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From West to North (Travel)

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From West to North (Travel) Empty Sun Jul 18, 2021 8:08 am

The forest grabbed at Ariael's ankles as he made his way out of it. He still found it strange how the forest had plant life that was as huge as buildings. Ariael hadn't come across the source of whatever was causing the forest to grow to the extreme, but maybe in the future he would. For now he had business to attend to back in Northern Fiore. Back in the town of Orchidia, a group of people were waiting for him. People that were ready to join his cause as they made their name known across all of Fiore.

After exiting the forest, Ariael would go to find his Wyvern that he had left near the outskirts. As he walked, the sounds from Asimov would get his attention. Apparently the robot was ready to battle. Since they had met each other the two had not yet faced anyone in combat. Ariael had already seen what Asimov could do, but in a combat situation the Dragon Slayer wondered how the two of them would operate together. Ariael would simply smirk at the flying machine while climbing on the back of the Wyvern. The flying beast would grown as Ariael climbed.

Soon the three would take off into the skies above Magnolia. The wind furiously banged up against Ariael's body as they travelled north. He could feel himself be rejuvenated while letting his mouth hang open. Just a perk of being a Wind Dragon Slayer. The trip to Northern Fiore would take a day at most and Ariael was in no rush. Many things would take place in Orchidia. Things that will lead to his life being changed for either the greater or worst. The outcome being unknown to him and anyone else.

Soon a Nightmare would fall upon Fiore.


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Travel to Orchidia

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