off of his nose. Miriko would seemed interested in a conversation."Now that I have planned out what I am painting, I am sure a conversation is fine."It seemed now she could ask questions to the painter. Her attention was no longer locked into focus.

So far getting a view from the canvas, It was just the night sky with the moon that she had painted, picking up a small tipped brush, with a darker yellow coloured paint, it would be her painting the stars. Since she asked who he was."My companion is name Alistair, He is a rare animal called a Cattian."Miriko answered while she was slowly places the stars in arrangement to reflect what she saw in the sky, Even looking up every once and a while to make sure.

"I am Miriko Hara Rinmizukmi."
Almost as if she expected people to be confused by saying all of it she would just mention."Some find it far easier to just call me Mimi."It was just something she always made sure to mention, It could save people the confusion of speaking her name, It seemed it must be now a normal talking point.


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I don’t see them as too odd myself.

Lucretia quirked a brow; a lot of the people she used to hang out with in the north seemed strange in hindsight to her. The woman folded her arms and considered this fact that her friend who was a demi-human was far more normal in scope of things than most of the hunters she knew personally. A painter with a giant cat? Well. Maybe the giant cat was more strange than the pale painter.

Yeah in a country full of shorter folks, I do stand out a little bit.

Hearing the woman talk for the first time, Lucretia would turn her head, managing to give them a rather big and friendly smile. Noting the name use and what she assumed was a teasing mention of his conversation skills, Lucretia just watched the cat try to get the paint off his nose for a moment. Turning her attention to Miriko.

Yep! Iceberg born and raised. I would figure, you’re only a little bit shorter than I am hah. Where you hail from?

Lucretia tilted her head to one side and with them claiming that they would be fine talking now that they had what they wanted planned out lucretia could only guess what they were going for! She’d lean a little bit to look at the canvas; letting out a small but gentle whistle. Given that she didn’t have that sort of artistic talent or skill the woman was clearly impressed.

Don’t think I’ve ever seen someone work that quickly on a painting. Then again painting was never really popular up north. More charcoal and carving. A cattian? I’ve never seen one before or heard about them even.

Lucretia found herself frowning and reflecting; the closest thing that she had ever heard about this was a sphinx or maybe those cats with opposable thumbs. Those little cats that seemed to accompany Dragonslayers around… She couldn’t remember the name.

Well it’s a pleasure to meet you Mimi. Name’s Lucretia Von Wolfenstein. Hunter by trade.

Lucretia gave a nod; adjusting her tunic after a moment before taking a seat. It was a relaxed enough environment and she didn’t feel any hostility from her or from Alistair. Both of them seemed really chill too and she was completely down to just hang out with them!… even if they were people she just met.


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This was now an entire engagement of learning upon of life from a person from another nation, Something if anything Miriko would take a larger enjoyment then her paying, If anything what else rivals her enjoying of the arts, was her desire to learn of the world and history. It was a vast and interesting world she wanted to see and paint about."Here in these lands, it is fairly easy to sometimes guess what stands out or not, It could be well."Miriko would pointed the paint brush at Alistair since he was an easy example."Most people have an eye for things that seem out of place, Even if it could just be me painting some where."

Well she might not view herself as an oddity Miriko would also agree."You are not, I do not view Alistair as an Oddity either."Even if in some manner everyone did find Alistair as an oddity, Mimi knew everyone considered her companion one.

So now, the details of conversation would continue."From here, I am native to these lands."It was a simple answer, It was as always a seemingly relaxing conversation, Since these felt fairly more in depth then most conversations Miriko could recall off hand.

"My hobbies and life are based most off of creative flow. So I am painting most of my days, I can paint pretty quickly."But she did more then just painting, far more just she was mostly seen painting."Painting is not my only skill however over the years I have taught myself:Sewing, Drawing, Tailoring clothing and blankets. With the few other things in between that could fall under each section."It showed there was more to this lady that was just life skills for the most part.

The subject of Alistair, it was easily guessed no one else had heard of them."From what I gather learning from Alistair, He is currently the only sighted and known Cattian, I call him a rarity assuming and thinking there might be more then one."After finishing trying to get rid of a paint dot on his nose he would just quietly settle back into listening to the conversation.

So Miriko was hoping or thinking there was more then one Cattian. Then again it was just wishful thinking."Hunter by trade are you? Can't say it is something I could manage well."Then again she could openly admit, Miriko was not the type of lady to go hunting, If anything she might have Alistair do it."However, I do understand how it works, I am just not the type to handle the work needed for it."Miriko seemed to keep herself busy, But she knew she could not do everything, Even if maybe she tried.


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Spose you’re right in that regard; most people from here would stand out in the north that’s for bloody sure.

It did remind Lucretia of some of the trade caravans that made it up to the north through the cold and the various dangers. They always stood out to the regulars and the woman had to give a small shrug to the both of them.

I’d call him interesting if I can be honest hah.

It made her want to learn more about Alistair really and the person that he kept company with. Lucretia dealt with enough oddities that well.. Could she really call someone that painted and kept a cat odd when she herself didn’t do much that one would consider normal? She’d rub at her chin and upon hearing that Mimi was from around these parts brought a small bit of surprise to her face.

You must have quite a repertoire of paintings for around fiore if you’re from here. Any favored pieces?

Most painters or artists usually had a favorite piece of theirs did they not? Lucretia would lean back as the other explained that she was more about creative flow and that she was painting most of her days. So that meant that she had to paint a lot in general. The other could also sew, draw and tailor clothes or blankets. Creation was something that lucretia didn’t really do; the closest thing she could do was create safety.

I’ll admit that I’m a bit surprised to hear you have such an array of skills. I can’t do any of that, at least not with any level of skill.

Not that her life really gave her a chance to do much more than practice her hunting skills or read up one the newest creature of the night. Hearing that Alistair was the only know Cattian… Well that brought a dozen or more questions to lucretia’s mind and she’d lean slightly.

He had to come from somewhere, yeah. I bet there’s others out there just.. Either hiding or just not found.

Lucretia wasn’t sure what else she could say to that; she’d have to poke into some research about the topic to get anywhere. She also knew that if he was the only one to be sighted… there was a chance there wasn’t anything on them at all!

Mhm! Mostly spent it up in the north hunting the various creatures of the night up there. At least the ones that posed a problem for the people. Not like I’m going to go out of my way to harm a lycan or vampire that’s just minding it’s own business or trying to live.

There was a soft pause and the woman chuckled; the other didn’t think they could manage it well… and Lucretia was sure that she would be fairly useful on the logistical half of the hunters.

Maybe not in the hunting portion of it; but with that array of skills already I bet you could be very useful to any hunter group. But that’s also fair if you don’t want to handle the work itself. I don’t run into people that have such an array of skills all under their belt; most of them stuck to one or the other. Which would you say is your favorite?

Lucretia spent so much of her time fighting, hunting and generally traveling that sitting down and just… doing something creative like that probably wouldn’t surface unless she had the downtime for it. That and she wasn’t sure if she had the patience for some of it!

Unless you don’t have a favorite which is fine too hah…


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This part at least Miriko could agree with, After all more of the time Alistair was not around just for attention, most people paid attention to Alistair more then Miriko when she was working."Even if Alistair does not find himself too interesting."Looking back to keep an eye on the on the current subject of their interesting, Alistair seems to have gone to rest and take a nap.

Which seemed to be something Miriko expected, most likely because he was bored or not needed. Alistair rested for when he was actually needed."One day, I will have to consider seeking out or learning if there is another Cattian, Just to learn how different Alistair is from possible other Cattians."Miriko did sound interested in that manner for simply curious.

After all she was driven by more then then art, She just happen to be painting often and a lot in general. It was a question she did not seem to get often, Since she was finishing a star and stopped for a moment."Out of nearly 2000+ kept paintings and drawings of mine, Come could narrow it down to a one."Miriko seemingly stopped painting but she seemed to take the question in depth.

Even looking at the sky for a moment and with the solid end of her paint brush seemed to tap it against her chin for a moment."I have a painting at home that is the vision of a child watching a burning building in one half, an adult envisioning a long sea voyage."It sounded vague, But given the details Miriko was already working towards already the painting it's self was most likely a lot more in depth, She so far did not mention why it is for favored piece.

Then she would continue painting the stars to finish them, Then it seemed Miriko was starting to build up more of what else would be the background of the painting. Slowly it would be the starting skeletons of the buildings in front of them. the outlines of what would be the walls and the windows."I find the creative work flow I have is freeing."It seemed to bring Miriko happiness."So much so, That even the dress i wear before you, Is entire of my own making and design."It was just the life Miriko had made herself."Some came more naturally then other things, That I have attempted."Dripping her brush a bit more clean for moving on to the next colour she would be using.

With the mention of her skills."The one I still adore the most is the one you see before you now."So painting, However Miriko was not trying to show off in any manner, Walking over to one of the carrying bags on Alistair, Miriko offered Lucretia a large book to look through, then digging into her purse around her waist she then pull out a small book."But a good artist is always praticing...All of these are pencil drawings for what i see on my travels."It was various drawn pencil pictures of the views Miriko had seen roaming about.

Some where of Alistair sleeping under things, Various detailed pictures of people sitting and relaxing in ally ways, Various views of forests and nature that people could find. It was just two books of that, each only have one page left blank with each book have 30 pages.

So to think Miriko did all of this drawing and painting, Yet still had the time to do the other things she mentioned."The world can be bright wonderful when given the chance, I know I always have more to see."It seemed to be the driving force of Miriko, which might not be that horrible of a thing.


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I mean the least interesting person to someone is themselves. I don’t think myself too striking or impressive but others may beg to differ.

Lucretia gave a small shrug at that idea; she bet that mimi probably didn’t find herself all too interesting either. Even though Lucretia was in awe of how many things she had skill in. Such was the skill of those that could create against those that could do nothing but destroy. While Lucretia's work would stop when she was gone Mimi’s work would stick around long after.

Well there’s bound to be records, people or spells you could utilize when that time comes.

Lucretia gave a smile to the other and would lean back in her ‘seat’ as the other explained that out of the thousands of paintings she had done… One stood out to her above all else. Hearing the other explain that painting made Lucretia want to see it just so she could see what the other was talking about. Every painting had a message or emotion tied to it and words could never do something like that justice.

I’d love to see that sometime. It sounds interesting and I have to wonder what was tied to it.

Lucretia shifted so that her arms were resting on her knees, quirking a brow at hearing that the other’s dress was in fact something that she had designed and made. That once again showed lucretia just how much skill Mimi had in the relevant topic.

That’s still pretty damn impressive. Like a fighter some things just come naturally and others you have to work on I guess.

She adored Painting? That would make sense given how many paintings and how well the other was putting what they saw into practice. She’d sigh a bit; getting a small smile as the other offered that large book to look through. Quietly going over the various things that were in it.

Well traveled and skilled. These all are really good too. I’m only good with the basic shapes so that we can do planning on maps of towns or larger areas.

Lucretia chuckled a bit; it wasn’t much to compare to but she could see the level of detail in each was tended to with love. Mimi had to love her work to do this much and this often. With the other’s mention that the world was bright and wonderful… when given the chance made Lucretia smile brightly.

I agree. It’s part of the reason I do what I do so people can have that brightness or wonder. I’m glad that you can do this sort of thing.

It was like seeing her fight against fear and the creatures of the night actively getting some kind of turnaround even if she figured that her own fights up in the north didn’t really affect down here. But it was…

It made Lucretia happy to hear this sort of thing from someone she just met.


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At least with that one Miriko seemed to agree."I think that is a good point to agree upon with you, It always matter of the view of the other person that matter, For their normal is different than another's."It seemed to be a good thing to agree amount, Then again it did not seem Miriko was trying to be hard to get along with.

With that point Miriko mentioned one thing."If there are, Then they must be well hidden, For I have checked almost anywhere they would let me in."So it showed not only was Miriko a good painter but a very determine woman to seek answers to her wonders."I may have to branch outside of Magnolia for the answers...And return a few book I have kept because they are very insightful."And a bookworm, Not mentioning what books she has that are possibly overdue, Miriko seemed to casually pick up the paint brush again.

And just as she seemed to look over her colour options Miriko seemed not too shy about the paintings origins."That painting is tied to the to highly important points, From various ages of my life."She mentioned in the most casual manner about it, However it was still something that left the curious mind with a new option in life."If you ever visit me at my guilds base or in town, I will show you it."Keeping in mind it was 1 in over 2000 paintings.

But it also left Miriko wonder if it ruined the wonder her guest could have, Or leave her with the wonder of what all could be seen from the mind of Miriko. But she would continue painting away."Everyone in some manner has a thing in some manner in which they can manage well, Even if it is the most primitive form it can be."Which, the point of everyone was good at something might not be the really super needed."Some one will always need a map to guide them."Even if a map is simple to make, Sometimes people were lazy and never did make them on their own.

So then Miriko had to wonder one thing so she would ask her."If you are good at making maps have you consider, even if it's basic of forms painting or drawing?"Even noting she mentioned the basic forms of it. She was not suggesting some one make large scale pieces like she was now.

The progress of the painting seemed to yield something fairly basic, Miriko was painting a view of Hosenka in the evening, With: the stars, The darken clouds, The moon, The buildings, The lanterns and lights each house had.

All of it, Down the shadings of the house and building's placements under the moon light with their shadows. It was not a super fast painting, Miriko seemed fully intending to take her time with such a painting, Even fitting it on one canvas.


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Most of the normal views here in fiore are strange to me so I shouldn’t really be talking about what is normal here. Though I should learn it to see what I can compare from up north. Wonder how folks handle raids or the like hmm...

Or was that not really a thing down here? It was really hard to tell if she was being truthful. Hearing that the other hadn’t found any mention of them only filled Lucretia with an intense curiosity. Staring at the Cattian for a few long moments before chuckling. If he was really the only one that folks had seen that just meant that wherever they actually were… Well. They’d be so common that the poor fellow might just feel out of place!

Well if I ever stumble across anything I’ll be sure to let you know.

The woman leaned back to watch the other paint; curious but not the sort that would push too hard about it all. With them telling her how that painting was tied to highly important points in their life made Lucretia wonder what sort of life they lived. Lucretia blinked a bit; not realizing that she was talking to someone that was a part of a guild!

You’re part of a guild? Which one? And I’d love that.

She was genuinely curious about which guild this woman belonged to. What sort of people they were and how they held themselves compared to the other guilds. There was of course all sorts of guild types throughout the world and this was just one of them! She’d rub at her chin somewhat. Still curious but lending her ear to the other.

True… though simple it still helps.

Then came a question that she wasn’t expecting; slowly blinking and looking down at her hands. When she was younger her father had taught her how to make some just so that they could keep track of the various icebergs or ice shelves they had to deal with. Meaning it was important; here it might be less so since routes were a little firmer in travel.

I can’t say that I have. I hunt Lycans, Vampires and the like for a living you know. So Always on the move and figuring out how best to help people combat the denizens of the night. Not because I hate them or anything but because so many can’t defend themselves and find their fear in so many ways. I don’t… think of the creative aspects of the work I do honestly.

It was a moment that she found herself a little frustrated with herself; not because she was unhappy with her choice but because it didn’t really come to her until this conversation with Mimi. Then again most of her creative friends hadn’t lived for all too long or had gotten out of the dangerous work to become inventors or the ilk…

But maybe here in Fiore I can see what sort of things I can get into.


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It was a good ponder for a moment, Miriko even took her time, in a fashion normal of her when thinking she would quietly ponder it by tapping her the handle of her brush a few times against her chin. Like she was actually thinking about it."I have not witness a raid here before, it is not something that is normal here."So it was not something normal at least here so if anything it almost made Miriko think to avoid that place even if a few paintings off of winter lands would be really nice to consider it.

So she had help in terms of learning of other possible information. So she would walk over and pet Alistair."I know he might not really case, But I do assume it is lonely thinking your the only one."Alistair's tail seem to happy move about freely as he was getting patted by Miriko.

So she would answer her question."I am part of Empyrean Divine, The guild based here in Hosenka."With that mention, Miriko was if anything at home and close to anything important, But the guild has this random painting lady who roamed around at different parts of the day.

So she might not view creativity in some manner that would be useful to her, But Miriko if anything understood."I can admit some people can not just do it normally, I always do suggest it, It would be a lot easier then starting some of my other hobbies."Considering Miriko's lost of hobbies, maybe it was almost like she was just a talented hobbyist then a mage.

But it seemed to be of interest for her."I will not ever keep you for what you consider your work, But if ever interested in exploring an attempt at drawing or painting, I will be more then happy to do my best to show what is needed."Miriko was never really the teaching type to start with.

Nonetheless she would continue her painting. To Alistair stretching out like he did normally. Seemingly leaving a change if it was of her interesting to talk to Alistair.


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Hearing that raids weren’t normal in this area made Lucretia actually sigh in relief. Raids were something that she just had to get used to up in the north even if she didn’t like them, varying warring clans or the like that didn’t particularly agree on who owned what save for the larger cities that no one really messed with. But here? In Fiore? That meant it was likely a touch more peaceful… or had harsher attacks when they did happen. She really hoped it was the former.

Well that’s good to hear at least. Means it’s probably a touch more peaceful around these parts. Kinda like the larger cities up there. No one’s dumb enough to attack them directly.

If Alistair was the only cattian Lucretia felt that he would likely already know; but if there were others around then it would probably give a sense of belonging. Or maybe it would just be frustrating either way. The woman folded her arms and considered this information; agreeing with a small nod.

I’d imagine being the only one left would get lonely. Hard to think of that in terms of humans since there’s so many.

With the information that Mimi was part of a Guild called Empyrean Divine Lucretia considered for a moment what that really entailed. She was still a newcomer to these lands so that meant she didn’t really know what the heavy hitters were. There were some guilds that everyone had heard of but then again when you’re so busy in one area… it made sense not to pay attention to some of them that never interacted with you directly.

Based out of Hosenka huh? What’s it about if you don’t mind me asking?

She was curious to say the least; what kind of guild had a painter in it? Was it one of those support guilds or something else. She’d lean a bit; curiosity playing on her features.

I’ll have to give it a go sometime. Maybe during some downtime or something…

Lucretia managed a smile when hearing that Mimi would gladly show her what was needed to do painting or drawing. She’d give a small nod of the head, turning to gaze at the stars as they winked into existence here or there.

That’d be a lot of fun I feel.

Though with Mimi going back to her painting that left Lucretia with Alistair for a few moments at best. Rubbing at her chin she’d give the cattian a curious gaze eventually settling on asking.

How old are you Alistair? I’m afraid I’m not very versed in how old many creatures of the land can be given my focus on the other denizens.


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Given how use this lady seemed to be far use to other things that happen in her homelands, it left Miriko to ponder to her."It is starting to make me assume, Even if I wish to visit all parts of the world, Where you are from, I might have to reconsider."If Lucretia tried to talk Miriko to reconsider it was entirely up to her, Just seemed Miriko had been really interest in the more snowy areas, It might leave her out of a good painting or two. Then again considering how many painting she owns, Maybe even five.

So many people yet."It does not help humanity is fairly confusing and complex to even it's self."At least in the painter's view this was the case, She seemed to mean it in the most neutral terms and ways possible. It might be up to conversation weather or not it was truly the case or not.

But one thing to note of that point."I just hope Alistair isn't alone forever....Even if i am far too stern sometimes, He should be happy too."Miriko seemed to worry about his happiness a lot.

What was her guild about, Was something she was still trying to get down in her head."In some manner it is about reforming your life, From some kind of horrible past. At least what my guild leader told me. I am just in it for other reasons side from that."So if anything Miriko might be really out of place after all she just made pictures and clothing.

Could even wonder, If she fit into a guild at all. But she must have a reason to be there. As she was finishing up her current painting she even explain a small thing that might be a good thing to keep in mind."No matter how sloppy you are to start with, You can always improve."Miriko mention with a small smile on her face, one of the few times she showed emotions. Not that Miriko was super monotone or emotionless it was how she worked.

It seemed Miriko was on the final touches,She left Alistair to answer the question."That is a good question, I have not figured out how long in method of years Miriko and yourself use, But I have been around for a while."So it seemed Alistair was old, just not old man level old.

She would even remark."I have taught Miriko a few things, She could not learn from all of the books she reads."Alistair mentioned with a bit of a laugh, Getting up and walking over to Miriko after being motioned by her.

Then Miriko placed the completed evening skyline painting on the saddle Alistair had to let it not sit on the ground. Then Alistair would go sit by Lucretia. Then Miriko would place that second blank canvas she had with her. Then dig out a few brushes. Making sure her paint plate did not have any dried out colours she then just turned around and stare at her company and said."Come here for a moment, I have an idea."She did not explain what the idea was, only that she had two to three brushes in her hand,a blank white canvas and her Dark purple eyes staring right at her eyes.


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Oh there’s lovely and safe places up in the north but from my experience it’s usually the bigger cities or places folks normally don’t travel. That or just… yanno bring a friend.

That with the weather traveling up there by yourself wasn’t really a good idea. The cold was as cruel of a mistress as any other and twice as unforgiving against those that weren’t prepared. She’d rub at the back of her neck and consider briefly just how her own survival in her own land had panned out with her leaving the darned place.

Kind of amusing really.

Complex, confusing and often it’s own enemy.

The woman let out a small chuckle; she had hunted her fair share of creatures of the night to see the beasts that man gave into. She’d fold her hands over her lap and raise her brows once the other brought their companion up again.

No one is always alone. I bet there’s others out there.

It wasn’t so much as her guessing as Lucretia just had an odd feeling regarding the cattian. She’d consider thoughtfully what their guild represented or was about. Reforming their life, from some kind of horrible past. So probably trying to make amends or moving on; or trying to be a better person. Really there was a lot you could go off from that…

Interesting. I’ve only met a sparse amount of people actually belonging to guilds so comparing them in the slightest isn’t easy. I won’t pry and ask your reasoning for being in it.

Lucretia turned her head to Alistair as he answered her question; not knowing his age and knowing that he had been around for a while brought the icebergian’s brows together. A hand coming up to rub at her chin; there was a lot of things she could ask but feeling like she shouldn’t pry into his actual age the woman left that particular venue out for the moment.

Well rotations of the sun mean days, and calendar wise… It might differ down here but my people go off of how many winters you survive. So I’m thirty winters old. Thankfully no long winters yet… those are never good.

Teaching Miriko a few things? Not from any books or the the like? Her curiosity was brought to bear again and she’d open her mouth to say something. But the completed painting grabbed her attention and she’d blink a few moments. That was a lot faster than she was expecting. Then the other asked her to come here; holding three brushes in their hand before staring at her. Lucretia shrugged a moment and stood up, coming over to the woman.

Uh. Well what’s the idea?

The woman leaned to look at the brushes, then the canvas and seemed to have a fairly unsure look about her. Was Mimi going to try to paint her? Or was she going to ask her to try something? Lucretia wasn’t sure about that latter part, painting wasn’t her forte...


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Still however it would be mentioned."I will still most likely, Can not help be curious about the other lands and what I can learn from them, What pictures I can paint, What all there is to see. I will just take my time to be sure about my choices."Miriko would seem to be taking her time to be sure of that choice.

No one was always alone, Maybe if there are other debatable."Maybe my travels to see if he is the only one."If there were other she seemed far a bit more determine to find out, Miriko was just the kind of woman who might be willing to go that far.

It almost seemed like she was curious but did not want to ask. Miriko just simply remarked."A very simple way to quill that worry. I joined my guild for far more wholesome reasons then what the guild is titled for."If anything broke any notion that might be considered."I have family with in the guild and area, I am sticking close to them by being in my guild."So it was harmless, It could have been to guess and try and figure out what else it could have been before revealing her reason.

So it would have been safe to assume the Cattian was older then Miriko, But how much older was a good question."So you are older than I am, But I could assume younger then Alistair."It was a safe idea from Miriko at least.

Then they would get to the part that was most likely interesting. was her idea all that complex, No in fact, It was extremely basic in nature."Nothing too horrible, Nor complex."Then she just simply offered her any of the three brushes, being sure to have the handles being what was pointed at her."Take a brush, choose a colour you find fitting and leave one simple line of paint on the canvas."It was entirely all she wanted her to do.

She wanted to see what else could happen.Just she wanted to even be sure to mention."Even if feel it should be. More then one."It did not seem like she intended anything horrible about it, For now, She waited to see what would happen. With Alistair even standing in wonder to what would happen, since he was curious about it.


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That’s fair, I don’t think anyone would try to push you to go there anyways.

Lucretia let out a small chuckle and folded her arms thoughtfully. But if she was traveling around to see where the Cattian had come from… it inevitably would take them there she figured. She’d rub at her chin thoughtfully as the other further explained their reasoning for joining the guild.

Pretty solid reasoning, were in not for the hunters I probably would still be up north in my family’s group too. So I can hardly blame you for wanting to be near them.

Lucretia could have imagined all sorts of things but with how Mimi had been acting she doubted that it would have been anything crazy anyways. She’d give a small nod to the other woman; she wasn’t about to ask their age but if she was older she was older.

Not too strange running into folks or creatures older than I am. Maybe just… older hunters hah.

Seriously it would be strange to run into anyone as a hunter older than she was even if it was by a small amount. A hunter in their forties would probably be the strangest thing to her. Live fully and die young or something like that.

With the other offering the brushes the woman hesitated before picking the one that was the middle out of the three. She’d examine it for a moment before picking a color as they suggested. She liked blue so that was what she was going to go with. And with that suggestion she’d do exactly that.

One single line, like a sword stroke. Diagonal from left to right. Something you’d see from someone who had handled their fair share of swords. But nothing that would put them in experienced limelight.

Like that?

Hesitant if not a little unsure of herself; Lucretia wasn’t exactly the sort that was used to painting. Paint did tend to freeze in the north anyways...


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The only one doing some kind of push forward anyone would do, Is Miriko herself but that was a given, Since she was entirely more of going at anything herself and no one else unless having a reason."In the end, I have the time to figure out if I will eventually."It was just the casual moment of mention, who knows if she will actually go about this eventually, her only reason to second guess such a thing is her problem of not being able to handle the cold well, It might hold you back when you travel to cold places.

It was at least a simple reason to understand in the end."It is to at least make it clear, I am not some high risk or dangerous person to be around."Miriko mentioned that too.If anything Miriko might seem a bit lost in her own workings, But she never wanted to be considered a threat to anyone, Being a threat and a painter did not make good business if she were openly honest about it, But it was given so no mentioned.

"These lands, people will be able to live longer, Since there is far less beings that will be a risk to them being around the cities."Since she was adjusting to a different land and culture here."Some people here, Live beyond what you consider the normal."Miriko was doing her best to try and not make them feel out of place or not with the times, So it was a bitter way of going about it in her mind.

Then the most interesting part happen, Miriko seemed to smile and clapped in excitement."Very good,like that."This seemed to give Miriko another kind of idea that she would have no problem expanding upon.

"It might not seem much now, But I promise you something interesting may come of this."However for the moment Miriko sounded more excited about it, like you just told a child they could have candy is the best comparison to what she seemed to be acting like.

Then Miriko dipped on brush in black and started creating something,Then explaining some what of the point of getting Lucretia to do the single stroke."Now, keep in mind this was not a trick by any means, I wanted to see how well your control of a brush was to start with."Miriko said then while making sure her steady control of a brush being held with just her index finger and thumb was shown."For it is good, For such a simple line it is easy for me to expand upon."

What Miriko was going to do now was create another painting based off of the single thing she got her new found company to do. the simple line was expanded upon to start looking like the slit of an eye, as she build it to look like that she started using lighter and darker shades of blue to form it better.

Then around this eye, she started painting cracks, much like cracks that would be in ice. so around this blue eye of winter was eye lids of ice. With Alistair looking with interested.

After finishing up the painting she looked. Miriko then took a few steps away to look at it, To see if anything else could be added to it. Then she would just ask."What do you think of, The Eye of Northern Winter?"Miriko seemed to ask so casually about it. With Alistair stretching out and yawning in the background, Both the cat and Miriko seemed interested would have be done here, mostly for different reasons.


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Lucretia gave a nod to the idea of her having time to figure it out. She wasn’t going to push for that anyways. It wasn’t right though she did just feel she had to clarify that there were safe spots in the north too. She’d hum thoughtfully and upon hearing that the other wasn’t some high risk or dangerous person to be around Lucretia gave a shrug.

With how relaxed you are I would be surprised if that was the case hah.

Lucretia chuckled lightly and tilted her head; longer lives because a safer space? That was something some people in the north dreamt of and hearing that some folks lived past what was normal… Well Lucretia had to wonder with her traveling would that be the same of herself? She wasn’t even sure how old people could live normally. Gray hair was a sign of wisdom and it was exceedingly rare especially among her own clan and work type.

I can believe it, the world is so different already so it’d make sense that other places have different types of lives or live even longer than my people do.

With the word of encouragement Lucreia rubbed the back of her head, staring at that single line of blue. Though she started to watch what the other was doing. They were expanding on the line that they had made, wondering quietly what they were trying to show her.

A foundation of sorts right?

Lucretia was fascinated with how quickly the other worked on something so simple; making it look like an eye of all things and then that eye having lids of ice. The cracks were a nice touch and Lucretia's brow raised a bit. She’d nod her head after a few long moments; as though approving of the name.

I like it. Simple and straightforward.

This sort of thing definitely taught her in a sense about the different things that could come from something so simple. Maybe she’d have to give painting or drawing more of a shot when she had some downtime; while she doubted that she’d be anywhere as skilled as mimi anytime soon… it could be a way to sort of blow off steam!


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That was good Miriko wanted to be harmless in the end, Since she really was until she really needed to do anything she really needed too."I am able to cast magic, Just never really want to unless I need too."Which was a fair was to go about it."But best case, I never cast a spell. Worst case I have too."At least when you stand out, You could just kind of make yourself seem not dangerous to make sure it was always the case."I also have Alistair to back me up too."Which given what she saw, To picture him attacking some one might be scary.

Miriko could just say in her wonder."Some people reach the ages of 80 to 90 years old in these lands, Something I could safely assume is rare in the lands of Iceberg."It was just how she mentioned it she felt like it was the case she wanted to maybe be wrong or learn what really was the case."You can correct me if that is different, Because I am always interested in learning such things."It anything it was more interesting to Miriko to learn more, It was just in her nature.

"Yes, it was a starting basis, For the world around you when it gives you something, Can sometimes be expanded upon."It was good Lucreita was getting it, Or Miriko was just too expansive her creative mind she was insane, Both were extremely logical options to think of.

But with that, She just simply said."Consider this a gift, I do not know if you have anywhere to keep it, Just the painting is for you to keep."Lucreita got a show and gift. Which was not something could be considered normally expected. But when you get a painting such as shown before it might be hard to pass.


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I mostly use my magic as a defensive means so I understand that completely.

Truth be told her shield spells found less use than that of her armored ones but that was neither here nor there. Hearing that the other just wanted to avoid casting spells she had to wonder what happened to make mimi abhor the idea of violence. Or if her magic was painful to cast? There were a lot of different reasons Lucretia could imagine up but figuring it was best not to she’d nod at hearing that Alistair would be there to back her up.

Seems the reliable sort to me so…

Lucretia shot Alistair a grin and upon hearing that people reach the ages of eighty or ninety made her eyes widen just a little bit. That was a surprise! Most of the elders in her clan rarely made it past sixty before letting winter take them.

Rare in the parts that aren’t city I’d presume. We had a few generations in my clan and it was always close. It was rare for someone not to have a kid by my age. But no one there really grabbed my attention.

That and being pulled out from the clan and made a hunter? Well that threw a wrench in those plans if there had ever been one. Being the clan leader’s daughter also had privileges that she didn’t abuse so much as made use of when she needed to.

I think when I left the clan the oldest person was around fifty winters. Maybe fifty five or so. Proud bastard, good with an axe. Part of the reason he was a guard for so long I guess. Probably joined the fishing groups unless he’s gone already.

Lucretia didn’t really fear death or talk about it in the same way; her work had eased that out of her and the training of a hunter made her accept it more readily. She’d shake her head and grimly smile; she thought fondly of many of her clanmates.

Huh. That makes sense. I wasn’t expecting so much from so little. But it’s a welcome sight.

The woman would look over the painting again and hearing the other offer it as a gift made Lucretia have to take a moment. Leaning somewhat to consider where would she keep it? She traveled a lot and didn’t have a proper home as of yet…

I don’t have anywhere to keep it as of yet. But I do know how to keep it well preserved up until that point. I’ll just have to buy a large map case or scroll case.

Lucretia’s face lit up in a smile and she’d offer her hand to mimi for a shake; it was a custom of her people to clasp hands with folks that they got along with or met under good graces. It was also a way to check if someone had knives on their forearms to root out assassins but Lucretia fully doubted mimi was keeping any there.

It has been a real treat and honor to meet you Mimi. I thank you for this lesson and gift.


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Miriko would mention what exactly her magic was, she just seemed uninterested in casting any spell."I do work much differently, I can create paintings that come to life in a unique manner."Hopefully no example was asked to be casted by her, She did just let her company know at least that is what she could do, So it was magical to hear and learn how different it all worked still."It is interesting in thought, I am just happy I have never needed to use it."It was most likely the passive nature of the artist who never wanted to fight or use magic.

Children talk was something that left her unsure how to answer."It is the freedoms here that allow the person an option of even not having them at all if they wish too."Maybe that was something interesting and not mind blowing at the same time. Freedom was a wonderful choice and helpful when choosing your path in life, It allowed Miriko to do so anything that she did currently.

In the end, it showed everything was different in this different places."Well, then I guess you if stay here I am sure you will meet people beyond the ages you are use too, It will be interesting to learn from them...Much like I learn form books."Miriko mentioned with a smile, with a but of a smile on her face. If anything it was because Miriko wanted to spread the joy of reading of a book.

This would be more of the explaining side of it."Once you open up and see things in a creative way, you can expand what your mind in interesting ways."Which would lead into this part from Miriko part of how she got into making this painting."Example, Mentioning winter, snow and of your home land. I just thought about how winter storms much like normal storms, Have an eye...Thus just needing the blue of water, I expanded it into the an opening of iceberg that people risk falling in."It was her own internal judgment she started to feel like she was almost speaking nonsense.

So she would then ask."But i am also going off of the various books i read, So i could be wrong."Miriko would hopefully see what exactly would happen here."If need be, something where to happen to it, Find me again around here and I might be able to consider another painting for you, Just simply try to keep it safe here."It was a reasonable thing.


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Lucretia blinked rapidly when hearing that the other could create paintings that come to life in a unique manner. The idea of a painting springing to life made lucretia stare at the offered painting to her. She had to wonder what exactly it looked like but she wasn’t going to press for that at the moment.

Well if you’re content with not using it I won’t ask you to give me an example. I create icy barriers around me or allies and well I can create ice armor over my arms for now.

Lucretia tapped one of her arms and chuckled lightly; a passive artist and a defensive hunter. An amusing duo to say the least! Hearing that these freedoms were the sort that was regular here made Lucretia oddly apprehensive. But she wasn’t going to press on the freedoms of others, especially in that venue. It was their decision even if it was weird to her.

Spose it’s just out of the norm for my people and not others then. Somehow reassuring if not a little worrying at the same time.

Lucretia wasn’t sure if she would have even wanted a kid if things lined up right. If they did then she wouldn’t be a hunter and wouldn’t be doing the work that led her to believe she was making a difference. Maybe once she was older she would understand better.

Inevitably if I stay around here yeah. I look forward to meeting someone like that; our elders are wise I can only imagine how wise someone past their years could be.

Lucretia rubbed her chin thoughtfully and would listen to Mimi explain more to her. How opening things in a creative fashion would open her mind in ways she couldn’t think of currently. Mentioning winter, snow and her homeland had a direct impact on how the other thought about it. That made sense to the icebergian who couldn’t help but chuckle.

I think I see where you’re coming from. I would like to think that others would also like your rendition of this.

She’d examine the painting and with utmost care the woman would store it away for the meantime. She had a few places she could check for map containers. The woman would perk up a bit and nod her head at hearing that if something would happen to it she should come and find her.

I’ll make sure to. Though I don’t think I’ll have anything happen to it.

Lucretia would stand after a moment; stretching a bit and giving mimi a smile. There was a lot she could say and a lot more that she could get into. But as far as first meetings went this one was fantastic.

If you ever find yourself in need of a hunter or even just an ear to talk to don’t be afraid to send a messenger. I doubt I’ll be that hard to find! I’ll be seeing you around mimi.

The woman gave a small nod of her head; the smile widening as she turned to leave. It was great to have met this painter; if anything it had also expanded lucretia’s mindset on what she could do. Even if only a little! A small wave of her hand and she’d be off! She figured that hte other would also probably want to get into some more paintings… or maybe just relax. Either way?

Take care!

Maybe next time she’d have a few paintings of her own to share.



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And so every thing to this day was at an end, Some one left with a new painting and Miriko had made a friend."Farewell, do be safe out there." Miriko mentioned in her delight. So with what else to do at this point but maybe head home. That and Alistair would suggest it."It is better to get some sleep you know."Miriko would just look at Alistair wondering if really mentioning it was needed, But most likely it was for a reason. It just did not hit Miriko so to say since her mind had been so busy.

She would let out a yawn, since she had been out late in the even, Miriko then realize that it was Alistair mentioning more for the safety of her so she did not just fall a sleep on the small trip back. So Miriko would pack everything up because she realize what she needed to do.

On the trip back after having picking up all of her painting supplies and getting on Alistair, Miriko had some what fallen a sleep on the trip back, Which well considering that she was on Alistair and the way she sat normally, It was easy to place Miriko upon her bed to sleep.


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