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Predators in the Night [Lucretia]

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Predators in the Night [Lucretia] Empty Sun Aug 08, 2021 7:57 pm

Luxury had its appeals, and the splendor of Hosenka paraded those charms extravagantly. The demi-human could easily do without all of them, but there was one thing she indulged in from time to time. The local hot springs. Out in the wilds these were a rare commodity, and it was pleasant to have such a treat ready on demand. Sharing the space with strangers never bothered the woman, mostly because strangers rarely bothered her to begin with. Her tail usually saw to that, and it was only more obvious when it splashed around in water.

Stepping out of the changing room with only a large towel wrapped around her body Nadine walked out to the water’s edge. The resort she was visiting had gone through a lot of effort in making their own hot baths stand out. It might as well have been a regular pool with how large it was even though she knew it couldn’t be more than a few feet deep at most. Lotus flowers drifted aimlessly through the steamy water, their centers glowing faintly with magical light. In the evening ambiance the scene went well with the area’s name of Sultry Heights.

Her golden eyes patiently scanned the other patrons enjoying themselves looking for familiar faces. She found none, but she didn’t see anyone who looked like a threat, either. These were just tourists trying to have a good time, much like herself. As she stepped into the shallows she eyed the opposite end of the hot spring and its lack of bodies. Nadine leaned forward taking a deep breath before submerging herself and swimming to the far shore with only the quiet sways of her crocodilian tail.

Any water against her skin felt nice, but this warmth brought an easy going smile to her lips. She easily crossed the wide pool in one breath, and surfaced at her destination at a lazy pace. With her back to the edge of the bath she eased herself down until only half of her head was above the water. Between her wet bangs clinging to her face, golden eyes once again set up a silent vigil.


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It wasn’t her first choice of a place to go and relax; no that was a bar or a tavern. Or if she could find one, maybe a place for a friendly spar or twelve. The ‘human’ did however hear from many a person that she should go and at the very least give it a go. She wasn’t a huge fan of water and well… maybe a spa would be a good way to ween her fear of deeper waters.

Finding herself at the entry to the spa the ‘human sighed. She was quickly working through her small stockpile of meager funds. Mostly meant to keep her from crashing in the alleys or some bar for the price of helping someone out the next day or prior one.

Sultry heights wasn’t exactly where she felt she belonged in terms of things; maybe it was the class or maybe it was just how she felt out of place. Standing a good head and shoulders over most she… well she stood out like a sore thumb. Giving the staff a friendly smile as she went to the changing rooms she’d have to strip out of her fur appearal and stash it away. Though there was a laundry service…

Yeah maybe she should put it in one of those bins and just take something for the night. They’d get it back to her later or whatever. The ‘human’ found herself stepping into the spa area; her piercing blue eyes sweeping around. She could feel the eyes of some of the patrons on her and snorting as she stepped into the water. It was definitely soothing and she couldn’t help but feel warmth spreading quickly through her body.

There was a distinct lack of people in one part of the spa; where Lucretia could see a single individual relaxing on their own. Maybe she had the right idea. Rolling her shoulders the ‘human’ adjusted and walked through the water with ease. She’d stay a good bit away from the other that had wanted to distance themselves from the rest of the tourists here.

She didn’t blame them; sometimes the larger cities or even larger towns could be oppressive. Lucretia however felt that she should at least say something to the other. Her gold eyes flicked to them and she’d snort as the only thing she could think of was a stupid question.

Don’t spose you come here often?


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Relaxing as the bath was, Nadine's eyes never dropped their acutely observant stare, almost as if she was waiting for something. Soft murmurs drew her gaze towards the hot spring’s entryway as others were caught off guard by a new attendee, and for good reason. The pale woman was unusually tall and well built. The demi-human wagered that those stark blue eyes could chill even these hot waters with a glare if they tried, too. Other than simply watching Nadine did not move or react at all, although she did follow the stranger with her eyes.

When the stranger talked, her words vaguely surprised the demi-human. It was a casual greeting yes, but perhaps Nadine had expected something more direct and bold reminiscent of the other’s imposing stature. Her head rose just enough to expose her lips to air.

“No, I don’t,” she answered in a neutral tone as she turned her head to stare directly at her new companion. Her Minstreli accent came out a little thick, but that hardly discouraged her from continuing. “..but, maybe I should. People stare less at me when you’re around.”  

To emphasize the point Nadine’s tail raised out of the water to gently push away a glowing lotus flower that had drifted too close to her. The gesture itself was quiet as she maintained eye contact, and just as quietly her tail sank beneath the water afterwards.

“You should be proud of the attention all the same. That physique couldn’t have been easy to achieve or maintain. I’d say I’m even a little envious.” She’d trail off with a chuckle before allowing a polite smile to reveal her sharpened teeth properly.

“I am Nadine. Why don’t you come closer? I do not bite, not often at least.”


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It wasn’t hard to tell that she gained attention from the many patrons that were around and she was fairly thankful that she had the capacity to ignore it. Even get away from it in a sense by going to the far side of the spa. She didn’t seem terribly bothered by the attention given how she acted. Knowing that in a fair fight she could probably outlast most of those here without much issue. Tourists weren’t fighters most of the time after all.

Hahah… I don’t come here often either. First time in fact.

The taller woman let out a rumbling laugh; though she had to wonder what the other meant by the whole staring point. Noting the tail that raised out of the water the woman’s eyebrows raised slightly and she’d eye the tail for all of a moment.

Mmm! I can see why. I don’t see many up in the north. Not without knives of spears in their hands.

A small chuckle and a smirk spread on her lips; leaning back with a soft sigh. The water was doing a good job making her relax a bit. The two were separated by an odd ten feet or so so Lucretia was having to speak frankly and loudly. But with the invitation of coming closer? Who was she to say no? While still giving the other a good chunk of space the both were in arms length of one another now.

I’m a hunter by trade so there’s not much room for error. Have to keep up a regime.

The woman motioned lazily with a hand; exhaling again as she sank into the water; her long hair drifting this way or that and the braids slowly coming undone after being together for so long.

Ah I don’t mind the stares. Name’s Lucretia; Wolfestein clan. Nice to meet yah Nadine. What brings you to this neck of the woods? Or wandering all the same?


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A first timer to the hot springs? No doubt her debut only added to the curious stares others were still sending her way. However, this was not the first time this stranger had seen a demi-human like Nadine before. The comment about knives and spears only tugged Nadine’s smile a little wider.

“Knives and spears sound like us all right; guns aren’t too reliable underwater. It doesn’t seem like you’re a fan of guns either, not with a muscular build like that.”

Now that they were a mere arm’s length away she could get a better appreciation for Lucretia’s size. The difference in their size was a moderate one, and Nadine was already on the tall side herself. Lucretia didn’t act the part of a lumbering giant, though; no doubt that was due in part to her training as a hunter. There was an intelligence in those blue eyes of hers.

“The pleasure is mine, I’m sure. Hosenka itself is a far cry from what I would call ‘woods,’ but it has its charms, natural or otherwise. As for myself, a mix of business and pleasure lured me to this country. Its real woodlands have a lot of big game that I want to hunt. I am not a professional hunter by any means, but the prey I go after don’t usually run away so, it works out in the end.”

Nadine then nodded towards the other woman.

“And yourself, Lucretia? You must be well traveled yourself if you’ve seen my distant cousins in the North.”


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Lucretia didn’t seem to care about the looks she was getting, if people wanted to stare they would stare and she wouldn’t stop them. It was only when they would start trying to take physical action or act snide towards her that she would probably do anything. But for now she seemed content enough to lean in the hot springs and nearly sink all the way into it. Though with how large she was it was having a rough time with her leaning up against the wall. Nearly taking her shoulders but not quite. She’d snort at the whole idea of guns.

Never really was a fan of fire arms or the sort. They jam in the freezing cold and tend to be a bother to clean. Have less of an issue with crossbows or my fists.

There was a swath of other weapons she could have mentioned or the fact she wasn’t above using traps but that was neither here nor there. The ‘human’ looked over Nadine; curiosity playing on her features. She had rarely been able to meet a demi-human that either wasn’t bundled up to kingdom come or one that wasn’t defending it’s area and just wanted them to leave quickly.

Bet there’s quite a bit you could find; I’m not super used to these warm areas yet but I can hardly doubt their ability to produce predators or creatures you would want to go after. What sort of stuff you got your eye on right now? Or gonna play it by ear?

Then came the question about why she was here in the south; Lucretia took a moment and exhaled. Letting the warmth and relaxing nature of the spa do it’s work as she laid her head back against the rocks near the edge of the spa.

Aye, I’m well traveled enough in the north. That’s where most of my work lay. While it wasn’t made safe by any means my companions that survived our last hunt suggested that I spread my work elsewhere while they recuperate and work with the various towns up there. So I’m down here on business because I don’t take pleasure in what I need to do.

The woman grimaced a little bit; the first negative look on her face since coming in but it was quickly replaced by a small grin.

Hunters focus on a lot of different things; some go after people, some go after monsters, but I focus mostly on the creatures of the night. Or at least the ones that find it apt to terrorize and make innocents suffer.


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She nodded in approval of Lucretia’s weapons of choice. Arrows and fists were simple but effective tools. Quiet too, if you knew what you were doing with them. As their chat progressed Nadine’s brow arched slightly in curiosity. There was a small trend in the other’s choice of words that hinted at their homeland having a particularly chilly climate. If that was the case they were far from home indeed much like herself.

“I don’t play things by ear, more by taste,” she admitted with a hungry looking smile, chuckling through her sharpened teeth. “Of course, it’s hard to tell what something tastes like without killing it first. Anything worth the effort of taking down can’t all be that bad, though. I hear there’s even dragons skulking about in some places.” The demi-human looked away from Lucretia for the first time since she laid eyes on the other woman. Her gaze drifted up to the moon as she licked her lips whimsically. “..now that would be a real prize.”

Her eyes flickered back to the other woman out of her peripherals as she talked about her own reason for being here. It was an interesting tale to listen to all things considered. Hunters from the cold North that battled even colder monsters in the dark. There was something Lucretia said that bothered Nadine, though.

“A hunter that isn’t committed to the chase is more prey than predator,” she commented carefully as she turned her head to stare directly at Lucretia once more, “and if you’re hunting creatures that don’t fear the dark they’ll hardly fear you in that case.”

Nadine shifted in the water with a thoughtful hum as she turned her body fully towards Lucretia. The movement was subtle and graceful enough to do nothing more than undulate the water’s surface momentarily as she stretched out stomach down. Even with that posture though she managed to keep only her head and parts of her tail visible as she slowly slinked towards the pale woman on her fingertips. An arm’s length between them shrunk to inches from face to face as Nadine held her steady, calculating gaze.

“From one hunter to another; why would you hesitate?” whispered the demi-human. “For hunters, business is pleasure.”


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Lucretia didn’t feel like she was playing around in terms of where she was from; she felt like she was being pretty forward about it. That or maybe she forgot to really bring that up with her introduction. The woman scratched at the side of her neck; hearing that the other played things by ear and by taste brought a curious tilt of her head.

Mmm. A connoisseur of taste then huh? I suppose I can understand and even agree there. It’s not like i haven’t hunted to fill my stomach though. Never thought of trying to eat a dragon. Given how rare ands trong they are...

She’d lean back and stare up at the moon; feeling a tinge run down her spine and she’d breathe through her nostrils after a few moments. Looking at this damn thing always sent shivers down her spine and made her just want to fight. Banishing that thought train by closing her eyes for a brief instant she’d turn her head back to the other.

I don’t need them to fear me for me to put a boot to their head or fist through their chest. I know my prey.

The woman huffed a bit and… well it was a few moments before she would find her gaze filled with the demi-human. Practically just a few inches away from one another. Lucretia couldn’t help but find herself grinning just a tad.

Because I don’t hunt just for myself. I hunt for the people. I hunt for their safety.

Her piercing blue eyes and black sclera stared right back into the others and that grin grew rather wolfish for a few long moments. After another she’d gently tap the other’s shoulder with a finger.

My hesitation stems from a different source and is the reason I go out and do things in the way I do. Everyone has their urges but if I don’t keep mine in check someone could seriously get hurt. My pleasure as it were is to see others without fear because I saved them from something that gave it to them. I don’t just hunt to hunt. I hunt fear Nadine. In all shapes and sizes.

She said this with such powerful conviction and motivation it was like she had no worries about the stuff herself. She’d even go so far as to move slightly; holding that gaze.

Though your idea for hunting intrigues me…


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Maybe she was a heathen with her appetite for the rare and exotic, but it wasn't like she was killing off entire species. At least Lucretia agreed that hunting for food was fair game. Hunting purely for sport on the other hand, that was something Nadine was more on the fence about. It was less dignified to nature itself, but the thrills were still there surely.

A part of herself was left intrigued that Lucretia didn't slide away from the sudden lack of privacy between them. The pale woman even grinned as Nadine's eyes calmly scrutinized her face to face and listened, remaining where she was until Lucretia finished.

"Madame Wolfenstein," she began as a heavy whisper as she stared into those icy blue eyes, "I can tell that you are a good person, and a noble hunter. It must be a real sight to witness you in the heat of things, blood pumping hot during the fight for dominance. A fight with real purpose. Hmm. Again you've made me jealous; being chased by you must be the thrill of a lifetime."

The demi-human backed up a little, just enough so that they weren't in each other's faces anymore. She raised a hand out of the water before returning the friendly poke, instead hers was a gentle tap on Lucretia's nose with a clawed finger.

"For shame, Madame," teased Nadine with a chuckle, "we have only just met."

She returned to a sitting position facing Lucretia, this time sitting upright and exposing her neck and shoulders to the steamy air.

"Creatures of the night, though; there really is no fun in hunting them, is there? I am particularly adverse to the undead myself. Maybe someday we could do some work together, hm?"


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When it came to hunting for food Lucretia was the sort that would hunt enough for herself and that was it. If she was traveling in a group she’d hunt enough to feed the rest of the party but it wasn’t really difficult to figure out how much they needed. She wasn’t the sort to hunt for sport or pleasure given her job.

The lack of privacy didn’t really bother the clansman, she had to spend a lot of time indoors and around others. Sometimes when the world wasn’t being nice to them. Lucretia’s calm if not friendly demeanor was the sort that worked well in this situation. Though being called Madame wolfenstein made Lucretia’s eyebrows shoot up a bit.

I wouldn’t… know if that was the case truth be told. Most of my hunts end up uh… well end up with the other being dead. I wouldn’t want to wish that on someone that I just met!

Lucretia let out a soft but nervous chuckle; she felt an odd twinge in her chest and the other’s boop caught her by surprise. The taller woman let out a soft laugh at that tease and she’d return the gesture with a small wave of the hand.

I would apologize but I don’t think either of us seem to mind.

Lucretia grinned ear to ear and tilted her head; looking at them she could tell that her and nadine were of different builds. A lot of the other woman was hidden by the water and Lucretia wasn’t the sort to be rude about peeking. She figured she’d see how tall the other stood in due time.

There can be fun moments with the ones you take with you. It can be grueling lonely work since not everyone is made for the stuff.

That last part caught lucretia by surprise and she’d sit up just a bit. It really went to show how tall she was even sitting down; her blue eyes studied Nadine for a few moments longer and the woman gave a small nod.

I wouldn’t be opposed, we’d have to sit down and talk about our abilities or fighting habits to see what sort of things we could tackle together.


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There was a strange gentleness to Lucretia that was at odds with her physical stature. Nadine was always skeptical of such people when it came to killing animals let alone nocturnal vermin. Good people like that tended to suffer the most in her experience, but maybe there was something different with this woman.

“Like I said: the thrill of a lifetime!” commented the demi-human with another sharp toothed smile. It was a good enough practice to not want to wish death on everyone you met, but the romanticized idea of a life and death game of cat and mouse held a lot of appeal to Nadine. “And no, I suppose neither of us mind the attention. However, it is amusing to me that you think I would want an apology over anything else.” Whatever she meant by that Nadine would leave ambiguous as she chuckled.

“Good company can make hunting nighttime pests tolerable, but the likes of those monsters are too cunning for their own good.” The demi-human’s gaze unfocused as she said that as if remembering something unpleasant. It was only a momentary lapse though, and soon her sharp stare recovered. “I would like to try hunting with others again. Fiore is also renowned for having quite a few mage guilds, too; maybe I will consider joining one if I can behave myself.”

Nadine smirked as she shook her head lightly.

“Sounds like you’re already in a tight group yourself. Are you in a guild, or can you not tell me because of some devious secret?” asked the woman with an impish smile.


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Hearing the other’s jest, or what Lucretia guessed to be a Jest brought a small chuckle to her lips. Honestly what could she really say to someone that seemed to share some form of enjoyment when it came to some of the simpler stuff. The woman would be lying if she said she didn’t enjoy her work in a fashion.

I don’t mean to come off as overly apologetic or anything hah. I spose you’re right on that regard. So what would you want then?

Lucretia tilted her head to one side; watching the Demi-human for a few moments; she wasn’t the sort to beat around the bush. No she was straight to the point; almost brutally so! Lucretia did have to agree with the good company bit; it’s why she kept such a group of hunters around her in the north rather than go off on her own… Well until recently at least!

I agree. It does make things easier; both in time and with the hunt. Even if my focus is… well to a small bit of the problems in the world.

Hearing that the other would like to try hunting, wanting to join a mage guild and… Well. She assumed that Lucretia was a part of a guild? Lucretia let out a small chuckle and shook her head. It wasn’t a guild, just a like minded group of individuals. They were pretty much just a gang of people that went around hunting creatures of the night!

Well if you’d like to give it a go later with me I wouldn’t be opposed. Bet you’re fierce in a fight. A guild would be a good call, I’d have to look into doing the same myself.

She’d lean back to look up at the sky, noting the clouds and positioning of the moon. The lattermost of which bringing a slight tingle to her spine; she’d exhale and let herself sink a little bit into the spa.

It was a guild in all but name; we shared drinks around the fire. Stories of our best hunts. Stories of our worst. Finding friends and losing them just as fast. After our last hunt many of them lost their drive to continue. That werewolf was a hunt like anything we ever went after. Cruel. Intelligent. Brutal. I lost a lot of friends that night. So no. I’m not in a guild; I’m not sure if I’d fit in one truth be told.

Lucretia shot a look down to the other; noting the smile and then letting out a small laugh.

Oh here I am being a little too serious when you’re just being playful. Apologies for that heh. And if I was in a guild of that fashion I’d probably be very shut lip about even being in one. Gotta say though… Hopin if I do join one that they have a good color to go with black and white.


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“I find that it’s the simple things in life that bring the most joy, at least for myself,” admitted the woman truthfully as she glanced around the hot spring. People seemed to be enjoying themselves, but Nadine didn’t really care to interact with any of them. “All this here, this luxury and extravagance. It’s nice, but it just doesn’t do it for me when I want to feel my heart racing. The people who indulge wholeheartedly in lavish lifestyles like this? They remind me of pets being overfed the same expensive but unhealthy food day in and day out, just waiting for their heart to give out as they sit in the lap of luxury.”

It might have been an unpopular opinion and something out from the left field, but she chuckled as her golden eyes stared boldly back at Lucretia.

“People like you and I, though? I like to believe we’ll have good deaths when our time does come. If you ever do want to play cat and mouse, for fun of course, you keep me in mind. I think we’d both enjoy it”

She smiled in a pleased manner when Lucretia agreed to try out hunting together. It would be a happy middle ground between chasing the thrill together and chasing each other. Nadine was surprised to learn that Lucretia wasn’t in a guild, but was less so when the Icebergian’s circumstances were explained. ‘A guild in all but name,’ were the pale woman’s words. The demi-human nodded thoughtfully as she listened, humming softly in consideration afterwards.

“I think you’d do fine in a mage guild, if your previous group was as you described. As for colors? Well, there’s plenty to choose from here in Fiore! New ones keep popping up all over the country as well.” There were the usual big names like Fairy Tail or Blue Pegasus, but she had to wonder if those would be worth joining with her own baggage in tow.

“The only group I used to be in was serving in the Minstrese Navy. Very different from guilds, but similar in some ways. I doubt I’ll find a guild with its own battleship, though.”


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I can respect that, sometimes all you need are the simple things.

Lucretia could think back to a time where she only wanted very little; none of the lofty goals she kept close to her heart now. She wanted more out of life; but not in the same way you’d think. She didn’t want luxury and extravagance but she had to admit not having to worry about freezing to death during the night…

It doesn’t do anyone any good to do the same thing over and over and grow fat like this. I don’t think I could ever stop what I do to just sit around like some of the people here. If they earned it and worked towards it I harbor no frustration towards them though. For it was their choice rather than something they simply were born into.

Likely another opinion that would grow to be disliked. But the woman didn’t much care. She’d rub the back of her neck hearing that the other thought they’d have good deaths. Lucretia’s line of work was extremely dangerous to the point where most of her ilk didn’t live out of their thirties. It was even rarer to find a hunter that had grey hair.

[color=goldenrod]”A good death is one that saves others, at least for me. I… wouldn’t be opposed? Though I’d make sure not to bring anything too sharp for that. I wouldn’t want to hurt you yanno?

Lucretia gave a small shrug at the thought; if Nadine thought that they’d enjoy it well… who was she to argue? The woman leaned back and found herself sinking a little more. Her long mane of hair slowly spreading out; without it being bound in braids or the like there was a lot to spread around.

I’d have to meet them, talk with them. Find out their goals and see what they’re about. I’m not just going to give my all for something I don’t think over time and time again.

Lucretia brought her hands up, staring at them for a few long moments. Hearing that the other served in the Minstrese navy brought a raised brow. Very different but similar? She had to wonder…

You never know that; though then again a guild like that would likely be close knit… could always start one if thats what you’re fixing to make.

Lucretia found herself chuckling and she’d close her eyes with a sigh. A guild would let her hunt in a more complex manner, she’d have more resources and more connections. Others would be willing to help her out, whether it be with information or just their skills…

I don’t want to stop traveling though and a guild… well it could stop that if I’m not careful.


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Nadine hummed thoughtfully as Lucretia chimed in on the topic of wealth.

“Earning this or not, it’s still someone’s choice to stagnate here. This is a treat for both of us, not a daily occurrence. It’s different for us choosing to be here between trips, and people choosing to settle down here permanently. You said it yourself: you wouldn’t stop what you do to live this life, if it can be called a life. Seems more to me like waiting to die, and hoping it’s comfortable.”

She’d shrug her shoulders next, not particularly disagreeing with the other’s definition of a good death. A demise like that would definitely fit Lucretia’s story. The noble huntress slain as she held back the tide of darkness; that’d be a fine way to wrap up a story worth remembering.

“I’m not so picky myself. I just want to go down fighting if it is my time to go. That seems more dignified than laying in bed surrounded by people waiting for me to kill over.” With her hobby of monster hunting and her recent forays into violent job postings for mages Nadine was sure that her own death wouldn't be peaceful, whenever that would be. It wasn't something she was going to cower away from, though. The woman smiled when Lucretia voiced a concern about hurting her. “If you could manage that, I'd have to thank you. It would be an important lesson to remember, no doubt.”

Nadine tilted her head slightly to the side as the talk about guilds progressed. It seemed to her that Lucretia was very hesitant on getting involved with another group. There were politics to think about where guilds were concerned, but Nadine had never really been bothered by the idea herself.

“You say that, but you would gladly go on a hunt with someone you only just met?” The point was made patiently and in a curious tone. “Although there is the danger of getting pulled into petty guild wars or other wider conflicts, I wouldn't think most guilds would stop their members from traveling, either. Allies and extra resources are always helpful, too. I don't know how guilds operate in Iceberg, but you should consider giving these Fioran groups a look. As for founding a guild myself?”

The demi-human smirked and shook her head. That would never happen. Not because she didn't value camaraderie, though.

“I wouldn't trust myself founding anything. Business is not my forte.”


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Lucretia stared at the sky; only casting a glance to nadine when she spoke up. This was true; it really wasn’t much of a life just sitting around and being comfortable. She could see that the people here were used to it; not treating it any different while those that fought and struggled for it were in bliss.

True; while I disagree with it it’s not like I’m going to stop the others from enjoying their time.

The icebergian gave a small wave of her hand; she saw no reason to create a fuss for all the people here. Hearing that the other just wanted to go down fighting if it was her time to go? Lucretia could respect that and would let out a small rumbling chuckle.

I doubt I’ll live long enough to have a death like that. Sometimes I feel like I’ve lived ten winters longer than I should have.

Then came the remark about her teaching the other a lesson if she did actually manage to hurt her. Lucretia wasn’t really sure what to say to that truth be told. But her expression would grow rather soft and she’d glance at the other.

Hunters recognize other hunters with ease. You can tell who you can trust over small things. You don’t seem to be a liar to me Nadine and you’ve already been forward enough with me. I can respect the things you say and we seem to understand one another quite well.

The suggestion about the guilds made her pause and she’d cast a glance to the north. Still while looking upwards; she’d snort at the idea of the guilds up in the north. From what she could remember of them they were fairly recluse. A lot of them preferring to study and do things out of sight and out of mind.

I wish I could tell you how they operated but the ones I remember never did anything out in the open. The ones I did get to see… weren’t impressive by any means. I’ll have to poke around and see how they are down here then.

With that shake of the head she’d raise a small brow; business wasn’t her forte huh? Lucretia could understand that; the only reason Lucretia had to deal with finances is because the hunters always figured out their own nonsense.

Business isn’t really my forte either. I just handle my own expenses and that’s it. Though there were a few younger hunters that struggled getting off the ground…

Those ones always struggled to start but the few that she remembered helping… They were still alive now and they were the ones that survived that long night against her father. She’d bite her lower lip; she could remember the older hunters sluggish movements as they were cut down after such a long fight. The only reason many of the younger hunters stopped was because of them getting punched through buildings or simply just getting knocked out rather than outright killed. Spritely little bastards…

I don’t think I could start a guild either. Maybe not a proper guild anyhow.


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[Beginning of posts as Sleeping Calamity]

Nadine hummed thoughtfully at what Lucretia had said. Everyone was free to do what they wished with their own time, regardless if she thought it might be a waste. That much was certainly true. She also wondered what Lucretia meant about her own death.

"Ah, you don't need to live long to have a good death. All the same, here's hoping to another ten winters of successful hunts." Without a drink in her hand Nadine had to settle for a nod.

The Icebergian continued on to share her thoughts on the demi-human. It was a peer review that made Nadine seem trustworthy enough for a stranger. Hearing that made Nadine smile, but in a mischievous manner.

"I am not a habitual liar, no, but I find Madame Wolfenstein to be worth a respectable conversation," corrected Nadine with a wink.  "Looks like we're both treading new depths with guilds, though. So much for apex predators, huh?"

She shook her head with a chuckle before shifting under the water again. The demi-human stood up this time, running her hands through her hair to remove her wet bangs from her face. Golden eyes then regarded Lucretia with a curious stare for a moment, just long enough to make a quick decision on something. Nadine stepped closer before leaning down to Lucretia, reaching out a hand to gently scoop the Icebergian's chin from the warm water. Gently, she tilted the woman's head up towards her so she could see Lucretia's eyes better.

"You'd tell me, wouldn't you?" questioned Nadine in a soft tone as her gaze searched those icy blue eyes. "If your travels end up leading you out of Fiore one day. I don't like goodbyes, but if you made me hunt you down... Well, I can't lie and say I'd hate that, too. We both know hunters enjoy a good chase, no?"

Again Nadine chuckled, this time accompanied with another sharp toothed smile, like a cat playing with a mouse.

"I'm glad we met tonight, though; I'm looking forward to more pleasant conversations with you, Madame Wolfenstein."


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A good death to Lucretia was one that she could feel like it made a difference. To really combat the creatures of the night and challenge that fear for everyone. Even if she died and was able to stand up for what she believed in? That was what to her was truly a good death. But she wasn’t sure how… she could exactly say it.

Well. I can hardly disagree with that. To ten more winters of good hunts.

Lucretia chuckled a bit, leaning her head back to stare at the sky for a few long moments. Eventually casting a glance at the Demi human. She wasn’t a habitual liar, no one truly was unless they worked on that. Hearing that teasing name call again the woman let out a soft cough and felt her face’s cheeks keep that red hue.

Yeah we are, Apex predators can often be challenged by new things… just means we have to keep lookin forward.

Lucretia mused this over as she said it, though when the other stood up she couldn’t help but stare. Wondering exactly what the other was mulling over; feeling that gaze on her and with the other leaning down to tilt her gaze upwards. The two of them locked eyes and she’d blink quietly. The icy blue eyes were curious if not a bit surprised. But with that question they’d soften a bit and she’d chuckle softly.

I would tell you yes. But I don’t do goodbyes because goodbye just means I won’t see you again… that being said I’m not sure how long out that’d be. Fiore is a lovely place; little strange but lovely. They do… wether being chased or the ones being chased.

Nadine earned a quizical look from Lucretia with that sharp toothed smile, though she didn’t push the other away or question it. But with that gentle tease again the Icebergian found her face deepening just a little bit more.

I can certainly say the same with you Nadine.

The matter of fact statement mixed with the calm smile and pleased look on Lucretia’s face didn’t do too well to hide her confusion or the blush that was still right plastered on her face...


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“Strange and lovely indeed,” cooed Nadine as she gently stroked Lucretia’s cheek with the tip of her index finger, still holding her chin in her hand. “It’s rare that I find someone in a city that I can relate to. So we will meet again, I promise you that. Until then? Don’t let anyone else catch you before I do.”

She’d wink down at the other woman, holding her predatory smile. Then she’d let go of Lucretia’s chin and climb out of the hot springs without another word. Her tail being exposed again drew a few curious glances, but like before she ignored them. As she walked away in the steamy air there was only one pair of eyes she was concerned with, and Nadine had a feeling that she didn’t disappoint her target audience. It wasn’t until she was about to put the hot springs out of sight did she stop to glance back over her shoulder. Raising the finger she had caressed Lucretia’s cheek with up to her mouth she sucked on the tip as she glanced back to the Icebergian one final time. Whatever Lucretia would interpret from that stare was up to her own imagination. However, Nadine knew her newfound fondness for the stranger probably spoke for herself.

After she removed her finger from her mouth the demi-human turned back to leave, and then she was gone.



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Lucretia’s expression didn’t waiver as the other spoke; even going so far as to tilt her head to one side as the other asked her to avoid letting people catch her in which Lucretia’s face broke into a wry grin.

I doubt anyone would want to try. But I won’t don’t worry.

Lucretia would blink a bit at that wink before they let her be; the icebergian watching the other leave. There was a lot of questions she could pose and a lot of things she wanted to talk to them about but. Once she was properly out of the the spa the demi-human sucked on one of her fingers from the hand that she had caressed her cheek with. Lucretia felt her cheeks burn a little and she’d rub at the back of her head.

But like that the other was gone; Lucretia felt herself sink a little more in the water and she’d bite the inside of her cheek. There was a lot in fiore that she didn’t know about and a lot of options that she had never figured out. It wasn’t until she went to this spa and ran into nadine that she realized that she would have to figure out a whole nother country. Most of the Demi-humans she interacted with up north were on the field of battle and here she just shared a lovely portion of her evening with one.


She found herself muttering and sinking further till her hair was a cascade around her, staring up at the sky and wondering just how strange the rest of the world could be. But if it had folks like nadine in it… Maybe that wasn’t all too bad.


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